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Jan 3rd, 2020
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  1. [14:16:34] Starting client.
  2. [14:18:44] Downloading script 'nCooker'.
  3. [14:18:51] Script Started: nCooker.
  4. [14:18:51] [Info] Please remember, make sure to try deleting hooks and restarting the client x2 if you are experiencing issues with the script. This must be done before submitting a bug report.
  5. [14:18:51] [Info] Additionally, make sure 'Use hook storage' is disabled in your tribot settings.
  6. [14:18:51] [Info] Enable remove-roofs in the game settings to ensure the script can properly travel, and make sure you are not zoomed in past the default camera level.
  7. [14:18:51] [Info] Please disable all plugins in your looking glass client. These can cause scripts to malfunction because they change the game client.
  8. [14:18:51] [nCooker] nScript support discord:
  9. [14:18:51] Disabled all randoms.
  10. [14:19:01] [nCooker] Unique preference profile successfully generated, seed: 3489207596819 (A********_I)
  11. [14:19:01] [Info] Stop Conditions:
  12. [14:19:01] [nCooker] Session data tracker launched
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