[SPG] Tough as rock (Maud Pie)

Mar 23rd, 2018
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  1. > This green is about Maud Pie. There's just so much potential in her emotionless character in this setting, like… It pains to know that somebody's hurting a pony, but it pains so much more when this pony just takes it silently.
  3. > They "trained" RD and she becomes a broken slave? Well, that's bad. Let's fix that by being nice to her.
  4. > Twilight's feeling guilty for everything that happened? Let' reassure her and help to rescue everypony
  5. > They took Applebloom from AJ and sold her? Well, let's search for her.
  6. > They beat Rarity for misbehaving and she's been screaming really loud? Well, that's bad.
  7. > They beat Fluttershy for protecting an animal and she cried for the whole night? That's really bad as well.
  8. > They beat Maud for not obeying and she just takes it, barely reacting to pain? And then they start beating her harder? Now THAT fucking hurt.
  9. > I don't want all this retarded shit from above to happen to her, but still... I want her to forget all of this, to know how she feels. I want to take her home and help her. And build a little rock farm with her family, when we'll find them. I want to make her smile so much.
  11. > She's been starved and beaten a dozen of times, but never shown any signs of weakness or pain. Barely standing and not even asking to stop.
  12. > She always tries to fights back without a single word or emotion. Like it's impossible to break her spirit
  13. > Beaten, tortured in every way imaginable, forced to work until she passes out. Every single day.
  14. > Everyone thinks that Maud Pie might be the toughest mare slave on Earth, but no one can tell for sure. Is she unbreakable, or timid and hurt? She's not showing it. No one know how she feels.
  15. > And the only way to manipulate her is to threat to hurt her sisters
  16. > She agreed to crash her pet rock just to give her sisters a piece of a stale carrot in return
  17. > But one day they got separated without warning to different places and she managed to escape
  18. > Because she needs to find them
  19. > Spending weeks walking everywhere, desperately trying to figure out how to find her family
  20. > And there's no signs of any source of food or water around
  21. > Eventually, she passed out
  23. > In the middle of the night you drive your way back home down the long single road of the desert - looking piece of Texan state.
  24. > Half asleep, you spotted a limp body of an animal laying somewhere in the dry bushes
  25. > "Another roadkill", you thought to yourself. But something certainly was not right about it.
  26. > You hesitate to check it, increasing the distance more and more every passing second.
  27. > Then after almost a kilometer away, something made you turn your way back to look at the body closely
  28. > You approach it and use your flashlight to get a better look
  29. > A dead pony was laying on the ground, she was all skinny with countless scars, burns, bruises and fur missing in various places.
  30. > Guess it's too late.
  31. > You inspect her for another minute, and as you were about to head back and try to forget about it, you noticed her chest barely lifting as she breathe
  32. > You rushed back to your car, picked a water bottle and sprayed a little on her head, while shaking her shoulders
  33. "Hey, hey! Pony, you ok? Wake up!"
  34. > After a minute of trying to bring her back to life, she finally opened her eyes really slowly, then started to raise her head, and dropped it back in the dust right away
  35. > Exhaling in relief, you wrap your hand around her shoulders and took her chin with your palm, guiding the bottle and trying to get her to drink it.
  36. > When she felt the dampness around her mouth, she seemed to become more active, making sniffing motions to find the source of water. It's like waking up a cat, waving a piece of sausage in her muzzle
  37. > She managed to take a few gulps and coughs, then stretches forward to the bottle again, while shivering
  38. "H-here you go, take it slow. Can you hear me? Are you hurt?"
  39. > "Yes." - she said with her hoarse voice, while turning her gaze to you and blinking slowly.
  40. > ...
  41. > "Hello. I'm Maud Pie. I'm looking for my sisters. And I need some food. And more water."
  43. > You inhale and exhale with your nose, trying to gather your thoughts
  44. "I'm Anonymous. D-don't worry, Maud, we'll patch you up. It's gonna be ok, I promise."
  45. > In response, she just slowly blinked again, with one eye, than the other.
  46. > You rip your coat from your chest and cover her with it, then rushed back to your car.
  47. > Good thing that you still have some leftovers from your lunch. You pour some hot water in your cup from thermos and throw a dozen of sugarcubes and tea, mixing it up, then adding some water to cool it down a bit. Then you prepare a peanut butter sandwich with a banana.
  48. > You run back to her figure and she already resting her head on the dusty ground again.
  49. "Hey, Maud! C'mon, girl. Here..."
  50. > Picking her chin up, you pour some warm tea in her lips. She takes it with her eyes still closed and coughs again. Then drink it to the bottom.
  51. > You put your arms under her chest and lift her up a bit.
  52. "Maud, stand up. It's warmer in my car."
  53. > "Too weak. Can't." - she said with hoarse monotone voice again.
  54. "Good lord, girl, what happened to you?
  55. > ...
  56. "Ok, let me..."
  57. > You said, sliding your arms under her chest and stomach, slowly lifting her up.
  58. > "You're pressing my broken rib on my lung."
  59. > The area under chest did bends a bit.
  60. "Whoa! Sorry, sorry! Does it hurt?"
  61. > "Yes."
  62. "F-fuck..."
  63. > You changed you position, picking her front legs, slowly lifting her into a standing position.
  64. "You tell if it hurt again, ok? How is it? Does it hurt?"
  65. > "Yes."
  66. "Damn! Where?"
  67. > "Can't really tell."
  68. "Is it your hooves? Are they broken?"
  69. > "No." - she said and dropped her head forward again.
  70. "Sigh... ok, bear with me. I'm gonna pick you up really careful. How are you feeling, Maud?"
  71. > "Dizzy."
  72. "Just now? Is it worse?"
  73. > "Yes. Want to s-sleep."
  74. > Without wasting any more time, you slide your other arm under her rump and pick her up, carrying and laying her limp body on the back seat.
  75. "There! You're with me, Maud? Maud?!"
  76. > She murmurs something that you can't register.
  77. > Grabbing the first aid kit, you open some ammonia and waved it in front of her muzzle.
  78. > She squeezed her eyes shut and coughs.
  79. "D-don't fall asleep now, you hear? You need to eat."
  80. > You quickly pour the rest of the hot water and prepared the tea again, picking the sandwitches and banana on the way.
  81. > You waved a wet napkin with chemicals again and pressed a cup to her lips, lifting her chin with the other hand.
  82. > She opened her eyes again and sips on it.
  83. "Is it ok? Not too hot for you, girl?"
  84. > She nods and resume drinking.
  85. > When she finished, you opened a banana, sliced the top piece and give it to her.
  86. > She turns away from it and fixed her gaze on the whole banana. And as just you give it, she took a big bite from it and worked her jaws faster, still staring at the banana and bends forward to it.
  87. "H-hey, take it slow, pony. I'm not gonna take it away from you."
  88. > She did slow down a bit, but then resumes savouring it. Then you give her all you had left and she chomps on it, while still coughing every now and then.
  89. > You took your coat back and wrapped a proper blanket on her. Then placed you coat at the top.
  90. > She swallowed the last piece of a sugary bread and resumed coughing.
  91. "See, that what happens when you eat fast. There."
  92. > You said, patting on her back
  93. > "This is bad."
  94. > Huh?
  95. "Huh? Well, that's all I had. I can give you something better when we-"
  96. > "Not food." - she said and coughs harder.
  97. > And then you finally spotted a dark blood on her lips. And a roukous breath. Fucking idiot.
  98. > "Dizzy."
  99. "It... it's gonna be ok, Maud, you hear me?!"
  100. > You said, closing the rear door and jumping on the driver seat.
  101. "We'll fix you up! Just try to stay awake and breathe! Maud?!"
  102. > No response
  103. "Fuck!"
  104. > Guess it's time to make the car engine to shit itself.
  105. > You slowly turn around back to the city and pushed the pedal down as hard as you can, driving with one and searching on your phone for the nearby hospital with the other hand.
  106. "Maud! Maud?!"
  107. > ...
  108. "Maud! Hey!!"
  109. > You can barely hear her coughing past the roaring of the car engine.
  110. "Oh, thank god! Hang in there, sweetheart! Help is on the way!
  111. > Rushing back at the highest speed that your rustbucket can manage, you keep praying for the best. Sinse you can't possibly check on her, while signaling for the other drivers to free the road.
  112. "Ma-aud! You're ok?!"
  113. > ...
  114. "Ma-a-aud!"
  115. > About a half hour later, you finally reach the hospital and gently picked her up. Her muzzle and a seat was all blody, but her body was still warm, which is a good sign.
  116. "Baby, you're here? Please talk to me!"
  117. > ...
  118. "Maud!"
  119. > Slamming the door open with your leg and running through the vet/pony clinic, you met the slightly disturbed nurse, who's immediately guides you where to place her.
  120. > "Alright, calm down. What happened?"
  121. "I-I find her laying on the ground kilometers away. Dunno how long she's been there, but I think that she got a blood in her lungs. And many other... injuries. I gave her-"
  122. > "Wait, she's not yours?"
  123. "N-no, she's not. Where's doctor?"
  124. > "I called them. If she's not yours, then you have to make the documents about officialy owning her and pay the cost for all the treatment, are you aware of that?"
  125. "Yes, I just got here. I'm willing to own this pony. I can pay everyth-"
  126. > The other personell arrived, taking her on the stretcher with you following along and asking the questions about how and where you find her. Then the door to the operation room shuts and you sit on the bench, trying to catch your breath.
  127. > "Did you bring her, mr. ...?"
  128. "Yes. Anonymous, miss. It's Anonymous."
  129. > "Alright, follow me."
  130. > > Two sleepless nights later, after all the documents prepared, you took a few free hours from work and open the door to the previous clinic, spotting the familiar nurse at the table.
  131. "Good morning."
  132. > "Oh! Hello."
  133. "I bring the grey pony two days ago, Maud. Can I see her now? I got everything required."
  134. > "Yes, she's recovering now, left room to the left. And congratulations for... owning her, I guess."
  135. "Yeah, thanks."
  136. > "Also she he might use some fruits. We're been injecting everything she need through the blood for now."
  137. "Yes... of course, I got it. Thank you."
  138. > Opening the door, you inspect the sleeping figure of your pony. Her coat seemed to be a little brighter after the washing, and most of her body is covered in bandages, a little bloody and shaven is some places.
  139. > You pick the nearby chair and sit beside her, wrapping her cold hoof in your hands and pressing it to your forehead.
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