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  1. This is my sentence,
  2. 25 to life,
  3. I know i've made some mistakes,
  4. But it ain't enough to break me,
  5. Of all that i ve worked for,
  6. Trust me theres more i got in,
  7. Store,
  8. You haters tried to rob me of rapping,
  9. What the fuck you think you doin,
  10. Shit wont ever be the same,
  11. I am a tiger,
  12. You cant tame,
  13. I stepped up to the plate,
  14. With no fear in my heart,
  15. This is why i am here,
  16. And your not,
  17. Fuck the people who control me,
  18. I put my life into you baby,
  19. You drain me,
  20. I tried to stay myself,
  21. But i couldnt,
  22. You changed me,
  23. You made me,
  24. Tricked me,
  25. Then replaced me,
  26. Now i am all alone,
  27. And the world hates me,
  28. You were pullin me by the leash,
  29. Treating me like a damn dog,
  30. Your taking a hacksaw to my chest,
  31. Saw through my heart,
  32. You cant repair my heart,
  33. You tore it apart,
  34. No one else,
  35. Cut my heart up into,
  36. a pie chart,
  37. took most of it with you,
  38. Left me with nothing,
  39. Just my jeans,
  40. With nothing on my back,
  41. I see a light,
  42. I am not sure yet what it is,
  43. It is just so fuckin bright,
  44. I aint the type to get emotional,
  45. But its just somethin i gotta do,
  46. Leave this cold world,
  47. Still gonna reminisce,
  48. About my baby girl,
  50. Part 2:
  51. So we come to terms,
  52. So we separate,
  53. Congratulations,
  54. Took my son to another place,
  55. Your first mistake,
  56. Sending me pictures of your unhappy face,
  57. In a happy place,
  58. Now you wanna come back,
  59. Talking about we can work it out,
  60. Fuck it,
  61. I watch you come and go time and time,
  62. They say if you love someone let go,
  63. and if they come back it was meant to be,
  64. You know how many times we did that shit,
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