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Aug 5th, 2010
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  1. <Topal> ah, let's see, todas agenda doesn't look that full :)
  2. <Ricmacas> :)
  3. <Topal> it's here btw:
  4. <Topal> Ricmacas: I guess you want to add one item to that? ;)
  5. <weather15> Didn't we talk about the new support forums last meeting?
  6. <Ricmacas> Topal: I guess you want me to? Sure :)
  7. <Ricmacas> weather15: seems like they are coming SOON
  8. <Ricmacas> like very very soon
  9. <weather15> There live already
  10. <Ricmacas> Huh.
  11. <mjb|mtg> Topal: When are forum mods getting their privs back in the forums?
  12. <Ricmacas> Ok, that "soon" became "already"
  13. <Topal> mjb|mtg: might take a while
  14. <Topal> since this is all new
  15. <Topal> mjb|mtg: but let me ask james
  16. <Topal> weather15: yeah, last week they were still in development, this week they are live
  17. <Ricmacas> Topal: they are live?
  18. * satdav (chatzilla@2E6DE8C8.5715E250.E76ECA32.IP) entrou em #sumomtg
  19. <Ricmacas> let me check
  20. <Topal> Ricmacas: yeah, it was just one day away, but I wasn't sure if they would land it
  21. <Topal> well, they did.
  22. <Topal> Ricmacas: yeah, it's live
  23. <Ricmacas> Oh god, they look beautiful
  24. <Ricmacas> One moment, call incoming
  25. <Topal> Alright, today's agenda:
  26. <Ricmacas> back
  27. <Topal> 1. The new support forums forums
  28. <Topal> 2. Firefox 4 beta
  29. <Ricmacas> 3. the Newsletter?
  30. <Topal> 3. the about:sumo newsletter
  31. <Ricmacas> oh ok, not sure if you were adding
  32. <Topal> Alright, let's get started :)
  33. <Topal> As you can see, the new forums went live yesterday:
  34. <Topal> This is the culmination of month of work from a lot of people
  35. <Topal> It's only the first version, so we don't have all the features in yet that we want, but it is an amazing start already
  36. <weather15> That it is
  37. <Topal> best thing probably: immense speed up :)
  38. <Topal> especially when you go back one page. Awesome :)
  39. * Tannn3r ( entrou em #sumomtg
  40. <satdav> topal, does it work better on mobiles now
  41. <himorin> it's sppedy, awesome :)
  42. <Ricmacas> Topal: ive noticed questions all start in lowercase... is this a bug?
  43. <Topal> satdav: not sure, didn't test it there
  44. <satdav> kk i will
  45. <Topal> Ricmacas: not for me. see:
  46. <Topal> maybe only a few typed like that?
  47. <Ricmacas> i looked at the homepage
  48. <Ricmacas>
  49. <Topal> anyway, I wrote up a little post about what the thinking behind the rewrite was:
  50. <Ricmacas> and they were all lowercase
  51. <Ricmacas> nvm i noticed one in uppercase.
  52. <Topal> and about some of the most prominent features
  53. <Topal> Ricmacas: I see seversl
  54. <Topal> several
  55. <Ricmacas> It seems the webpage keeps changing
  56. <Ricmacas> so what I saw wasnt the same when i refreshed :P
  57. <Topal> So, you will notice that really it's not a discussion forum anymore.
  58. <Topal> The questions are the center now and everthing revolves around them
  59. <Topal> give it a try and let us know what you think
  60. <Topal> preferably as a reply to my post
  61. <Topal> We know that there is still a lot to be changed, so let the feedback come :)
  62. <himorin> to this post? >
  63. <Topal> himorin: yes, that one
  64. <Topal> one feature, that came it quite late was the "top contributors" list
  65. <Topal> we will work on that one to make it more useful, but already it gives you a good idea about the most active contributors
  66. <satdav> Topal, do we still have the off topic and contributors forums
  67. <mjb|mtg> satdav: Yes
  68. <Topal> satdav: yes, of course they are staying
  69. <Ricmacas> Topal: Its a very useful update, really, it addresses most of what worried me before.
  70. <Topal> they were rewritten very recently
  71. <Topal> and we are going to update them as well in the next two weeks to add some more features.
  72. <satdav> ok
  73. <Ricmacas> Topal: for example, we now switch from the conversational model to a collaborative model
  74. <Topal> Ricmacas: yes, I'm really happy about it.
  75. <Ricmacas> Topal: before, we used to "talk" to the user or the participating users
  76. <Ricmacas> now we focus on giving answers
  77. <Topal> And also now you can filter for the most requested question for example
  78. <satdav> can someone email me minutes when done
  79. <satdav>
  80. * satdav saiu (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.6.8/20100722155716])
  81. <Topal> and you can also filter for the most frequent Firefox 4 beta on win7 issues :)
  82. * mib_uosm3n saiu (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
  83. <Ricmacas> flexibility ftw
  84. <Topal> yeah, check it out and give it a try, it's different and really much better than before
  85. <Topal> That brings me to our next topic, if there are no more questions about the forums
  86. <Ricmacas> Topal:
  87. <mjb|mtg> Topal: This is weird. Why does the old forum still exist?
  88. <Topal> We wanted to start the Firefox 4 beta team in the forums next week, but the plans changed a little
  89. <Ricmacas> Topal: Something is confusing me
  90. <Topal> mjb|mtg: where is that? do you have a url? it shouldn't
  91. <Topal> Ricmacas: what's confusing?
  92. <mjb|mtg>
  93. <Ricmacas> Topal: We should have all anonymous users a random avatar because the way it is now, it looks like the person who posted is answering his own question
  94. <Ricmacas> Topal: see
  95. <Ricmacas> Topal: either that or something to distinguish the thread starter
  96. <Topal> Ricmacas: yeah, that's an issue that will be corrected in an update this week or next
  97. <Ricmacas> Topal: thx
  98. <mjb|mtg> Topal: The link above is whenever someone opens a new question it shows the old format from the old forum.
  99. <Ricmacas> well, Tiki-view_forum
  100. <Ricmacas> that explains it
  101. <Topal> mjb|mtg: just asking james
  102. <mjb|mtg> Topal: Okay
  103. <Ricmacas> zzz
  104. <Topal> mjb|mtg: okay, apparently they are still up
  105. <mjb|mtg> So its a bug?
  106. <Topal> because it's tricky to close them
  107. <mjb|mtg> Ah.
  108. <edo> how much i am behind?
  109. <Ricmacas> edo: discussing the new forums
  110. <Topal> edo: not much ;)
  111. <Ricmacas> :D
  112. <Topal> just discussing the new forums
  113. <Topal> mjb|mtg: could you tell me where you found that link? we shouldn't link to that page anymore.
  114. <Topal> okay, but moving on to Firefox 4 beta team
  115. <Ricmacas> Topal, are the international SUMO pages updated?
  116. <Ricmacas> Topal: I know we have no international forums
  117. <Ricmacas> But some of them link to tikiwiki forums in english
  118. <Topal> Ricmacas: they link to the right page as far as I can tell
  119. <Ricmacas> Topal: thx
  120. <Topal> alright, like I said, we wanted to start the Firefox 4 beta team in the forums next week, but the plans changed a little
  121. <Topal> Firefox 4 beta 3 will not be advertised to end users, since there are still a few blocker bugs
  122. <Topal> so we will wait a little with the team for Firefox 4 beta 4
  123. <mjb|mtg> Topal: When is Beta 3 coming out?
  124. <Topal> I mean: it will give us more time to be even better prepared
  125. <Topal> mjb|mtg: probably tomorrow
  126. <Ricmacas> Topal: have you contacted the possible team members?
  127. <mjb|mtg> Great.
  128. <Ricmacas> Topal: next week, the release was delayed
  129. * mjb|mtg agora chama-se mjb
  130. <Ricmacas> Topal: Firefox Sync blockers delayed code freeze to Monday
  131. <Topal> Ricmacas: no, we are still in the process to see how we can coordinate the initiative the best
  132. <Ricmacas> I'm updated.
  133. <Ricmacas> :D
  134. <Topal> Ricmacas: very much so apparently :)
  135. <Ricmacas> Topal: OK.
  136. <Ricmacas> mjb|mtg: one week more :P
  137. <mjb> :D
  138. <Topal> but an informal question. could you please speak up, if you want to be a member of the firefox 4 beta team in the forums?
  139. <mjb> Aye
  140. <Ricmacas> Oh ya
  141. <Ricmacas> Tanner wanted
  142. <Ricmacas> and tobbi too afaik
  143. <Tanner> hm?
  144. <Ricmacas> Topal: you asked on previous meeting
  145. <Ricmacas> That's from memory though, ill grab the logs
  146. <Topal> Ricmacas: not sure, probably didn't ;)
  147. <Ricmacas> The one before that one?
  148. <himorin> \me have no more enough time, sorry.. (and want to do some more -ja thing
  149. <Topal> alright, we will have more info about this very soon :)
  150. <Topal> in the contributors forum then
  151. <Topal> himorin: thanks for participating. let me know if you have any questions
  152. <Ricmacas> Ugh, i know you asked before, but logs arent helping
  153. <Topal> :p
  154. <himorin> Topal: of cource, and I'll forward to -ja team members.
  155. <Topal> himorin: thanks!
  156. <edo> ric does it really that matters if or if not he asked!? :P
  157. <Topal> So, moving on to the next topic
  158. <Ricmacas> edo: I could remind him who offered, not everyone's here
  159. <Topal> the about:sumo newsletter
  160. <Topal> Ricmacas: just asking informally, it will be more formal by next week
  161. <Ricmacas> and how I screwed up again
  162. <Topal> with more information and a page for contributors
  163. <Ricmacas> ok
  164. <Topal> Ricmacas: do you want to fill the others in about the idea?
  165. <Ricmacas> ok.
  166. <Ricmacas> The idea is to recreate the about:sumo newsletter
  167. <Ricmacas> It consists in a summary of latest news from the last month
  168. <Ricmacas> and some community content.
  169. <Ricmacas> This content was based on previous ideas
  170. <Ricmacas> I grabbed michaelverdi's interviewing the contributors idea
  171. <Ricmacas> And the idea me and Jan had previously this year, about creating a recognition panel for SUMO
  172. <Ricmacas> Like Friends of the Tree
  173. <Ricmacas> I spoke in a phone meeting and everything about it.
  174. <Ricmacas> :P
  175. <Ricmacas> So, those were some of the ideas.
  176. <Ricmacas> Topal probably also has something for us though,
  177. <edo> ric much actually happens in sumo so we do it monhtly?
  178. * Tannn3r ( saiu de #sumomtg
  179. <Ricmacas> edo: much more than you thinkl
  180. <edo> like what?
  181. <edo> this is for end users or for insiders?
  182. <Ricmacas> More for insiders
  183. <Ricmacas> but Topal can confirm that
  184. <Topal> Yeah, so that's up for discussion
  185. <edo> give me last months few examples of news
  186. <Ricmacas> edo: The summit
  187. <edo> skip that
  188. <Ricmacas> thats the newsletter heading
  189. <Ricmacas> Uhhh
  190. <Topal> the idea of the SUMO newsletter was to reach out to potential new contributors as well
  191. <Ricmacas> New forums?
  192. <edo> summit is bi-yearly
  193. <Ricmacas> Mockups?
  194. <edo> topal stupid question for you
  195. <Ricmacas> edo: There are lots of news, just check the SUMO blog
  196. <edo> they want newsletter for end users
  197. <edo> then they also want locale versions
  198. <Ricmacas> edo: I'm sure they post in the blog something new more than once a month
  199. <Ricmacas> edo: We are focusing in the de facto Mozilla language
  200. <Ricmacas> afaik
  201. <edo> isnt it gonna be too much considering the fact that chrome is also in linux etc but doesnt go that far?
  202. <Ricmacas> edo: If we all spoke french in here, then it would be in french
  203. <edo> ric
  204. <edo> idea is good
  205. <edo> consider the fact
  206. <Ricmacas> but?
  207. <edo> end user
  208. <edo> reading about sumo
  209. <edo> first thing would be
  210. <Topal> edo: yeah, this is more of a condensed version of the blog with some extra info. For people who don't follow the SUMO updates every day
  211. <edo> what the heck is sumo
  212. <edo> 2nd would be
  213. <edo> skip that
  214. <Ricmacas> edo: Its an insight about the SUMO community, but you are missing the point
  215. <edo> i am saying from end user perspective
  216. <Ricmacas> edo: If someone manages to subscribe the newsletter, that means they know Mozilla at least
  217. <edo> not from insider
  218. <Ricmacas> edo: Please, its not like we are putting this on front page.
  219. <edo> ric can i be open straight?
  220. <Ricmacas> edo: We are not publishing this to the public, its a newsletter.
  221. <Ricmacas> If you subscribe to receive news of SUMO
  222. <Ricmacas> and you dont know what it is
  223. <Ricmacas> then you just want more spam
  224. <Ricmacas> :P
  225. <edo> starting from me...there are things with fx that should be fixed instead of wasting time on newsletter..
  226. <Ricmacas> edo: I dont have development experience for Firefox, cant speak for topal
  227. <weather15> consider chatting in #firefox
  228. <Ricmacas> So I cant really help more than doing this
  229. <edo> why dont we go global and ask every user for feedback?
  230. <Ricmacas> And this is not a Firefox newsletter
  231. <edo> instead of newsletters
  232. <Ricmacas> it's an insight about the community?
  233. <edo> ric
  234. <edo> you are missing my point
  235. <Ricmacas> edo, You're clearly missing my point too.
  236. <Topal> edo: we did this in may 2009 already, it's an update of that idea.
  237. <Ricmacas> edo: this has nothing to do with end users
  238. <edo> topal its 2nd half of 2010
  239. <Topal> edo: I can see where you care coming from, it's not for end users and we should have more for end users
  240. <Topal> and you are right
  241. <edo> we need more toward them
  242. <Topal> but I have good news: we are working on that one as well
  243. <Ricmacas> edo: Thats not what this is for though
  244. <edo> as for insiders we can always set mailing list
  245. <edo> or rss
  246. <Topal> Right now we are starting a new twitter initiative to really reach out to users, with better content on the wiki
  247. <Ricmacas> edo: This is a mailing list after all
  248. <edo> or some news thing
  249. <weather15> edo: has lots of good information for the public
  250. <Ricmacas> edo: Point is, this is made towards you and the community
  251. <edo> but we need to go soft on end user
  252. <Topal> so, this initiative is different, it is geared towards those that are SUMO contributors already or are interested
  253. <Topal> you have to sign up for it from the sumo page
  254. <Ricmacas> edo, let's focus on the contributors and potential contributors
  255. <edo> ric more you bomb people with info faster you loose them
  256. <Ricmacas> edo: that idea is for other meeting
  257. <Ricmacas> the "users" newsletter
  258. <edo> ok am gonna keep quiet
  259. <Topal> so, this is for people who don't have the time to follow planet or the contributor forums
  260. <Topal> just like the about:mozilla newsletter
  261. <Topal> talking about the content
  262. <Topal> when you look at the last newsletter
  263. <Topal> It's information about recent changes
  264. <Topal> switch of search engines, new localizers dashboard
  265. <Ricmacas> So, what happened, meanwhile, was that I lost internet connection, and I got nervous about the publishing the July newsletter too late, completely forgetting about Topal :P
  266. <Topal> tipps and tricks on how to give support or write articles
  267. <himorin> if it possible, such newsletter might be better posted to some global/wider list.. to contact with the potential contributors.
  268. <Topal> and important support issues
  269. <Ricmacas> So I would like to ask Topal to share his view on the newsletter
  270. <Ricmacas> Since I ran against a deadline without looking to him :P
  271. <Topal> himorin: you're right, it's important that as many people as possible in the SUMO community know about this. Which is not so easy when they don't follow planet or the forums
  272. <Topal> So, my perspective is that this is rather useful. There are people who don't have to follow us all the time, so we can give them very compact information
  273. <Topal> So, IMHO the newsletter should really focus on that.
  274. <Topal> With still some stuff like tips and tricks for contributors
  275. <Ricmacas> Topal: You really need to fill the newsletter with announcements, its rather empty now.
  276. <Ricmacas> :P
  277. <Topal> but really not too long, so people will still take the time to read it
  278. <Ricmacas> Topal: Like the new forums, and stuff that happened that people might have not noticed.
  279. <himorin> Topal: yeah, it is really difficult for non-english natives to follow planets or detailed posts, and who are not mainly working on sumo, etc.
  280. <Topal> Ricmacas: yeah, that should be the main focus of the newsletter
  281. <Ricmacas> Topal: Have you looked into it yet?
  282. <Topal> himorin: exactly :)
  283. <Topal> Ricmacas: yes, I did
  284. <Ricmacas> Topal: Well, I also proposed a Cheat list
  285. <Ricmacas> A list of emerging issues and quick fixes
  286. <Ricmacas> For those who help on SUMO, sometimes a list of these is handy
  287. <Ricmacas> Specially if you were off for say, 3 months
  288. <Topal> Ricmacas: a good idea, but we should talk to zzxc because he is also preparing a page about that
  289. <Ricmacas> For whatever reason
  290. <Ricmacas> Topal: I thought in integration.
  291. <Topal> and a page is probably better suited for that.
  292. <Topal> But I like the idea :)
  293. <Ricmacas> Topal: We could also run some of the content of the newsletter in the page that zzxc is making
  294. <Topal> Future events is also a great idea
  295. <Ricmacas> hehe :)
  296. <Ricmacas> Topal: I also think we should have a space for people to show their appreciation
  297. <Topal> Ricmacas: here is an idea: I'll open up a forum thread in the contributors forum and we can discuss there what should be in there and not
  298. <Ricmacas> Topal: I think we could have at least a summary of the people that have been useful, and a link to a page to say why.
  299. <Topal> because I can imagine not everyone wants to follow this discussion in this meeting ;)
  300. <Ricmacas> Topal: Links make the newsletter more rich without more space.
  301. <edo> guys
  302. <Ricmacas> Ok guys, do you want the subscribe URL?
  303. <edo> this is turning more and more into marketing
  304. <Ricmacas> edo: We are not marketing to anyone outside SUMO.
  305. <Topal> edo: internal marketing ;)
  306. <Ricmacas> edo: It's kind of a "reminder why we are cool"
  307. <weather15> Ricmacas: Yes
  308. <Ricmacas> specially if you were off for a period of time
  309. <Ricmacas> or if you cant keep yourself updated
  310. <Ricmacas> :D
  311. <Ricmacas> Give me a minute to grab the url pleas
  312. <Topal> anyway, I'll start that thread and then we can discuss the actual contents of the newsletter now that we have established the basics
  313. <Topal> +
  314. <Topal> I mean we can discuss in the forums, and finish this meeting, that is running late already ;)
  315. <Ricmacas>
  316. <Ricmacas> I bet topal wants to go to the beach :D
  317. <Topal> so, if there is no other topic I'd like to close this weeks meeting.
  318. <Ricmacas> ^^ thats the URL btw
  319. <Topal> Ricmacas: sure I do, but the beach is very far away ;)
  320. <Topal> Alright then.
  321. <Ricmacas> ohhh
  322. <Topal> Thanks everyone for participating in this weeks meeting
  323. <Topal> Hope to talk to you next week, same time, same place
  324. <himorin> ;)
  325. <Ricmacas> Topal: i'll be waiting for that URL, btw, better make the newsletter in august :/
  326. <Topal> Ricmacas: creating the thread now
  327. <Ricmacas> Forum url
  328. <Ricmacas> Topal: do you think we can do this in time to include the summit?
  329. <Ricmacas> Topal: Its kind of pointless to include it 2 months later
  330. <Topal> Ricmacas: Maybe we can start with a first small newsletter and make a better and improved one for Augugst?
  331. <Ricmacas> weather15: btw the url is above
  332. <weather15> got it
  333. <mjb> Bye guys Great meeting
  334. * mjb ( saiu de #sumomtg
  335. <himorin> not for meeting, but just for notice, -ja team have posted requests for kitsune :-) :
  336. <Ricmacas> Topal: BTW there was an idea by Tanner, that was new helpers section, where we promote new helpers and encourage people to become one of us
  337. <Ricmacas> who is -ja?
  338. <Topal> himorin: I saw that one, thanks for posting. It's a bit stressy right now, with the new forums and everything, but I'll answer that today or tomorrow
  339. <Ricmacas> japanese, got it
  340. <himorin> yeah of cource, it's not a just time to do NOW for sumo team, (but we will have many events and meetings on aug.. :)
  341. <himorin> Ric: yes, japanese team.
  342. <Topal> himorin: I'll try to speed it up
  343. * weather15 ( saiu de #sumomtg
  344. <Ricmacas> *course
  345. <Ricmacas> grammar nazi, sorry.
  346. <himorin> Topal: if it possible, we want to discuss on them before we cannot make large changes/modifications on kitsune wiki system. So, discussions are welcome for us!
  347. <himorin> Ric: lol :-D
  348. <Topal> himorin: absolutely.
  349. <Ricmacas> himorin; its stronger than me... you are free to correct me too btw
  350. <himorin> thank you for great discussions, and see u next time. now time to sleep :)
  351. <Topal> Ricmacas:
  352. <Topal> himorin: good night to you
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