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  2. DugToday at 4:27 PM
  3. Lmao
  4. What was the whole thing with the T mobile bot alt about?
  5. Jobeejhay2625Today at 4:28 PM
  6. just another way to make people think the server is in chaos
  7. It doesn't even really work
  8. I just have a notepad full of fake commands i use to make it seem like the account is a real bot
  9. But it's a pain in the ass to set up
  10. I prefer to just type in weird languages or send strange images
  11. DugToday at 4:29 PM
  12. It posted some sketchy links did they even do anything?
  13. Jobeejhay2625Today at 4:30 PM
  14. No
  15. They were supposed to look like an ip grabber
  16. Thats why i uploaded them to imgur
  17. Because Imgur is always suspicious
  18. DugToday at 4:30 PM
  19. lel
  20. How did you and N even start doing this shit it seems weird to me
  21. Jobeejhay2625Today at 4:32 PM
  22. Me and him have been friends for about a year and a half
  23. We met on a separate discord that also got raided and canned lol
  24. Though that was not my doing
  25. I joined the garbodors on his invitation and started doing weird shit and stirred up conspiracies
  26. DugToday at 4:34 PM
  27. And now you two had a fight of sorts and quit bein friends or what?
  28. Jobeejhay2625Today at 4:35 PM
  29. We had been arguing but the stuff with Whims pushed it over the edge
  30. Me and him weren't really even good friends we just cooperated to our own benefit
  31. DugToday at 4:36 PM
  32. I dont see the benefit here besides getting a few laughs at an insanely high price
  33. Jobeejhay2625Today at 4:37 PM
  34. I'm not associating with N any more
  35. DugToday at 4:37 PM
  36. This must have been so much effort its nuts
  37. Jobeejhay2625Today at 4:37 PM
  38. Not really
  39. I have a lot of experience on discord and I know how to do shit
  40. DugToday at 4:38 PM
  41. Somehow figuring out the middle name of someone that hasnt mentioned it anywhere? No yeah that wouldnt require any effort
  42. Jobeejhay2625Today at 4:38 PM
  43. Oh you're talking about N
  44. I don't know what he is up to other than the fact he did a lot of administrating here.
  45. He just sent me random info/logs from the server so I could say shit I shouldn't know about and confuse staff
  46. DugToday at 4:40 PM
  47. The middle name thing still creeps me out tho
  48. Jobeejhay2625Today at 4:40 PM
  49. mhm
  50. DugToday at 4:41 PM
  51. Well i'm glad you stopped associating with N and started thinking reasonably lmao
  52. Jobeejhay2625Today at 4:41 PM
  53. lol
  54. DugToday at 4:41 PM
  55. We wont be kicking you out of the server for now
  56. Jobeejhay2625Today at 4:42 PM
  57. alright cool
  58. DugToday at 4:42 PM
  59. I think N was enough of a psycho for this to be true
  60. Jobeejhay2625Today at 4:42 PM
  61. people are crazy sometimes
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