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  2. Stigar - Today at 12:21 PM
  3. Alright llama, well thanks for sticking up for me :smiley:
  4. i dont know where i tried to turn anything against you, that was not my intention. So i am sorry about that !
  5. You were kind to me from the get-go on the server and i thank you for that!:) You are a nice dude dw
  6. Let me write a goodbye in the chat?
  7. alright, goodbye lama :smiley:
  8. What did you write after you kicked me from the staffchat ? O.o
  10. _Llama - Today at 12:31 PM
  11. Ooof, my apologies. I didn't see this request till after I kicked you. Truly, didn't mean it. If you'd like I can copy/paste something in there for you?
  12. And this is what I put in the group chat after you were kicked :
  14. Quick update ya'll :
  16. There was an Admin meeting last night. In time, more shall be revealed. For now, know that Stigarr has resigned from his position as Builder. As well, DestroyerTDT has been promoted to Senior Mod (which I'm making a role for on the discord. It's not gonna do anything special, just look different so players know)
  18. Other than that there are going to be a few minor changes. To ya'll these won't seem that large because most of them are behind the scenes but I wanted to mention them just so you know what is going on.
  20. Turttles is taking a bit of a vacation. For now, Kobe (halflove) will be his stand in and will take on his duties. We do not know how long Turttles will be gone. We just know he's taking a break to focus on real life for a bit. So, treat Kobe like Owner for a little while. If a player asks for turttles, direct them to Kobe. If a player asks about technical things with the server, direct them to Kobe. So on and so forth.
  22. Aside from that, Luxy and I will be handling Staff Management. This entails looking over apps, handling interviews and new recruits, and making sure you lot stay in line and do yer jobs. We will be watching :eyes:
  24. Lastly, Kobe is working on quite a few things. These include (but are not limited to) custom tags, shops, nether and end resets, new things at spawn, and much more.
  26. If you have any questions feel free to ask an Admin and we will do our best to fill you in.
  28. Wanted to say a quick thanks to everyone for all your help. This server has grown, dimished, and grown back again in the time I've been here and the amount of effort that I see everyone putting in is simply legendary. All your work is much appreciated, even if it seems at times that we don't.
  30. Stigar - Today at 12:33 PM
  31. Hehe, i wrote alot and were writing when you kicked me so everything dissapeared
  32. but its fine, just wanted to thank em for letting me join the community and the staff team and stuff. But eh ill say goodbye in general or something. Seems wierd if its copyed in from you
  33. Will you let me keep my rank until friday the 16th ?
  34. Dont want people to think i was demoted but rather resigned
  36. _Llama - Today at 12:42 PM
  37. If you'd asked before I took your rank I would've said Ye but now I'd rather not. Just looks bad. You can still say you resigned
  39. Stigar - Today at 12:43 PM
  40. I tought i did when i said the 16th whould be my last day. but its fine. Could you let it stay on the server tho ?
  41. i werent clear its mb :smiley:
  43. _Llama - Today at 12:49 PM
  44. I thought you meant that would be the last day you logged on. My apologize. What do you mean let it stay on the server? If you mean your rank I already demoted you on there too : C
  46. Stigar - Today at 1:05 PM
  47. yea i ment my rank
  49. _Llama - Today at 1:14 PM
  50. Oh sorry
  52. Stigar - Today at 1:14 PM
  53. eh
  55. Stigar - Today at 5:16 PM
  56. Want to do an announcement for me?
  58. _Llama - Today at 9:54 PM
  59. Sure, what is it?
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