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  2. “Dude, What are you doing?” was the first words she said while waking up, I had to be past midnight in the early hours of the morning.
  4. Sprig was kneeling beside Anne he had been stopping doing something, from what Anne could see he was holding a bunch of leaves and twig in on hand and placing them in her hair with the other.
  6. “Just replacing the twig and leafs in your hair.”
  8. Anne looked at him and sighed, to be honest this was possibly the least weirdest thing that could have happened, she still hadn't ruled out that she was going to be found dead in the morning her skin being used for the old frogs belt.
  10. She had only known Sprig for a day and a half now and discovering that he seemed to place leads and twigs in her hair was possibly one of the more normal things about this world.
  12. “Okay I'm just going to ask, Why?”
  14. “Because your lost the ones that were all ready in your hair.”
  16. “Eh dude, I don't usually have leaves and twig's in my hair”
  18. “Really?”
  20. “Nope”
  22. “But that's what you were like in the wild, heck you had them in your hair or about a day afterwards when you got back”
  24. “Sorry nope,” she said hiding her embarrassment that she hadn't cleaned her hair in a while, In her defence she hadn't bathed in a week before last night, she almost cried in joy when she discovered the Planters had a bathroom.
  26. “Oh, I thought it was some sort of culture thing”
  28. “You thought my culture had us wearing leaves in our hair?”
  30. “No, I mean it's like the one shoe thing, Clearly your culture wants you to wear only one shoe?”
  32. Anne looked at him like he had grown a second head
  34. “Sprig, I do have another shoe, I just lost it.”
  36. “Ohhh, That makes sense.”
  38. Anne laughed “You are one little weird frog boy.”
  40. “And you a strange Hideous beast girl.”
  42. “Ha, You know with an attitude like that I might just eat you.”
  44. “You wouldn't.”
  46. She looked at him smiling, “Wouldn't I?”
  48. Sprig leaned in closer with a smile that dared her to try, “No you wouldn't,” he said calling her bluff.
  50. Anne tried to keep up the dangerous smile, but found Sprig's attempt to be tough to funny, she starting giggling at first then a snort and then a full on belly laugh. “Okay fine I wont eat you.”
  52. “Thank you.”
  54. “Your far to unappetizing.”
  56. “Hey, I am a sweet treat.”
  58. “Yeah sure you are.”
  60. The two started laughing, until they both stopped.
  62. “Hey Anne,” said Sprig breaking the silence, “What was you home like?”
  64. “My home,” Anne paused a little what to tell him “It was nice, a normal house It's near to our family restaurant, I loved my room the basement a bit of a step down, Really, I mean all my stuff was there my teddy bear collection, My magazines my games, I just kind of want to be back there.”
  66. “Oh, Sorry about that.”
  68. “Sorry, No offense, It's just... I miss my home, I'm stuck in a house where two of the inhabitants distrust me, the town seems to think I'm a monster and is willing to kill me, “ tears started to well up in Anne's eyes, “I almost endangered the one people who seems to care for me, my best friends are missing and could be dead, oh and my parents not only think I ditched them, and are now terrified over the fact that I'm missing or worse.”
  70. Anne was looking at her bed, Things had gone wrong so fast, and while she now had a place to stay at, She still had no way of getting home.
  72. Was this a punishment from god, she never really believed in him but it might be, What for though, not being a good daughter, For not being a good friend, For skipping school, for stealing, she closed her eyes, it was all so much, She was a terrible person. Maybe she deserved this.
  74. She felt two small arms wrap themselves around her chest, she opened her eyes to see that Sprig was hugging burying his head in her shoulder.
  76. “It's okay Anne, We'll find them, and we're get you home, I promise.”
  78. Anne sniffled, she didn't know what she had done wrong but she knew that there was at least something had gone right, She had befriended an odd, weird kind of gross, fun brave and frog boy who seemed to thing she was worth it, she hugged him back
  80. “Thanks Sprig.” she said feeling a lot better for the first time since she had arrived in this world
  82. “Anytime Anne,” he responded letting her go “So you don't have acid spit?”
  84. “Well I didn't say that” Said Anne who started to pool up some spit in her mouth, she fake spat towards Sprig which caused the frog boy to hide behind her school bag”
  86. Anne laughed, this world was weird and might just kill her, But there was one thing that made it bearable
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