My Own Mistress (Rarity selfcest, incomplete)

Aug 14th, 2018
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  1. >Is it wrong to think of yourself as your best friend?
  2. >I've been thinking about it, ever since dear Sunset helped put me in touch with my Equestrian counterpart.
  3. >We share so many things, her and I.
  4. >Our love of fashion and high society. Our distaste for dirt and camping. Our favorite flavor of ice cream.
  5. >It's mint chip.
  6. >But...
  7. >We differ in many ways as well.
  8. >While I am little more than a mundane human girl, she is a pony from a magical land.
  9. >Somehow, that's not the biggest gap between us.
  10. >She is older than me, a proper adult. Mature, elegant, refined. A successful business owner! A true lady.
  11. >Everything I wish to be.
  12. >She is always interested in what I have to say, and I her. We click so perfectly, better than any of my friends at Canterlot, except maybe Fluttershy.
  13. >And she is always there to lend me her wisdom and advice.
  14. >And one other thing... the reason I'm here, about to step through a mirror into another world.
  15. >I take a deep breath.
  16. >And step through.
  17. >The world swirls around me, a whirlpool of sounds and colors that tear at my clothes.
  18. >I squeal, grabbing my hair in panic.
  19. >It wouldn't do to meet my trans-dimensional doppelganger with anything less than a perfect coiffure!
  20. >Fortunately, the ride ends soon, and I stumble out of the frame on shaky legs, my heels echoing across bare crystal floors.
  21. >I manage to catch the wall, steadying myself before I fall.
  22. >It seems I made the journey intact, and still in my own body, just as Starlight had promised.
  23. >Apparently Princess Twilight made some adjustments after the Rainbow Dashes had a race that flooded half of Ponyville.
  24. >Fine by me.
  25. >It already takes several hours to properly prepare myself for something like this, imagine having to plan for an entirely different body as well!
  26. >"Ahem."
  27. >Behind me, a familiar voice clears her throat.
  28. >"Darling, are you quite alright?"
  29. >I turn, smiling brightly at the words which are so familiar, but so foreign coming from someone else.
  30. "Hello, Rarity," I say with a curtsy. "It's a pleasure to finally meet you in person."
  31. >I giggle.
  32. "Or, well, in pony I suppose."
  33. >She titters, the sound the perfect mirror of my own.
  34. >She is even prettier than the picture she sent.
  35. >Her hair, so like mine, is silky and shiny.
  36. >Her fur looks luxurious and soft, and her big, sapphire eyes sparkle with eager joy.
  37. >And the perfect amount of huggable plumpness around her barrel, though I would never say so out loud!
  38. >She is the most. Adorable. Thing!
  39. >Before I can stop myself I'm squeeing like a little girl meeting her first unicorn.
  40. >Which I suppose I am!
  41. >She accepts it with all the grace I would expect of someone so lovely, smiling gently as she takes me with equal excitement.
  42. >"It is lovely to meet you as well," she says in her refined, cultured voice.
  43. >It sounds so natural on her, as if she hasn't been training with a voice coach since the sixth grade to get her accent just so!
  44. >A brief pang of jealousy washes over me, by I quash it violently.
  45. >Why should I be jealous of the person I could be in a few years?
  46. >Instead I smile, and take a closer look at my surroundings.
  47. "This is Twilight's palace?" I breathe in wonder.
  48. >Rarity nods. "Fabulous, isn't it? Oh, I just know Twilight will be dying to give you a tour once she returns from her visit to Princess Cadance."
  49. >I blush.
  50. "Yes, I'm looking forward to seeing her too. But maybe not just now."
  51. >I giggled nervously.
  52. >Rarity's eyes glinted, and she smirked.
  53. >"I take it you are anxious to begin?"
  54. >I bite my lip, nodding a bit more eagerly than I would have liked.
  55. >Her grin widened, and she stood tall, with an air of authority that belied her smaller stature.
  56. >"Then kneel. A servant should not stand over her lady."
  57. >A pang of arousal shot through me, and I dropped to my knees.
  58. >You see, there was one other major difference between the two of us, the one that brought me here.
  59. >Rarity is a professional dominatrix.
  60. >And I am a natural submissive.
  61. >I fidget on the cold floor, eye to eye with my pony self.
  62. >A smirk appears on her muzzle, and I lick my lips in anticipation.
  63. >"Human fashion is so fascinating," she says, eyes roving over my body.
  64. >Her horn glows, shining with a subtle blue aurora, and I feel a tug at the hem of my blouse.
  65. >"I am truly envious of you darling, living in a world where such clothing is so readily available, and so widely appreciated."
  66. >Her smirk widens, and her eyes gain a dangerous gleam.
  67. >"In such a world... to go without would be shameful, would it not?"
  68. >She breathes the words huskily, the low growl in her voice setting my nerves to tingle.
  69. >I bow my head in acknowledgment, partially to hide my blush.
  70. "It is considered quite taboo, my lady. Wearing clothes is proper, even when in one's own company."
  71. >Rarity tsks, flicking her mane haughtily.
  72. >"Well, it would hardly do for a pet to be more dressed up than her lady. Take them off."
  73. "N-now?" I squeak in surprise. "But- but this is Twilight's home!"
  74. >She chuckled.
  75. >"Worry not. I would not be so uncouth as to defile my friend's home."
  76. "But- but- how will I get there without clothes!?"
  77. >She looks at me with that infuriatingly playful glint in her eyes.
  78. >"We walk, naturally."
  79. >My face feels warm, and I suspect my pale skin has turned red with the shame of it.
  80. >I heave in a deep breath, then nod.
  81. "As you wish, my lady."
  82. >Her tail flicks as I address her, and I see her bite her lip in the same way I do when I am trying to hide my excitement.
  83. >I can tell, she is as eager to ravage me as I am to have her do it.
  84. >Perhaps even more so.
  85. >But the game must go on. It wouldn't do to give in so early.
  86. >With that firmly set in my mind, I incline my head, before crossing my arms and gripping the hem of my shirt.
  87. >I pull it up with one swift motion, allowing myself no time to hesitate.
  88. >I have seen girls undress before, some more shy than others when is comes to having their measurements taken.
  89. >But it has never been ME at the center of attention, before one with an equally sharp eye as my own.
  90. >I know she is analyzing every curve of my body. My soft white skin, my modest breasts cradled in the lacy cups of my brassiere.
  91. >I know because it's what I would be doing.
  92. >But instead of stealing shy glances and flicking away, she is watching me like a hawk, memorizing every detail of my carefully kept figure.
  93. >As much as I loathe to sweat, it takes more than dieting to maintain my trim shape and alluring musculature.
  94. >It is wonderful to know someone with as acute an eye as I can appreciate the fruits of my efforts.
  95. >With a shaky breath I drop the garment to the crystal beside me.
  96. "W-well?" I ask, crossing my arms shyly. "Do you approve, my lady?"
  97. >She nods, and past her imperious expression I can see a faint pink blush coloring her cheeks.
  98. >She has the same weakness as I, with light complexion it is difficult to hide when she is flustered.
  99. >The effect on her is adorable, for a moment I nearly break character as the desire to reach out and scoop her into a great big hug nearly overwhelms me.
  100. >The soft brush of a hoof against my cheek snaps me out of it.
  101. >I hum, nuzzling her foreleg.
  102. >It is softer than I expected, covered in a kind of velvet similar to the antlers of adolescent deer.
  103. >"You are beautiful, darling," she whispers huskily, and I know it is true.
  104. >Not from some misplaced ego, but because I know she is the type to see the best in people, to find what makes them shine and pull it to the surface.
  105. "Thank you, my lady."
  106. >My heart pounds in my chest, excited by her every touch as her hoof trails down my jawline, tracing my neck and collarbone before settling against my left breast.
  107. >"What is this?" she asks, tugging at the thin black fabric protecting my modesty.
  108. "It's a bra, my lady. It's supposed to support my- my breasts, and it's considered proper for a lady to wear them once she reaches puberty."
  109. >Conflict darts across her face, and I can guess as to why.
  110. >She is likely fascinated by the complexity of the pattern, the quality of the material.
  111. >But also vexed at the unexpected obstacle to my body.
  112. >Her horn lights again, and a soft glow covers the garment as it attempts to pull away from me.
  113. >She huffs in frustration.
  114. >"How does it come off?"
  115. >I can't suppress a giggle as I reach behind my back and snap the clasp, catching it demurely with my other arm as I wink at my counterpart teasingly.
  116. >She huffs with slight embarrassment. "I'm sure I would have figured it out eventually."
  117. >I nod.
  118. "Of course, my lady."
  119. >"W-well," she snorts in an adorably horsey manner, "get on with it then."
  120. "Yes, my lady."
  121. >With a smile, I roll my shoulders, letting the straps slip down my arms.
  122. >Then, with teasing slowness (as well as no small amount of nervousness), I allowed the bra to fall.
  123. >Her eyes widened as she took in my pert breasts as they sway gently, free from their cruel prison.
  124. >Her attention makes me blush, both from pride and embarrassment from being ogled so openly.
  125. >"W-what are those?" she asks shakily, eyes fixed on my stiff, tiny pink nipples.
  126. >I follow her gaze, smiling as I cup my chest, thumbs rolling over the simple piercings adorning my little buds.
  127. >I pinch one of them, giving a little gasp as I gently twist the silvery ring.
  128. "Do you like them?" I ask.
  129. >She licks her lip, and I can see her struggling with where to lay her eyes.
  130. >"Very much, darling. May I?"
  131. >I nod, then moan as the rings light up with a familiar glow, tugging slightly as they pulse with a gentle warmth.
  132. >It is the best thing I've ever felt.
  133. >I can't help but squirm, panting as she toys with my piercings, imagining what she will do with the other one I have yet to show her.
  134. >The thought nearly makes me faint with anticipation.
  135. >She finally pulls away, breath slightly ragged as her eyes flick back to mine.
  136. >"We may share an identity, darling, but you never cease to surprise me."
  137. >I can't help but blush at the compliment.
  138. >"Well," she says, a mischievous glint in her eye, "you may stand. I want to see the rest of you!"
  139. >I oblige, pushing myself to my feet and stepping out of my heels.
  140. >I shiver slightly as I feel the cool crystal floor through the thin soles of my stockings.
  141. >Locking eyes with my unicorn mistress, I reach down, lifting the hem of my skirt just enough to show off the scandalously high tops of the stockings.
  142. >I slide my hands down my leg, slipping my thumbs inside the elastic and carefully rolling it down my thigh, bending over to allow my breasts to sway at eye level for her.
  143. >I repeat the process with the other a moment later, doing a small spin to let her take me in with naught but my skirt for covering.
  144. >"More," she breaths eagerly, her hungry eyes fixed on my hips.
  145. >Her ears flick in anticipation as I brush the folds of my skirt, before slowly unzipping the side and leaving it to puddle around my ankles.
  146. >I stand, hands clasped behind me as I arch my back, standing before her with nothing but my black lace panties between me and total nudity.
  147. "Would you like to take them off, my lady?"
  148. >My unicorn mistress looks up at me hungrily, eyes fixed like lasers on my immodest thong.
  149. >I close my eyes, expecting the warm tingle of magic against my naked skin at any moment.
  150. >Instead, hot breath on my sex makes me flinch.
  151. >She breathes deeply, inhaling my scent, and I feel myself blush.
  152. >I am not the animal expert that Fluttershy is, but even I can guess that my pony self has a much stronger sense of smell.
  153. >I fidget in embarrassment.
  154. >Of course I keep myself clean, as any lady should!
  155. >But I cannot help but fear that I will disgust her in some way.
  156. >She coos happily as her soft muzzle brushes against my belly, beneath my navel, and I melt with relief as her teeth gingerly grip my waistband.
  157. >Slowly, inch by agonizing inch, she draws them down my legs, making me shudder with need as her mane tickles my bare cunt.
  158. >"Oh!" She gasps, dropping my panties in surprise.
  159. >They fall to the floor, lost in the folds of my discarded skirt.
  160. >She lifts her hoof in awe, and I stifle a moan as she runs it over my clean-shaven pussy, teasing me with her short, impossibly soft fur.
  161. >"E-even here?" she whispers, as the tip of her hoof flicks yet another silver ring.
  162. >I shudder in place as the velvet of her hoof drags over my clit, trapped and exposed by the tiny piercing.
  163. >My legs quake, and I nearly crumble to the floor as her touch sends a jolt of pleasure wracking through my body.
  164. >She leans in, replacing her hoof with her tongue, lapping at my slit with long, slow strokes.
  165. "Mis- Mistress," I groan in agonized need.
  166. >She steps away and I whimper.
  167. >She smirks at me, a wicked look in her eye.
  168. >"Not now, darling," she chides me.
  169. >"We wouldn't want to make a mess of Twilight's floors, would we?"
  170. >I whimper as the cool air of the crystalline room tortures my wet sex with its touch.
  171. "P- please, I can't wait."
  172. >She chuckles.
  173. >"A lady must be patient," she says, her firm tone sending a galvanizing chill up my spine.
  174. >I bow my head in surrender.
  175. "Yes ma'am."
  176. >Her eyes twinkle at my obedience. "Very good, my dear."
  177. >She giggles, and with a flash of her horn she conjures a large hat.
  178. >Black, with a wide brim, and a tuft of rich purple feathers adorning the side.
  179. >A dark veil falls over her face, lending her an air of imperious mystique.
  180. >She stands straighter, raising her muzzle like a royal of old, the very gesture commanding respect, and I feel my heart flutter at the change.
  181. >"Gather your clothes," she orders me, "a lady mustn't ever be sloppy."
  182. >I bow respectfully, leaning over to gather my discarded garments in my arms.
  183. >My hair slips over my shoulder, and I am reminded again of just how naked I am.
  184. >The thought sends a thrill through me, and it's all I can do not to touch myself and finish where she left off.
  185. "This is everything," I confirm, bundling the clothes under one arm so I can grab my heels with my free hand.
  186. >"Excellent," she says. Then with a flourish she waves her horn, and my clothes are gone.
  187. >My shock clearly shows on my face, as she turns to me with a smirk.
  188. >"Worry not, darling. I wouldn't dream of ruining such fine garments. But I'm afraid you won't be needing them as long as you are here."
  189. >I shudder as the implication of her words sinks in.
  190. >So I am to remain naked for the remainder of my stay.
  191. >The thought fills me with a mixture of both excitement and fear.
  192. >I am given little time to dwell on the idea, as she gives me another order.
  193. >"Clasp your hands behind your back and stand up straight."
  194. >Obediently I follow her orders, and I can't help but puff out my chest a little as she inspects me.
  195. >It's shameful, but I love the way she admires my naked body.
  196. >Even as a different species, she can appreciate the lengths I go to keep myself in such good shape, to keep myself beautiful.
  197. >"Now stand still darling."
  198. >Her horn lights up again, and out of nowhere appear half a dozen spools of shiny black ribbon.
  199. >She waves her horn, and the spools unravel in an elegant dance, the ribbons darting behind me to weave themselves around my arms, trapping them behind my back in a single, restrictive sleeve.
  200. >The binding secured my arms together, forcing my elbows together and my chest out.
  201. >Even my hands are encased, my balled fingers trapped in a single, unrelenting mitten that robs them of even the barest of movements.
  202. >The ribbons continue to dance, braiding themselves around my neck as a gentle collar, the leading end forming a long leash that my mistress curls around her foreleg.
  203. >She gives the lead a tug, and I find myself drawn forward gently.
  204. >She looks into my eyes, searching deeply for any sign of protest or discomfort.
  205. >I return her gaze, filling my expression with every bit of emotion I can.
  206. >I want this.
  207. >I want her to control me, to bend me to her will, to push me to the very limit of what I can be, and then some.
  208. >I trust her to do it, because who else could possibly know me better?
  209. >I see her smile through the veil, and she nods, a silent confirmation that my message is received.
  210. >"Very good, Rarity." She whispers my name, tasting it on her tongue.
  211. >I giggle.
  212. "It's strange, isn't it? To address someone else by your own name."
  213. >She smiles, and her veil ripples with a subtle nod.
  214. >"It is, but I think I will get quite used to it."
  215. >Her subtle laughter is music to my ears.
  216. >Turning, she gives my leash a gentle tug.
  217. >"Well darling? Let's get to it. Ponyville awaits."
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