The Sims Bustin Out - Maxed Skills FAQ

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  1. The Sims Bustin Out - Maxed Skills FAQ
  2. - Version 1.0.1
  3. ===========================
  4. General Questions
  5. ==========================
  6. Q: What is Maxed Skills?
  7. A: Maxed Skills is a Bust Out Category, in which your goal is to complete all 6 skills in the game.
  9. Q: How is this game timed?
  10. A: It is timed in Real Time using Real Time Attack.  This includes load screens, pause screens, Build/Buy Mode and cut-scenes/In Game Video Overlays using an external tool, such as LiveSplit or any alternative available on:
  12. Q: Where are the rules for this game?
  13. A: You can find all timings and rules on:
  15. Q: What is the current World Record?
  16. A: The Official World Record currently stands at 53:33 by ThePatrickBay ( )
  18. Q: What is currently the fastest way to run this category?
  19. A: Gamecube / Wii with a physical Disk
  21. Q: Are emulators banned?
  22. A: No. But what we do advise is that if you are running this game on EMU, is to use Dolphin Emulator 5.0 in Direct3D 11 Graphics Mode Only.
  24. Q: Does this community have a Discord?
  25. A: Yes it does, you can find it on
  26. ====
  27. Q: Found a discrepancy with this FAQ?
  28. A: Awesome! You can report this over on:
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