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  1. cave resolve -c -Cs world
  2. Resolving: 87 stepscave@1326579917: [WARNING e.cache.stale] Stale cache file at '/var/db/paludis/repositories/wolf31o2/metadata/cache/net-misc/networkmanager-0.8.0_pre20100101-r1'
  3. cave@1326579917: [QA e.profile.no_match] In thread ID '10764':
  4.   ... In program cave resolve -c -Cs world:
  5.   ... When adding targets from commandline:
  6.   ... When adding set target 'world':
  7.   ... When adding target 'net-misc/networkmanager':
  8.   ... When finding slots for 'net-misc/networkmanager':
  9.   ... When determining resolvents for 'net-misc/networkmanager':
  10.   ... When finding best version of each package from packages matching net-misc/networkmanager (ignoring additional requirements) with filter all matches filtered through supports action install filtered through not masked filtered through all matches:
  11.   ... When generating masks for ID 'net-misc/networkmanager-0.8.0_pre20100101-r1:0::wolf31o2':
  12.   ... When loading repository masks for 'wolf31o2':
  13.   ... When adding profile configuration file '/var/db/paludis/repositories/wolf31o2/profiles/package.mask':
  14.   ... No match for '-net-firewall/arno-iptables-firewall'. This usually indicates a bug in your profile.
  15. cave@1326579917: [QA e.profile.no_match] (same context) No match for '-dev-python/pygoogle'. This usually indicates a bug in your profile.
  16. Resolving: 98 stepscave@1326579917: [WARNING e.cache.stale] Stale cache file at '/var/db/paludis/repositories/wolf31o2/metadata/cache/sys-apps/lm_sensors-2.10.6'
  17. cave@1326579917: [WARNING e.cache.stale] Stale cache file at '/var/db/paludis/repositories/wolf31o2/metadata/cache/sys-apps/lm_sensors-3.0.1'
  18. Resolving: 115 stepscave@1326579918: [WARNING e.cache.stale] Stale cache file at '/var/db/paludis/repositories/wolf31o2/metadata/cache/sys-power/acpid-1.0.8-r1'
  19. Resolving: 160 stepscave@1326579918: [WARNING e.cache.stale] Stale cache file at '/var/db/paludis/repositories/wolf31o2/metadata/cache/dev-libs/libnl-1.1-r3'
  20. Resolving: 182 stepscave@1326579919: [WARNING e.cache.stale] Stale cache file at '/var/db/paludis/repositories/wolf31o2/metadata/cache/app-misc/screen-4.0.3-r1'
  21. Deciding: 251 stepscave@1326579919: [WARNING e.cache.stale] Stale cache file at '/var/db/paludis/repositories/wolf31o2/metadata/cache/sys-fs/lvm2-2.02.45-r2'
  22. cave@1326579919: [WARNING e.cache.stale] Stale cache file at '/var/db/paludis/repositories/wolf31o2/metadata/cache/sys-fs/lvm2-2.02.47'
  23. Deciding: 302 stepscave@1326579926: [WARNING e.cache.stale] Stale cache file at '/var/db/paludis/repositories/wolf31o2/metadata/cache/sys-apps/dbus-1.2.3-r2'
  24. Deciding: 311 stepscave@1326579926: [WARNING e.cache.stale] Stale cache file at '/var/db/paludis/repositories/wolf31o2/metadata/cache/net-libs/libpcap-1.0.0-r2'
  25. Deciding: 714 stepscave@1326579950: [WARNING e.cache.stale] Stale cache file at '/var/db/paludis/repositories/wolf31o2/metadata/cache/net-misc/modemmanager-0.2_p20091109'
  26. cave@1326579950: [WARNING e.cache.stale] Stale cache file at '/var/db/paludis/repositories/wolf31o2/metadata/cache/net-misc/modemmanager-0.2_p20091123'
  27. cave@1326579950: [WARNING e.cache.stale] Stale cache file at '/var/db/paludis/repositories/wolf31o2/metadata/cache/net-misc/modemmanager-0.2_p20100101-r1'
  28. Deciding: 952 stepscave@1326579963: [WARNING elike_conditional_dep_spec.query] In thread ID '10764':
  29.   ... In program cave resolve -c -Cs world:
  30.   ... When resolving and adding dependencies recursively:
  31.   ... When adding dependencies for 'gnome-base/gvfs:0::(install_to_slash)' with 'gnome-base/gvfs-1.10.1:0::gentoo':
  32.   ... When finding dependencies for 'gnome-base/gvfs-1.10.1:0::gentoo':
  33.   ... When finding dependencies for 'gnome-base/gvfs-1.10.1:0::gentoo' from key 'DEPEND':
  34.   ... ID 'gnome-base/gvfs-1.10.1:0::gentoo' has no flag named 'prefix'
  35. cave@1326579963: [WARNING elike_conditional_dep_spec.query] In thread ID '10764':
  36.   ... In program cave resolve -c -Cs world:
  37.   ... When resolving and adding dependencies recursively:
  38.   ... When adding dependencies for 'gnome-base/gvfs:0::(install_to_slash)' with 'gnome-base/gvfs-1.10.1:0::gentoo':
  39.   ... When finding dependencies for 'gnome-base/gvfs-1.10.1:0::gentoo':
  40.   ... When finding dependencies for 'gnome-base/gvfs-1.10.1:0::gentoo' from key 'RDEPEND':
  41.   ... ID 'gnome-base/gvfs-1.10.1:0::gentoo' has no flag named 'prefix'
  42. Deciding: 1012 stepscave@1326579966: [WARNING e.cache.stale] Stale cache file at '/var/db/paludis/repositories/wolf31o2/metadata/cache/dev-libs/libusb-0.1.12-r6'
  43. Deciding: 1014 stepscave@1326579966: [WARNING e.cache.stale] Stale cache file at '/var/db/paludis/repositories/wolf31o2/metadata/cache/sys-apps/rescan-scsi-bus-1.29'
  44. Finding Purgeables: 2378 stepscave@1326579979: [WARNING elike_conditional_dep_spec.query] In thread ID '10764':
  45.   ... In program cave resolve -c -Cs world:
  46.   ... When finding things to purge:
  47.   ... ID 'gnome-base/gvfs-1.10.1:0::gentoo' has no flag named 'prefix'
  48. cave@1326579979: [WARNING elike_conditional_dep_spec.query] (same context) ID 'gnome-base/gvfs-1.10.1:0::gentoo' has no flag named 'prefix'
  49. Finding Purgeables: 3355 stepscave@1326579980: [WARNING e.cache.stale] Stale cache file at '/var/db/paludis/repositories/wolf31o2/metadata/cache/net-wireless/bluez-4.59-r1'
  50. cave@1326579980: [WARNING e.cache.stale] Stale cache file at '/var/db/paludis/repositories/wolf31o2/metadata/cache/net-wireless/bluez-4.60-r1'
  51. cave@1326579980: [WARNING e.cache.stale] Stale cache file at '/var/db/paludis/repositories/wolf31o2/metadata/cache/net-wireless/bluez-4.62-r1'
  52. Done: 6611 steps              
  54. These are the actions I will take, in order:
  56. n   app-crypt/p11-kit:0::gentoo 0.10 to ::installed
  57.     "Provides a standard configuration setup for installing PKCS#11."
  58.     -debug build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  59.     Reasons: gnome-base/gnome-keyring
  60.     515.90 kBytes to download
  61. u   dev-libs/nspr:0::gentoo 4.8.9-r1 to ::installed replacing 4.8.9
  62.     -debug build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  63.     Reasons: dev-libs/nss, www-client/firefox
  64.     1.18 MBytes to download
  65. n   gnome-base/gnome-common:3::gentoo 3.1.0 to ::installed
  66.     "Common files for development of Gnome packages"
  67.     build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  68.     Reasons: gnome-base/gnome-vfs, sys-apps/gnome-disk-utility
  69. u   media-plugins/live:0::gentoo 2012.01.07 to ::installed replacing 2011.12.23
  70.     build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  71.     Reasons: media-video/mplayer
  72.     521.56 kBytes to download
  73. u   dev-libs/glib:2::gentoo 2.30.2-r1 to ::installed replacing 2.30.2 [cycle 1]
  74.     -debug -doc -fam (-selinux) static-libs -systemtap -utils -xattr (-test) build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  75.     Reasons: app-admin/syslog-ng, app-cdr/xfburn, app-emulation/virtualbox-bin, 101 more
  76.     In dependency cycle with existing packages: dev-libs/libusb:1, sys-apps/util-linux:0, dev-perl/IO-Socket-SSL:0, dev-libs/glib:2, sys-devel/gcc:4.5, dev-libs/gobject-introspection:0, dev-vcs/git:0, dev-libs/openssl:0, perl-core/CPAN-Meta:0, x11-libs/libxcb:0, x11-proto/xcb-proto:0, dev-libs/libxml2:2, virtual/perl-CPAN-Meta:0, sys-apps/openrc:0, sys-auth/polkit:0, sys-kernel/linux-headers:0, x11-libs/libdrm:0, sys-apps/help2man:0
  77. u   dev-libs/gobject-introspection:0::gentoo 1.30.0-r2 to ::installed replacing 1.30.0-r1 [cycle 1]
  78.     -doc (-test) build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  79.     Reasons: app-text/evince, app-text/poppler, dev-libs/atk, 20 more
  80. u   dev-libs/libusb:1::gentoo 1.0.9_rc3 to ::installed replacing 1.0.8 [cycle 1]
  81.     -debug -doc static-libs+ build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  82.     Reasons: virtual/libusb
  83.     183.23 kBytes to download
  84. u   dev-libs/libxml2:2::gentoo 2.7.8-r4 to ::installed replacing 2.7.8-r3 [cycle 1]
  85.     -debug -doc -examples icu ipv6 python readline static-libs (-test) build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  86.     Reasons: !<dev-libs/libxml2-2.7.7 from sys-libs/zlib, app-arch/libarchive, app-emulation/virtualbox-bin, 39 more
  87. u   dev-libs/openssl:0::gentoo 1.0.0f-r1 to ::installed replacing 1.0.0f [cycle 1]
  88.     -bindist -gmp -kerberos -rfc3779 (sse2) static-libs zlib (-test) build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  89.     Reasons: target (world::environment), app-admin/syslog-ng, app-arch/libarchive, 38 more
  90. u   dev-perl/IO-Socket-SSL:0::gentoo 1.540.0 to ::installed replacing 1.530.0 [cycle 1]
  91.     -idn build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  92.     Reasons: dev-perl/Net-SMTP-SSL
  93.     68.60 kBytes to download
  94. u   dev-vcs/git:0::gentoo to ::installed replacing [cycle 1]
  95.     blksha1 -cgi curl -cvs -doc -emacs -gtk* iconv perl (-ppcsha1) python -subversion threads -tk webdav -xinetd build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  96.     Reasons: sys-devel/gettext
  97.     3.85 MBytes to download
  98. u   perl-core/CPAN-Meta:0::gentoo 2.113.640 to ::installed replacing 2.112.621 [cycle 1]
  99.     build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  100.     Reasons: virtual/perl-CPAN-Meta
  101.     79.74 kBytes to download
  102. u   sys-apps/help2man:0::gentoo 1.40.5 to ::installed replacing 1.40.4 [cycle 1]
  103.     nls build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  104.     Reasons: app-benchmarks/stress, sys-devel/automake
  105.     179.62 kBytes to download
  106. u   sys-apps/openrc:0::gentoo 0.9.8 to ::installed replacing 0.9.7 [cycle 1]
  107.     -debug ncurses pam (-selinux) static-libs unicode build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  108.     Reasons: !<sys-apps/openrc-0.4 from sys-fs/lvm2, !<sys-apps/openrc-0.6.0 from net-misc/dhcpcd, dev-db/mysql-init-scripts, sys-apps/baselayout
  109.     162.19 kBytes to download
  110. u   sys-apps/util-linux:0::gentoo 2.20.1-r1 to ::installed replacing 2.20.1 [cycle 1]
  111.     cramfs crypt ddate -loop-aes ncurses nls -old-linux perl (-selinux) -slang static-libs (-uclibc) unicode build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  112.     Reasons: target (system) (system::gentoo), !<sys-apps/util-linux-2.13 from sys-apps/coreutils, !<sys-apps/util-linux-2.20 from sys-apps/sysvinit, 8 more
  113. r   sys-auth/polkit:0::gentoo 0.104 to ::installed replacing 0.104 [cycle 1]
  114.     -debug -doc -examples -gtk* introspection -kde nls pam (-systemd) build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  115.     Reasons: gnome-base/gconf, net-misc/modemmanager, net-misc/networkmanager, 2 more
  116. r   sys-devel/gcc:4.5::gentoo 4.5.3-r2 to ::installed replacing 4.5.3-r2 [cycle 1]
  117.     (-altivec) -bootstrap -build cxx -doc (-fixed-point) fortran -gcj -graphite -gtk* (-hardened) (-libffi) (-libssp) -lto mudflap (multilib) -multislot nls -nocxx -nopie -nossp nptl -objc -objc++ -objc-gc openmp -vanilla (-test) build_options: -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  118.     Reasons: target (system) (system::gentoo), !sys-devel/gcc[libffi] from dev-lang/python, dev-db/mysql, 5 more
  119.     14.29 kBytes to download
  120. u   sys-kernel/linux-headers:0::gentoo 3.2 to ::installed replacing 3.1 [cycle 1]
  121.     build_options: -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  122.     Reasons: !<sys-kernel/linux-headers-2.6.34 from sys-fs/udev, media-libs/libv4l, sys-apps/busybox, 5 more
  123.     4.70 MBytes to download
  124. u   virtual/perl-CPAN-Meta:0::gentoo 2.113.640 to ::installed replacing 2.112.621 [cycle 1]
  125.     build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  126.     Reasons: perl-core/ExtUtils-MakeMaker, perl-core/Module-Build
  127. u   x11-libs/libdrm:0::gentoo 2.4.30 to ::installed replacing 2.4.29 [cycle 1]
  128.     libkms static-libs VIDEO_CARDS: -intel -nouveau -radeon -vmware build_options: symbols=split (-optional_tests) -trace -preserve_work
  129.     Reasons: media-libs/mesa, x11-base/xorg-server
  130.     535.09 kBytes to download
  131. u   x11-proto/xcb-proto:0::gentoo 1.7 to ::installed replacing 1.6-r2 [cycle 1]
  132.     build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  133.     Reasons: x11-libs/libxcb
  134.     101.91 kBytes to download
  135. u   x11-libs/libxcb:0::gentoo 1.8 to ::installed replacing 1.7 [cycle 1]
  136.     -doc (-selinux) static-libs build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  137.     Reasons: x11-apps/xdpyinfo, x11-apps/xlsatoms, x11-apps/xlsclients, 5 more
  138.     363.99 kBytes to download
  139. r   app-crypt/pinentry:0::gentoo 0.8.1 to ::installed replacing 0.8.1
  140.     -caps -gtk* ncurses -qt4 -static build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  141.     Reasons: !<app-crypt/pinentry-0.8.0-r1 from app-admin/eselect-pinentry, app-crypt/gnupg
  142.     492.29 kBytes to download
  143. r   app-text/scrollkeeper:0::gentoo 9999-r1 to ::installed replacing 9999-r1
  144.     build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  145.     Reasons: !<app-text/scrollkeeper-9999 from app-text/rarian, !<app-text/scrollkeeper-9999-r1 from app-text/scrollkeeper-dtd, app-text/evince, 4 more
  146. u   dev-lang/v8:0::gentoo to ::installed replacing
  147.     build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  148.     Reasons: www-client/chromium
  149.     9.38 MBytes to download
  150. n   dev-libs/libcroco:0.6::gentoo 0.6.3 to ::installed
  151.     "Generic Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) parsing and manipulation toolkit"
  152.     -doc (-test) build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  153.     Reasons: gnome-base/librsvg
  154. r   dev-libs/apr-util:1::gentoo 1.4.1 to ::installed replacing 1.4.1
  155.     berkdb -doc -freetds gdbm ldap -mysql* nss -odbc -openssl -postgres sqlite static-libs build_options: symbols=split (-optional_tests) -trace -preserve_work
  156.     Reasons: dev-vcs/subversion
  157. u   dev-perl/XML-LibXML:0::gentoo 1.900.0 to ::installed replacing 1.890.0
  158.     (-test)+ build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  159.     Reasons: dev-dotnet/gtk-sharp-gapi, dev-perl/XML-Simple
  160.     424.77 kBytes to download
  161. u   dev-perl/Cairo:0::gentoo 1.82.0 to ::installed replacing 1.81.0
  162.     (-test) build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  163.     Reasons: dev-perl/Pango, dev-perl/gtk2-perl
  164.     102.51 kBytes to download
  165. u   dev-perl/glib-perl:0::gentoo 1.242.0 to ::installed replacing 1.241.0
  166.     build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  167.     Reasons: dev-perl/Pango, dev-perl/gtk2-perl, xfce-base/xfconf
  168.     269.40 kBytes to download
  169. n   gnome-base/gnome-mime-data:0::gentoo 2.18.0 to ::installed
  170.     "MIME data for Gnome"
  171.     -debug build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  172.     Reasons: gnome-base/gnome-vfs
  173.     592.79 kBytes to download
  174. n   gnome-base/gsettings-desktop-schemas:0::gentoo 3.2.0-r1 to ::installed
  175.     "Collection of GSettings schemas for GNOME desktop"
  176.     build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  177.     Reasons: app-text/evince
  178. n   gnome-base/libgtop:2::gentoo 2.28.4 to ::installed
  179.     "A library that provides top functionality to applications"
  180.     -debug -doc introspection build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  181.     Reasons: x11-wm/metacity
  182.     638.61 kBytes to download
  183. n   gnome-base/orbit:2::gentoo 2.14.19-r1 to ::installed
  184.     "ORBit2 is a high-performance CORBA ORB"
  185.     -debug -doc (-test) build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  186.     Reasons: gnome-base/gconf, gnome-base/libbonobo
  187.     746.89 kBytes to download
  188. r   dev-libs/redland:0::gentoo 1.0.15 to ::installed replacing 1.0.15
  189.     berkdb -iodbc -mysql* -odbc -postgres sqlite ssl static-libs xml build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  190.     Reasons: app-office/libreoffice-bin
  191. u   media-libs/tiff:0::gentoo 4.0.0-r1 to ::installed replacing 4.0.0
  192.     cxx -jbig jpeg -lzma static-libs zlib build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  193.     Reasons: app-editors/xemacs, app-text/evince, app-text/ghostscript-gpl, 16 more
  194. r   media-sound/alsa-tools:0.9::gentoo to ::installed replacing
  195.     -fltk -gtk* ALSA_CARDS: -darla20 -darla24 -echo3g -emu10k1 emu10k1x -gina20 -gina24 -hdsp -hdspm -ice1712 -indigo -indigoio -layla20 -layla24 -mia -mixart -mona -pcxhr -rme32 -rme96 -sb16 -sbawe -sscape -usb-usx2y -vx222 build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  196.     Reasons: target (world::environment)
  197.     1.64 MBytes to download
  198. r   net-dialup/ppp:0::gentoo 2.4.5-r2 to ::installed replacing 2.4.5-r2
  199.     -activefilter -atm -dhcp -eap-tls -gtk* ipv6 pam -radius build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  200.     Reasons: net-misc/modemmanager, net-misc/networkmanager
  201. r   net-libs/libpcap:0::gentoo 1.2.1 to ::installed replacing 1.2.1
  202.     -bluetooth* ipv6 -libnl static-libs build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  203.     Reasons: net-analyzer/nmap, net-analyzer/scanssh
  204. r   net-analyzer/nmap:0::gentoo 5.51 to ::installed replacing 5.51
  205.     -gtk* -lua ssl build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  206.     Reasons: target (world::environment)
  207.     16.09 MBytes to download
  208. r   mail-mta/postfix:0::gentoo 2.8.7 to ::installed replacing 2.8.7
  209.     -cdb -doc -dovecot-sasl -hardened ipv6 ldap -ldap-bind -mbox -mysql* -nis pam -postgres -sasl (-selinux) sqlite ssl -vda build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  210.     Reasons: target (world::environment), virtual/mta
  211. u   net-misc/rdesktop:0::gentoo 1.7.1 to ::installed replacing 1.7.0-r1
  212.     alsa -ao -debug ipv6 -libsamplerate oss -pcsc-lite build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  213.     Reasons: target (world::environment), net-misc/grdesktop
  214.     291.80 kBytes to download
  215. r   net-misc/networkmanager:0::gentoo to ::installed replacing
  216.     -avahi -bluetooth* -connection-sharing -dhclient dhcpcd -doc -gnutls introspection nss ppp resolvconf -wimax build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  217.     Reasons: target (world::environment)
  218. r   dev-python/twisted:0::gentoo 11.1.0 to ::installed replacing 11.1.0
  219.     crypt -gtk* -serial build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  220.     Reasons: dev-python/twisted-web, net-p2p/deluge
  221. r   net-p2p/deluge:0::gentoo 1.3.3 to ::installed replacing 1.3.3
  222.     -gtk* -libnotify -webinterface build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  223.     Reasons: target (world::environment)
  224.     2.00 MBytes to download
  225. u   app-text/xmlto:0::gentoo 0.0.25 to ::installed replacing 0.0.24-r1
  226.     -latex build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  227.     Reasons: sys-apps/paludis
  228.     113.77 kBytes to download
  229. s   sys-kernel/gentoo-sources:3.2.1::gentoo 3.2.1 to ::installed
  230.     "Full sources including the Gentoo patchset for the 3.2 kernel tree"
  231.     -build -deblob -symlink build_options: -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  232.     Reasons: target (world::environment), virtual/linux-sources
  233.     42.51 kBytes to download
  234. u   app-arch/libarchive:0::gentoo 3.0.3 to ::installed replacing 2.8.5
  235.     acl bzip2 e2fsprogs+ -expat iconv+ lzma -nettle+ static-libs -xattr zlib build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  236.     Reasons: dev-util/cmake
  237.     3.35 MBytes to download
  238. n   net-libs/libproxy:0::gentoo 0.4.7 to ::installed
  239.     "Library for automatic proxy configuration management"
  240.     -gnome -kde -mono -networkmanager perl python (-test) build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  241.     Reasons: net-libs/glib-networking
  242. n   net-libs/glib-networking:0::gentoo 2.30.2 to ::installed
  243.     "Network-related giomodules for glib"
  244.     -gnome libproxy ssl build_options: symbols=split (-optional_tests) -trace -preserve_work
  245.     Reasons: net-libs/libsoup
  246. n   net-libs/libsoup:2.4::gentoo 2.36.1 to ::installed
  247.     "An HTTP library implementation in C"
  248.     -debug -doc introspection -samba ssl (-test) build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  249.     Reasons: net-libs/libsoup-gnome, net-libs/webkit-gtk
  250. n   sys-libs/libcap-ng:0::gentoo 0.6.6 to ::installed
  251.     "POSIX 1003.1e capabilities"
  252.     python build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  253.     Reasons: gnome-base/gnome-keyring
  254. n   gnome-base/libbonobo:0::gentoo 2.24.3 to ::installed
  255.     "GNOME CORBA framework"
  256.     -debug -doc -examples (-test) build_options: symbols=split (-optional_tests) -trace -preserve_work
  257.     Reasons: gnome-base/libbonoboui, gnome-base/libgnome
  258.     1.29 MBytes to download
  259. n   x11-libs/libnotify:0::gentoo 0.7.4 to ::installed
  260.     "A library for sending desktop notifications"
  261.     -doc introspection (-test) build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  262.     Reasons: sys-apps/gnome-disk-utility, x11-misc/notification-daemon
  263.     265.64 kBytes to download
  264. u   dev-perl/File-MimeInfo:0::gentoo 0.160.0 to ::installed replacing 0.150.0
  265.     (-test) build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  266.     Reasons: x11-misc/xdg-utils
  267.     34.03 kBytes to download
  268. r   x11-misc/slim:0::gentoo 1.3.2-r7 to ::installed replacing 1.3.2-r7
  269.     -branding consolekit* pam build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  270.     Reasons: target (world::environment)
  271. r   app-text/ghostscript-gpl:0::gentoo 9.04-r5 to ::installed replacing 9.04-r5
  272.     X -bindist cups dbus -djvu -gtk* -idn -jpeg2k static-libs LINGUAS: -ja -ko -zh_CN -zh_TW build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  273.     Reasons: target (world::environment), app-text/libspectre, net-print/cups
  274. n   gnome-base/libgnomecanvas:0::gentoo 2.30.3 to ::installed
  275.     "The Gnome 2 Canvas library"
  276.     -doc -glade (-test) build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  277.     Reasons: dev-dotnet/gnome-sharp, gnome-base/libbonoboui, gnome-base/libgnomeui
  278.     560.68 kBytes to download
  279. n   gnome-base/librsvg:2::gentoo 2.34.2 to ::installed
  280.     "Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) rendering library"
  281.     -doc gtk -gtk3 introspection -tools build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  282.     Reasons: !<gnome-base/librsvg-2.31.0 from x11-libs/gdk-pixbuf, x11-themes/human-icon-theme, x11-themes/tangerine-icon-theme
  283. r   sys-block/gparted:0::gentoo 0.11.0 to ::installed replacing 0.11.0
  284.     -btrfs -dmraid -fat -gtk* -hfs -jfs -kde -mdadm -ntfs -reiser4 -reiserfs -xfs build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  285.     Reasons: target (world::environment)
  286. s   dev-libs/libunique:3::gentoo 3.0.2 to ::installed
  287.     "a library for writing single instance application"
  288.     -debug -doc introspection (-test) build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  289.     Reasons: sys-apps/gnome-disk-utility
  290. n   gnome-base/dconf:0::gentoo 0.10.0 to ::installed
  291.     "Simple low-level configuration system"
  292.     X -doc -vala build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  293.     Reasons: media-libs/gmtk
  294. n   gnome-base/gconf:2::gentoo 3.2.3 to ::installed
  295.     "Gnome Configuration System and Daemon"
  296.     -debug -doc introspection ldap orbit policykit build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  297.     Reasons: dev-dotnet/gconf-sharp, gnome-base/gnome-vfs, gnome-base/libbonoboui, 10 more
  298. n   gnome-base/gnome-keyring:0::gentoo 3.2.2 to ::installed
  299.     "Password and keyring managing daemon"
  300.     caps -debug -doc pam (-test) build_options: symbols=split (-optional_tests) -trace -preserve_work
  301.     Reasons: gnome-base/libgnome-keyring, gnome-base/libgnomeui
  302. n   gnome-base/gnome-vfs:2::gentoo 2.24.4-r1 to ::installed
  303.     "Gnome Virtual Filesystem"
  304.     acl -avahi -doc -fam -gnutls ipv6 -kerberos -samba ssl (-test) build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  305.     Reasons: dev-dotnet/gnomevfs-sharp, gnome-base/libgnome, gnome-base/libgnomeui
  306.     1.80 MBytes to download
  307. n   gnome-base/libgnome-keyring:0::gentoo 3.2.2 to ::installed
  308.     "Compatibility library for accessing secrets"
  309.     -debug -doc (-test) build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  310.     Reasons: dev-dotnet/gnome-keyring-sharp, gnome-base/gnome-keyring, net-libs/libsoup-gnome
  311. n   net-libs/libsoup-gnome:2.4::gentoo 2.36.1 to ::installed
  312.     "GNOME plugin for libsoup"
  313.     -debug -doc introspection build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  314.     Reasons: gnome-base/gvfs
  315. n   net-libs/webkit-gtk:3::gentoo 1.6.1-r301 to ::installed
  316.     "Open source web browser engine"
  317.     (-aqua) -coverage -debug -doc gstreamer introspection jit -spell -webgl (-test) build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  318.     Reasons: gnome-extra/zenity
  319. n   gnome-extra/zenity:0::gentoo 3.2.0 to ::installed
  320.     "Tool to display dialogs from the commandline and shell scripts"
  321.     -debug -libnotify webkit build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  322.     Reasons: x11-wm/metacity
  323. n   sys-apps/gnome-disk-utility:0::gentoo 3.0.2-r300 to ::installed
  324.     "Disk Utility for GNOME using devicekit-disks"
  325.     -avahi -doc -fat -gnome-keyring -nautilus -remote-access build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  326.     Reasons: gnome-base/gvfs
  327. n   gnome-base/gvfs:0::gentoo 1.10.1 to ::installed
  328.     "GNOME Virtual Filesystem Layer"
  329.     -afp -archive -avahi -bluetooth -bluray cdda -doc -fuse gdu -gnome-keyring -gphoto2 http -ios -samba udev build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  330.     Reasons: !<gnome-base/gvfs-1.6.4-r990 from dev-libs/glib, gnome-base/libgnome, xfce-base/thunar
  331. r   x11-libs/qt-sql:4::gentoo 4.7.4 to ::installed replacing 4.7.4 [cycle 2]
  332.     (-aqua) -debug exceptions -firebird -freetds iconv -mysql* -odbc -pch -postgres qt3support sqlite build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  333.     Reasons: !<x11-libs/qt-sql-4.7.4 from x11-libs/qt-core, !<x11-libs/qt-sql-4.7.4 from x11-libs/qt-dbus, !<x11-libs/qt-sql-4.7.4 from x11-libs/qt-gui, 12 more
  334.     Self dependent (already met)
  335. r   media-video/avidemux:2::gentoo 2.5.5 to ::installed replacing 2.5.5
  336.     aac aften alsa -amr dts (-esd) -gtk* -jack -libsamplerate mp3 nls oss -pulseaudio qt4 sdl truetype vorbis x264 xv xvid LINGUAS: -bg -ca -cs -de -el -es -fr -it -ja -pt_BR -ru -sr -sr@latin -tr -zh_TW build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  337.     Reasons: target (world::environment)
  338. u   media-video/mplayer:0::gentoo 1.0_rc4_p20120109 to ::installed replacing 1.0_rc4_p20120105
  339.     -3dnow -3dnowext X a52 -aalib alsa (-altivec) (-aqua) ass -bidi -bindist -bl -bluray -bs2b -cddb cdio -cdparanoia -cpudetection -debug -dga -directfb -doc dts dv -dvb dvd dvdnav (-dxr3) enca encode (-esd) -faac faad -fbcon -ftp -ggi -gif -gsm iconv ipv6 -jack -joystick jpeg -jpeg2k -ladspa -libcaca -libmpeg2 -lirc live -lzo -mad -md5sum mmx -mmxext -mng mp3 -nas network -nut -openal opengl osdmenu oss png -pnm -pulseaudio -pvr quicktime -radio rar real rtc -rtmp -samba sdl shm speex sse sse2 -ssse3 -tga theora toolame tremor truetype twolame unicode -v4l -vdpau (-vidix) vorbis (-win32codecs) x264 -xanim -xinerama xscreensaver xv xvid -xvmc -zoran VIDEO_CARDS: -mga -s3virge -tdfx build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  340.     Reasons: target (world::environment), media-sound/qmmp, media-video/acidrip, 3 more
  341.     5.15 MBytes to download
  342. r   x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers:0::gentoo 290.10 to ::installed replacing 290.10
  343.     -acpi -custom-cflags -gtk* (multilib) build_options: -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  344.     Reasons: target (world::environment), !=x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers-180* from x11-libs/libvdpau, !=x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers-185* from x11-libs/libvdpau, 7 more
  345. u   www-client/chromium:0::gentoo 17.0.963.33 to ::installed replacing 17.0.963.26 [cycle 2]
  346.     -bindist cups -custom-cflags -gnome -gnome-keyring -kerberos (-pulseaudio) (-test) LINGUAS: -am -ar -bg -bn -ca -cs -da -de -el -en_GB -es -es_LA -et -fa -fi -fil -fr -gu -he -hi -hr -hu -id -it -ja -kn -ko -lt -lv -ml -mr -nb -nl -pl -pt_BR -pt_PT -ro -ru -sk -sl -sr -sv -sw -ta -te -th -tr -uk -vi -zh_CN -zh_TW build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  347.     Reasons: target (world::environment), !=www-client/chromium-9999 from www-client/chromium
  348.     157.44 MBytes to download
  349. u   x11-terms/xterm:0::gentoo 277 to ::installed replacing 276
  350.     -Xaw3d toolbar truetype unicode build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  351.     Reasons: target (world::environment)
  352.     972.90 kBytes to download
  353. n   gnome-base/libgnome:0::gentoo 2.32.1-r1 to ::installed
  354.     "Essential Gnome Libraries"
  355.     -branding -debug -doc build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  356.     Reasons: gnome-base/libbonoboui, gnome-base/libgnomeui, media-gfx/f-spot, 2 more
  357. n   gnome-base/libbonoboui:0::gentoo 2.24.5 to ::installed
  358.     "User Interface part of libbonobo"
  359.     -doc -examples (-test) build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  360.     Reasons: gnome-base/libgnomeui
  361.     953.37 kBytes to download
  362. n   gnome-base/libgnomeui:0::gentoo 2.24.5 to ::installed
  363.     "User Interface routines for Gnome"
  364.     -doc (-test) build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  365.     Reasons: dev-dotnet/gnome-sharp, media-gfx/f-spot, media-sound/gnome-alsamixer, 3 more
  366.     1.37 MBytes to download
  367. n   x11-misc/notification-daemon:0::gentoo 0.7.3 to ::installed
  368.     "Notification daemon"
  369.     build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  370.     Reasons: virtual/notification-daemon
  371. n   virtual/notification-daemon:0::gentoo 0 to ::installed
  372.     "Virtual for notification daemon dbus service"
  373.     -gnome build_options: symbols=split -optional_tests -trace -preserve_work
  374.     Reasons: x11-libs/libnotify
  376. Total: 20 reinstalls, 30 upgrades, 2 new slot installs, 30 new installs, 218.25 MBytes to download
  378. I did not take the following:
  380. (<) dev-python/pygame 1.9.2_pre3203:0::installed
  381.     Reasons: was used by net-p2p/deluge-1.3.3:0::installed
  382.     Take using: --purge
  383. (<) dev-python/pygtksourceview 2.10.1:2::installed
  384.     Reasons: was used by dev-vcs/git-
  385.     Take using: --purge
  386. (<) net-wireless/bluez 4.97-r1:0::installed
  387.     Reasons: was used by net-misc/networkmanager-, net-libs/libpcap-1.2.1:0::installed
  388.     Take using: --purge
  389. (<) virtual/perl-Version-Requirements 0.101.20-r2:0::installed
  390.     Reasons: was used by perl-core/CPAN-Meta-2.112.621:0::installed
  391.     Take using: --purge
  392. (<) x11-libs/gksu 2.0.2:0::installed
  393.     Reasons: was used by sys-block/gparted-0.11.0:0::installed
  394.     Take using: --purge
  396. Build Options:
  397.     optional_tests:                Run tests considered by the package to be optional
  398.     preserve_work:                 Do not remove build directories, and do not modify the image when merging
  399.     symbols:                       How to handle debug symbols in installed files
  400.     trace:                         Trace actions executed by the package (very noisy, for debugging broken builds only)
  402. USE:
  403.     X:                             Adds support for X11
  404.     acl:                           Adds support for Access Control Lists
  405.     afp:                           Enables support for accessing AFP (Apple Filing Protocol) network shares
  406.     aqua:                          Include support for the Mac OS X Aqua (Carbon/Cocoa) GUI
  407.     archive:                       Enables support for accessing files in archives transparently via app-arch/libarchive
  408.     avahi:                         Add avahi/Zeroconf support
  409.     bluetooth:                     Enables Bluetooth Support
  410.     bluray:                        Enable playback of Blu-ray filesystems using media-libs/libbluray
  411.     branding:                      Enable Gentoo specific branding
  412.     build:                         !!internal use only!! DO NOT SET THIS FLAG YOURSELF!, used for creating build images and the first half of bootstrapping [make stage1]
  413.     caps:                          Use Linux capabilities library to control privilege
  414.     cdda:                          Adds Compact Disk Digital Audio (Standard Audio CD) support
  415.     consolekit:                    Enable native consolekit support
  416.     coverage:                      Enable code coverage support
  417.     deblob:                        Remove binary blobs from kernel sources to provide libre license compliance.
  418.     debug:                         Enable extra debug codepaths, like asserts and extra output. If you want to get meaningful backtraces see
  419.     doc:                           Adds extra documentation (API, Javadoc, etc). It is recommended to enable per package instead of globally
  420.     e2fsprogs:                     Use file flags from sys-fs/e2fsprogs headers instead of virtual/os-headers headers
  421.     examples:                      Install examples, usually source code
  422.     fam:                           Enable FAM (File Alteration Monitor) support
  423.     fat:                           Include FAT16/FAT32 support (sys-fs/dosfstools)
  424.     fuse:                          Enables fuse mount points in $HOME/.gvfs for legacy application access
  425.     gdu:                           Enable sys-apps/gnome-disk-utility integration
  426.     glade:                         Enable glade support
  427.     gnome:
  428.         net-libs/libproxy:0::gentoo:  Enable support for reading proxy settings from GNOME
  429.         net-libs/glib-networking:0::gentoo:  Extract HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS proxy configuration stored using GSettings
  430.         virtual/notification-daemon:0::gentoo:  Adds GNOME support
  431.     gnome-keyring:                 Enable support for storing passwords via gnome-keyring
  432.     gnutls:                        Adds support for net-libs/gnutls (TLS 1.0 and SSL 3.0 support)
  433.     gphoto2:                       Adds digital camera support
  434.     gstreamer:                     Adds support for media-libs/gstreamer (Streaming media)
  435.     gtk:
  436.         dev-vcs/git:0::gentoo:     Include the gitview contrib tool.
  437.         sys-auth/polkit:0::gentoo:  Adds support for x11-libs/gtk+ (The GIMP Toolkit)
  438.         sys-devel/gcc:4.5::gentoo:  Useful only when building GCJ, this enables Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT) peer support on top of GTK+
  439.         app-crypt/pinentry:0::gentoo:  Adds support for x11-libs/gtk+ (The GIMP Toolkit)
  440.         media-sound/alsa-tools:0.9::gentoo:  Adds support for x11-libs/gtk+ (The GIMP Toolkit)
  441.         net-dialup/ppp:0::gentoo:  Installs GTK+ password prompting program that can be used by PPP plugin for reading the password from a X11 input terminal
  442.         net-analyzer/nmap:0::gentoo:  Adds support for x11-libs/gtk+ (The GIMP Toolkit)
  443.         dev-python/twisted:0::gentoo:  Adds support for x11-libs/gtk+ (The GIMP Toolkit)
  444.         net-p2p/deluge:0::gentoo:  Adds support for x11-libs/gtk+ (The GIMP Toolkit)
  445.         app-text/ghostscript-gpl:0::gentoo:  Adds support for x11-libs/gtk+ (The GIMP Toolkit)
  446.         gnome-base/librsvg:2::gentoo:  Adds support for x11-libs/gtk+ (The GIMP Toolkit)
  447.         sys-block/gparted:0::gentoo:  Enable .desktop support for gtk+ based desktops.
  448.         media-video/avidemux:2::gentoo:  Adds support for x11-libs/gtk+ (The GIMP Toolkit)
  449.         x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers:0::gentoo:  Adds support for x11-libs/gtk+ (The GIMP Toolkit)
  450.     gtk3:                          Build with gtk+-3 support
  451.     http:                          Enable the HTTP/DAV backend using net-libs/libsoup-gnome
  452.     iconv:                         Enable support for the iconv character set conversion library
  453.     introspection:                 Use dev-libs/gobject-introspection for introspection
  454.     ios:                           Enable support for Apple's iDevice with iOS operating system (iPad, iPhone, iPod, etc)
  455.     ipv6:                          Adds support for IP version 6
  456.     jit:                           Enable JIT javascript compiler (disabling it will cause performance penalty)
  457.     kde:                           Enable support for reading proxy settings from KDE
  458.     kerberos:                      Adds kerberos support
  459.     ldap:                          Build backend which enables default mail accounts, addressbooks and calendars for Evolution to be configured using each user's LDAP entry."
  460.     libnotify:                     Enable desktop notification support
  461.     libproxy:                      Use net-libs/libproxy for getting the HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS proxy configuration
  462.     mono:                          Build Mono bindings to support dotnet type stuff
  463.     mysql:                         Adds mySQL Database support
  464.     nautilus:                      Enable gnome-base/nautilus extension.
  465.     nettle:                        Use dev-libs/nettle as crypto backend
  466.     networkmanager:                Enable net-misc/networkmanager support
  467.     orbit:                         Use gnome-base/orbit for IPC, same as in gconf-2.x
  468.     pam:                           Adds support for PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules) - DANGEROUS to arbitrarily flip
  469.     perl:                          Adds optional support/bindings for the Perl language
  470.     policykit:                     Enable PolicyKit authentication support
  471.     python:                        Adds optional support/bindings for the Python language
  472.     remote-access:                 Enable access to remote udisks daemons.
  473.     samba:
  474.         net-libs/libsoup:2.4::gentoo:  Use net-fs/samba for NTLM Single Sign-On
  475.         gnome-base/gnome-vfs:2::gentoo:  Adds support for SAMBA (Windows File and Printer sharing)
  476.         gnome-base/gvfs:0::gentoo:  Adds support for SAMBA (Windows File and Printer sharing)
  477.     spell:                         Adds dictionary support
  478.     ssl:                           Adds support for Secure Socket Layer connections
  479.     static-libs:                   Build static libraries
  480.     symlink:                       Force kernel ebuilds to automatically update the /usr/src/linux symlink
  481.     test:                          Workaround to pull in packages needed to run with FEATURES=test. Portage-2.1.2 handles this internally, so don't set it in make.conf/package.use anymore
  482.     tools:                         Build miscellaneous tools
  483.     udev:                          Enable udev base replacement code for cdda feature
  484.     vala:                          Add support for dev-lang/vala
  485.     webgl:                         Build support for the WebGL HTML API using virtual/opengl
  486.     webkit:                        Enable HTML rendering using net-libs/webkit-gtk
  488. I encountered the following errors:
  490. !   app-misc/realpath
  491.     Reasons: !app-misc/realpath from sys-apps/coreutils, app-portage/gentoolkit
  492.     Unsuitable candidates:
  493.       * app-misc/realpath-1.15-r1:0::gentoo
  494.         Did not meet !app-misc/realpath, use existing if possible, installing to / (nothing is fine too) from !app-misc/realpath from sys-apps/coreutils
  495.       * app-misc/realpath-1.15-r3:0::gentoo
  496.         Did not meet !app-misc/realpath, use existing if possible, installing to / (nothing is fine too) from !app-misc/realpath from sys-apps/coreutils
  497.       * app-misc/realpath-1.16:0::gentoo
  498.         Did not meet !app-misc/realpath, use existing if possible, installing to / (nothing is fine too) from !app-misc/realpath from sys-apps/coreutils
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