jedijosh920 Mar 19th, 2020 (edited) 185 Never
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  1. version=1.00
  2. disabled=true
  3. disabledMsg=We're sorry, this is currently disabled!
  4. authorizedUsersOnly=true
  5. authorizedUserIDs=6E9B-B51E-B4BB-D0F2-A607-9FDB-EF6A-A2D6,F18B-1345-5006-5C5A-488B-984A-20C8-5FF2,6125-3B0B-6B23-E829-62E0-CCF1-25EF-7131
  6. authorizedUserNames=jedijosh920,alex martyn,cad martyn
  7. unauthorizedMsg=We're sorry, you're currently unauthorized!
  8. extraMsg=
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