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Mar 31st, 2014
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  1. The goal of this category is to fill up the Museum of Artifacts located in Godsreach, Mournhold. The museum is added in the Tribunal expansion pack, easily available in the Game of the Year edition of Morrowind. This is notable because traditionally Morrowind speedruns are done on the 1.0 version of the game, as the glitches in that version allow you to beat the game much quicker. As a result, this category requires the players to think outside of the box, and be creative with the ways they move around the world. It also allows a larger amount of people to participate, as the 1.0 version of the game is rather obscure, whereas the GOTY version is readily available on Steam.
  3. RULES:
  4. All players must have Tribunal installed.
  5. Official Plug-ins are allowed (, but any unofficial mods are prohibited.
  6. Difficulty is to be set at 0, any other options are up to personal preference.
  7. Timing starts at the player confirming their name. This allows for silly names to boost morale.
  8. No scripts. Not that this would really help you, but still.
  9. No use of console commands. If you are playing on an Xbox for whatever reason, no cheat codes.
  10. Once an item is donated to the museum, you CANNOT steal it back. The goal a complete collection.
  11. Other than this, anything goes. Any glitch, trick, or exploit available to you is fair game. Go nuts.
  13. GOAL:
  14. The goal of the race is to fill the Museum of Artifacts with the following (32) items:
  15. Auriel's Bow
  16. Auriel's Shield
  17. BiPolar Blade
  18. Bloodworm Helm
  19. Boots of Blinding Speed
  20. Boots of the Apostle
  21. Bow of Shadows
  22. Chrysamere
  23. Cuirass of the Savior's Hide
  24. Dagger of Symmachus
  25. Dragonbone cuirass
  26. Ebony Mail
  27. Eleidon's Ward
  28. Fang of Haynekhtnamet
  29. Goldbrand
  30. Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw
  31. Ice Blade of the Monarch
  32. Lord's Mail
  33. Mace of Molag Bal
  34. Mace of Slurring
  35. Ring of Phynaster
  36. Robe of the Lich
  37. Skull Crusher
  38. Spear of Bitter Mercy
  39. Spell Breaker
  40. Staff of Hasedoki
  41. Staff of Magnus
  42. Ten Pace Boots
  43. Umbra Sword
  44. Vampiric Ring
  45. Veloth's Judgement
  46. Warlock's Ring
  49. NOTES:
  50. For more information on the Museum of Artifacts check
  52. Feel free to look up the location of these Artifacts. If you forget, you can even check during the run. Why not.
  54. The BiPolar Blade is a RANDOM reward from the quest The MatchMaker. Exercise caution when attempting to get this.
  55. It would be wise to save before starting the quest, and to attempt the quest as one of the last things you do.
  57. DO NOT enchants Auriel's Bow and Auriel's Sheild! Similarly, do not turn Goldbrand into the Eltonbrand. Doing so will prevent you from donating them to the museum.
  59. Keep in mind that, while you can interact with some Tribunal NPC's as a vampire, you can't interact with anyone important to getting any artifacts. Either figure out a way to cure yourself of vampirism whilst moving from artifact to artifact, or do Spell Breaker last. Do note that you can donate to the museum as a vampire.
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