"what do you think of happily ever after fairytales"

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  1. Although deemed as 'classic' and is slowly reducing in the number of modern fairytales these day, happily ever after stories do leave quite an impact to most people. Whether it's an old folk story, retold by many and known by a lot, or a new, modernized story, we still do face a plethora amount of happily ever after stories. Each and everyone has different opinions on it, and this is mine.
  3. Being the inconsistent being I am, I have mixed feelings on this.
  5. The more I think of it, the more intrigued I become. When I first heard of the question frankly, the response that came to my mind was "Well obviously it's bad." As it creates unrealistic expectations in life and encourages people to believe in things that would never come true, knights in shining armors to save the damsels in distress. In today's fast-paced, globalized, modernized world where everyone has too keep up with things in order to survive, where being materialistic is the key to having a comfortable, well-polished lifestyle and where literally no one should have the time to just sit and stare at the sunset, dreaming about unicorns and leprechauns instead of working their ass off to earn money and reputation.
  7. As sad as it may sound, this is the current world we're living in. Everything involves money, whether you like it or not. No matter how hard you fight for a world where money doesn't matter, it doesn't seem likely to occur, or to be downright blunt, no, that will never happen, quit dreaming child. You need money for basic things like food, shelter. You need money to obtain success, whether it be college fund or gas money that you use to go to work. You need money in order to build a family. You need money to support your children and no, dwelling on purely fictional stories will not provide you with a stable source of income.
  9. It does the opposite.
  11. It takes your time away, the precious ticking of clocks that you will never get back, the time that you should have used to go to work instead of intently hoping for some miracles to happen.
  13. But really, is it not worth it?
  15. This is where the opposing opinion comes in. Like stated above, with everyone being too occupied with things and crystalized possessions, we seemed to have forgot that there's more to life than the number of zeros you have in your bank and the amount of carats in your gold-coated Rolex. We failed to remember that the 24 hours given are not meant to just be spent thinking about the rise in your wage or the new student who's gonna snatch your year-end trophy away. It slipped our mind that no, life doesn't have to be a race among mortals.
  17. Now this is where fairytales play a vital part in highlighting that there's more to life than what busy people clad in sleek suits think. Sometimes you just gotta sit back, relax and watch your surroundings, think and don't stress yourself. Happily ever after fairytales tell you that hey, no matter how bad life fucks with you, at the end of the day, something good will happen to you. If it's not good, than it's not the end. There's always another day, another year, another chance for good blessings to come to you.
  19. Some people are not as lucky as others. You see people who are born with silver, even gold spoons. You see babies being put in lavish rooms. That's all because they were born in rich families whose money could be used to feed a hungry country. And then there's the family that struggle to even keep their stomach filled. The parents who give their portion of food to their children, struggling a smile and biting back the hunger. They couldn't afford luxurious plane trips across the world. They do not have enough money to dress their children in Armani and Gucci everyday. They hardly even have money to keep their children's tummies full.
  21. But they can tell their children about fairytales. Keep their imagination growing, their hopes high. Telling them to always be optimistic and grateful for what they have. And even in happily ever after stories, the happiest people are not necessarily the richest.
  23. I personally like to daydream and think about me living in a completely alternate universe. It helps me cope with life, a form of escapism to be exact. I couldn't afford costly belongings. I have a lot of worries that I don't like to share with people. And reading fairytales does help me to look at the brighter side of life. Makes me fully aware of the fact that all the shits I'm dealing with today will barely be relevant in like 2 weeks from now. Fairytales provide me with closure, relief and an imaginary world that I could not ask more from.
  25. So who cares if you don't own a line of buildings full of people working for you, who cares if you don't own the biggest house. Life will be over before you know it so cherish and enjoy the moments you have with the people you truly love.
  29. -25 Jan 14
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