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  1. 22:05:14) *** CHANNEL Commands ***
  2. (22:05:14) /register: To register the current channel you're on.
  3. (22:05:14) /topic [topic]: Sets the topic of a channel. Only works if you're the first to log on a channel or have auth there. Displays current topic instead if no new one is given.
  4. (22:05:14) /lt [name]: Kick someone from current channel.
  5. (22:05:14) /member [name]: Makes the user a member.
  6. (22:05:14) /demember [name]: Removes membership from a user.
  7. (22:05:14) /csilence [minutes]: Prevents authless users from talking in current channel specified time.
  8. (22:05:14) /csilenceoff: Allows users to talk in current channel.
  9. (22:05:14) /cmute [name]:[reason]:[time]: Mutes someone in current channel (reason and time optional).
  10. (22:05:14) /cunmute [name]: Unmutes someone in current channel.
  11. (22:05:14) /cmutes: Lists users muted in current channel.
  12. (22:05:14) /cbans: Lists users banned from current channel.
  13. (22:05:14) *** Only channel admins may use the following commands ***
  14. (22:05:14) /op [name]: Gives a user channel operator status.
  15. (22:05:14) /deop [name]: Removes channel operator status from a user.
  16. (22:05:14) /inviteonly [on/off/level]: Makes a channel invite-only or public.
  17. (22:05:14) /ctogglecaps: Turns on/off the server anti-caps bot in current channel.
  18. (22:05:14) /ctoggleflood: Turns on/off the server anti-flood bot in current channel. Overactive still in effect.
  19. (22:05:14) /cban [name]:[reason]:[time]: Bans someone from current channel (reason and time optional).
  20. (22:05:14) /cunban [name]: Unbans someone from current channel.
  21. (22:05:14) /enabletours: Allows tours to be run in the channel.
  22. (22:05:14) /disabletours: Stops tours being run in the channel.
  23. (22:05:14) *** Only channel owners may use the following commands ***
  24. (22:05:14) /admin [name]: Gives a user channel admin status.
  25. (22:05:14) /deadmin [name]: Removes channel admin status from a user.
  26. (22:05:14) /owner [name]: Gives a user channel owner status.
  27. (22:05:14) /deowner [name]: Removes channel owner status from a user.
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