Long War mods

Apr 16th, 2016
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  1. Previous iteration by VOSSTANIYA @
  2. Previous Previous iteration by Kitty D @
  3. Original list by L18HeavyFloater @
  5. These are mostly quality-of-life changes for Beta 15, since all of the other mods have now been integrated.
  7. What you'll need:
  8. UPKUtils ( )
  9. A tool created by wghost81 to help install mods. If you're on Windows, you can just install PatcherGUI,
  10. which is fairly easy to figure out, but if you're on Linux, you'll need to manually compile UPKUtils
  11. (see for more details).
  12. NOTEPAD++ ( )
  13. A better Notepad, smaller edits to the various .ini files can be worked into your game rather quickly
  14. with this tool. It allows for quick side-by-side comparison of contents as well, using automatic
  15. formatting for viewing and editing.
  17. --- LW Mods, added as of November ---
  19. Long War Mod Manager -
  20. This utility simplifies the installation and removal of Long War mods and can be used as a replacement for PatcherGUI.
  21. It also supports some new mod file extensions that allow for the automatic updating of configuration files.
  22. This can be used to automatically define keyboard commands, add second wave options, or anything else that involves
  23. adding lines to a config file.
  25. Beaglerush Voicepack -
  26. Installation instructions included in the .rar
  27. Preview it here:
  29. Lost EU Maps -
  30. Allows playing the 4 EU maps which are not avaliable in EWI:
  31. URB_Museum, URB_Museum_Euro, URB_Demolition, URB_GasStation
  33. Long War- Customize the Air Game -
  34. Customize the stats for the Interceptor, the Firestorm, every single weapon, UFO, and foundry project related to the Air Game.
  35. You can also modify critical hits, specifically the minimum crit chance, the maximum crit chance, and the critical hit multiplier.
  37. Long War de-RNG-ify Airgame Mod -
  38. Doubles interception time and halves all damage.
  39. Dodge, aim, and tracking modules have their effects doubled as well, and chance to destroy a UFO has also been adjusted.
  41. Relevant Information -
  42. Long War is often criticized for being opaque and having a significant proportion of important information regarding game
  43. mechanics and detailed stats located outside of the game itself (i.e. DGC.ini, the wiki, and the Nexus forums).
  44. However, the strategic UI is filled with flavour text that, while nice to read, is extremely vague and unhelpful to the player.
  45. This mod aims to repurpose the space in order to add information that is precise, assists player decisions, and reduces the need
  46. to ALT-TAB out of the game to check things.
  48. Long War Customize Unique Soldier Stats -
  49. You can alter the HP, Will, Aim, and Mobility of all the unique soldiers.
  50. You can also edit the bonus perks Van Doorn and Zhang get.
  51. This mod is compatible with eclipse666's Patrick - The Plumber - Carlock (for Long War) modification.
  53. Additional Species -
  54. Show up to 12 species that will be encountered in the Hyperwave Relay info screen.
  56. Virtual Reality Training (for Long War) -
  57. Healthy and non-fatigued soldiers earn XP every day while at the base.
  58. Extra XP can be earned by building the Officer Training School and purchasing officer upgrades. Make those rookies useful at last!
  60. Campaign Summary -
  61. Campaign Summary adds a new menu option to the Situation Room allowing you to view a timeline of major strategic events.
  62. It provides high level information about the events and displays an up-to-date world map showing the status of the world including
  63. panic levels, satellite coverage, withdrawn countries, and mission info.
  65. Unhealable Red Fog -
  66. With this mod SW Red Fog penalties such as aim and mobility will last until the end of the mission and cannot be healed by medkits.
  67. However, soldier will penalties remain healable.
  69. All Perks Per Rank -
  70. Gives you all perks in a rank when you choose a perk. You will gain the bonus stats (will, aim, etc) of the chosen perk, but not
  71. the other perks. Works with 1, 2, or 3 perks per rank, and in every version of Long War I've tested it on.
  73. Floater Autopsy Tweak -
  74. Changes the placement of the Floater Autopsy so it comes after Xenogenetics instead of after Alien Biocybernetics, while
  75. simultaneously making it a pre-req for Alien Biocybernetics
  77. Arc Thrower Range -
  78. Allows you to adjust Arc Thrower range through ini files.
  79. After installation, go the "Weapons=..." line for the Arc Thrower in DefaultGameCore.ini (by default, it's around line 1947, or 1974
  80. if you use the pistol-slot version). Change the iRange variable to something you like.
  82. DR Chipping (for Long War) -
  83. DR Chipping is a minor mechanics tweak that allows DR to be reduced through repeated hits.
  84. Fully compatible with Long War and integrates seamlessly into existing campaigns.
  85. It does not overhaul balance, perk, or item stats in any way, it simply adds a new mechanic to the tactical game.
  86. #BlameJCLewis
  88. Enhanced Soldier Customization (for Long War) -
  89. This mod allows you to change your soldier's head size, body size and voice pitch from the soldier customisation screen.
  90. The range of available skin colours has also been greatly increased - you're no longer limited to skin tones.
  91. SHIV body size, weapon size and colour can be customised too!
  93. Bugfixes for bonus will and psi -
  94. Instances where psi panic would show 100% but still fail.
  95. Killing an alien who has mind controlled a soldier will not give that soldier the fallen comrade debuff.
  96. Fixed lots of instances where the bonus will from Neural damping, Combat drugs, Legio Patria Nostra, Esprit de Corps and penalties
  97. from fallen comrade and battle fatigue didn't apply.
  98. Psi panic had a fixed duration of 2 turn regardless of how many turns of panic it rolled. Fixed so duration is the same as panic.
  99. If you target a unit that has neural dampning with psi panic it will show 0% chance to hit.
  100. Fixed so aliens get the same -35 penalty when using mind control as XCOM.
  102. --- Older Mods, added as of June ---
  104. Escalation (a mod for Long War by Beaglerush and Wasteland Ghost) ( )
  105. Found some changes to Long War a shit? Found Long War a bit too hard? Beaglerush has got you covered.
  106. Full changelog (updating for new releases - ) available for your
  107. review. Revised Long War, basically.
  109. AYY LMAO (b15d/e: )
  110. (b15f: )
  111. A very much NWS text mod that replaces the various notices in-game with memes of all sorts from /xcg/.
  112. Some are a hit. Some are a miss. All are funny at least once.
  114. Long War Dreadnought MEC voice, b15 ( )
  115. Brought to us by Fractl on Reddit ( ), this voicepack uses
  116. the Dreadnought voiceclips from Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War 2. Tinny. Bassy. Emperor-approved.
  118. TF2 Sniper voicepack ( )
  119. The TF2 Sniper. For XCOM. Boom, 'eadshot.
  121. Remove MEC level loss ( )
  122. The default LW behavior in b15 is that MEC troopers lose a rank upon being chopped (a GSGT assault would
  123. become a TSGT marauder, etc.) - this mod reverts that change.
  125. Maximum Carnage ( )
  126. This mod doubles the force applied to the alien bodies during their death animations. Blast them from short
  127. range and watch those suckers fly
  129. Show soldier recovery time in hours ( )
  130. This mod shows soldier recovery time (for both injury & fatigue) in the barracks and post-mission screens in hours
  131. when less than a given number of days. You may also change this cut-off yourself: change the "HoursCutoff:<%b 96>"
  132. value in the .txt file to adjust the time between hours and days.
  134. Enable UFO Scanners at start ( )
  135. This mod does away with the "UFO Scanners" foundry project and will display the UFO damage for all UFOs.
  137. Enhanced Tactical Info ( )
  138. Displays Soldier XP / Psi XP, XP values take mission completion bonuses into account, displays Soldier's
  139. current mobility and damage reduction, displays a count of active aliens for each alien type
  141. Cleanse of the Clones ( )
  142. This mod will allow for as wide a range as possible of initial random solider appearances, while keeping a
  143. decent look for each soldier. This is to prevent all soldiers from looking the same, and to have each soldier
  144. look more like a unique individual.
  146. Meld Alarm ( )
  147. Makes it a bit easier to tell if the Meld is about to expire. If there are more than 2 turns left, the Meld
  148. will be silent (no throbbing sound at all). With 2 turns left, there will be a slow throbbing sound. With
  149. 1 turn left the "offscreen meld notification" sound will play once as an alarm, and there will be a fast
  150. throbbing sound. It's quite easy to tell the difference between the slow and fast throbbing.
  152. Alien strategic stats exposed ( )
  153. Replaces the news ticker with numbers for Alien Research, Alien Resources and XCOM Threat Level
  155. Alien Sight Range indicator ( )
  156. This mod displays a sight range ring around visible aliens, such as those revealed by a battle scanner.
  157. You'll be able to see how close you can move to them without being seen. No more tile counting!
  159. Show Hit Chances ( )
  160. This mod waits until the game actually makes an RNG roll, then shows the number that it rolled against.
  162. LW- Hit and Run fix ( )
  163. Enables you to use Light em up or double tap with Hit and Run for those who would want this to appear
  164. in the training roulette.
  166. HUD Cleaner ( )
  167. Three separate patches which remove parts of the tactical hud; removal of radar; removal of objectives.
  169. Quiet Bradford! ( )
  170. Disables the pre-mission speech & display of radar outposts on EXALT missions, allowing for a much faster
  171. mission start.
  173. Facial Hair, Face Paint, Tattoos ( )
  174. Assorted options to improve the variety of soldier appearances. Including facial masks! Though technically
  175. this uses the male facial hair layer. Welp.
  177. Assorted Long War Gameplay Modifications ( )
  178. Command Cooldown allows you to alter the, by default, 4 turn cooldown for an Officer's Command ability.
  179. Base Flamethrower Charges is much simpler, just enter how many charges you want flamethrowers to have in hex.
  181. Long War Van Doorn and Zhang Class-Perk Conflict Protection ( )
  182. General Van Doorn and Zhang are given free perks; but this can cause a conflict if you choose to take a class
  183. that already gets that perk. This lets you set an alternate perk in the case of the conflict.
  185. Motion Scanner ( )
  186. Permanently enables the motion tracker item on all soldiers. Taking motion tracker items is not needed with
  187. this mod.
  189. Gaussian Red Fog ( )
  190. Converts the Long War Red Fog aiming penalty to a gaussian function (penalty = e^(-(1/std)*x^2) instead of
  191. a linear function (1-x), meaning that lost aim/block of health increases the lower health you get.
  193. Show Weapon Fragments ( )
  194. Displays Weapon Fragments on the Engineering HUD (under Elerium and Alloys).
  195. SUPERFLUOUS as of Beta 14.
  197. Sweet FX ( )
  198. Settings for Sweet FX use to make the game a wee bit more crisp for your enjoyment.
  200. XCOM Interface and Gameplay Tweaks ( )
  201. List of Long War compatible tweaks:
  202. Soldier Gender Probability (use EW mod version).
  203. No Bullrush (use EW mod version).
  204. No Chain Panic (use EW mod version).
  205. Display Soldier XP, PsiXP and Mobility in Battle for LW (use special LW mod version).
  207. Map Name Displayer ( )
  208. Changes the map description on the loadout screen to the actual name of the possible maps.
  209. Install instructions: "Go into Localization\INT\ and replace line 5050 onwards"
  211. Level 8 Heavy Floater's mods ( )
  213. Van Doorn in March ( http// )
  214. Can also be edited to force the mission in other months.
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