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  1.     Alstone stared across the tavern at the other patrons. Farmers and drunkards, the lot of them. He could barely contain his disgust as one of the mud-spattered peasants let out a loud belch and a roar of laughter. Monsters could take this place for all Alstone cared; it would probably be an improvement. He sipped his murky water from a battered wooden cup and grimaced at the metallic taste. The lowly conditions he found himself in reaffirmed his desire to finish his business quickly and return to civilization.
  3.     A mage by training, Alstone had come to this backwater hick village chasing a rumor of an exceptionally powerful mage that lived nearby. With his final year fast approaching, he had taken it upon himself to find the old man and learn something that was certain to cement him among the wizarding elite when he presented his thesis.
  5. “Anofa’ round suh?”
  7. Alstone looked up at the portly bartender.
  9. “It’s just water, and no thank you. I’m perfectly content.” Said Alstone with a forced grin.
  11. “I knows wha you orded. You’s still pay’n for it.” Growled the barkeep.
  13. Alstone continued to smile as he clenched his fists under the table.
  15. “Of course. By the way, have you by chance seen a magician around town?” Asked Alstone as he pulled out a few coins.
  17. “I ‘aven’t. No wizards round here sides you lad.” Said the man taking the coins into his filthy hand.
  19. “What? I heard tell of a powerful mage that inhabits these parts! He MUST be around. Is there anyone else who would know?” asked Alstone.
  21. The man rubbed his stubble in thought. “I don’ fink so. Not many magic types pass through. Usually you can tell straight away what with their fancy clothes and attitudes.”
  23. Alstone looked at the table.
  25. “…But the store owna down the lane migh’ ah seen somefin.”
  27. “Then I’ll go and speak to her right away. Thank you, sir.” Said Alstone.
  29. The man grunted and shambled off behind the rickety bar to refill the mugs of his patrons.
  31. ~~~~
  33. A bell jingled as Alstone entered the tiny store. Small sacks and containers of dry goods lined the shelves, and a board of services and larger products hung over a counter.
  35. “Coming!~” said a cheery voice from the back room.
  37.  A woman a bit older than Alstone sauntered out and set her hands down on the counter.
  39. “Hello young man! What can I do for you?” she asked.
  41. “Err… yes, my name is Alstone. I am currently enrolled in The Hydrargia University of Arcane Arts. I am here following a rumor that there is mage of considerable power somewhere in these parts.”
  43. “Oh! How exciting! We don’t get many scholars out this way. As for the mage... hmm…” The shopkeeper furrowed her brow. “…The only one I can think of was one that passed through here some time ago. She was only in town for day or so. Whatever she was doing, she was in quite the hurry.”
  45. “Do you remember what she looked like?” asked Alstone excitedly.
  47. “She was wrapped up tight in her cloak. I can tell you she’s very sort and has blonde hair.”
  49. “…That’s it?” Asked Alstone. “That could be half the women in the village! How can you tell if she’s a mage from her hair and height?”
  50. “She bough magical equipment. Most of my stock, actually. She also bought some starter seeds and a few farming implements. Since she’s not in the village, she must be in the forest somewhere.” Said the woman.
  52. “The forest?” said Alstone. That would explain why no one had seen her in so long.
  54. “Yes. Normally it would be impossible to live out there with all the monsters prowling around. Though I guess if she’s a mage then she can magic them away or something.” Said the woman with a shrug.
  56. “Which direction do you think she would have gone?” asked Alstone pulling out a piece of paper.
  58. “North. The only way to go. If she was moving south she would have wound up back in a city. If you’re chasing her based on rumors, the only place she could have gone is into the frontier.”
  60. Alstone scribbled down his notes and tucked the paper into his pocket.
  62. “How much food did she buy?” he asked.
  64. “Two or three days’ worth of light meals. She seemed much more concerned about how much water she could carry.”
  66. “Alright, then I’ll be buying a weeks’ worth of provisions. What do you recommend?”
  68. The shopkeeper beamed as she began to explain the various local foods for sale in her shop. Loading up his pack with an assortment of food, Alstone set out into the forest.
  70. ~~~~~~
  72.     Night fell on the forest sooner than Alstone expected. He silently cursed his impatience for his decision to leave at midday. Setting up his traveler’s tent, he ignited a small fire with his magic and cooked some of the food he had brought along.
  73. The forest was eerily quiet. It lacked the natural hum of life that normally resonated in places like this. The trees seemed to be holding their breath in anticipation of what was to come. Alstone glanced warily at the trees around him; it felt like there were dozens of eyes watching him tend to his camp. As soon as he had finished his food, he entered his tent and warded the entrance. Snuffing the fire, he fell into an uneasy sleep.
  75. ~~~~~
  77. When he woke, he instinctively knew that not much time had passed. His body was tense and his mind raced as he sat up in his small tent. The ward he had placed was tickling his mind; there was something nearby.
  79.     He held his breath and waited. Whatever was outside was not moving either. After what felt like an eternity, the life sign began to move towards him again. It moved with a predatory slowness towards his tent. Alstone mentally prepared himself for the fight. No matter what it was, fire magic would need to be the first thing to come out. Once the area was illuminated and his opponent was stunned, he would have to make the split second decision of what to follow up with based on what he was fighting. No matter, the Order had prepared him well. No monster would get the best of him!
  81. “Your awake, aren’t you?”
  83. A chill ran down Alstone’s spine as a mocking voice questioned him from just outside the tent.
  85. “I can smell your fear you know. All that stress. Why don’t you just come out here and I’ll help you relax? I promise I’ll be gentle~”
  87. Alstone swallowed and refocused. He couldn’t let the beast’s taunts break his concentration! With a roar he burst out of the tent flaps and cast a flare.
  89.     He came face to face with a bear-woman, who was quite unprepared for the assault. Her eyes grew wide as they reflected the spark in his palm. Diving out of the way, she barely dodged the column of fire as it shot past her. With a yelp she moved from tree to tree evading his attacks. Alstone had already identified her as a grizzly; a monster that would incapacitate him with a single blow if she was allowed to get close enough. All he had to do was wait until she exposed herself to attack him.
  91. As she rounded a tree, one of her trunk-like arms shot up and grabbed a branch above her. Using her momentum, she swung herself around the tree and shot towards Alstone with incredible speed.
  93. “YOU’RE MINE YOU LITTLE PYROTECHNIC!” she screamed, claws outstretched.
  95.     Alstone easily deflected her with a simple push spell, redirecting her into a tree next to him. She landed face first against the bark with a wet crunch and slid to the base of the tree. She lay motionless and for a moment Alstone wondered if he had killed her. She let out a low moan and weakly tried to roll onto her back. Tears mixed with the blood from her nose as she cried in frustration and anger.
  97. “I can’t believe that there’s another one of you assholes out here! Why can’t any nice humans come this way! I just want a guy to cuddle dammit!” she whined thrashing her arms and kicking her feet.
  99. Alstone stared at the bear-woman as she threw her tantrum. “Did you say ‘another one?’ Is there another human out here?!” He asked quickly.
  101. The girl sniffed. “Yeah… Some stupid bitch passed this way before and beat up a bunch of us. I think she lives out here but I’m too scared to go and see.”
  103. Alstone advanced on her and she shrank back from him. He conjured a ball of fire in his palm. “Tell me where she is. Now.”
  104. The grizzly sobbed and let out a high pitch wail. “I don’t knowww!” she pleaded.
  106. “Tell me!” said Alstone. He channeled more mana into his hand and the fire flared.
  108. “She’s right behind you!” shouted the grizzly.
  110. Alstone whipped around. Nothing. He scanned the trees, the branches, and all the obstacles a person could hide behind. Casting a detection spell, he felt no presence.
  112. “What’s the meaning of-“
  114.     Alstone found himself speaking to a tree root. The grizzly was sprinting away into the forest. Alstone watched as she tripped over a log and began to cry again as she disappeared into the woods. She may have been useful in finding the mage, but it wasn’t worth the effort to keep a monster in check. If she decided to attack him, he may not win now that she knew he was a mage.
  116. At least he was on the right track. The mage he was hunting had definitely come through here. Surely he would encounter her soon.
  118. ~~~~~~
  120.     For two more days Alstone wandered through the forest in search of his quarry. As he ventured deeper into the forest, the monster attacks became less frequent, but more challenging. An interesting development. Order teachings had always taught that the deeper one ventured into a demon realm, the more monster one would find. Perhaps this was not the case; what if instead the areas surrounding human settlements were home to most monsters? If the demon’s main source of nourishment was human souls, it would make sense that monsters would congregate closer to oases of food. He would have to write a paper on that when he returned. For now, all his efforts went towards keeping himself alive.
  122. Seeing a clearing up ahead, Alstone cautiously ventured to the edge of the forest.
  124. The meadow was breathtaking. The terrain was the same rolling hills that the forest was made of, but the lack of trees made the slopes more defined. A carpet of fragrant wildflowers covered the entirety of the area in a prismatic assortment of colors. But the most exciting thing was a shack sitting at the far end of the field at the top of a hill. Alstone could see a clothesline billowing in the wind, and a tiny garden rife with all sorts of vegetables. Could this be it?
  126. Then he heard the heavy breathing behind him. He had been so distracted by the scenery that he had failed to notice the menacing panting over the whistle of the wind. With all his might, he whirled around and pushed the assailant.
  128. His magic was easily deflected by an expertly conjured ward. Alstone gasped as he found himself chest-to-face with the wizard he was looking for.
  130.     She was… shorter than he had expected. Younger too. The top of her head only barely reached the bottom of his pectorals. Her skin was smooth and glossy, just like her blonde hair. As a matter of fact, both her clothing and body seemed unaffected by the time she had spent living in the wilderness. Clearly she was not want for food either. Her breasts bulged obscenely from her torso. Surely it was only the counter weight in her equally plump rear and her low center of balance that kept her from toppling over. Alstone was expecting some dirt-smeared hermit. Instead, he was confronted by a curvaceous young woman who looked younger than him.
  132. She continued to look at him with wild eyes as she panted. Her legs trembled and a trail of drool ran down her chin.
  134. “Wait! My name is Alstone of The Hydrargia University! I’ve been looking for you!” He said quickly throwing his hands up as a sign of peace.
  136. The woman paused and shook her head. She groaned and clasped her head in her hands.
  138. “Ma’am?” asked Alstone cautiously. There was something strange about all this…
  140. “I’m fine!” she cried. Alstone recoiled as she shot upright. She took a deep breath and put on a nervous smile. “Forgive me, I was just a bit surprised to see a visitor. Ah! But I’m so glad you’re here! My name is Ophioco.” Said the small woman. She extended her hand to him.
  142. As he took it, Alstone couldn’t help but notice the stains of sweat under her arms. Looking closely, it seemed that all her clothes were a bit damp. Her hand was certainly uncomfortably moist. Ophioco inhaled sharply as he shook her hand. What a strange woman. He tried to discretely dry his palm on his robes as she stared up at him.
  144. “So, Mr. Alstone. What brings you all the way out here?” she asked.
  146. “I have heard tell that you are a brilliant mage. I was hoping to learn something truly phenomenal from you.” He said.
  148. Her eyes lit up. She was still excited, but the glint in her eyes was now less devious. “Wow, really? That’s great! I love magic sooo much! I moved all the way out here after I- uhh… To live in peace, yeah! That’s it! I just couldn’t stand the city.” She said nervously.
  150. What a weirdo. Alstone stopped himself and reassessed the situation. Of course she was a bit awkward; she lived in the middle of a monster infested forest. She probably hadn’t spoken to another human in months. Judging by her story she never got along with people in the first place either. It was noble of her to press on and continue with her passion in spite of her social shortcomings.
  152. “I don’t mean to boast but I AM quite the magician. Just the other day I perfected a method to siphon life from weeds into crop plants. My garden is proof of just how well it works.” She said with a smug smirk.
  154. “I’ve seen. Truly incredible! Is agriculture your preferred field?” asked Alstone.
  156. “I don’t know if I have a preferred field. Whenever I encounter a problem, I just can’t help but to come up with a magical solution. I’ve discovered everything from cooking to combat! Come on, I’ll show you! Oh this is so exciting; finally someone who will understand and appreciate my work!”
  158. With that, the woman hurried off through the flowers towards the house. Alstone had no trouble keeping pace with her. He only needed to walk at a brisk pace to keep up with her giddy jog. She was singing a song to herself, quietly mumbling as she went.
  160. Alstone nearly tripped over her as she came to an abrupt halt.
  162. “AHHH!! YOU’RE RIGHT!” she shouted.
  164. “What?!” asked Alstone looking around quickly.
  166. “NOTHING! Nothing! Just stay here for a second, I need to do… things! So… stay here!” said Ophioco flailing her arms around her.
  167. Alstone said nothing as she frantically ran into the cabin and began casting magic. The rational part of him screamed that it wasn’t worth it, and that he should just leave the short, sweaty mage alone. If he was going to leave, now was the time.
  169. But he couldn’t do that; she was just lonely. There was nothing malicious about her. She would certainly be more tolerable once she had calmed down.
  171. Right?
  173. Ophioco burst out of the cabin panting. Her hair hung in front of her face and she was covered in a fresh layer of sweat.
  175. “C-come in!” she said sweeping her bangs out of the way and gesturing him forwards.
  177. Alstone entered the house and took stock of the room. A simple cabin, with a loft for sleeping. The place was surprisingly cozy for being so removed. Ophioco had crafted all the furniture that one could ask for in a home; a dresser, a table, some chairs, a bookshelf… she had even stylized the cabinets with simple reliefs to give them some artistic flair. A plush carpet that sprawled out in front of a fireplace supported a large chair. It looked big enough to fit two normal sized people; Ophioco must have to jump to sit in it.
  179. “Ooh yeah…”
  181. Alstone turned to see Ophioco burning a hole in his pants with her eyes. She jumped as he turned and wiped the trail of drool with her sleeve. He politely pretended not to see.
  183. “Uhh… Welcome!” she said avoiding his gaze and sweeping her arms across the room.
  185. “Very nice. How long have you been living out here?” asked Alstone.
  187. “A few months. I think I’ve done pretty well for my self since then.” She said proudly.
  189. “Indeed. It certainly is… secluded. Is there any reason you moved into a monster infested forest instead of the town? This place seems a bit remote for research.” Said Alstone.
  191. “There are just too many distractions in town.” Said Ophioco. “Would you like something to eat? You must be hungry after coming so far.”
  193. “Well, I suppose if it isn’t too much trouble. I don’t mean to intrude.” Said Alstone. He could certainly use a meal though; all the trail food was starting to upset his stomach.
  195. Ophioco smiled and pulled an apron off a rack next to the cupboards. She tied it around herself and began to hum a tune as she set about preparing the food.
  197. “So, Mr. Alstone, what exactly do you wish to learn from me?” she asked as she used her magic to dice several vegetables at once.
  199. “Something extraordinary if it wouldn’t be too much to ask. Of course, I’ll give you full credit for any magic that you teach me.” Said Alstone.
  201. “Couldn’t you have asked a mage in Hydrargia? You must have traveled further than me to get here. Are rumors of me really so prevalent?” she asked with a tinge of nervousness.
  203. “No, I was told about you by a young colleague of mine. She spoke very highly of you.” Said Alstone.
  205. Ophioco paused. “She?”
  207. “Yes. A young woman in the defensive magic department. It sounded like she was close to you.”
  209. Ophioco began to pant.
  211. “Ma’am? Are you alright?”
  213. Ophioco shuddered and resumed her cooking. “J-just fine! I *hah* just remembered something I have to do later.” She said.
  215. Alstone watched through the tiny window as the sun began to set. His view was hampered by the fact that the window was much lower than it would be on a normal building. It was subtle, but most of the furniture and house was down-scaled to suit its inhabitant.
  216. “Do you have any trouble with monsters?” asked Alstone.
  218. Ophioco lost control of her magic and a knife clattered to the floor.
  220. “NO! No monsters here! I mean, I keep them away. They’ve learned not to bother me. They keep to the forest.” She said, levitating the knife back into her hand.
  222. Alstone remained silent until Ophioco had finished. Ophioco brought over a large pot with a delicious looking soup.
  224. “Here we are! A nice, piping-hot stew!” she said ladling some of the pot’s contents into a bowl for him.
  226. Alstone thanked her and took the bowl. Minding his manners, he waited until she had served herself. They stared across the table at each other, each waiting for the other to begin eating.
  228. “Go on, dig in!” said Ophioco.
  230. Alstone raised the spoon to his mouth as Ophioco stared at him. She bit her lip as he tasted the first of the stew.
  232. “It’s good!” exclaimed Alstone.
  234. Ophioco’s eyes rolled back into her head a little and she softly moaned. Alstone watched as she re-positioned herself in her seat and tried to focus on him. Her eyes were distant.
  236. “Glad you liked it…” she said. Slowly, with trembling hands she served herself a small portion of the meal and took a small bite.
  238. “By the way Mr. Alstone, where will you be staying?” asked Ophioco.
  240. “I have my own tent. I would be more than happy to stay anywhere on your property, if you would have me.” Said Alstone.
  242. “Oh Alstone, I would LOVE to have you…” said Ophioco. She grinned and giggled to herself. Her eyes went wide, and she frantically shook her head. “…Here I mean! But I must insist that you sleep here for your own safety; the forest is full of monsters. My magic is enough to keep them at bay, but I would rather not draw any unnecessary attention to my abode.” She said sternly.
  244. Alstone grinned. “I would be honored to stay here Ma’am.” Said Alstone.
  246. She squirmed in delight and gave a little clap. “Oh this will be so much fun! I can teach you all about all the neat things I’ve been doing, and you can help me make potions and gather ingredients, and pin me down with those muscular arms a-“
  248. Ophioco froze. Her face grew more and more red as Alstone stared back at her mid-bite.
  250. “I mean, reach the top shelves and stuff… Here, let me get that for you!” she stammered. Grabbing Alstone’s bowl, she stacked it in her own and placed them in the washing tub. She began to whistle loudly as she scrubbed the dishes with her magic.
  252. Alstone watched the tiny woman clean. Her supple chest was squashed against the counter, causing her breasts to press outwards and upwards. Seeing her ass sway back and forth made him realize that the full-size chairs were not intended for guests, but to accommodate her curvaceous rear. Ophioco turned to say something to him, but stopped and blushed when she realized Alstone was looking at her. They turned away and did their best to ignore the awkward silence that followed.
  254. Alstone cursed his libido. This was the person who as supposed to instruct him; any sort of non-professional relationship was absolutely off the table! Pulling his mind away from her wide thighs, he inspected the house again.
  256. “Err, where should I set my things?” asked Alstone nervously.
  258. “Just put them next to the dresser. I can put them away later.” Said Opioco.
  260. “Alright. Would you mind if I just put my bedroll in front of the fire? Or would that get in your way?” asked Alstone setting his clothes down next to the dresser.
  262. “Oh no no no! I can’t have you sleeping on the floor! Sleep in my bed; I insist! It’s plenty big for two people.”
  264. Alstone tensed at her proposition. “No, I couldn’t. I don’t want to intrude. How about the chair then? It’s big enough for me to sleep in.”
  266. “No, that simply won’t do. You must sleep in the bed; it’s far to cold at night for anyone to sleep alone!” said Opioco sternly. Her face was flushed red again. Seeing Alstone’s face, she groaned and shook her head. “Ah! B-but we aren’t doing anything! I’m just concerned for your well-being, that’s all!” she stammered flailing her arms in front of herself.
  268.     Alstone shifted uncomfortably. He was too shy to point out that she had been sleeping by herself perfectly fine until he had arrived. She may have… ‘urges’ after being alone for so long. Women had always been a bit of a mystery to him. The disparity in genders and rigorous schooling of the human cities had always kept the fairer sex out of his focus. Not that he wasn’t interested, he simply never had the time or opportunity to pursue a relationship. If she made a move on him, should he reciprocate? Would that mean that his work would be hindered? How would he even know if she was interested in him in the first place?
  270. He sighed and collapsed back into the large chair. The warm leather and plush cushioning was a welcome reprieve from sleeping on the ground for the past few days. Ophioco appeared next to him holding a steaming mug.
  272. “Here. You look like you could use this.” She said.
  274. Alstone took the mug and blew on the mixture to cool it. It had a faint floral aroma.
  276. “It’s a tea I make with herbs that I find in the forest. I love to make a cup on these chilly nights.” Said Ophioco with a smile.
  278. “It’s good.” Said Alstone. The tea was a mixture of bitter and minty. It left his body feeling warm and his mouth frosty and cool.
  280. Ophioco levitated a chair from the kitchen next to the large chair and settled in.
  282. “Oh, do you want this chair? I didn’t mean to take it from you…” said Alstone, moving to get up.
  284. Ophioco giggled. “You apologize too much. I’m quite alright. So, tell me, Mr. Alstone, what has been happening in Hydrargia since I left?”
  286. Alstone began to tell her all about the goings on of the magical city. They exchanged stories and laughed until their cups were empty, and the moon had risen over the forest.
  288. “We should get to bed.” Said Ophioco stretching. “We’ve got a lot of work to do in the morning.”
  290. Alstone yawned and nodded. They both headed towards the ladder leading to the loft when Ophioco doubled over.
  292. “What’s wrong?!” asked Alstone, rushing to her side. He put a hand on her back and she moaned loudly.
  294. “I-hyee!-I just forgot I have to do something! I’ll be back in a second!” blurted Ophioco. She ran out of the house faster than Alstone thought possible with such tiny legs. As she burst though the door, Alstone noticed a strange lump in her damp clothes. Strange how she complained so much about the cold when she was always sweating so much… Even the spot where she had been standing had a trace of liquid. Did she…
  296. Alstone bent down to inspect the liquid. No, unlike water this seemed a bit too viscous. Prodding the puddle, a chunk of goo stuck to his finger. He held it up to the light to inspect it.
  298. It was sticky, and had a faint red hue to it. Though it was translucent enough to see through, looking through the ooze distorted the picture on the other side. Alstone brought it closer to his face.
  300. The slime jiggled around his finger.
  302. He quickly flung the sludge away from him and backed away. Calming himself, he realized that he must have imagined it. He clambered up the ladder and situated himself in the large bed. A part of him still wanted to reject her hospitality, but the idea of her doughy body resting next to him was too tempting to pass up. The scent of Ophiocos sheets filled his head as he began to imagine what she looked like under her clothes.
  304. From outside there was a loud cry. Alstone sat bolt upright and listened intently.
  306. Silence.
  308. Throwing on his shoes and preparing a spell, he was about to open the door when Ophioco re-entered the cabin.
  310. “Alstone? What’s wrong?” she asked.
  312. “Are you alright?! I heard a scream!”
  314. Ophioco turned crimson. “A-A-A scream? I don’t know what you’re talking about! I didn’t hear anything! I-I… just stubbed my toe! Yeah! That’s all.” She said.
  316. Alstone stared at her and dissipated the magic in his hands. What was he going to do with her? Returning to the bed, he settled in.
  317. Ophioco crawled into bed next to him, gently rocking the mattress as she entered. Alstone closed his eyes and began to fade into sleep as the crickets chirped. His slumber was delayed as Ophioco began to mummer.
  319. “…can’t… too nice!... I am being quiet, he won’t hear me… yeah… no, I couldn’t…”
  321. Alstone sighed. Ophioco let out an eep and rolled over to face him.
  323. “O-Oh! I’m sorry! Was I talking in my sleep? When I lived in the city people used to say that I did that, ha ha. Goodnight…” she said with a hint of dejection.
  325. Alstone closed his eyes again.
  327. “Ow!”
  329. With a grunt of exasperation Alstone whipped around to face Ophioco. She was looking down under the covers at something.
  331. “Uhh… that was my toe…” she said quietly.
  333. Alstone narrowed his eyes but resumed his attempt at sleep.
  335. “Umm… would you mind if I got a bit closer?”
  337. Alstone looked over yet again. Ophioco was looking up at him with her big, shimmering eyes. Her nightwear was giving him an excellent view of her massive cleavage. He gulped as the moonlight caught the tops of the perfectly smooth globes of skin.
  339. “S-sure.” Said Alstone quickly rolling over so as not to offend her.
  341.     His eyes widened as he felt her tiny arms wrap around him. Her breasts pressed against him, softer than a cloud and smoother than velvet. Alstone inhaled sharply as his body detected the faintest lump in the center as her nipples dragged against him. He swiftly adjusted his leg in a weak attempt to hide his erection from her.
  343. “So warm…” cooed Ophioco softly from behind him. Her body was still somehow damp, but Alstone dared not complain. On the contrary, the places where her misty skin touched tingled with a pleasant warmth. She traced her hands over his torso, leaving streaks of heat across his body as she nestled up against his back. Her little legs barely reached the back of his knees. Unconsciously, Alstone leaned into her as she rested her head next to his on the pillow.
  345. ~~~~~~~
  347. Alstone awoke to a strange sensation around his groin. It felt like something was moving around next to his crotch. His pants also felt damp, but he was sure he hadn’t pissed himself.
  349. “Mmm…”
  351. Ophioco stirred next to him. Oh, Chief God, did he cum from sleeping next to her? No, it couldn’t be. That would be too embarrassing. Alstone threw back the covers over his legs.
  353. There was a blur of motion and something shot towards the opposite side of the bed. Ophioco yelped and tumbled over the side.
  355. “THERE’S SOMETHING IN THE BED!” shouted Alstone in an embarrassingly high-pitched voice.
  357. Ophioco peeked up from the other side of the bed. Her messy hair fell in front of her eyes, all the way down past her smooth shoulders. Her nightwear had slipped down a bit, showing more of her chest than Alstone was comfortable looking at. Sure enough, she was still covered in a sheen of sweat. Why does she even need covers if she’s always so hot?
  359. “You’re imagining things!” she said quickly.
  361. Alstone looked down at his damp loins. Sure enough, there was a sizable wet spot over his dick. A slimy trail led all the way up to the top of his pants. He flushed as Ophioco followed his gaze downward.
  363. “Oh! T-that’s nothing to be ashamed of! Perfectly natural! It happens all the time!” she said flailing her hands around.
  365. All the time? That didn’t sound right… At least she was accepting about the whole scenario.
  367. “W-where can I wash these off?” asked Alstone nervously. He did his best to cover his crotch with his hands.
  369. “I can take care of it. You’re a guest after all.” Said Ophioco cheerily. She gave him a half-lidded gaze and a smug smile. “After all, it was probably me that caused that, no?”
  371. Alstone opened his mouth but failed to find any appropriate words. Was she hitting on him?
  373. “Excuse me?” he asked incredulously.
  375. Ophioco groaned and shook her head.
  377. “AH! NO! I didn’t mean it like that! I-I just… I’ll go make breakfast!” she said as she practically jumped down the ladder.
  379.     Alstone stared at her from the loft as she began pulling pots and pans out from the cupboards. What a strange person. Strange, but kind. Retreating as far back into the loft as he could, Alstone disrobed and wiped the remaining goo away with his dirty clothes. He inspected his fingers as he wiped his hands clean. The slime was the same strange pink color as the goo from last night. Clearly the substance was connected to Ophioco; he had never encountered anything like it before he met her. He would ask her about it later. Putting on some fresh clothes, he climbed down the ladder.
  381. Ophioco was setting the table in her adorable little apron worn over a lovely summer dress. The apron couldn’t have been more than three feet long. She looked up at him and quickly looked away blushing.
  383. “I made you some eggs and vegetables, I hope you like them.” She said nervously.
  385. “Thanks.” Said Alstone taking a seat at the table.
  387.     Ophioco brought over a steaming plate of food and set it down in front of Alstone. It certainly looked delicious. The eggs were cooked in sheets, with the vegetables mixed into them. Beside the egg-slab there were a few medallions of meat. This was fare more than he was used too. Alstone had seen cuisine like this at some of the formal gatherings among the top wizards of the academy, but he had never cared enough about fancy food to learn much about it. He did know that a meal such as this would cost a considerable amount in one of the cities cafes. He took a bite and savored the medley of flavors.
  389. “Do you like it?” asked Ophioco nervously as she handed him a cup.
  391. “Yes, it’s very good.” Said Alstone. Ophioco sighed in relief and began to eat her own food.
  393. “So, I was thinking today would be a good day to show you some of the agricultural spells I’ve been working on! The foraging spell has an excellent success rate, but I don’t think that it would be very practical for someone living in the city.” Said Ophioco.
  395. “Sure, that sounds great. We could always use more crops.” Said Alstone.
  397. “I’m glad you think so. So many people back in the cities were so obsessed with combat magic that they had forgotten any other use for it. There’s no point in being able to smite a demon if you’re starving to death. Have you chosen a specific field of mastery yet, Mr. Alstone?”
  399. Alstone rubbed his chin. “Well, originally I wanted to focus on warding and protection magic, but I fell out of love with it a while back. I suppose I haven’t found anything to fill the void yet, so to speak. I think I would be fine with just about anything though.” He said.
  401. “I see. Well, no rush! You’re still young.” Said Ophioco. Alstone wondered just how old she was. He had assumed that she was around his age, but that was probably just bias derived from her stature. His eyes wandered down to her chest. She was certainly mature; no doubt about that.
  403. “Are you finished? I’ll take your plate.” Said Ophioco. Alstone gulped as she leaned over the table, her breasts swinging freely in her loose clothing. They almost reached the table as she scooped up his plate and silverware and took the load of dishes to the sink. He adjusted his legs to give his rod some space in his pants. Something had to be done about this. Tonight he could sneak away for a bit and relieve himself.
  405. “There we are. Now then, I just need to set up some alchemical reactions to run in the shed and we can be on our way.” Said Ophioco. She pulled a well-worn traveling cloak form a hook next to the door and slid it over herself. The cloth caught on her chest as she pulled it down and she let out a frustrated huff as she squeezed it over her breasts.
  407. “Ready?” she asked Alstone.
  409. “Yeah, let’s go.” Said Alstone trying to hide his erection.
  411.     Ophioco led him outside to a shed that was about a third the size of the house. The interior of the shed was smoggy and humid. Alembics and glassware cluttered the tables of the room. At the far side there was a cabinet stuffed with countless tiny drawers, each labeled with an ingredient. Or at least, that was the idea behind the structure. Half of the drawers were left open, and what was inside clearly didn’t match the label. A trail of alchemical supplies and half-written pages led from the cabinet to the glassware.
  413. Ophioco let out a little groan and gave an apologetic laugh. “I-it usually isn’t this bad… I was just busy, you know?”
  415. “Yeah. I know what you mean.” Said Alstone. He wasn’t surprised at the state of the lab. Every alchemist he knew was like this.
  417. Ophioco took a flask off a burner and poured it into another mixture while Alstone looked over her notes on the table. It was hard to tell what he was reading; the tiny mage’s handwriting was awful. It looked like a child had written this. The text didn’t adhere to any sort of formatting either. Strands of words were placed haphazardly all over the page. She must have spilled something on the parchment while writing it. Moisture spots covered the page, causing some of the ink to run. Alstone squinted as he tried to decipher the document.
  419. “Aphrodisiac…?” he mumbled.
  421. “AAUGH!”
  423. Ophioco shrieked and tore the paper out of his hand with magic. She jostled him out of the way as she swept over the table collecting every note she could. Stacking the papers into a pile, she shoved the heap into a drawer and slammed it shut.
  425. “That… *pant* was just something for reference.” Said Ophioco.
  427. Alstone nodded and turned away. He was starting to get that feeling again. Her clumsy attitude had gone from startling to endearing to creepy. If she was cooking aphrodisiacs in the middle of the woods, there was no doubt that she was unhinged. The best thing to do would be to learn some magic and get out. If he really needed to, he could always come back. Right?
  429. “Do you think he saw?” whispered Ophioco.
  431. Alstone turned back to her. Her eyes got wide and she frantically contorted her body around into a stretching position.
  433. “Did you say something?”
  435. “No.” said Ophioco flatly as she stretched her arms.
  437. “…”
  439. “…”
  441. “…Right.” Said Alstone.
  443. Ophioco clearly didn’t buy his pathetic attempt to convince her. She blushed and pouted. “It’s just research, honest.”
  445. “It’s fine. I imagine it gets lonely all the way out here.” Said Alstone. He moved to the door, hoping that setting out into the woods would relive the tension. He also made a mental note to make sure that she didn’t put anything strange into the food when she cooked.
  446. Ophioco let out a little whine of despair and set off after him. Her clothes rustled as her titanic breasts jiggled under her clothes. Alstone suppressed the urge to watch her run towards him as he opened the door.
  448. Stepping out into the mid-morning sunlight, Alstone savored the view of the tranquil meadow as he held the door for Ophioco. She easily passed under his arm and shuffled past him.
  450. “We should get going while there’s still plenty of sunlight.” She said.
  452. Alstone nodded and let the door swing shut behind him.
  454. “So, what are we looking for?” asked Alstone.
  456. “The first thing we need is a type of fungus. Here, I sketched it out.”
  458. Ophioco pulled out a folded piece of paper from her bag and opened it up. There was a detailed sketch of a spotted mushroom drawn in charcoal, with notes of what coloration it was in the margins. Alstone let out a sigh of exasperation and dread as he noticed a list labeled “names of children” with half a dozen names already scratched out.
  460. “Ah!” Ophioco crumpled the paper and stuffed it into her pack. “Th-that was names for the mushroom!”
  462. Alstone glared at her. His patience with the whole situation was wearing thin. He would have left already if the expedition to reach this Gods-forsaken hut hadn’t taken a month and half of his savings. If he went back without anything to show the mages charged with judging his examination, he would fail. Unlike other assignments, magic was something that couldn’t be rigged, cheated, or neglected; if he didn’t learn something now he would have no way of graduating from his rank as a journeyman.
  464. Without another word he began walking towards the forest.
  466. Ophioco trotted along behind him.
  468. “…No! Look at him!... I can tell… mad! No… of course! Soon… we have to… After that…”
  470. The Alstone ground his teeth as the madwoman began to talk to herself again. Taking a deep breath, he reminded himself that the more he helped her the sooner he could leave.
  472. “Stop.”
  474. Alstone stopped and turned around. Ophioco was frozen in place, with a look of fear in her eyes. Alstone looked around and spied a mushroom growing out of a log.
  476. “I don’t think that’s the kind you showed me. You want me to grab it anyways?” he asked.
  478. Looking back at Ophioco he staggered back and nearly fell over himself. A tendril of ooze was protruding from the back of her dress, poking through the head-hole like some sort of antenna. The top was bent at a ninety-degree angle, swiveling around as Ophioco began to panic.
  480. “W-w-what the hell IS that?!” asked Alstone pointing to the oozing tentacle.
  482. “That’s him sis!”
  484. Alstone whipped around to see a grizzly appear from a thicket of thorns close by.
  486. “Huh?” grunted Alstone. He backpedaled a bit closer to Ophioco but made certain to keep himself out of the goo limb’s radius. He hoped.
  487. The brush rustled and cracked as something huge pushed past the undergrowth. A massive grizzly pushed the last vine out of the way and stood beside the other girl. She was atleast a head taller than Alstone, and undeniably stronger. One of her paws hefted a thick wooden club that looked like it had been carved with her claws. A thick smear of golden honey topped her tremendous breasts. They glistened in the scattered light of the forest as she flexed her enormous muscles.
  489. “So, you’ve been bullying my sister, huh?” she boomed.
  491. Alstone sputtered and weakly tried to articulate something with his hands.
  493. “WELL?” roared the grizzly. She swung her club into a young tree, sending the top half flying away in a hail of splinters. Alstone could only let out a timid ‘oh’ as he watched the sapling land twenty feet away.
  495. “Yeah, that’s him big sis! He beat me up and tried to cook me!” said the smaller grizzly. She clung to the side of her sister, pressing her head up into the bottom of her breast. Her pillowy chest smooshed to accommodate her.
  497. The bigger grizzly growled and advanced. “I’ll teach you to hurt my little sis. Come ‘ere ya little bastard, I’m gonna make sure you’re begging to be her husband by the time she’s through with you.”
  499. “NOOO!” screamed Ophioco taking a stance beside Alstone. He let out an inadvertent noise of disgust as the tendril swung uncomfortably close to him.
  501. “Oh? Is he yours?” asked the grizzly mockingly as she strode forwards.
  503. “Y-yes! You can’t have him! I won’t let you!” said Ophioco. Her brave words were undermined by the trembling in her legs.
  505. “Is that so?” The monster took a deep whiff of the air. “Sure doesn’t smell like he’s yours. Tell you what: you behave yourself and just sit there while my sis here does her thing. If you’re good, I’ll let you lick up the juices when she’s finished.” Said the grizzly with a sneer.
  507. Ophioco began to form a spell in her hand.
  509. The grizzly let out a laugh and lunged forwards. She was much faster than her sister. Before Alstone could put his hands up to shield himself, she was already upon him. Her muscles bulged as she brought down her club in a brutal overhead swing.
  511. The carved wood crashed against a ward with a resounding thud. Alstone stared up in a daze at the weapon just a few inches from his face.
  513. “D-DO SOMETHING!” shouted Ophioco. She released the ward and let fly a bolt of magic at the bear. The monster dodged it with ease and charged at Ophioco.
  515. Alstone shook off the shock from the attack and began to cast his own spell.
  517. There was a blur of motion as he was knocked to the ground. The smaller grizzly stood over him with a grin.
  519. “Hey there torchy! Did you miss me?” she asked.
  521. Alstone tried to throw a pitiful ember of fire at her, but she collapsed onto him in an instant. Using her superior strength, she pinned his hands above his head. Her hot, honey-scented breath poured over Alstone as she licked her lips.
  523. “Cause I’ve missed you. For the past week, alll I can think about is what I was going to do to you once I got my claws on you.”
  524. Shifting her grip on his hands, she kept his arms secured while once paw dipped into a tiny pot secured on her rope belt. Dipping a few of her claws in, she pulled out a strand of what looked like tar. Reaching up to his hands, she smeared the sticky substance over his palms and pressed them together. Alstone grunted and tried to buck her off of his hips.
  526. “Oh ho! That eager are we? Well, I’m flattered, but I won’t forgive you that easily.” She said grinding her pelvis against his. “I could have been nice to you, you know? I wouldn’t have minded if you had put up a little bit of a struggle; that’s half the fun after all. But you had to go and humiliate me. Too bad for you, I have a bad habit of holding grudges.”
  528. She released his hands and Alstone tried to pull his palms apart. The tar kept his hands glued firmly together.
  530. The grizzly giggled. “You like that? It’s a special blend of saps, herbs, and a dash of honey. It keeps our lovers nice and still while we eat them up. That’s what normally happens at least. Since I’m in a bad mood, it’ll be YOU who’s doing the eating.”
  532. She sat up and tossed aside her dress. Her breasts flopped out of the thin cloth. Her crotch was already soaked as she slid forwards over his chest. Positioning her crotch directly in front of her sex, she grabbed either side of his head and pulled his face closer.
  533. “Oh, and don’t even THINK about biting.” She hissed, digging her claws into the side of his head. “If you do a good job and learn your place, I may even let you cum in a week or so. Now…” she thrust forwards and rammed Alstone’s head into her crotch. “Dig in husband!~”
  535. Alstone grunted and tried to turn away. He twisted his head to the side in an attempt to avoid being forced into eating monster puss. Ophioco and the bigger grizzly were still duking it out. Both of them looked like they were on their last legs. The bigger sister was panting heavily, and glistening with a fine sheen of sweat. Alstone could tell Ophioco was running out of power by the tiny holes around the edge of her wards. He made eye contact with the tiny mage as she blocked another spell.
  537. Ophioco let out a yelp of despair as she saw Alstone being assaulted by the smaller grizzly. The bigger sister took the opportunity to attempt a coup de grace on the tiny woman. Alstone screamed as the club came down; he knew that there was no way Ophioco could get a ward up in time.
  539. A torrent of slime shot out of Ophioco’s clothing. The rush of pink liquid was so fast that it lifted Ophioco’s skirt up over her head. Alstone’s erection throbbed painfully at the sight of her pale, chubby body and jiggling bust flop out of her dress. The fact that she wasn’t wearing any underwear to cover her tiny, hairless slit didn’t help either. The ooze shot upwards and enveloped the club. There was a loud squish and Ophioco was knocked to the ground.
  541. “NO!” screamed Alstone.
  543. “I’M COMING!” shouted Ophioco.
  545. To everyone’s surprise, Ophioco stood back up. She looked completely unharmed. The bear growled in frustration and swung again. The slime took on a different shape, forming a slanted wall that deflected the club away from Ophioco into the dirt. The bear swung again, and the slime formed a thick cushion to protect Ophioco from the blow.
  547. “Huh… huh?” muttered the bear. She panted heavily as she rested against her club, trying to think of a way to counter this new defense.
  549. Ophoioco did not give her time to rest. Advancing towards the winded woman, a tentacle of slime shot out and struck the monster woman across the face. The bear let out a grunt of pain as a spray of sweat was knocked off her. She reeled backwards and tried to raise her club. Another tentacle struck her in the gut and she doubled over. The monstrous woman doubled over as Ophioco closed the gap between them. Even at half height, Ophioco had to tilt her head up to look the bear-woman in the eye.
  551. “Stay away… from my man.” Said Ophioco between breaths. A massive column of slime exploded upwards in a devastating uppercut. The grizzly flew backwards and landed in a heap amongst a thicket of thorns.
  553. Ophioco turned her attention to the other sister.
  555. She had given up on the idea of oral rape and was desperately trying to get Alstone’s pants off. It was clear that she had underestimated Alstone’s ability to resist with his hands glued together. Even though he couldn’t separate his hands, he could still swing his arms at her, and his legs were fully capable of moving himself away from her and kicking her. Or both at the same time, as was the case right now. Alstone was snarling as he used the bears body and face as leverage to scoot away from her on his back. The grizzly’s face was bruised in several places and she was red with rage. Seeing her sister collapse, she swore and tried to pick up Alstone.
  557. The slime reached out and seized the bear. The monster yelped as she was lifted off the ground. Ophioco reeled the writhing mamono in and manipulated her body so that she could look her in the eye.
  559. “Beat it. This is my territory, and my husband. Got it?”
  561. The grizzly grit her teeth and clenched her eyes. Tears rolled down her cheeks but she nodded through a tight-lipped frown.
  563. “Good.”
  565. Ophioco tossed the little sister over to her senior. She stood facing them as the slime billowing from her clothes helped Alstone to his feet and retrieved his shirt. He marveled at the strange tingling sensation the viscous liquid caused when it touched his skin.
  567. “Can you stand? Are you hurt?” asked Ophioco.
  569. “I’m fine.” Said Alstone. He couldn’t fit the shirt over his bound hands, so he settled with clenching the garment against his chest.
  571. “Come on, we should get out of here.” Said Ophioco. They hurried away, leaving the bear girls in a heap behind them.
  573. ~~~~~~
  575. “Thank goodness we’re back. I was worried we may have attracted more monsters with all the noise.” Said Ophioco as the entered the clearing with her house.
  577. “I’m surprised we were able to take out those two. What the hell is that anyway?” said Alstone.
  579. “AH! It’s uh… a… it’s…”
  581. “I’ve never seen anything like it! Combining alchemy with combat magic to create a magically responsive semi-fluid that can be used for offence or defense. It’s genius! I would never have even thought of such a thing.” Said Alstone.
  583. “Huh? You… you really think it’s that interesting?” said Ophioco.
  585. “Of course! It’s so practical. I knew it was worth coming all the way out here.”
  587. Ophioco blushed and turned away. “I’m glad you think so.”
  589. They walked in silence until they reached the cottage. Ophioco fetched some alchemical reagents and freed Alstone’s hands from their sap prison. Stepping inside, Ophioco bolted the door behind them and cast a few protective spells.
  591. “Can you teach me how to use the slime?” asked Alstone eagerly.
  593. “Hmm?” Said Ophioco looking up.
  595. “The slime, would you be willing to teach me? I respect the all forms of magic, but that was like nothing I’ve ever seen! I’m sure that it could save hundreds of lives if the Order forces learned how to use it as well as you do.”
  597. Ophioco swallowed and took a seat at the table. “I… I can’t.”
  599. “What?! Why?” said Alstone sitting down across from her. “I promise that I’ll give you full credit for everything! I wouldn’t cheat you of any fame or money.”
  601. “It’s not that! I-I just can’t.” said Ophioco.
  603. “Is there something I need to do? If you need me to prove myself, I will. I’ll do anything!” said Alstone.
  605. Ophioco blushed. “No! It’s not that I don’t trust you it’s just that…”
  607. Ophioco stopped and let out a little yelp. “What?”
  609. Alstone frowned. “I didn’t say anything.”
  611. Ophioco scrunched up her face and fixed her eyes on the table. “…You think so?” she said softly. She took a deep breath and nodded. “Yes, you’re right. I’ll trust you.”
  613. “So you’ll teach me?” asked Alstone excitedly.
  615. “Huh? Oh, I wasn’t talking to you…” said Ophioco with an apologetic grin. She smoothed down some of the wrinkles in her dress and collected herself. “Mr. Alstone, I want to tell you something, and you may not like it. But I need you to please keep an open mind and remain calm. I promise you no harm will come to you as long as you behave in a civil manner.” Said Ophioco sternly.
  617. “What?” said Alstone.
  619. Ophioco’s clothing shifted as the slime underneath it popped out from her cleavage.
  621. “The thing is, I’m not the one controlling this.” She said sheepishly.
  623. The goo shaped into a roughly human looking figure with arms and a head.
  625. “I don’t understand…” said Alstone leaning a bit further away from whatever was in front of him.
  627. “This is the real reason why I left the city. Well, I was never very popular to begin with. So it wasn’t a TOTAL lie when I said I wanted to get away from there. I really miss the bakeries. No matter how many times I try, I can never get bread right. I think it-“ She shook her head. “No! Wait! I’m losing my train of though. The slime is why I left.”
  629. “Were you afraid of someone stealing your technique?” asked Alstone.
  631. “No, the slime is a living creature.”
  633. There was a long pause. Ophioco shifted uncomfortably in her chair as Alstone stared at her.
  635. “You mean you created life all by yourself?” he asked.
  637. “No! It…it’s a monster.” Said Ophioco softly.
  639. A chill shot through Alstone’s body.
  641. “A monster?” he echoed softly.
  643. Ophioco nodded. “It’s a type of slime that uses human women as a host. It tries to help me whenever it can, but it also makes me… aroused. All the time.”
  645. Alstone couldn’t look away from the seething mass of jelly protruding from her clothes. He slowly slid his chair back.
  647. “Please!” said Ophioco reaching an arm across the table to him. “I don’t mean to harm you! I’m so lonely! I know it’s hard to wrap your head around, but I don’t mean you any harm!”
  649. “Is that why you lied to me?” asked Alstone coldly.
  651. “I had to. You would have left otherwise! I’m not like the other monsters in the forest. I protected you!”
  653. “Why are you telling me all this?!” shouted Alstone.
  655. “Because I really like you!”
  657. “…What?”
  658. “I know it may seem shallow, but I admire how dedicated you are to your practice that you came all they way out here and tolerated all the weird things I do. She really likes you too!” said Ophioco hugging the glob. It wiggled happily in her embrace and wrapped a tendril around her in return. “I… I’ve never been in love before, so I don’t know what to do now. The only thing I know is that if you leave, I’ll never forgive myself for letting you go.” She concluded softly. The slime bubbled and hugged her tighter.
  660. Alstone shifted in the doorway. He certainly didn’t trust her, but her story did make sense. That thing could have just smothered him in his sleep or injected some sort of horrid toxin into his food.
  662. “Was that the thing in the bed when I woke up?” asked Alstone.
  664. Ophioco let out a wheeze and cupped her face in her hands. “No! Well, yes, but that wasn’t me! I can’t control it all the time, and it moves on its own when I’m not consciously controlling it.”
  666. “It was trying to grab my dick.” Said Alstone flatly.
  668. “Wow! That’s weird, it must have been curious or something. Maybe you should let me take a look at it to make sure that it didn’t do anything funny.” Said Ophioco with wide eyes.
  670. Alstone backed away a bit further. Ophioco drooped and folded her hands on the table.
  672. “If you really want to go, I won’t stop you. But… I think we would make a great team.” She said with a little smile. Her mouth quivered at the edges as her eyes began to well with tears.
  674. Alstone sighed. She was harmless. She may be a deranged monster living in the forest, but in the end she was just a curvaceous woman with no social skills. The rational part of his brain was screaming at him to run, but he found it impossible to ignore his cock’s instruction to destroy that tiny body. His erection had hardly subsided since the grizzly attack; he had been at an uncomfortable half-mast since. Seeing Ophioco’s pale skin glisten with slime was too much to ignore. Besides, she was practically begging him to sleep with her. Worst case scenario he would fuck her senseless and run.
  676. “Well, I guess I could stay a bit longer…” said Alstone closing the door. Ophioco beamed as he reentered the cabin.
  678. “Really?!” she squealed.
  680. “Sure, sure. After all, you really love me, right?”
  682. “Y-yes.” Said Ophioco with a goofy grin.
  684. “Well, you know what lovers do, right?” asked Alstone. He was a bit more direct than he normally was, but he was dying for release.
  685. Ophioco nodded and licked her lips. Her breath was heavy as she squirmed in anticipation.
  687. “Well then, let’s g-“
  689. Before Alstone could finish his sentence, Ophioco had bolted from her chair and up the ladder. The slime whipped out and grabbed Alstone, lifting him across the room. He shouted as Ophioco reached the loft with impossible speed, and tossed him roughly onto the bed.
  691. “Wait! Wait! Hold on! Slow down!” said Alstone as he flipped himself over.
  693. Ophioco paused just before she tore out of her clothing. For the first time, she looked angry.
  695. “I know you promised that you would let me go, so I know you’re capable of respecting my wishes. Just promise me that if… I want to stop, you’ll let me go. Alright?”
  697. Ophioco narrowed her eyes. The slime slithered up to her ear and rippled. Ophioco’s eyes lost focus and she nodded. She whispered something back to the slime and it retreated back to her torso. “Fine.”
  699. Alstone barely had time to sigh in relief before the slime ripped his clothes off. At the same time Ophioco slid out of her clothes, allowing her bountiful breasts to flop out of their cotton prison. Without invitation, Ophioco leaned forward and used the slime to bodysurf onto Alstone. She slid over him until she was face to face with her captive. Her soft chest flattened against him as she lay on top of Alstone.
  701. “Hey, slow down a little, would you?” said Alstone nervously. “I can’t g-“
  703. He faltered as the slime slid down his chest to his groin. The cool liquid flowed over his package, leaving the pleasant tingling sensation that he had felt before.
  705. “I know EXACTLY what you want~” said Ophioco. She kissed him before he could protest further. “I know that I was the one who made the first move, but you’ve been eyeing me up as well, haven’t you?”
  707. “That’s not true!” said Alstone. He groaned as the slime tightened around his member. The liquid began to pulse and undulate, working to milk him.
  709. “Liar. This thing can communicate with me you know. Every time you were sneaking peaks at my chest or butt, she was watching you.” Said Ophioco.
  711. “Doesn’t that mean that you were watching me change?” said Alstone.
  713. The slime clenched down and Alstone let out a yelp. “No! Of course not! I-I would never do something like that.” Said Ophioco. She blushed and tried to turn away, but found herself unable to avoid the person she was prone on. A tentacle of slime rose up and delivered a resounding slap across her wide rear. Ophioco shrieked and her hands dropped to protect herself.
  715. Alstone took advantage of the opening to seize a handful of titflesh. Ophioco let out an appreciative moan and the slime vibrated pleasantly. Worried about what might happen if he didn’t maintain an offensive, Alstone continued to massage her breasts. He marveled at her tiny nipples, contrasting the heaving mounds they were attached to. Tweaking both, Ophioco was forced to reach out and steady herself on Alstone’s shoulders as he continued.
  717. “Mmm, you… think that I’ll give up that easily? I’ll give you… give you a reason to stay.” She panted. The slime went wild, increasing the pace and complexity of its ministrations. A section flowed up past Ophioco’s pudgy belly to secure Alstone’s wandering hands. Alstone tugged, but the slime was too strong.
  719. “Ufufu… Just like that bear. Too bad she doesn’t have what you really want~” said Ophioco hefting her bust. “This is why you’re interested in me right?”
  721. “That’s not fair…” hissed Alstone through gritted teeth as the slime worked overtime to bring him to the edge.
  723. “It’s alright. It’s such a lovely body; you can’t help it. You’ve been good so far, so how about a reward?” said Ophioco.
  724. She scooted forward over him and pressed one of her breasts against his face.
  726. “Drink.”
  728. It was more of a command than a suggestion. Alstone twisted his face away from her for a moment before a sharp pressure on his balls reminded him of his place. He took the nipple into his mouth and began to suckle.
  730. Ophioco cooed appreciatively and stroked his hair. “Good boy. There, isn’t that better?”
  732. Though she didn’t have any milk to give, the slimy residue on her skin gave the teat a sweet and syrupy flavor. Alstone strayed from the nipple to clean the area around the areola as Ophioco let out a satisfied hum.
  734. “You know, I’m getting a little thirsty myself~” said Ophioco. “I think it’s about time for some reciprocity, no?”
  736. Alstone bucked his hips as the slime coaxed an orgasm from him. As the last of the semen left him, he watched with rapt attention as the glob of cum flowed up through the slime into Ophioco’s mouth. She wiggled happily and kicked her feet as she savored the taste. After swirling it around her mouth for a minute, she swallowed and licked her lips.
  738. “Delicious.”
  740. Alstone gulped as he watched the salacious display. His member tingled in the afterglow of the orgasm as the slime gently traced around his shaft.
  742. “Wow… that was…” said Alstone. He failed to conjure appropriate words to describe the sensation and settled with a pleased huff.
  744. “Was?”
  746. Alstone’s eyes shot open as the slime tightened around him again. The ooze spread over his chest to tease his nipples and massage his torso. Any pleasant sensation was lost as Ophioco’s slime attacked his sensitive cock. Alstone thrashed under her, but was unable to free himself.
  748. “Ow! Ophioco! Stop! That hurts!” he pleaded.
  750. “Call me Ophi.” She said playfully.
  752. “Ophi! Please!”
  754. “No~”
  756. With that, Ophioco turned around and positioned her hips over his cock.
  758. “I know it may sting for a bit, but please bear with it honey. You’ll be hard and horny for the rest of the night with all the aphrodisiacs and stimulants I’ve been feeding you~”
  760. “You bitch! How long have yo-“
  762. Alstone screamed as Ophioco slammed down onto him without warning. Her scream mixed and mingled with his own in a warped harmony. Alstone’s vision blurred as the pain and pleasure threatened to overwhelm him.
  764. “So… gooood!” moaned Ophioco.
  766. She gyrated her hips against him, trying to find the best way to force him inside her. Lifting back up, she began to fervently ride her captive mate. The slime served as a restraint, lubrication, and an auditory enhancement as Ophioco continued. When she lifted, there was a distinct peeling sound as the sticky slime holding them together was separated, contrasted by the wet slap when their hips reconnected. The tiny loft echoed with Alstone’s whimpers and the loud claps of their pelvises.
  768. “You said you would stop!” said Alstone through gritted teeth. The sensitivity was fading from his dick, and he was now more angry than pained.
  770. “I know. I tried! But she makes a good point, and I really need this. So please, just hold on a bit longer.” Said Ophioco.
  772. Rage welled up in Alstone. The slime receded from his hands and for a moment Alstone wondered if it was somehow afraid of his rage. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Alstone lashed out at his rapist. His attempted strike was redirected by the slime, which had only retreated to his wrist. At the last second, his hand was pulled down and he delivered a resounding slap to Ophioco’s bubble butt. His hand sunk into her soft skin as she let out a shriek. Her innards clamped down around him and he nearly came again from the sudden tightness.
  774. “W-what are you-“ she said meekly
  776. Alstone tried to hit her again and was misdirected by the ooze into her ass a second time.
  778. Ophioco took the beating in stride, quickly transitioning from troubled to aroused as Alstone continued to spank her in impotent rage. After a few more swings, he found himself more interested in her plush body than revenge. On the next swing, he let his hand linger on her wide hips. They were soft and supple, but not fat. Pressing into her sides, he could feel muscle just below the layer of pudge. The longer he watched the ripples run through her ass, the more entranced he became. Reaching out with both hands, he took hold of two handfuls of her doughy sides, just above her hips.
  780. “Oh?” muttered Ophioco in surprise.
  782. Alstone slammed her hips down onto himself as he thrust up into her.
  784. Ophioco squealed and tilted forward over his legs. The slime withdrew from his torso to steady its master and keep her upright. Alstone ignored the sludge and continued to pound away with all his might. For revenge, for pleasure, it didn’t matter anymore. With a final thrust, he hilted himself in Ophioco and released.
  786. Ophioco moaned and collapsed to the side. The slime around Alstone vibrated and melted off of him. The two of them lay panting on the bed, in a puddle of pink jelly.
  788. After a moment, the slime recollected under Ophioco and moved her up to Alstone.
  790. “…I’m so sorry.”
  792. Alstone opened his eyes to see Ophioco covering her face with her hands and blushing harder than anyone he had ever seen.
  794. “Please understand, I lose control sometimes. That… that wasn’t the real me! I… I just get so… needy… sometimes that I just, just…”
  796. “You said you would stop.” Growled Alstone.
  798. Ophioco grabbed his arm but he pulled it away. She made another feeble attempt to grab at him, and then curled up into a ball and began to cry.
  800. Alstone glanced at the tiny ball of a mage. The slime was rubbing her back as she sobbed. He thought about how he ended up in this situation in the first place. He had come here to acquire techniques to impress some senior wizards so that he could get a better job. Then it was a seat at a desk for a few decades before retirement and death. His gaze wandered back to Ophioco and her silky head of blonde hair. He absentmindedly reached out to run his hands through it as he imagined himself in a stuffy, candle lit office filing papers for years on end.
  802. Ophioco perked up at his touch and nuzzled her scalp against his hand.
  804. “Well… I guess I could stay a bit longer…” said Alstone.
  806. Ophioco gasped and scrambled up to look him in the eye. “Really?!”
  808. Her eyes sparkled with hope, and sincere desire that the person she loved would stay with her.
  810. “You still haven’t taught me any magic. So I guess I’m stuck with you.” Said Alstone ruffling Ophioco’s hair. “As long as you actually listen to me this time.”
  812. Ophioco hugged him tightly, struggling to get her small arms all the way around him. Her breasts flattened against him and Alstone reminded himself that he would have access to that body every day for the rest of his life by staying. This was definitely the right choice.
  814. Ophioco sniffed and wiped her eyes. “I’m so happy.” She said.
  816. Alstone pulled her closer, so that she was resting on top of him. Ophioco nestled her head under his chin and Alstone instinctively began to stroke her back.
  818. “Yeah, I think I’m going to be happy here too.” Said Alstone.
  820. The slime dragged the blanket over them and embraced its host and lover, before both of them fell asleep in each other’s arms.
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