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thals's /w/ Guide for Ricing & Hacking Windows Phone 7 and 8

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Jun 20th, 2014
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  1. thals's /w/ Guide to Mobile Ricing & General Guide to Windows Phone
  2. Version 0.9.1 WIP
  5. [Windows Phone 7] (this can be skipped - support ends on September 9, 2014)
  6. @0 - Welcome ;)
  7. @1 - Helpful Links
  8. @2 - Unlocking (Rooting)
  9. @2a - Unlock Method
  10. @2b - Radios
  11. @2c - ROMs
  12. @3a - Transfering Apps&Data
  13. @3b - App Stores
  14. @4 - Customization Apps - Ricing part
  15. @5 - Unlocking is too hard
  16. [Windows Phone 8]
  17. #0 - Welcome ;)
  18. #1 - Lock Screen Apps
  19. #2 - InteropUnlock
  20. #3 - What can I do with an InteropUnlock?
  21. [Windows Phone 8.1]
  22. #4 - What are the new improvements?
  23. #5 - Do I have 8.1/How can I get the 8.1 update?
  24. ===============================
  26. [Windows Phone 7]
  28. @0 - Welcome ;)
  30. Thanks for your interest in customizing your phone. You can skip the whole process of unlocking your phone, but it is highly recommended that you do so.
  32. @1 - Helpful Links
  35. You will use this site 90% of the time.
  36. They have the roms, the radios, and almost all your apps you will want that can't be in the MS Store.
  39. Jaxbot's website
  40. He has some of the most used custo apps that you might want. (for WP7)
  44. Heathcliff's website
  45. Has tutorials on how to INTEROP UNLOCK and ROOT TOOLS UNLOCK. (soon to include WP8)
  47. @2 - Unlocking a.k.a Rooting
  49. Ok. Windows Phones have four levels of unlocking.
  50. Developer Unlock (free for dreamspark/MSDNAA students, otherwise $20 now)
  51. Interop Unlock
  52. WP7 Root Tools Unlock
  53. Full Unlock (Custom ROMs)
  55. The first unlock lets you deploy 4 xaps to your phone at one time.
  56. The second allows lower level access to the phone.
  57. The same goes for the third level.
  58. The fourth level is only available for select phones.
  60. @2a
  62. Developer Unlock is relatively simple. Pay microsoft $20 to make apps for Xbox or Windows Phone. This is mostly used however if you have a university email address and are a part of MSDN AA (dreamspark).
  64. Interop Unlock is an annoying wall, because it blocks apps that don't use Silverlight or XNA. Directions are at
  65. NOTE: this is a prerequisite for WP7 Tools (and included in the process)!
  67. WP7 Tools acts like an intermediate unlock to those who can't get a full unlock. Follow the directions at his website for details.
  68. NOTE: This is the farthest that most Samsung devices can get!
  70. The Full Unlock process is slightly complicated, due to in part of the already difficult understanding of how the unlock levels and that not all of them work on every device.
  72. First, there is the HSPL method. Refer to my other pastebin [to be added later] or follow below.
  73. For 1st Gen:
  74. For 2nd Gen:
  76. There is a method for the Nokia Lumia WP7 devices.
  77. Follow here:
  78. or here:
  81. This process seems complicated, but it is just knowing what you need for your particular phone. For example I own a HTC 7 Trophy. Apparently there are two versions of the same phone. THe Verizon edition (code named Spark_W) and the world edition (Spark). Now, for this phone the Full unlock process is the easiest, because all I need to do is install the oldest OSPL, run the RSPL utility, then the HSPL utility by coutlla, and prefered rom for my device.
  83. @2b
  85. Some roms require you to flash a certain radio. This follows the same process as flashing a rom on HSPL. Refer to the directions on your phone on XDA forums.
  87. @2c
  89. There are some general roms that cover lots of devices, but its best to just search your device's forum.
  91. Is your phone stuck using an old version of 7? Run Sharp7Eighter. (requires Windows 7 or Windows 8 and .Net 4.5)
  94. @3a - Data Management / Installing XAPs
  95. Now that you have allowed yourself to deploy xap's to your device, the first thing you need to check for is an xap deployer on your phone. This will allow you to download them right on your phone without the need of a desktop.
  97. XapHandler
  100. Now, just browse the urls and click on the zip or xap and run!
  102. UC Browser - Jailbreak edition - This app is actually an external web browser that works like Opera Mini, but you can install xaps with it.
  105. WMDC Launcher - When zune is running and this app is running on your phone, you can access the file system on your phone and edit it's registry.
  108. Root Webserver - v2.3.1 - Runs a webserver on your phone. Access on your desktop browser and manage your files!
  111. @3b
  113. Now that you have a method to install xap's, you can find a different AppStore.
  114. These are mostly out of date versions of the WP7 Apps thread on XDA, but occasionally they do update and offer to do it for you when the app is started.
  116. DevStore8
  119. wAppStore - has similar apps to devstore8 but older and all the W.I.N.C.O apps.
  121. NOTE: They have a phone app and a desktop app. The phone app is more useful in my opinion. (my 2 cents)
  123. The alternative Windows Phone marketplace - BAZAAR - This one is actually frequently updated. :D
  124. &
  125. NOTE: This as well is in two versions. PC & Phone
  127. Marketplace Config - Easily change marketplace settings - this app will let you view and install some other OEM apps as well as mobile operator apps. This app also lets you tweak the file size cap fall all downloads in the MS Marketplace.
  131. @4
  132. Transparent lock screen:
  133. The image has to be a PNG; it has a transparency channel. Naturally the transparency is added for making the home screen visible through the area that was set as transparent. Email yourself the image and download it via the phone. The home screen underneath will appear black, until the lock screen has started its animation.
  134. Note: works on all WP7 Devices without an unlock. (I haven't tried on WP8 yet.)
  136. [XAP] Colors Start Menu and Digital Power v1.4 (Wp7.8) - Colored Icons (uses office 2010 icon instead of office 2012 icon)
  139. color battery + the level of GSM sdigital + battery as a percentage - apparently older than colors startmenu and digital power. Could possibly use a dll resource editor and replace with custom images.
  142. replacement tiles and splashes tutorial
  144. NOTE: This tutorial is actually having you edit the content inside of various xaps. This is a nice reminder to back those files up before editing.
  146. Lock Widgets - Like in the name. Works in the background to set the background image to either a static image or the bing pic of the day. This app also sets a large battery icon, the local weather and the % of ram being used.
  149. @5 - Unlocking is too hard
  151. Okay. Reading back, it does look confusing. But if you don't want to do all that work just to customize your tiles and start menus, its understandable.
  153. There is one app you can use.
  155. Custom Tiles Maker - for WP7&8 - Gives you the ability to set images on the app menu.
  158. Happy Customizing!
  160. [Windows Phone 8]
  162. #0
  163. Welcome, thanks to Microsoft and "listening to the people" we have a few apps that take out the need to deal with unlocking. We simply can't customize the experience like we could on WP7 or even Android. But, out of the frustration of WP7, we got a new feature. An app can control the background on the lock screen.
  165. #1 - Lock Screen Apps
  167. Blur - Simply blurs out tiles behind for the lock screen.
  170. Lock Widgets 8 - same as lockwidgets, but for wp8 & has the nasa daily and weather FX
  173. Windows Phone Central - Most of these apps are not ricing quality.
  176. I will mention, I am using the Amazing Weather HD. I don't really think its worth $1.99/£1.49/1,99€. I bought this with bing points, so I really didn't care.
  178. #2 - InteropUnlock
  179. Only Samsung Windows Phones have this capability at his time. It allows apps to be installed that need extra privileges. The process gets a little lengthy, because officially you need to install the Windows Phone SDK, which is only supported on Windows 8 Pro x64. You can read more at the Windows Phone 8 FAQ below.
  182. #3 - What can I do with an InteropUnlock?
  183. No one has looked into how this can help with ricing, but doing this you'll have access to tweak as much as you like. It going to be one of those things that you'll need to help out with. The only known features at this time is the capability to change the existing accent colors to different colors using the RGB scale, have three columns on the start menu (Requires the GDR3 Update!), and set the system text to be smaller.
  185. WPH Tweaks - Toggle system stuff.... (three tiles)
  188. PDF to Office - Copy files from adobe reader to your Documents, SD card, or Skydrive.
  191. SamWP8 Tools - Edit accent colors and relock capabilities for selling the device. (ADD FULL FILE SYSTEM ACCESS OVER USB!)
  192. NOTE: Everything you had on it is now located at Phone\Data\Users\Public
  195. Microsoft's YouTube App (v3.2 InteropEdition) - Upload videos directly to Youtube!
  198. Go to the link below to see some of the newly found registry tweaks you can do.
  201. [Windows Phone 8.1]
  203. #4 - What are the new improvements?
  204. Transparent tiles (set an image to span the length of your tiles), three tiles support for all devices, a new notification center, support for VPN, Word Flow (think Swype Keyboard), Bluetooth 4.0 LE (Low Energy devices, e.g. FitBit, misc fitness stuff, and smartwatches), and a new File Explorer (separate app)
  206. **Lockscreen**
  207. Windows Phone 8.1 adds the ability for OEMs and individual apps to customize their custom lock screen themes even further by skinning the font and orientation of time, date, and notification text.
  208. This is yet to be seen implemented in any apps out as of June 20, 2014.
  210. #5 - Do I have 8.1/How can I get the 8.1 update?
  211. The easiest way to check if you have 8.1 is to drag down from the top to see the new notification center. (Its a place where all of your missed toasts go.)
  213. There are three ways to obtain the 8.1 update. Wait for your update to trickle down (like normal), obtain a ROM for your phone that has 8.1, or jump on the Windows Phone Update Preview train. ROMs with 8.1 are still not out yet as of writing. Visit xda-developers and lurk moar.
  215. To get Windows Phone 8.1 Update Preview, you have three ways to obtain it.
  216. The first and easiest method, is to use your same login for your Microsoft Account, at Windows Phone App Studio and generate an account over there.
  219. The second method to DevUnlock your phone using the steps in the Windows Phone 8 FAQ.
  220. The third is to have a developer account (can be a dreamspark or MSDNAA account too) with MS at
  222. After that's done, download the app below, use the same Microsoft Account that you used and recheck for updates.
  223. ==NOTE==
  225. The Windows Phone 8.1 update is a large download and takes 30 minutes to 2 hours to update depending how full your phone is. MAKE SURE YOUR BATTERY IS AT LEAST 70% FULL BEFORE PERFORMING AND YOU HAVE A **STABLE** INTERNET CONNECTION TO DOWNLOAD THE UPDATE. (I've downloaded it over an LTE connection with 2 bars, so it should be fine) You can check your battery percentage by going to settings->battery saver.
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