Rarity Huggles

Dec 18th, 2015
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  1. >Be Rararararararararararararararararararara
  2. >The dress hoers one not the gaudy fake-maned hack
  3. >It was a wonderful day in Ponyville today
  4. >The sun was shining
  5. >Rainbow had finally gotten off of her lazy flank and did her job so there wasn't a cloud in the sky
  6. >And you were in a good mood
  7. >A VERY good mood
  8. >You had finished a big order from a noble in Canterlot the night before
  9. >The noble had been ecstatic on your fast work and had given you a rather large bonus along with your agreed upon price
  10. >So, in light of a job well done and money well made, you had treated yourself to a spa day
  11. >You had been working ever so hard, and you just needed a day to relax and recuperate
  12. >A lady needed to know when to work and when to play after all
  13. >And "play" you did
  14. >Aloe and Lotus had been wonderful as always
  15. >You felt relaxed
  16. >You felt pampered
  17. >And most importantly you looked MARVELOUS
  18. >In fact as you trotted through town you couldn't help but notice that you were turning more than a few heads!
  19. >In fact--
  20. >"Squiggle tail!"
  21. >Turning your head you watched as Anonymous ran toward you with a smile on his face
  22. " Oh horse apples... Anonymous! Good afternoon darling!"
  23. >Though you smiled when you saw him you couldn't help but take a few steps back when you saw a particular look in his eye
  24. >Anonymous, bless his kind heart, was a very affectionate stalli--er man
  25. >He'd pick up anypony and hug them for any reason
  26. >Even if said pony didn't want to be picked up and hugged or petted or anything else that the silly man did to them
  27. >And while you were nothing but supportive of all of your friends... quirks you had JUST gotten out of the spa...
  28. >And Aloe had spent HOURS getting your mane in the state that it was in now...
  29. >So, it was with a heavy heart that the second that Anon came within a few feet of him you grabbed him by his pants and hoisted him up into the air with your magic
  30. "I'm sorry darling," you apologise when you see his confused expression. "I've just come back from the spa you see."
  31. >Moving your head to and fro you give the dear a chance to look over your figure
  32. "So I'm afraid that I can't give you a hug at the moment."
  33. >Gently setting the human down you give him your winningest smile
  34. "Perhaps a hoofshake might be more appropriate?"
  35. >Anon just started at your outstretched hoof
  36. >Though you were sure that he was none too pleased by your admittedly rough handling you were sure that he'd be quick to forgive you if he just thought about it
  37. >You were just protecting the perfection that was your body at
  38. >Aloe and Lotus had spent the whole morning making you look like this
  39. >It's be a slap in the face if you didn't do anything in your power to look like this for as long as possible!
  40. >Without warning Anonymous's face began to twist into a scowl
  41. >"Rarararararara."
  42. >Your smile twitched when you heard the tone in his voice
  43. "Yes dear?"
  44. >"Come and give me a hug you silly horse."
  45. >You took a step away from him as he got to his knees
  46. >Oh goodness...
  47. >You know that look in his eyes...
  48. >And you most certainly know the smile that's forming on his face!
  49. "I'd love to hug you, dear, really I would!"
  50. >Anon makes his way to his feet and stands up to his full height
  51. >Panic starts to well up in your stomach as you watch him roll his shoulders and crack his neck
  52. >That ruffian better not be doing what you think he's doing...
  53. >You JUST came back from the spa!
  54. "...Would you take a raincheck dear? I really can't--epp!"
  55. >You managed to dodge just in the nick of time as Anon leapt for you, his arms outstretched
  56. "Anonymous! DON'T YOU DARE!"
  57. >As quick as a snake he rolled back to his feet, a determined look in his eyes
  58. >To your horror you could see that dirt covered his suit
  59. >Which meant if he managed to get his grubby hands on you you'd be covered in dirt and Celestia knows what in an instant
  60. >All of that hard work ruined in the blink of an eye!
  61. >NO!
  62. >You could NOT let that happen!
  63. >You would not STAND for it!
  64. >Anon was just going to have to be an adult and--
  65. >You jumped as Anon threw back his head and roared
  67. >...What were you thinking?!
  68. >This was Anonymous!
  69. >Of COURSE he wouldn't act like an adult!
  70. >The two of you stared at each other for about a minute
  71. >Time seemed to freeze in that moment...
  72. "TataDarlinggottago!!!"
  73. >Without further ado you took off down the road as quickly as your hooves (within reason of course. You didn't want to get any dirt on you) could take you
  74. >Though you could see ponies staring oddly as you weaved around mare and stallion, cart and stall, you paid them no mind
  75. >You needed to get away
  76. >Needed to get into the safety of your home
  77. >Anonymous might have been... brash but not even he wouldn't break into your house!
  78. >Especially not when you placed a few protective spells on it!
  79. >To your surprise you don't hear Anon pursuing you
  80. >And that worries you more than you cared to admit...
  81. >Risking a look over your shoulder you see that the human had disappeared
  82. >Skidding to a halt you looked around
  83. >Where was he?
  84. >WHERE WAS HE?!
  85. >...
  86. >Stop that this INSTANT Rarity Belle
  87. >A lady such as yourself does not lose her composure like this over something as silly as a HUG!
  88. >Forcing yourself to take a deep breath you close your eyes
  89. >Though you expect Anon to swoop in and tackle you nothing happens
  90. "...Anonymous?" you called, cracking open an eye. "Anonymous, are you there, dear?
  91. >Silence and some stares by a few of the townsponies are your only answer as you look around the humanless street
  92. >...Huh
  93. >He must have respected your decision and left you alone...
  94. >...
  95. >...
  96. >...
  97. >Horse apples
  98. >Frowning gently you once again began to make your way to your abode
  99. "Anonymous is not one to give up so easily," you mutter to yourself, reaching up to quaft your mane. "So where has he gone?..."
  100. >You feel as though you are being watched as you cautiously make your way to your house
  101. >At every turn you expect Anonymous to be there
  102. >In every alley you expect him to be lying in wait
  103. >But the whole way home you aren't ambushed
  104. >You don't even see hide nor hare of the stallion...
  105. >Humph
  106. >Maybe your gentlecolt lessons have had more of an effect of him than you first thought?
  107. >Maybe he found somepony else to hug?
  108. >Whatever the answer may be it appears that you, and your mane, are in the clear!!
  109. >Though you still kept an eye out for that giant green ruffian a smile made its way into your face as you fished out your keys and unlocked your door
  110. "I hope the dears not too upset at me... I know that he wanted a hug but I MUST keep myself as unsullied as possible! I can make it up to him another day if nee-"
  111. >You didn't even have time to react as your door was thrown open, revealing a grinning Anonymous
  112. >"Got ya squiggle tail!" he gleefully cried
  113. >Though you SHOULD be concern about how Anonymous got into your LOCKED house the only thought that you had at that moment was getting away
  114. >But, alas, it was all for naught
  115. >Your guard had been let down and Anonymous was far faster than he looked
  116. >Neither magic nor your reflexes could save you as the human picked you up and bodily carried you into your own home kicking and screaming
  118. >Though you batted at his head and shoulders the ruffian only reacted to your blows with a manic giggle, carrying you into your tea room
  119. >Well...
  120. >If nothing else he at least took off his shoes...
  121. >With a smug smile on his face, Anonymous picked you up so that your noses your touching
  122. >You stare at the human with narrowed eyes, your nose scrunching up dangerously
  123. >Ohhhhh!
  124. >That. Was. It!
  125. >Enough of this nonsense!
  126. >You were going to give Anonymous the talking to of a lifetime!
  127. "Anon, you put me down this--"
  128. >You could only let out a gasp as Anonymous lifted you up so that your stomach was exposed to him
  129. >Realizing what he was doing you squirmed even harder but it was too--
  131. >The second that Anon puts his mouth on your belly he starts to blow as hard as he can
  132. >Instantly you begin laughing, squirming and kicking all the while
  134. >Anonymous keeps held firmly in his arms as he give you his vile raspberry, only pausing to take a breath
  137. >You tried to use your magic to do something but you couldn't with how hard you were laughing
  138. >As time dragged on tears started to blur your vision
  139. >Your wiggling became so frantic that Anon lost his balance with a grunt
  140. >Since he wasn't a COMPLETE ruffian he made sure to tuck you against his chest during the fall
  141. >Still laughing, you managed to free yourself from Anon's grasp the second that the two of you hit the ground
  142. >"Naha," Anon yelled, laughing just as hard as you. "You get back here, Rarara!"
  143. "You get away from me this instant!" you yelled as he crawled toward you
  144. >"Not until I get that hug you silly horse!" he retorted, grabbing your tail
  145. >All you were able to do was yelp as he pulled you back toward him
  146. >You and Anonymous then began rolling around on your once clean floor, playfully shoving and ticking and batting at each other, both of you laughing so hard that your stomachs felt like they were going to burst
  147. >Eventually, as any lady would in a situation like this, you ended the your little tussle on top of the ruffian that had so tormented you
  148. >Your mane was RUINED, you could feel yourself covered in sweat and dirt from Anonymous's coat, your mascara was running and you had tears in your eyes
  149. >By all rights you should be FURIOUS
  150. >All of that time at the spa RUINED...
  151. >But...
  152. >Sighing, you give Anonymous a look before resting your head on his chest
  153. "I don't know why I put up with your nonsense..."
  154. >You couldn't help but let out a pleased hum as Anon's hands scratched your back and sides
  155. >"Oh you love it, marshmallow," he snarks as you
  156. >Humphing you boop his nose
  157. "I expect something from this hug, Anonymous," you say, sticking your nose up into the air. "I believe that I deserve it after all of your nonsense!"
  158. >You giggled as Anon's fingers danced across your ribs before he rested his hands on the small of your back
  159. >"You were gonna get dirty eventually, Rare," he pointed out as you gently nuzzled his chest. "Me doing this is better than your sister running in and spilling something on you or something like that."
  160. >...True
  161. >But you were going to have to insist
  162. "When we get up off this floor you are going to go upstairs into my bedroom--"
  163. >"Saucy."
  164. "--Shush! You are going to go into my bedroom and you are going to grab the white pearl comb that's sitting on the nightstand."
  165. >Your hind legs begins to kick as Anonymous's hands start to scratch your shoulders and neck but you ignore it
  166. >You were a lady on a mission
  167. "Then you are going to come back down here and you are going to do your very best to brush all of this filth off of my AND you are going to fix my mane."
  168. >Looking up at him with narrowed eyes you wrapped your front legs around his chest just as his hands reach your ears
  169. >Though your eyelids flutter at his surprisingly delicate touch you manage to fix him a stern glare
  170. "There. There's the hug that you so desperately NEEDED."
  171. >Patting your head, Anon tries to sit up...
  172. >"Alright, just let me get your comb and--"
  173. >...Only for you to force him right back onto the ground
  174. "I said that you would comb me AFTER the hug, Anon," you chided
  175. >Your horn glowed, encasing his hands and forcing them back into your head
  176. "As you can see I haven't finished this hug."
  177. >You give him another look
  178. "Now if you know what's good for you I'd continue lathering my mane in affection."
  179. >A sigh escapes you as Anon ran his fingers through your mane
  180. >Still silky smooth, your hair flowed around his fingers like silk as he massaged your scalp
  181. >Though you would never admit it to ANYPONY the feeling was heavenly
  182. >And you weren't going to even get started on what he did with your ears!
  183. "A little harder than that you beast..."
  184. >You bounced on Anonymous's stomach as he chuckled, his long arms wrapping around your body and holding you as close as physically possible
  185. >"As my lady commands," he said as you closed your eyes
  186. >Hmmm....
  187. >There was some hope for this stallion yet...
  188. >Not much but SOME
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