Red Wine, Red Rump by Zad (Fancy Pants/Rarity)

Feb 21st, 2016
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  1. Red Wine, Red Rump by Zad
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  5. Fancy Pants hated leaving parties early, but tonight, he did not have much choice. If he had decided to stay any longer, it would have been embarrassing not just for him, but his wife.
  7. Rarity was a lightweight when it came to drink. She appreciated wine and shunned “get drunk fast” liquor, but even so, it took only a few glasses before she was acting out and causing trouble. All the conduct proper of a lady went right out the window when wine was involved.
  9. Fancy Pants knew this, but even though he knew alcohol was going to be at this gathering he still brought Rarity along. They even talked about it beforehand.
  11. All of that was obviously for nothing. Now here he was, riding home in silence in his carriage while Rarity sat just as quietly next to him. He took a couple of looks in her direction, but she didn’t look in his. She was still drunk, but she wasn’t stupid. She knew how mad he was.
  13. Neither of them spoke when Fancy led her into the house by the hoof. The only thing he said was telling his servants to leave them alone.
  15. Rarity was still wearing her frilly white dress, but it had a clear wine stain on the chest where she had spilled a glass. Fancy Pants wasn’t sure if it would ever come out. She walked a little bit awkwardly from the influence of alcohol, but she let him pull her along.
  17. “Tonight, the party… I’m sorry, Fancy Pants.” She half whispered, speaking for the first time since she got home. Fancy Pants heard her, but he didn’t acknowledge her.
  19. They both walked upstairs and went to their room. Rarity saw it and knew that she was in for a stern discussion with her hubby. They had arguments before, and their room was the preferred place for those.
  21. Fancy Pants, with some slight force, pulled Rarity inside and closed the door. He finally let go of her and stepped away. Rarity knew he was angry when she saw him taking deep breaths to calm down. She sat on the floor and looked down.
  23. “I’m sorry, darling, fo-for tonight…”
  25. “Don’t start the ‘darling’ talk with me right now, Rarity.” Fancy Pants interrupted her with a no nonsense tone of voice that made Rarity stop talking with a “meep!” of fear. “This is the third time you have gotten yourself drunk at a party and made a fool of yourself, and me, too! Spilled wine all over one of my business associates, knocked over a table, and some of the remarks you made were highly inappropriate as well. Do you know how bad it looked when I had to get us a carriage to leave early?”
  27. Rarity was not saying anything. In the past, she had made quips about how she “didn’t mean to drink so much” or how “nothing major happened,” but tonight was the worst instance yet of her misconduct at a party. It was downright embarrassing.
  29. “Bad. Very bad.” She held her head in shame.
  31. “Indeed. Very bad.” Fancy Pants shook his head, pacing back and forth. Rarity sniffled.
  33. “I am truly sorry, Fancy Pants.”
  35. “I know you are, but I’m still upset. This has to be the last time this happens.”
  37. Rarity nodded her head with a lot of enthusiasm. “It will be the last time, Fancy. I promise…”
  39. “You said that the last two times, Rarity. It’s only gotten worse.” Fancy Pants shook his head. Then, he walked over to the bedside table and opened the drawer. “I’m going to really make sure this time.”
  41. He hovered out a black lacquer wooden hairbrush and closed the drawer. Rarity’s eyes followed the object as Fancy walked over to the bed with it in his grasp. She looked confused.
  43. “Fancy, wh-what are you… doing with that?” She asked. She was starting to sound very nervous. Fancy Pants sat down on the bed and dropped the hairbrush on the spot beside him.
  45. “Something a gentlecolt has to do to his lady when he has exhausted all other options.” He patted his lap. “Come here, Rarity.”
  47. Now, it was starting to make sense. Rarity gasped with horror. “No, you don’t mean… Fancy!”
  49. His name came out like she was chiding him. Fancy Pants was not going to have any of that. He looked her straight in the eye. “Don’t ‘Fancy’ me, either. After tonight I think some time over my knee will do you a lot of good. Now come over here, Rarity, right now!”
  51. Fancy Pants raised his voice. Rarity looked terrified, and even somewhat disgusted at what her husband was proposing right now, but the anger in his voice left no room for discussion. She came to him, but she did not stop begging all the while. “Please, Fancy, I’m not a filly! You can’t do this to me!”
  53. “I can, and I will, Rarity. And don’t act like a mare such as yourself is too old for a spanking. Gentlecolts have had to do this to their ladies for centuries, and don’t think you are exempt from that tradition!”
  55. He grabbed her foreleg and pulled her onto the bed, laying her over his lap. She squirmed and kicked a little bit in resistance, but he was much stronger than her. Once he had her pinned down on his lap he grabbed the frills of her dress and pulled it up and over her back, along with her tail, revealing her bare white bottom. Rarity pleaded with more desperation once she realized her rear end was exposed and ready.
  57. “Pleaase, Fancy! I won’t drink anymore at parties, I promise!”
  59. Fancy Pants picked up the hairbrush and tapped her bottom with it. “Save it, Rarity. You’ve had this spanking coming for a long time, and now it’s time for you to get it.” He raised it up and delivered the first hard “smack!” to Rarity’s rump.
  61. “Oww!” Rarity cried out loudly from the first spank. Fancy Pants did not wait to deliver the next sequence of thwacks to his wife’s bare butt, which drew a long and piteous moan from her. He rolled his eyes.
  63. “Theatrics aren’t going to work on me tonight, dear, so save your breath. You’re going to be here a while.” He spanked left and right and up and down the sides of her round bottom sharply. Rarity kicked and wiggled her backside under his firm treatment, but he spanked with even more strength and faster speed.
  65. “I’m sorryyy! Aaow! Ahh! Oww!” She sobbed and cried over his lap. The hairbrush was whacking up and down and side to side, smacking her bottom cheeks hard enough to make them deep pink within the first thirty seconds of the punishment. Fancy Pants was not holding himself back.
  67. The bedroom was filled with the echoes of the hairbrush thwacking a naughty mare’s exposed buttcheeks over and over again, as well as the cries, howls, and squeals of said naughty mare adding punctuation to every spank. Fancy Pants repositioned Rarity over his lap when she started to slip off, securing her with his left hoof while the improvised little paddle he was holding tanned her white hide crimson. Rarity weeped and wailed, but she was not done until her upset hubby said she was done.
  69. Her bottom was being set on fire by the hairbrush, and no matter how hard she tried to wriggle like a fish off his knee, her butt continued to suffer more and more punishment. When Fancy Pants had said “a while”, it was becoming scarily obvious to her that he truly meant it.
  71. The hard lacquer surface of the hairbrush was so good at gliding off of the skin of her butt after it spanked her, and it made the surface simply burn like a furnace. She tried to make her back legs straight and rigid, tensing up to brace her bottom against the spanks, but when that did nothing she went back to kicking her hooves.
  73. Fancy Pants clapped the hairbrush all over her rump when he spoke. “This cannot continue to happen, Rarity. Don’t you want other ponies to take you seriously?”
  75. Rarity sobbed out her answer. “Yees! I do, I do! Oww!”
  77. Fancy spanked the lower curves of her rear. Rarity howled and inched forward on his knee, but he pulled her right back to position. “Then your behavior needs to change, Rarity! You reputation is at stake, other ponies are starting to see you differently! Do you want that?”
  79. Rarity’s bottom was glowing red, but the hairbrush continued to add color to her cheeks. She shook her head fiercely. “Nooo! I don’t! Oww, owie! OWW! Ahhah, pleaaaase!”
  81. Fancy Pants was not done yet. He thwacked and thwacked the hairbrush on the tops of her thighs and on the crease of her butt, which made Rarity squeal and wail like a filly. Almost done…
  83. Five more smacks, each one hitting the center of her bottom, and Fancy stopped. He put the hairbrush down on the bed.
  85. “Aaaahhowww” Rarity moaned with a sob. “Owww…”
  87. Fancy Pants closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Spanking his wife took a lot of wind out of him. He moved his pinning hoof down to Rarity’s lower back. “Rarity… this can’t happen again. Your whole reputation is on the line. Do you understand me?”
  89. Rarity cried into the blankets as she nodded her head. “I understand! Forgive me, Fancy…”
  91. Fancy Pants pushed the dress back over her bottom, which was a heated shade of deep crimson. He grabbed her underneath her waist and lifted her up, hugging her in a sitting position on his lap. She cried like a sorry little filly. He sighed.
  93. “I forgive you, dear. Do you promise me that this won’t happen again?”
  95. “Yes, I promise, Fancy Pants…” She said. Rarity climbed up his chest and hugged him around his shoulders. She whined, “My bottom huuurts…”
  97. “I know, Rarity. I’m sorry, but you left me no other choice. I only hope this gets through to you.”
  99. Rarity’s rear end squirmed and wiggled painfully while she sat on his lap. The hairbrush did a number on her butt, that much was sure.
  101. “I know, honey, I know you didn’t have a choice... I’m sorry for my bad behavior. I’ll be a better mare from now on, I promise…”
  103. Fancy Pants smiled. He patted her head. “I know. Just stay away from the red wine for a while, ok?”
  105. Rarity, even though her butt was still throbbing and on fire, replied to him with a little laugh. She kissed him on the cheek, a long and wet one.
  107. “I will, honey. I know it must sound strange, Fancy… but thank you. For being a gentlecolt, putting me in my place, even though it hurt… or, hurts, very much. I think I needed that.”
  109. She kissed him again, on the lips. Her cheeks, the ones on her face, were blushing red as her butt.
  111. Fancy Pants felt his pride growing inside him in a weird feeling of self-congratulations. Tonight he had proven that the old traditions of the noble gentlecolts before him were there for a reason.
  113. “You’re welcome, Rarity. I love you.” He held her in and slipped his tongue into her mouth in a passionate kiss.
  115. “I… love, you, too!” She said between breaths of air. Fancy Pants made the right choice, and his wife thought so, too.
  117. The spanking may have been over, but the long passionate night of make up sex was just starting.
  119. The End
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