Breakfast - Beauty bath

Apr 1st, 2014
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  1. >You are Shimmer Light.
  2. >Soon, you will be bathing in the best bathtub know to any existence.
  3. >First, you need to get back home.
  4. >You just finished buying many different, soaps, shampoos, conditioners and other things along those lines.
  5. >You bought so many, you couldn't lift the bag with your mouth, so you're carrying them on your back while keeping them from falling off with your wings.
  6. >Your wings... You hardly ever use them. Your house doesn't have many hard-to-reach places, so the only time you ever really fly is while dusting.
  7. >Though, you fly non-stop while dusting.
  8. >Besides dusting, you don't fly.
  9. >That's fine by you, they're more for show than use.
  10. >The only one you ever "show" you wings to is yourself.
  11. >You are your favorite audience.
  12. >You like gigantic mirrors.
  13. >The walk from the market has been uneventful so far, you're already most of the way home and you haven't seen a single moth.
  14. >Good.
  15. >... Though, since you though it, something will have to happen.
  16. >Someone will likely come running from behind you to break your peace.
  17. >...
  18. >Nothing.
  19. >Finally, you have true tranquility.
  20. >You don't even care why everyone is away, all you care about is your peace of mind.
  21. >Maybe something's wrong, maybe everyone's out partying again, maybe you're the only moth not currently at the market place.
  22. >Maybe every moth besides you spontaneously disappeared.
  23. >Whatever the reason is, you are glad.
  24. >Actually, if they all disappeared forever, that would be the best possible outcome.
  25. >If you see another moth ever again, you will be severely disappointed.
  26. >...
  27. >Is that...?
  28. >Fantastic.
  29. >A very long distance from you is a figure moving.
  30. >... Maybe two figures.
  31. >They're way too far away to be recognizable.
  32. >Not like you care anyway.
  33. >...
  34. >Now you get to slowly approach them.
  35. >Great.
  36. >... White, yellow and black.
  37. >Those are the colors you can see.
  38. >It's possible they're prankster white stallion and the bee moth.
  41. >They'll likely be too absorbed in whatever conversation they have to notice you.
  42. >Either that or the white one will do something stupid and the bee with get angry.
  43. >...
  44. >No.
  45. >You got the colors right, you even got who owned which colors right. The left one is white while the right one is yellow and black (your left and right respectively).
  46. >Unfortunately, your guess of who they are was incorrect.
  47. >The left is that fat moth you see with the foals often.
  48. >The right...
  49. >Hexferry.
  50. >You're certain she'll be ecstatic to see you.
  51. >She'll probably try to make a scene, then call the fat one for back-up.
  52. >Though the fat one doesn't look like the type to assist in any hostile action.
  53. >Pacifist.
  54. >They're within fifty meters of you.
  55. >You can see Hexferry glaring at you.
  56. >That's quite the nasty look on her face.
  57. >It's almost as ugly as the rest of her.
  58. >...
  59. >Her companion appears to be incredibly worried.
  60. >Maybe they do have something planned.
  61. >They're now visibly whispering to each other. The fat one can't look at you for more than a second before having to avert her eyes, but Hexferry continues to stare at you.
  62. >They stop talking.
  63. >Nerves and glares.
  64. >The fat one is either scared of you or of what Hexferry has planned.
  65. >Only ten meters.
  66. >Seven.
  67. >Five...
  68. >Three...
  69. >...
  70. >You pass the two mares.
  71. >"What do you expect me to do?!"
  72. >The not-Hexferry one whispers with enough intensity to make herself hearable even with this distance between you.
  73. >Hexferry angrily squeaks some kind of reply.
  74. >You continue walking away.
  75. >As they get farther away, they get more difficult to hear.
  76. >You don't mind. Not hearing them is a blessing.
  77. >... Hexferry doesn't have anything planned currently, she's trying to plan something along side the fat mare.
  78. >She'll likely try to include other moths, like the peach one, into her plan.
  79. >Whatever.
  80. >You have a bath to get to.
  81. >...
  82. >The rest of your journey is peaceful.
  83. >And your bath... divine.
  84. >Much like yourself.
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