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  1. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  2. @Taiko Scene
  3. Note: In an attempt to keep things timely and make sure the scene at least nears its end near the 4 hour mark i'm aiming for, I will be pushing ahead and railroading if we have too much dead air, or skipping turns in combat if you take way too long to post.
  4. Jirozame Mako  
  5. ( :thumbsup: )
  6. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  7. (And since we are lacking some of who are expected to be here and are only at 2 currently, just going to start pre-emptively with the intro and let people flow in hopefully.)
  8. Having gathered enough force, and given enough influence, the Hare is able to get the permit to start the expedition. The group would gather as a proper meet up (and inspection) before they would head out. Taking up a corner of the barracks as a couple heimen helped make ready with supplies and anything else that may be needed, now was a time to go over as to what was known and what to expect.
  9. ((Introduction posts as is your want))
  10. Fu  
  11. (home)
  12. Jirozame Mako  
  13. Standing off to the side is Mako, resplendent in his Summer outfit, waiting impatiently as Mamimi helps him strap his worn and battered heavy armor on. The flashy samurai's daisho sticks out almost horizontally in his obi, and his twin nodachi lean against the wall, waiting to be slung on before they mobilize. Mamimi fusses quietly with ties while Mako works on the easier to reach straps.
  14. Ikoma Chiaki  
  15. Dressed in her unadorned Gi and Hakama, Chiaki waits by the supplies. She's speaking with the hemin, learning what they have planned to provide
  16. Fu  
  17. fu arrives without armor, in a plain grey robes, his staff which is clearly NOT meant for combat jingles and jangles as he approaches as its covered in bells, basket on his head
  18. How can i assist you samurai today?
  19. Jirozame Mako  
  20. Chipped hemlet in hand, Mako shoulders his nodachi and gives his limbs a stretch.
  21. "Something about a peasant rumor. Suspicious stuff nearby. Gotta go kill whatever it is."
  22. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  23. ((Welp, gonna work with what we have.))
  24. β€œMinna-san.” Usagi Chiyo would gather their attention, finishing binding a sleeve on a set of light armor. β€œLet us discuss what is known and our plans.” Pulling out a map, she’d pass it around. While Crude, it displays the Kyuden on the western side along with some villages dotting the eastern portion. β€œEastern Paddy Village, otherwise unimportant. Some scouts nearby spoke to the heimen, which is where we originally heard about these patrols. Current plans are to reach the village while avoiding any other potential patrols in the area, and investigate further. If we can find where all the supplies they traveled with were taken, we may find clues as to the scroll.”
  26. A slight cough as to catch their attention again on that statement was given. β€œThat said, it could be a fake like all the others we have found so far. Still, it is odd for them to move around so much and have it not be related.”
  27. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  28. ((hola))
  29. Fu  
  30. So the samurai will go to this village, and find the enemies store houses?
  31. Ikoma Chiaki  
  32. Chiaki nods as she looks over the map and passes it on.
  33. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  34. "If there are enemy store houses. What we know is they came through the village and have now apparently stopped. The scouts did not report seeing any Obsidian Legion nearby, so they may not be in the village itself."
  35. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  36. The Unicorn made his entrance, fashionably late. Decked out in a beautiful and still fairly new looking set of faintly purple light armor, he rides up on his handsome white stallion, looking fresh to death. The white plume from his helmet flows behind him in the wind as he casually rides up and listens to Usagi Chiyo. He tried not to scowl at the sight of the Shark, but was delighted to see the Lion and the Monk. He stroked his chin at the words of the Hare. "Their movements are suspicious enough. Even if they do not have the scroll, they may be up to something else we should put a stop to."
  37. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  38. A nod would be given in response as she'd eye over the new Unicorn. "Hai, that is part of why this was approved. Though I truly wish to fulfill my Clan's goals, there is no doubt figuring out the Legion's interest will be useful regardless."
  39. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  40. If no one minded, the Unicorn would take the map from Chiaki next, eyeing it as best he could. "Let's get a move on then." The white horse stamped the floor impatiently. "If any of you are not able to keep pace, you may ride along with me and Shiro, if necessary." The offer was up in the air for anyone, but he avoided looking at the shark when he said it.
  41. Jirozame Mako  
  42. Mako waves Mamimi away and steps up to the conversation.
  43. "So what's the plan? Ride in, cut down all but one or two suspicious people, and then drag info out of 'em?"
  44. Fu  
  45. first part seems advisable, second part only mirrors the dark empire. to mako
  46. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  47. She'd eye Mako. "The elder might know more, we aren't about to go cutting down peasents, ronin-san." Looking to Kuro and seeing no one else arriving, she'd nod. "Hai, finish preparations and we'll start towards the village."
  48. Jirozame Mako  
  49. From behind his half-missing mempo, Mako's face twitches slightly.
  50. "Shark-san, you mean. I am Jirozame Mako, last scion of the Shark clan. And I won't cut down anything that doesn't need cutting. I promise."
  51. Fu  
  52. Every day of his life a man has only one judge, and that judge is himself. fu quotes to the waveperson
  53. Ikoma Chiaki  
  54. Chiaki sets about finishing preparations, including acquiring a Yumi and arrows, Jade finger and powder and the supplies she may need
  55. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  56. Kuro has shown up prepared eith his daisho set, a bow to his back and a quiver of arrows tied to the horses flank, as well as a small finger of jade tied to his person, if allowed. He ready to roll.
  57. Jirozame Mako  
  58. (Does everyone get a horse? Or is this a march?)
  59. Fu  
  60. (march!)
  61. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  62. ((Let me try to vaugely remember how rokugan distance works))
  63. Jirozame Mako  
  64. (It doesn't.)
  65. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  66. ((Heck))
  67. Fu  
  68. (but hunting trail blazing helps with speed)
  69. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  70. ((Horses, the travel will take 3+ days vaguely because distance is a funny concept in rokugan))
  71. Jirozame Mako  
  72. (Dope.)
  73. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  74. ((Once we start travel i'm going to assume each character introduced themselves, unless yall are that anti-social))
  75. Agasha Aiko  
  76. Aiko clasps the finger of jade worn around her neck as she rushes towards the barracks.
  77. "Sorry I'm late! I hope you have room for one more on this venture!"
  78. She tries her best to not show signs of her heavy breathe from running.
  79. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  80. ((I know 3/4 of y'all))
  81. Fu  
  82. (just contrary)
  85. +
  88. Agasha Aiko  
  89. (just spaces out)
  90. "I lost track of time during my studies... This is the group assembled to investigate the rumors of a certain scroll, yes?"
  91. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  92. The Hare would give a nod. "Grab a horse, we should start before the sun gets too high."
  93. Jirozame Mako  
  94. Without further argument, Mako snatches up a finger of jade and grabs the first unoccupied horse he can find.
  95. "Let's get going. I'm itching for some action, all cooped up in the city."
  96. Agasha Aiko  
  97. Aiko nods, and gives her travel pack one last check before she is satisfied and mounts up.
  98. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  99. - And with that, the journey to the village would begin, seemingly uneventfully. -
  100. ((Opportunity to share anything else, give hunting or other checks to try to speed up the travel or anything else))
  101. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  102. ((what would be the TN to make the trip faster with hunting?))
  103. ((also are we gonna be quiet the whole way or nah?))
  104. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  105. ((Such is the danger of choice.))
  106. ((It'd be trailblazing at a TN15, raises if you wanna call em))
  107. ((Unless you just follow a road the whole time))
  108. Fu  
  109. fu will help pass the time by focusing his mind with the fires of knowledge and give everyone a very detailed overview of the diamond sutra and why he believe the 7 thunders failed against fu leng as there was a lack of support from the brotherhood
  110. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  111. ((fucking 14 for trailblazing))
  112. Jirozame Mako  
  113. (oof)
  114. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  115. ((Sure is a shame it wasnt a co-operative roll))
  116. Jirozame Mako  
  117. (I don't even have a rank of Hunting to share, so)
  118. Agasha Aiko  
  119. ((If anybody has any questions that I can throw lore at, feel free to ask, and I will roll.  If nothing else, Aiko will engage in convo with Fu about theology.))
  120. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  121. ((Lived in the forest, with 0 clue where to go, nice))
  122. Jirozame Mako  
  123. (I followed the sound of jingling coins)
  124. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  125. ((does this mean we get lost and the journey takes longer))
  126. Fu  
  127. (i have 1 hunting but too busy saving souls)
  128. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  129. ((or just not faster))
  130. Ikoma Chiaki  
  131. ((I'm going to assume Chiaki gets her bow and relevant supplies))
  132. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  133. ((It means you run off to try to make a path and the Hare ignores you))
  134. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  135. ((truly dark times))
  136. Fu  
  137. (note aiko, i rolled 50 with 3 raises do your best)
  138. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  139. ((gonna roll for singing any opposed, or are we going full stealth radio silence))
  140. Jirozame Mako  
  141. (Go for it.)
  142. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  143. While the Unicorn seems all but eager to speed up the party and show his family's wanderlust, the Hare seems to pay him little mind and make way towards the village in good time.
  144. Agasha Aiko  
  145. ((Yolo))
  146. ((35 w/ 2 raise))
  147. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  148. The Unicorn charged off the path, but sheepishly returned later, his trailblazing skills not nearly as useful in a not desert. ((TN15, lost with TN14)). However, he's in such good spirits thanks to being on a horse and out and about he sings a Rokugani classic song about the wind and rain. ((TN15 beat with 25))
  149. Jirozame Mako  
  150. (Uh, is it relevant to mention that Mako has night terrors and is not at all quiet while sleeping? He needs 10 hours of sleep to regain VP)
  151. (I didn't spend any, but)
  152. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  153. ((It'd be noticeable given your sleeping locations would all be near eachother))
  154. Jirozame Mako  
  155. Bleary-eyed and agitated, Mako simmers silently on his horse while the Unicorn sings his dumb travel songs and the religous types argue about dumb heaven stuff.
  156. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  157. The Hare would eye the Unicorn each time he sang, bursting out in song as they went into the wilds to avoid the Legion's attention. Silently the Kami were thanked for no one seeming to notice them.
  158. Ikoma Chiaki  
  159. Chiaki would herself join in the singing, if only to add futher topics of song that the group may enjoy
  160. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  161. - And with the rest of the days of travel being breezed over for the sake of time and events. -
  162. Passing through hillside, with the village finally coming into view, it is immediately evident the reason for its name. Although the place has surely seen better days, the land is rich with farms sadly in various states of disrepair. A road into the village could be seen straight ahead, curving into the village from a side they had avoided.
  163. Jirozame Mako  
  164. "Finally. Now what?"
  165. Mako grumbles from under his armor.
  166. Fu  
  167. indeed, let's get down to business
  168. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  169. The Unicorn was secretly very delighted that the Lion had joined in with his singing, but when the time was appropriate (read: upon spotting the village) he closed his mouth and tried to take in everything before he would speak.
  170. Ikoma Chiaki  
  171. Chiaki stops as the town comes into view. "Not following the road will be noticed, especially if we all show up"
  172. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  173. "Now, we see what we can find, eh?"
  175. "Point taken, Ikoma-san." The Hare would scan the village. "Split up, or is the risks too great?" She'd ponder aloud.
  176. Fu  
  177. I will ask the heavens samurai-sama perhaps they can tell us the best path forward, if i can have but a moment.
  178. Jirozame Mako  
  179. "I'll take the shugenja, ponyboy can have the monk. If you think you can take care of yourself and the Lion, Hare-san."
  180. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  181. The unicorn tapped his head. "Maybe teams of two instead of 3," ugh he had to refer to the shark, "Jirozame-san?"
  182. Agasha Aiko  
  183. "Ask the heavens? Fu-san, are you a diviner as well?"
  186. +
  189. Fu  
  190. fu gets down from the pony and starts collecting sticks and rocks off the ground, some times throwing a away on odd rock or stick, he then takes out the bowl he has been eating from all trip, kneels and caste the sticks and rocks into the bowl for guidance (22!)
  191. Ikoma Chiaki  
  192. Chiaki blinks as the monk mentions asking the heavens for guidance again. "Perhaps this one can just walk up and ask."
  193. Jirozame Mako  
  194. "Fine. Lion and Dragon with me, then. Hare-san can keep you safe, ponyboy."
  195. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  196. He gives a curt, short nod at the Shark, but his eyes were hard and steely. "If we split up, those are acceptable teams. Please take care of them, Jirozame-san." Or else, but he did not say that aloud.
  197. Agasha Aiko  
  198. Aiko watches closely. "Hai, I'll join the Shark and the Lion."
  199. "An interesting method, monk, though I am partial to kawaru myself."
  200. She ponders briefly.
  201. "Though I have divined some nature of this mission beforehand. Not only that, but I recieved a vision before joining the lot of you!"
  202. ((Descriptions incoming!))
  203. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  204. ((!))
  205. Fu  
  206. fu frowns at the sticks and stones i merely read what the heavens tell dragon-sama, and saidly the light of heaven does not shine on this village. shadows are everywhere, and they are not to be trusted.
  207. Agasha Aiko  
  208. ((56 Divination w/ 2 raises))
  210. Tension in the air
  211. Knife’s edge on your back
  213. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  214. The Hare would put a thumb to her lip, thinking a moment.
  216. "If Ikoma-san is trained of the bards, perhaps she should speak to the elder. We shall move around the outside and see if any trails were left..." She'd mutter as suddenly all these divinations seemed to come forward, listening.
  217. Agasha Aiko  
  218. ((Lesser Prophecy))
  220. A broken statue fills your mind, drifting then to stone crumbling off, clacking against the floor. Viscous red slowly pools beside the stone before you snap awake.
  222. Jirozame Mako  
  223. Mako impatiently starts his horse forward.
  224. "Okay, yes, let's go talk to whoever and watch out of knives and red statue goo. If we stand around here long enough we'll be spotted together anyways."
  225. Ikoma Chiaki  
  226. "Hai." Chiaki chimes in agreement with the Hare.
  227. Fu  
  228. I will go where you samurai go doesn't vote on anything just advises
  229. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  230. A slow nod would be given. "Ominous... Keep your eyes out, call for each other if something happens, we won't be too far."
  231. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  232. This whole situation is a bit uncomfortable. Luckily he has Fu, the disturbing monk on his side. "If that is what Usagi-san wishes." However there was a slight tone in his voice suggesting he didn't like that idea, but he was not the big guy in charge here. He shot Mako an annoyed look. He just witnessed a miracle and behaved like this? Blasphemous.
  233. Ikoma Chiaki  
  234. Chiaki nods before heading off into town. Trying to look as unassuming as possible.
  235. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  236. - The Hare, Unicorn, and Monk would continue to wander the outskirts of the village, breaking off from the others as they investigated further in. -
  237. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  238. The Unicorn was too busy being pissy to wish Chiaki luck and safety, so he fumes silently while following the Hare. Mounted? Or no?
  239. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  240. ((Unicorn and Monk to Room 2))
  241. Agasha Aiko  
  242. Aiko nods, with everyone informed and plans (roughly) made, she was ready.
  243. Or not.
  244. "Ah! Just a moment..." and Aiko starts chanting, casting Fire Kami's Blessing upon herself.
  245. "Alright, ready!"
  246. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  247. Albeit the obvious damage to the farmlands and some housing in poor condition, the village truly did seem to manage to evade the worst of the Shadowland's and Hoturi's wrath. Houses still stood and life went on, evident as a few wandered about their jobs, stopping in place to eye the approaching samurai.
  248. Agasha Aiko  
  249. "Things don't seem too bad here. Droll as ever."
  250. Ikoma Chiaki  
  251. Chiaki leads her group into the town. Stopping a nearby peasant as she gets to the town. "Could you direct this one to the headman." Chiaki asks, trying to pick up the mood of the peasants
  252. Jirozame Mako  
  253. Any peasant that stares at Mako gets stared back at.
  254. "I don't like the way they're looking at us. They seem harmless enough, but..."
  255. Agasha Aiko  
  256. "The divinations were certainly clear that we shouldn't trust them."
  257. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  258. The girl picked out would stay frozen a moment, unsure how to react before a man would come up and bow deeply. "Hai, we would be happy to lead you there, samurai-samas." a eye being shot to the girl before she'd seem to come back to life. "H-Hai, right this way."
  260. The heimen would lead the way towards the center of the village. The largest building as usual sitting within the center.
  261. Agasha Aiko  
  262. Being led to the center of a village whose denizens we shouldn't trust... what could go wrong?
  263. Ikoma Chiaki  
  264. That interaction would've seemed normal enough another time. But Chiaki knew better than to just trust it. ((Can I make a Courtier/Awareness+empathy roll to try pick up on the Peasants feelings yet?))
  265. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  266. ((Sure, TN15 to feel the mood))
  267. Ikoma Chiaki  
  268. (31)
  269. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  270. It was obvious the girl was on edge, but behind the man's immediate action, it was evident he too was on edge. Responding immediately and sharply. The presence of the samurai seemed to set them off in some way.
  272. Reaching the center, the man who had guided them would slip inside the house. A few minutes would pass. Strange some might think compared to how quick the other man was, or of the times before all this.
  274. Soon enough however, the door would slide again, the man before bowing after opening as the elder walked out.
  276. "Ah, samurai-samas samurai-samas. What brings you to our village? I believe we made the last tax just fine yes?"
  277. Ikoma Chiaki  
  278. "Hai yes, the tax." Chiaki chimes in an attempt to not sound disinterested. "My companions and me were just wondering about that. Don't suppose there's any of them about, do you?"
  279. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  280. It seemed to take a moment for the elder to understand before it clicked. "O-oh you aren't..." then taking a breathe. "The people of this village have already spoken it seems yes." his immediate attention turning to look if there was anyone else around. "Would you come inside please? The uh... weather is quite unkind today."
  282. The weather however, seemed completely fine.
  283. Jirozame Mako  
  284. (What would you like me to roll to check if he seems trustworthy?)
  287. +
  290. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  291. ((Investigation))
  292. Jirozame Mako  
  293. (15)
  294. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  295. ((He seems legit))
  296. Agasha Aiko  
  297. Aiko will wander in after her compatriots.
  298. Ikoma Chiaki  
  299. Chiaki nods as she looks for the mood change in the peasants before heading inside.
  300. Jirozame Mako  
  301. After some hesitation, Mako dismounts and follows the group inside.
  302. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  303. Onlookers seemed to dissipate as they followed the headman inside, the man from earlier staying with as he would slide the door closed eventually behind them.
  305. "Please, sit sit." He'd offer them cushions at the table.
  307. "You've come here from the words passed on to the others then?" Straight to the point.
  308. Ikoma Chiaki  
  309. "Hai." Chiaki chimes. "This one is curious to know what you can tell them."
  310. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  311. "Mmm, that is..." the old man tapped his cane against the ground a few times. "It is what we said before. They came and then stopped. Unloaded things elsewhere."
  313. Tap Tap Tap
  315. "Your presence endangers us you know, yes?"
  316. Ikoma Chiaki  
  317. Chiaki tilts her head. "How so?"
  318. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  319. "If they came back. If they saw you..."
  321. Tap tap tap
  323. "The outcome would not be good, not good at all."
  324. Ikoma Chiaki  
  325. "That would require them to return and see us." Chiaki replies as she is warily examining the headman.((can I attempt the same thing with the headman?))
  326. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  327. ((You may, though his worry seems evident))
  328. Agasha Aiko  
  329. "Stop that tapping." Aiko says flatly, eyes narrowed with distrust.
  330. Ikoma Chiaki  
  331. (23)
  332. ((I may  disappear momentarily))
  333. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  334. ((Investigation vs Sincerity or reading his emotions?))
  335. Jirozame Mako  
  336. "It'd be awful if someone tried to spread the news that we're here. Terrible, even. Tatebiki doesn't like snitches."
  337. Mako reaches a hand to one of the nodachi on his back. Menacingly.
  338. Ikoma Chiaki  
  339. ((Emotions))
  340. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  341. The less than amicable attitude of the others did nothing to ease the mood. The headman still fidgeting with his cane.
  343. Chiaki would notice the man seemed conflicted and tense.
  345. "T-That is not what was said, samurai-sama. What exactly is it you wish of us?"
  346. Ikoma Chiaki  
  347. "Please, ronin-san. We are just talking" Chiaki's attention returns to the headman. "We would like you to relax and trust us with all the information you can provide. Leaving nothing out."
  348. Jirozame Mako  
  349. "Shark, not ronin, Lion-san."
  350. The sound of teeth grinding is barely audible behind Mako's fractured mempo.
  351. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  352. The other peasant would come up behind the headman, putting a hand on his shoulder. Calming him only a bit, but enough for him to stop messing with the cane it seemed.
  354. "We tried to involve ourselves little, simply giving them food when they came by you see..." he'd pause again, taking a breathe.
  356. "What we know besides what has been said is they seemed to take over a cave to the east of the village. What is there I can not say, but it is where they seemed to have left things before leaving us finally. We have not dared to enter."
  357. Ikoma Chiaki  
  358. Chiaki nods. "That's wise. Is there any other changes? New people in town?"
  359. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  360. The man would shake his head "Only those who have been here as usual." A hand seemed to nervously return to fidgeting with the cane again.
  362. "I-If you understood my statement from earlier, it'd be best for you to investigate what you will and then leave us. I have knowledge of little else."
  363. Jirozame Mako  
  364. Mako thoughtfully crosses his arms and taps his fingers.
  365. "Where's the cave, how many are there, and how many ins and outs does the cave have?"
  366. Ikoma Chiaki  
  367. "Hai. We understand." Chiaki replies
  368. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  369. "E-East as I said. I-I don't understand this other question, how many?"
  371. The other peasant spoke up "Please, he's said what he knows, samurai-samas. Leave us."
  372. Ikoma Chiaki  
  373. "Hai. Thank you, eto... I didn't get your name." Chiaki says as she rises to heads to withdraw
  374. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  375. "A-Ah, this one is Mito. The one beside me is Seiji." The old man would bow deeply.
  376. Agasha Aiko  
  377. "Thank you for the information."
  378. Jirozame Mako  
  379. A frown mars Mako's already unpleasant expression.
  380. "If we're gonna clear out the cave, I want to know how to get in, get out, and how many bodies there will be. What's the plan, Lion-san?"
  381. Agasha Aiko  
  382. "I can ward the entrance.  Anything corrupted will have difficulty getting in or out, or at the very least, suffer agonizing pain."
  383. Ikoma Chiaki  
  384. "Find the cave then signal the others. Hopefully they notice us leave."
  385. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  386. ((Direct Heading off to the cave?))
  387. Ikoma Chiaki  
  388. ((Yep))
  389. ((Unless others have other plans.))
  390. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  391. ((oh boyyyyyyyu)
  394. +
  397. Jirozame Mako  
  398. (Sounds like a plan. I'll kick an old man's cane out from under him another time.)
  399. Agasha Aiko  
  400. (We walkin all sneaky-like?)
  401. Jirozame Mako  
  402. (We can certainly attempt it.)
  403. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  404. As the others arrived at the cave entrance, they'd see the Usagi unpacking lanterns with three horses beside her, absent were the Unicorn and Monk.
  405. Ikoma Chiaki  
  406. "Seems they beat us to it." Chiaki observes
  407. Jirozame Mako  
  408. As Mako dismounts, he notes the lack of Kuro.
  409. "Did the pony get himself killed already?"
  410. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  411. "Minna-san." The Hare would reply, picking up a lantern.
  413. "He wandered in without light. Apparently he trusts the monk to guide him safely. But if you have any eyesight at all..." She'd look right at the entrance. "Whoever was here left plenty of obvious deterrence."
  414. Jirozame Mako  
  415. Without a hint of irony, Mako says "What an idiot."
  416. Agasha Aiko  
  417. That seemed more than a little reckless, even to Aiko.
  418. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  419. ((There is a very obvious tripwire))
  420. Agasha Aiko  
  421. Instead of addressing the missing samurai situation, Aiko asks openly, "Would you like me to ward the entrance?"
  422. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  423. "Possibly... though I wonder why they made it so obvious."
  425. Lighting the lantern, the Hare would step over the first two tripwires easily. "I do not like being responsible for two of us wandering off, especially with so little information."
  426. Ikoma Chiaki  
  427. Chiaki would spare a covert, baleful glare for the ronin, before conceding that the trust in the monk very likely to get the Unicorn killed. "Only if you can remove it later, Dragon-san."
  428. Jirozame Mako  
  429. Mako follows the Hare, oblivious to Chiaki's glare, drawing his nodachi without a moment to spare.
  430. Agasha Aiko  
  431. "It can be removable, but it will take a minute to cast, so if we're in a rush..."
  432. "Actually..."
  433. Aiko will grab a rock and start chanting while sketching out some letters on it.
  434. (Can cast using complex action, moving w/ free, and set down the rock when finished further into the cave)
  435. Ikoma Chiaki  
  436. "Better to have a second point ready." Chiaki agrees. "Shall we head down now?"
  437. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  438. The Hare would nod. "Best catch up with them before they get themselves killed if we can."
  439. Jirozame Mako  
  440. "That'd be a shame."
  441. Mako follows, eyes darting around, watching the shadows.
  442. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  443. ((Give me casual investigation TN10s))
  444. Jirozame Mako  
  445. (12 bossman)
  446. Agasha Aiko  
  447. (6 investigate, 25 Ward of Purity)
  448. Ikoma Chiaki  
  449. Yumi  and likely a lantern in hand, Chiaki heads down. (10)
  450. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  451. The Hare and Shark (and Lion) seem to make ample enough progress through the traps, none particularly well hidden, pointing them out to the others as they maneuvered through.
  452. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  453. ((we here?))
  454. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  455. With light on their side, the group was able to get through the cave in a timely manner, the head of the group nearly running into Fu as they turned a corner
  456. Fu  
  457. (hops hops hops)
  458. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  459. The Unicorn had paused at fu's touch and the sight of the statue. "From the shugenja's vision," he murmured and drew his katana. But where was the blood she had described?
  460. Ikoma Chiaki  
  461. "Well there you are." Chiaki states, as they nearly collide. "Have you found something other than more traps."
  462. Fu  
  463. sight beyond vision, lion-sama, we see what the dragon has already seen
  464. Jirozame Mako  
  465. "So that's the statue, huh?" Mako steps forward and peers at it. "Where's the goo?"
  466. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  467. ((Investigation check from anyone entering the room))
  468. Agasha Aiko  
  469. (Has my ward been cast, or am I still chanting?  It literally takes a minute, so unsure about time progression)
  470. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  471. ((how big is this cave? Are we cramped in a single file line or could we stand side by side?))
  472. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  473. ((Good point))
  474. Jirozame Mako  
  475. (5)
  476. Fu  
  477. but beware fu says as the shark move closer there are many dangers in that room.
  478. Ikoma Chiaki  
  479. "The goo is likely blood." Chiaki chimes as she strings her Yumi.
  480. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  481. Past the long tunnel, the cave seems to suddenly open up, where you could fit 2 side by side you could now easily fit over 10, maybe 15 others.
  482. ((What spell, Aiko?))
  483. Agasha Aiko  
  484. ((Ward of Purity))
  485. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  486. ((the one at the entrance I believe))
  487. Agasha Aiko  
  488. ((Yes, started casting at the entrance))
  489. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  490. ((Yes it would go off))
  491. Agasha Aiko  
  492. ((I'll set it down where the cave seems to open up, then))
  493. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  494. "Danger?" A voice would call out, with a slight echo in the room.
  496. "Now what danger could possibly lie beyond all the wires?" the voice oozed with sarcasm.
  497. Agasha Aiko  
  498. Aiko finishes her chanting as she sets down the rock she had been inscribing where the cave began to open up.  The writing glows orange for a brief moment as the ward activates.
  499. "Phew."
  500. Jirozame Mako  
  501. "Danger just walked past all the wires. C'mon out so we don't have to waste time looking for ya!"
  504. +
  507. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  508. Slowly setting down the lantern, the Hare's hand would rest on her saya
  509. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  510. The Unicorn was not digging how loud it was getting, so he remained silent. And covered his face with his free hand at the sound of the shark calling out. They'd been sneaking and shuffling for so long just for this kind of ending?
  511. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  512. Hopping down from an alcove seemingly above the statue, a sizeable man would then stand tall. Daisho sat on his hip, with a naginata in his arms. a hand then using it as a stick to lean on as it sat in a saya.
  514. "Straightforward, I like you.  What's your name?"
  515. ((Investigation 5))
  516. Ikoma Chiaki  
  517. After finishing stringing her bow, Chiaki sets about applying a sticky resin to her arrows
  518. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  519. ((who's investigatin?))
  520. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  521. ((Everybdy))
  522. Jirozame Mako  
  523. (10)
  524. Agasha Aiko  
  525. (16)
  526. Fu  
  527. (mirrors the dragon 16)
  528. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  529. ((12))
  530. Ikoma Chiaki  
  531. (16s)
  532. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  533. ((suck it makooooooo))
  534. Jirozame Mako  
  535. (I still passed the test. We're good.)
  536. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  537. As he spoke, those looking would notice unnaturally sharp teeth. They'd also notice the place where a mon would be had been cut over and resewn many a time, making it nearly indistinguishable.
  538. Fu would still notice other things with their awareness aside from the man ahead
  539. Jirozame Mako  
  540. "I've got nothing to say to you."
  541. The Shark steps forward and stances the fuck up.
  542. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  543. "Eh, is that so?" His eyes would seem to catch on the mon of the ronin not ronin. "Fancy digs there, who'd you kill that for?"
  544. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  545. Kurosawa resisted the urge to ask the Shark if this man was his cousin. "We are on a mission to find a scroll, and we believe it to be here. Please, be cooperative." He stepped forth, "so we may be on our way out shortly and leave you to your business." This probably wouldn't work, but he was willing to give peace a chance.
  546. Jirozame Mako  
  547. (Mako doesn't wear a Mon.)
  548. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  549. ((Ah hek))
  550. Fu  
  551. BEWARE THE KNIVES IN THE DARKNESS! fu would point out damagers life has not abandoned this this place
  552. Jirozame Mako  
  553. (He is still wearing extravagant clothes though)
  554. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  556. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  557. ((Fixed))
  558. Agasha Aiko  
  559. ((it all makes sense now))
  560. Jirozame Mako  
  561. (A Mon would ruin the aesthetic of the outfit!)
  562. Ikoma Chiaki  
  563. And after resin, Chiaki sets her powder aside. Ready if needed.
  564. Jirozame Mako  
  565. "I'll tell you when you're dead!"
  566. (25 Init)
  567. (Attack stance, I should have said)
  568. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  569. "Tch"
  571. The man seemed disappointed. "A hunter likes to play with their prey, small one."
  572. -- And Combat --
  574. Google Docs
  575. FRO10 Temp Combat Sheet (Scrolls)
  576. Sheet1
  578. Character,Initiative,Armor,Wound,Stance,Conditions,Kata,Void used,Spells Used,Enemy,Initiative,Armor,Wound ,Stance,Conditions
  579. Rando 1,14,15,0/33,attack
  580. Rando 2,7,15,0/33,attack
  581. Rando 3,10,15,0/33,attack
  582. Rando 4,7,18,0/33,attack
  583. Rando 5,12,18,0/33,attack
  584. Rando 6,6,13,0...
  585. ((You totally didnt see that name >.> ))
  586. Jirozame Mako  
  587. (I actually didn't)
  588. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  589. ((16 initiative and I also did not))
  590. ((do I fill out the sheet or...))
  591. Jirozame Mako  
  592. (Yessir.)
  593. Agasha Aiko  
  594. ((Why?  Is the name Bob important to the plot or something?))
  595. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  596. ((Its funny to me so many people rolled 24))
  597. Jirozame Mako  
  598. (There's supposed to be a reroll for tied inits, but you guys could probably just decide who goes in what order)
  599. (To avoid even more dice)
  600. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  601. ((can't edit it from phone
  602. 16 initiative
  603. 25 armor I believe with light
  604. 38 wounds earth 2
  605. Attack stance
  606. Am I missing anything?))
  607. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  608. ((Yeah i'm not gonna stress it to hard, enemy goes after friendlies))
  609. Jirozame Mako  
  610. (That sounds good Kuro. I'll add it.)
  611. (Or someone else will)
  612. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  613. ((Dragon needs to add wounds but we start with Monk))
  614. Fu  
  615. (what type of armor is pointy teeth?)
  616. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  617. ((Heavy))
  620. +
  623. Fu  
  624. (so base tn is 30)
  625. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  626. ((Oh im an idiot, hes not using a naginata derp))
  627. ((Yeah that dudes the 30))
  628. ((He's using a nodachi))
  629. Fu  
  630. fu moves forward, the staff forgotten on a wall his fists trying to find purchase in the armors opening of the enemy, however in the light and heavy plates fu can find no weak points
  631. Jirozame Mako  
  632. Right on the heels of the monk, and using his miss as a distraction, Mako hurls himself forward with a toothy grin and drives Nokogiri deep into Mr. Filetooth McMallgoth. (hit, 40 damage)
  633. Ikoma Chiaki  
  634. With battle started, Chiaki spares the moment to find the Void within her.
  635. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  636. Hopping down from an alcove, a man in ashigaru armor fired a shot off at the one holding the glowing rock (Aiko, for 10 dmg)
  637. ((Chiaki up, then Aiko, then Hare))
  638. Agasha Aiko  
  639. ((Spend a void to negate.  Also, rock is at my feet))
  640. Aiko is stricken by the arrow, but fortunately, it managed to hit her traveling pack instead.  She responds by chanting, managing to summon up a long, writhing whip of flames.  It drifts, seemingly with a mind of it's own, attached to her hand.
  641. Aiko will then try to move out of direct line of sight (if possible so she doesn't get arrow stormed)
  642. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  643. The Hare would speed off, dashing to the Ashigaru and swiftly cutting him down, nary a cry from the man as he immediately was felled, then running towards the large man.
  645. The man, on the other hand, simply smiled as he raised his nodachi to swing down at Mako. "Is that all you've got!?" chopping down only to be butted by the Hare running into him.
  646. ((Kuro, then lots of NPCs, then Fu))
  647. Ikoma Chiaki  
  648. ((Chiaki's actually ahead of Fu for a turn))
  649. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  650. ((Right))
  651. The man would glare with gritted teeth at the Hare, the gash from Mako slowly pulling itself together.
  652. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  653. The Unicorn bowed his head, but rushed forward a short distance to engage Random Bad Guy numero uno. His sword drawn, he aimed to give the man a slice across his chest, and succeeded despite the doubt curling in his mind. ((28 to hit TN 20, with 25 damage))
  654. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  655. Hopping down from his alcove, an ashigaru would be suprised by the sudden stab from a Unicorn. He however decided to return the favor with a quick jab himself (Kuro for 13)
  657. Another archer dropped down, firing a shot off the seemingly distracted lion (Chiaki for 14)
  659. Along with another spearmen dropping and charging the hair, landing a quick and true stab to her side. (26 damage, voided and reduced to 13)
  661. Another man with a nodachi dropped down, charging after Mako but glancing against the heavy armor.
  663. The rest then dropping, charging into range with yari or aiming their yumi to fire.
  664. ((Chiaki, Fu, then Mako))
  665. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  666. ((could someone edit my wounds por favor?))
  667. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  668. ((Didnt you void it to 0?))
  669. Jirozame Mako  
  670. (He can't)
  671. (Voided katana dmg)
  672. Ikoma Chiaki  
  673. Powder(assuming I have it), nock, arc draw and release. Chiaki sent her first arrow flying at the heavly armoured target. (Voided the wound. 27 to hit))
  674. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  675. ((Ooohhh))
  676. Fu  
  677. (so how messed up is kuro?)
  678. Jirozame Mako  
  679. (He's Nicked)
  680. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  681. ((27 misses heavy guy))
  682. Fu  
  683. fu once against tries to find an opening and can;t
  684. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  685. ((Mako, Aiko, Hare, Big Boi, then Kuro))
  686. Agasha Aiko  
  687. ((Are the mooks bunched up at all?))
  688. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  689. ((Sort of, whats the relevant text?))
  690. Agasha Aiko  
  691. ((Considering Tempest of Air))
  692. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  693. ((Aim it down to the right and you could knock 4 of them since its a cone))
  694. Jirozame Mako  
  695. (Tempest of Air is a great spell)
  696. (I'm spending a VP to increase my ATN by 10)
  697. (And as a result am out of void now)
  698. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  699. ((Why are you marked as wounded?))
  700. Jirozame Mako  
  701. (Me? Didn't the big guy hit me?)
  702. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  703. ((He missed))
  704. Jirozame Mako  
  705. (Oh.)
  706. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  707. ((I thought he hit but didn't do as much damage))
  708. Agasha Aiko  
  709. ((Hmmm... tempest or try to whip the big boi...))
  710. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  711. ((I know right?))
  712. Jirozame Mako  
  713. (So I hit?)
  714. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  715. ((He was the 7k3))
  716. Jirozame Mako  
  717. (If I haven't been hit, I just whacked him again)
  718. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  719. ((Yup))
  720. ((If I dont list damage, you weren't hit))
  721. Jirozame Mako  
  722. Once again into the fray, Mako takes a half step back and slashes down again. (hit, 21 dmg)
  723. "Just fall down and die!"
  724. Agasha Aiko  
  725. Aiko's whip flies toward the armored target, but narrowly misses.
  726. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  727. ((uh its the bad guys and the rabbit now right)
  730. +
  733. Jirozame Mako  
  734. (Big guy, then you, then the randos)
  735. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  736. The Hare again would dash off to try to thin their numbers, landing a shallow strike on one of the archers but following up truly, dropping them quickly. Gone of one pest and ignoring the monk ineffectively punching into his side, the man threw a swing to the side. "The Shark will never die!" the man belts in return, the sword glancing off the armor, aggravating him further.
  737. Jirozame Mako  
  738. (My ATN is 40.)
  739. (I spent a VP this turn, remember?)
  740. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  741. ((Oooohhh))
  742. ((I thought you FA'd for some reason))
  743. Jirozame Mako  
  744. (And he's in heavy armor. Wouldn't have hit anyway.)
  745. Fu  
  746. (fu fa'd)
  747. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  748. ((me now ye?))
  749. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  750. ((Yup))
  751. Agasha Aiko  
  752. ((wait, did the big boi FA on his turn?))
  753. Jirozame Mako  
  754. (Yeah)
  755. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  756. ((He goes after you))
  757. Agasha Aiko  
  758. ((Ahhh, k))
  759. Jirozame Mako  
  760. (He's fuckin' sharkbait now boyos)
  761. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  762. ((I keep forgetting actually to roll penalty because i've never played a character with it. My Hare that had it had Hida 1))
  763. Jirozame Mako  
  764. (lol)
  765. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  766. The ashigaru with yari charged, trying to land some thrusts but to no avail. Those still with yumi however shot true, landing a shot into the Hare (18, voided and reduced to 5) and the Dragon (20 damage)
  768. The other with the nodachi besides Mako and the hulking man also swung ineffectively, glancing once more.
  769. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  770. A gash opened and oozed from the Unicorn's stomach. He grunted in pain, whirling about to face his enemy. His sword had tasted blood, and it sated its taste with more flesh. When the man went down, Kuro muttered a curse under his breath. (23 to hit 23tn, 26 damage to kill rando1))
  771. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  772. ((We're back to Fu and crew))
  773. Fu  
  774. (who besides baby shark is low on voids?)
  775. Agasha Aiko  
  776. ((Voiding, reducing dmg to 10))
  777. Fu  
  778. fu back away from the armored foe, and chants a calming sutra, the void fills baby shark do doo doo do and the what was once lost is found again
  779. (free vp for baby shark)
  780. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  781. ((I think we have all spent 1 void, I spent 1 in the cave for investigation from the breath, and spent 1 for damage, so I believe I have 1 left))
  782. Fu  
  783. (kuro can't get it anymore)
  784. Agasha Aiko  
  785. ((I've used 2))
  786. Jirozame Mako  
  787. (Spending that new VP on ATN again.)
  788. A violent tremor runss through Mako when he hears the sharptoothed dipshit speak and finally recognzies his style. In retalliation, he belts out an indignant roar and heaves Nokogiri once more.
  789. "That's my fucking technique! Die!"
  790. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  791. ((kuro fucking knew it))
  792. Jirozame Mako  
  793. (Hit, 25 damage)
  794. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  795. ((It has been voided))
  796. ((Chiaki, Aiko, Hare, Boss man, Kuro))
  797. Ikoma Chiaki  
  798. "Oh, look another Shark." Chiaki chimes before firimg another arrow in his direction. (18 to hit)
  799. Agasha Aiko  
  800. Aiko lashes yet again at the boss guy, but finds success! (21 dmg)
  801. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  802. ((is everyone within free action move range?))
  803. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  804. ((Whats your water?))
  805. (Theres a yari boi close enough probably))
  806. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  807. ((water 2 =[))
  808. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  809. The Hare kept at it, leaping at the archers., nearly cutting one down completely though missing anything vital, and barely cutting into the other.
  811. The Large Ronin took a large brunt of force and pain, gritting as the nodachi cut into him and the whip singed his flesh. "YOU WERE IN DIAPERS WHEN I WAS USING THIS STYLE!" He'd roar, averting his attention to the Hare "GET OFF MY MEN!" running towards her but swinging wide.
  812. Agasha Aiko  
  813. ((Aiko is likely a ways away.  Her lash has a range of 30ft))
  814. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  815. ((Kuro up))
  816. Jirozame Mako  
  817. (He still in FA, Taiko?)
  818. Fu  
  819. (Move Actions
  820. Free action: Water x5 in feet
  821. Simple: Water x10 in feet)
  822. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  823. ((Yup))
  824. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  825. ((yari in reach or nah?))
  826. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  827. ((Yeah, one tried to thrust at yuh.))
  828. ((One of the 15 bois))
  829. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  830. ((and which number is yari? ))
  831. Jirozame Mako  
  832. (Fuck 'im up)
  833. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  834. ((15 bois that aint got wounds))
  835. Jirozame Mako  
  836. (Get 'im)
  837. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  838. Fuck yari, nasty weapons. He did not forget the last one he fought. He'd unleash a flurry of attacks before having one strike true, attempting to cut open the random number 2 like a can of twona. (43 to hit 23tn, 22 damage)
  839. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  840. Still standing, the Yari and his bois tried to return the stabbings at Kuro to quickly drop him, all narrowly missing the Shinjo.
  842. The archers similarly had no luck, either shooting off target or glancing off armor.
  844. The man with the nodachi striking at Mako faired no better than the others, glancing off.
  845. ((Fu and co.))
  848. +
  851. Fu  
  852. fu withdrawls into the void, and chants louder
  853. the void is ephemeral as ever and can only find it to push toward aiko (free vp for the dragon)
  854. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  855. ((Mako on deck to swing and destroy probably one of the nodachi bois))
  856. Jirozame Mako  
  857. Is this the traitor Shark's strategy? Since swords and arrows don't work, he's resorting to trying to make Mako's blood pressure spike to unhealthy levels? Gritting down and drawing blood from his lip, Mako lunges at the armored man's back.
  858. "Don't you walk away from me!"
  859. (hit, 45 damage. Get fucked, fakeShark.)
  860. Ikoma Chiaki  
  861. Chiaki tries again. Nock, draw and release this time at an unhurt target.  (16 to hit, 14 damage)
  862. Agasha Aiko  
  863. ((Is just mooks up now? How many could I nab w/ a Tempest?))
  864. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  865. ((There's 6 targets, but that'd be a miss if it was aimed at a completely uninjured one))
  866. ((For tempest, theres 3 yari by kuro, but you'd have to maneuver around to only cone them.))
  867. ((A.k.a step a bit forward and around))
  868. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  869. ((pls don't knock me over))
  870. Jirozame Mako  
  871. (You could delay until after Kuro goes, let him attack and move, and then loose the tempest.)
  872. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  873. ((Also a thing yes))
  874. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  875. ((when can I declare a stance change?))
  876. Jirozame Mako  
  877. (Start of your turn)
  878. Agasha Aiko  
  879. ((that delay sounds better))
  880. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  881. ((Hare then))
  882. Agasha Aiko  
  883. ((yez))
  884. ((can I shout to my allies to watch out and then delay?))
  885. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  886. ((Sure))
  887. Agasha Aiko  
  888. "Shinjo, Usagi!  Watch out for my spell!"
  889. Delays
  890. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  891. ((full defense would be 3+1k3? Normally?))
  892. Jirozame Mako  
  893. (Why FD?)
  894. (Spells just hit if they succeed the casting roll.)
  895. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  896. ((oh, I was gonna stand there and tank the hit while keeping bad guys close lol))
  897. Jirozame Mako  
  898. (You can attack and then move out of the cone if you want.)
  899. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  900. (I dunno if 5 ft will be enough))
  901. Jirozame Mako  
  902. (It's 5xWater.)
  903. Agasha Aiko  
  904. ((Should be fine))
  905. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  906. ((oh ten))
  907. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  908. Avoiding the original Nodachi slash from the hulk of a man, the Hare focused on finishing off the men with yumi before turning to hear the gurgle behind her. Blood spilled from where the Nodachi entered, sticking far through the man, and from his mouth as he looked down. After a moment passed he burst into laughter, or as much as he could as he choked on blood. "Yo-You know why they call me the Dark Hunter, young one?" He managed to get out as he twisted himself away, ripping Mako's nodachi with him Pulling out Mako's nodachi he grinned. "I always get my prey." Returning the blade just as hard straight back into the shark, before slumping over. (42 wounds reduced by armor means you live with 1 wound means im bad at math)
  909. Jirozame Mako  
  910. "Not even...fucking...close...idiot..."
  911. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  912. ((I'm up to bat now right)
  913. Agasha Aiko  
  914. ((Should be))
  915. Jirozame Mako  
  916. (Chiaki and Aiko already go?)
  917. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  918. ((Chiaki missed? Aiko delayed))
  919. Jirozame Mako  
  920. (Must have. I got distracted.)
  921. Ikoma Chiaki  
  922. ((Chiaki missed :sob:))
  923. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  924. ((Kuro bisected one and stepped back, still 2 you can tempest Aiko))
  925. Agasha Aiko  
  926. ((If I make raises for size, can I hit more doodz?))
  927. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  928. ((There'd be friendlies in the way))
  929. Jirozame Mako  
  930. (You can raise to add +5 to your contested roll)
  931. Agasha Aiko  
  932. ((Unsure if it's better to try and kill one w/ whip or to knockdown 2 dooderz))
  933. Jirozame Mako  
  934. (KD is more disabling. Their ATN is reduced to 5+Armor and all that.)
  935. (Plus they waste a round standing.)
  936. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  937. The Samurai would heed the Shugenja's call, but he didn't have much room to escape. So he was going to have to mako one. He made a short dash into the yari wielder that he'd struck earlier and with a mighty yell he cut his way out, literally letting the body hit the floor behind him in a grotesque flop while he continued to dash ten feet away to not get hit, no time to pose and look cool. (24 to hit 23 TN, 35 damage for the kill)
  938. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  939. ((Knockdown on people without SAA is nice, but you also are way outnumbering them now basically))
  940. Jirozame Mako  
  941. (Actually, whip 'em. None of us can make use of the Prone penalty.)
  942. Agasha Aiko  
  943. ((Yeh, since they're goin nxt))
  944. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  945. ((still rando 2 sorry forgot to specify))
  946. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  947. ((He's a dead boi, Aiko then the npcs then Fu at the top of the round))
  948. Agasha Aiko  
  949. ((Do either of them have a bow?))
  950. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  951. ((Both Yari [Spear] left, and Nodachi guy))
  952. Fu  
  953. (dark shark still up and damaged mako bad?)
  954. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  955. ((Dark Shark slumped over))
  956. Jirozame Mako  
  957. (He dead)
  958. (I'm shoving jade into his chest cavity on my turn)
  959. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  960. ((both yari were by kuro I believe))
  961. Agasha Aiko  
  962. ((Is nodachi guy the ?? TN20 to get hit?))
  963. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  964. ((Yup))
  965. Agasha Aiko  
  966. ((Aight I'll go for him))
  967. Aiko whips nodachi guy for 12 dmg!!
  968. Fu  
  969. fu looks over to the no-dachi weidler aiko is striking and moves in, easily finding holes in the armor of this foe, crippling the chi of his new foe
  970. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  971. -- NPCs act prior to Fu --
  972. The Two yari were confused why the man backed away, charging back at him with one missing and one landing a small hit into the man. (8 damage to Kuro)
  974. The Nodachi wielder, seeing blood as he stared at Mako was about to go for the man before getting singed by a whip. Diverting his anger elsewhere, he charged at the Dragon, screaming in anger. (27 damage to Aiko)
  976. And then the Nodachi wielder is punched by the monk
  979. +
  982. Agasha Aiko  
  983. ((is nodachi guy tainted?))
  984. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  985. ((Not visibly like the other one was/is))
  986. Agasha Aiko  
  987. ((if he is, he would trigger my ward))
  988. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  989. ((He does not trigger the ward surprisingly))
  990. Agasha Aiko  
  991. ((k, spending void to reduce dmg))
  992. Jirozame Mako  
  993. (Wait, is it my turn now?)
  994. Fu  
  995. yes)
  996. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  997. ((Yup))
  998. Jirozame Mako  
  999. Reaching into his gear, Mako pulls out the finger of jade and jams it into the traitor Shark's now-open chest cavity. "I hope this hurts."
  1000. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  1001. No response would be given beside the sizzle of jade burning the flesh and insides of the man.
  1002. ((Chiaki, Aiko, Hare, Kuro, NPCs))
  1003. Ikoma Chiaki  
  1004. Yumi to the No-Dachi Chiaki shoots the Swordsman. (38 to hit. 11 damage)
  1005. Agasha Aiko  
  1006. Aiko takes the hit, and elects to lash at a distant mook, striking him for 21 dmg!  Afterwards, the whip fades, sizzling into the air.  Aiko moves 10ft away from the nodachi guy, towards her allies.
  1007. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  1008. The Nodachi's rage turning to the newest opponent to him as always, the Hare was quick on the take and lunged into his back, piercing threw and gashing him down his center when he turned to face her.
  1010. The man slumping down as his blood left him.
  1011. ((Kuro))
  1012. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  1013. ((just the two targets left right?))
  1014. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  1015. ((Yup yup))
  1016. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  1017. He twisted in pain as he got stabbed, around the shoulder / back area, by the other yari spearman. The Unicorn would whip his sword around and stick it to rando number 4 real good (27 on 23 to hit, with 18 damage)
  1018. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  1019. Seeing the final proper samurai on their side go down, the ashigaru would look at each other as Kuro nicked one. They'd both Try to rush past, throwing the weapons as distractions at the people closest to the cave exit. (Complex move, rushing slightly past Aiko)
  1020. Into the trip wire the others had oh so carefully stepped over
  1021. One of them was quicker to jump back, a spike only catching his foot as he fell down and held it in pain. The other was less fortunate, tripping over it and catching the spikes into his side and arm, screaming in pain.
  1022. ((So thats basically combat over))
  1023. Jirozame Mako  
  1024. Mako wrenches Nokogiri from his body and staggers back against a wall. " we do with....the statue now?"
  1025. Fu  
  1026. fu does monkly things, prayers and purify bodies before removing heads
  1027. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  1028. ((Technically he had already returned it into you))
  1029. Agasha Aiko  
  1030. "Well... let's see about healing first... Does anyone have a medicine kit?"
  1031. Jirozame Mako  
  1032. (fix't)
  1033. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  1034. The Hare would grown slightly "I warned Shinjo-san of this prior to us entering..."
  1035. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  1036. The Unicorn leans against the wall of the cave. "I do not." He smiled dryly at the Hare. "You were right to be worried about casualties, Usagi-san. I should have lis-"
  1037. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  1038. The ashigaru not currently impaled slowly started to limp and crawl towards the exit
  1039. Jirozame Mako  
  1040. Seeing that, Mako pushes off from the wall and starts limping after the ashigaru to put them down.
  1041. "None of you...get to leave..."
  1042. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  1043. He turned as the rabbit was too fast and looked at the crawling ashigaru. "Someone should subdue him; we still have no idea what we're doing here." OH MAKO WAS AFTER IT? He joined in on the chase, staggering after the man.
  1044. Jirozame Mako  
  1045. (I think the bunny is on it already)
  1046. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  1047. The Hare, turning to the situation at hand, leapt (literally) onto the man, bringing him back to the ground
  1048. Ikoma Chiaki  
  1049. "Please wait here for us. We have a few questions you may help us with."
  1050. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  1051. ((Wait do you think the Hare leapt onto the shark?))
  1052. Jirozame Mako  
  1053. (Yes I did)
  1054. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  1055. ((lolllll))
  1056. Fu  
  1057. (mako deserved it)
  1058. Jirozame Mako  
  1059. (It's way funnier)
  1060. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  1061. ((contain your own blood, meat sack))
  1062. Jirozame Mako  
  1063. Mako stops when the ashigaru is downed.
  1064. "Fine. Whatever. Let him live."
  1065. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  1066. The ashigaru, lacking fighting spirit, was dragged back by the hare, thrown back on the ground in front of the others.
  1067. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  1068. Kuro tries to stop his blood from getting everywhere, although his kimono is darkened and wet lacquered wood armor slick with blood. "Victory," he rasped.
  1071. +
  1074. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  1075. The Hare looked at those gathered, letting out a sigh. "There's healing supplies back with the horses, give me a moment and i'll return."
  1076. Ikoma Chiaki  
  1077. "Perhaps you could tell us what you know of this place while the others examine the place. and get patched up" Chiaki asks the Ashigaru
  1078. Fu  
  1079. removes another head, touchy touchy dead bodies, while chanting
  1080. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  1081. "T-That" The ashigau would flip off his front, scrambling against a wall. "I-I don't know much. I-I just followed orders here. I-It was a t-trap to find any r-resistance in the area."
  1082. The man's face grew in terror as the monk seemingly happily removed heads from their bodies
  1083. Agasha Aiko  
  1084. Aiko looked over the statue to see if it resembled anything she recognized
  1085. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  1086. Chips of stone on the ground were bathed in red like the scene she had forseen prior
  1087. Ikoma Chiaki  
  1088. "So you don't know anything else? How did you survive here?"
  1089. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  1090. Kuro looks up at the alcove, and hobbles around trying to find more rooms in the cave.
  1091. Jirozame Mako  
  1092. Idly poking at his gaping chest wound, Mako rasps at the ashigaru.
  1093. "If you lie, I'll gut you. Did you I dealt with your....boss? How many hits you think you....can take?"
  1094. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  1095. 2 alcoves above in the front and back of the cave room, and 4 on each side. There wasn't any other evident entrances or exists
  1096. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  1097. The Unicorn would stomp into door number one and peer inside to see if there was anything that might contain a scroll, which was a lot of things, like a chest or drawer or bed with a pillow.
  1098. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  1099. Breathing heavily as he tried to reach for something on the wall behind him to no avail, he threw himself back on the ground. "P-please it was just orders! For my family to live! F-For us to survive!" his voice a mix of terror and sobs.
  1101. "T-They brought us food, to stay here!"
  1102. ((Above like you'd have to climb up to reach them, like you could store things there. Like 10 people for instance))
  1103. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  1104. ((no shape to climb, I meant one of the floor doors, Fu can climb he's uninjured.))
  1105. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  1106. ((Er, then theres no real doors, just like slight alcove carvings into the walls))
  1107. Jirozame Mako  
  1108. "Tell me about your boss. Who was he?"
  1109. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  1110. Worn and long forgotten goods like baskets and sacks seemed to fill the majority of what Kuro would find in his search, looking above seemed to give the same results.
  1111. ((Give me "Lore:Farming 15"))
  1112. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  1113. ((me?))
  1114. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  1115. ((If you're the only one investigating yes))
  1116. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  1117. ((is that perception or awareness))
  1118. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  1119. ((Lore is int))
  1120. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  1121. ((thank God, rolling 3k3 unskilled))
  1122. ((19))
  1123. Jirozame Mako  
  1124. (Nice)
  1125. Fu  
  1126. once fu is done removing all the heads and cleanse all the bodies he will join the samurai (17)
  1127. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  1128. "J-Ji-" He paused, seeming a blank for names. "J-Jiro-zame? T-The Shark." The ashigaru tried to catch his breath as he kept his head to the floor. "He took us from our villages."
  1129. The sacks look remarkably like grain sacks you've seen around the market and stored elsewhere.
  1130. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  1131. ((our market?))
  1132. ((castle sneeze?!))
  1133. Ikoma Chiaki  
  1134. "How much longer will it be until your next shipment?"
  1135. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  1136. ((That would be what it looks most similarly to. Albeit slightly different, likely because of the apparent age of the sacks.))
  1137. "T-That..." The man would peer up from the ground. "T-They brought food to us. The ones here. We were told to wait some weeks and then we'd move on again."
  1138. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  1139. Kuro doesn't know if they will find him simple or a genius. "These sacks... They look just like the ones in our market, back in Kyuden Ashinabagachi." He would mutter to the Monk.
  1140. Jirozame Mako  
  1141. "Any other samurai calling themselves Jirozame? Or was he the only one?"
  1142. Fu  
  1143. these must go back to the people. boons of bandits can not be taxed. because as the winds blow, nations change, fortunes rise and fall, its the simple folk that will always be asked to shoulder the weight.
  1144. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  1145. "He uh... spoke of a family? Where he got his name.."
  1146. A light peaked around the corner as the Hare returned, lantern in one hand and packs in the other. "Eh, so are any trained in use of these or?"
  1147. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  1148. ((dumb question but are the sacks full or empty))
  1149. Agasha Aiko  
  1150. Aiko looks at Fu, who was finished touching corpses.
  1151. "I can make do."
  1152. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  1153. ((Sacks are empty, save a spare few grains. They look ppreeettyyy old))
  1154. ((Anyone got lore: fortunes or stuff like that?))
  1155. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  1156. Kuro gathered the sacks, nesting them inside each other like what everyone does with grocery bags. He would compare them with the home ones later.
  1157. Agasha Aiko  
  1158. ((I've got Sage, and Fire Kami's Blessing should still be active))
  1159. Jirozame Mako  
  1160. "Good. There's more to kill then."
  1161. Mako shifts to look at the dead not!Shark.
  1162. "I should check him for Mon to take. Bet Shinkai'd get a laugh out of it."
  1163. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  1164. ((Wanna eye the hell out of that statue?))
  1165. Agasha Aiko  
  1166. ((Do raises matter?  Do wound penalties affect the roll?))
  1167. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  1168. ((Wound penalties won't affect it, raises could, I don't have a set TN in mind))
  1169. Fu  
  1170. (30 for lore fortunes)
  1171. Agasha Aiko  
  1172. (66 w/ 2 raises)
  1173. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  1174. The ashigaru would remain where he was, seeming unwilling to anger any of them further.
  1176. If Mako were to peel off the armor of the shark, there'd be a kimono slowly soaking in blood, a rough mon but a mon none the less of a Shark.
  1177. Agasha Aiko  
  1178. "If you move his body towards the ward, it should... cleanse the body."
  1179. Jirozame Mako  
  1180. Mako does in fact steal the Mon, then takes a seat and removes his own chestpiece.
  1181. "Looks like it's up to you, Chiyo. Don't get too handsy."
  1182. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  1183. After Kuro had finished bagging the bags, he would stiffly walk to Chiaki, trying to show he wasn't hurt that bad. Just bleeding from his front and back of shoulder. "I am glad, you are safe." The Unicorn would murmur between gritted teeth. Yes this was the perfect time to show off how tough he was. And then he'd make his way for the cave exit to await them at the horses, because his author has to go.
  1185. There will not be singing on the return trip.
  1186. Jirozame Mako  
  1187. (Gnight Kuro! Thanks for tanking some spearmen.)
  1188. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  1189. (thanks for taking the nuke)
  1190. Ikoma Chiaki  
  1191. ((Night!))
  1192. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  1193. ((oh I'll be back))
  1194. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  1195. Fu would remember the importance the sacks could obviously have and imply in this room. Donations to the fortunes, especially given what little else a heimen may have to give. A Shrine to the fortunes alright although he can't nail the specific one off the top of his head.
  1197. Aiko, the encyplodiea she seems to be, makes a connection with the rice immediately based off heavy assumptions. Looking at the statue closely, it is mostly the lower parts that remain, at least relatively from damage. The only true fitting one for the village, especially given their name, was Inari.
  1198. And it was obvious this shrine had seen far far better days, what with the sacks, baskets, and pots that must have decorated it before.
  1199. The Hare would sigh, hating the idea. "Fine if no one else volunteers, just don't complain if it stings and bleeds the next day."
  1200. Agasha Aiko  
  1201. "Fine, fine, I'll use em'."
  1202. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  1203. Stubbornly, the Hare would already be at work trying to stick Mako back together
  1205. +
  1208. Agasha Aiko  
  1209. "Oh, and the statue seems to be dedicated to Inari.  Would that I could repair it..."
  1210. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  1211. ((Mako recovers 6 wounds, and feels like theres less of an open wound in him))
  1212. Jirozame Mako  
  1213. To his credit, Mako doesn't complain. Much.
  1214. "Better you than the pony or the monk. Think the Lion hates me too. Probably 'cause I'm Minor Clan."
  1215. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  1216. "...Right"
  1217. --- Question Time ---
  1218. Would you like to continue the scene, or
  1220. Would you like to be given options of how to respond to finish up the decisions at least to save some time?
  1221. -------------------------
  1222. Jirozame Mako  
  1223. (Finish up)
  1224. Agasha Aiko  
  1225. (Would like to try to heal 1st)
  1226. (and then B)
  1227. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  1228. ((You can totally play out the rest of the scne how you'd want to, it's just to speed up rather than talk to the village for another hour))
  1229. Ikoma Chiaki  
  1230. (Sure)
  1231. Fu  
  1232. (past midnight for me)
  1233. Jirozame Mako  
  1234. (Ditto, but I would have been up now anyways)
  1235. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  1236. --- Question Time ---
  1238. If there's a shrine here, that headman totally lied to you! How do you respond to this? I mean, he was stressed about the whole situation after all.
  1240. - Punish the Village
  1241. - Leave things as is, with a warning
  1242. - Attempt to help the village, hoping for them to be potentially useful in the future
  1243. ----------------------------
  1244. Jirozame Mako  
  1245. (Time for a new headman?)
  1246. Ikoma Chiaki  
  1247. ((Chiaki would help. Others may disagree))
  1248. Agasha Aiko  
  1249. ((headman seems like he'd expire soon anyways))
  1250. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  1251. --- Question Time ---
  1253. There's also totally (technically 2) ashigaru to deal with, of the ones still living. They probably aint tainted, at least not severely, and could be used for information, but they could also eventually shown to be tainted. They also tried to kill you!
  1255. - HOSTAGE TIME?
  1256. - Revenge murder stabbing
  1257. - Let go to return to their original villages?
  1258. ----------------------------
  1259. Jirozame Mako  
  1260. (I vote to replace the headman and then don't care what happens with the village after. Help or warn or whatever.)
  1261. Agasha Aiko  
  1262. ((The ashigaru absolutely have to die; I think someone mentioned the castle))
  1263. Jirozame Mako  
  1264. (Combatants have to go.)
  1265. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  1266. ((They did not mention a castle))
  1267. Agasha Aiko  
  1268. ((wait, nvm.  ponyboy muttered it to the monk, it wasn't in open convo))
  1269. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji pinned a message to this channel. See all the pins.  
  1270. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji pinned a message to this channel. See all the pins.  
  1271. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  1272. ((It funny aint it, you'd need an actual Artisan to remake the statue))
  1273. ((Artisans more useful than duelists CONFIRMED))
  1274. Agasha Aiko  
  1275. ((gg))
  1276. ((Hmmm... Void Point to fake it?))
  1277. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  1278. ((Fake what?))
  1279. Jirozame Mako  
  1280. (Artisan: Statue?)
  1281. Agasha Aiko  
  1282. ((Artisan for fixing the statue))
  1283. Jirozame Mako  
  1284. (we'd need materials for fixing it too.)
  1285. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  1286. ((^, Artisan is also awareness, harder to cheese like int))
  1287. Agasha Aiko  
  1288. ((true))
  1289. Ikoma Chiaki  
  1290. ((Doesn't have Soul of Artistry either))
  1291. Agasha Aiko  
  1292. ((Would that I could importune a rank 4 fire spell...))
  1293. Jirozame Mako  
  1294. (Which one?)
  1295. Agasha Aiko  
  1296. ((The Mending Forge))
  1297. Jirozame Mako  
  1298. (I think you need all the pieces for that to work. I forget if the rubble is around.)
  1299. Ikoma Chiaki  
  1300. ((There's a lower rank version that may work))
  1301. Jirozame Mako  
  1302. (Oh. Yeah, the rank 1 one.)
  1303. (Raging Forge.)
  1304. (It would totally work. It remakes an object. No pieces needed.)
  1305. Ikoma Chiaki  
  1306. ((Depending))
  1307. Jirozame Mako  
  1308. (Yeah. The description doesn't match with the crunch of it, and the shrine statue might not be considered ordinary material.)
  1309. Agasha Aiko  
  1310. ((It's stone, yeh?))
  1311. Jirozame Mako  
  1312. (Spell text says "remake a material item, such as a weapon or suit of armor" and the spell crunchblock says it has to be a weapon or suit of armor.)
  1313. Agasha Aiko  
  1314. ((If I'm importuning, things can be bent a little bit, yeh?  Just asking Fire spirits to remake the statue?))
  1315. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  1316. ((Whats the spell text?))
  1319. +
  1321. Jirozame Mako  
  1323. Fire is the element of creation as well as destruction, and a skilled shugenja can use this to great effect. This spell invokes the powers of the forge, mighty and merciless, to remake a material item, such as a weapon or suit of armor, into its perfect form. The target item loses all blemishes, including cracks and nicks. This spell cannot repair an item which has actually been broken or destroyed, however, it can only affect items that are of ordinary quality.
  1325. Agasha Aiko  
  1327. The Raging Forge [CR]
  1329. Ring/Mastery: Fire 1 (Craft)
  1330. Range: Touch
  1331. Area of Effect: 1 weapon or armor
  1332. Duration: Instantaneous
  1333. Raises: None
  1334. Fire is the element of creation as well as destruction, and a skilled shugenja can use this to great effect. This spell invokes the powers of the forge, mighty and merciless, to remake a material item, such as a weapon or suit of armor, into its perfect form. The target item loses all blemishes, including cracks and nicks. This spell cannot repair an item which has actually been broken or destroyed, however, it can only affect items that are of ordinary quality.
  1336. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  1337. ((The top is mostly broken sadly!))
  1338. Jirozame Mako  
  1339. (Raging Forge would remake it. Assuming the fluff is correct, over the crunch.)
  1340. Agasha Aiko  
  1341. ((I'm used to this being so much easier w/ the 5e D&D cantrip Mending))
  1342. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  1343. This spell cannot repair an item which has actually been broken or destroyed
  1344. Jirozame Mako  
  1345. (It's late, shh....)
  1346. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  1347. ((The Bust part is too far gone))
  1348. ((Theres an argument of ONLY needing to remake that portion, buuutt))
  1349. Agasha Aiko  
  1350. ((What if I gathered the pieces and kinda stuck em together?  Like solving a puzzle.  And hopefully keyed off of Int))
  1351. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  1352. ((did we save the day??))
  1353. Jirozame Mako  
  1354. (There's one less not!Shark in the world. That's a win.)
  1355. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  1356. ((kuro would pass the information about the sacks to the rest of the team, since Fu didn't think he was a fool))
  1357. ((pls fix ponyboy he bleeding))
  1358. Jirozame Mako  
  1359. (Walk it off.)
  1360. (You'll heal 5 wounds a night.)
  1361. Agasha Aiko  
  1362. ((yolo ima roll medicine))
  1363. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  1364. (I will rub dirt in your shit)
  1365. Jirozame Mako  
  1366. (Fite me. I only have +15 to TNs now.)
  1367. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  1368. ((ah so we're evenly matched now you silly dolphin))
  1369. Jirozame Mako  
  1370. (In penalties, for sure. I still roll 8k4 to hit though.)
  1371. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  1372. ((without void? Damn))
  1373. Agasha Aiko  
  1374. ((healing self for 6 brings me back up to grazed))
  1375. Jirozame Mako  
  1376. (Agi 4 Ken 4)
  1377. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  1378. ((here I thought you rolled to heal me))
  1379. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  1380. ((Fine, bunny will heal both the ego boys))
  1381. ((She is unsuccessful at healing Kuro))
  1382. Agasha Aiko  
  1383. ((who needs 17hp medicine healz?))
  1384. Jirozame Mako  
  1385. (Kuro is the only one who can accept it.)
  1386. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  1387. ((Technically the bunny can accept it))
  1388. ((If you wanna spurn Kuro))
  1389. Jirozame Mako  
  1390. (Oooooh)
  1391. Agasha Aiko  
  1392. ((I'll heal her too))
  1393. ((for 5 hp))
  1394. Jirozame Mako  
  1395. (Slap a li'l bandaid on 'er)
  1396. Agasha Aiko  
  1397. ((ponyboy gets 17))
  1398. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  1399. (4 wounds, back to healthy)
  1400. Agasha Aiko  
  1401. ((g2g soon, like 10 minutes.  Is there anything else Aiko could/should do?))
  1402. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  1403. ((Also, Hare would order you to wash immediately))
  1404. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  1405. Kuro bows deeply towards the Hare and the Agasha. "Thank you for mending my wounds." Even if the rabbit hadn't succeeded, she had tried, at least. Now Kairi wouldn't freak out when he came home. Still a bit stiff though.
  1406. Jirozame Mako  
  1407. (Mako is more than happy to clean up.)
  1408. Agasha Aiko  
  1409. ((uhhh screw it.  After healing peoples, Aiko will try to gather up all the stones she can that she thinks go with the Inari statue.  Then, ima try to importune a fire kami to do whatever it can to fix the statue.  Agasha shugs get a free raise to craft spells... and FUCK IT I'll burn a spell scroll Jade Strike if that'll get me more raises))
  1410. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  1411. ((..Burn scroll?))
  1412. Agasha Aiko  
  1413. ((I believe you can make an offering to spirits you're summoning.  If it's something valuable, you can get free raises))
  1414. Jirozame Mako  
  1415. (I'd try the rice bags before I burned a spell scroll...those things are proper important.)
  1416. Ikoma Chiaki  
  1417. ((There's not really the mechanics for that in 4th. But GMs discretion can allow it))
  1418. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  1419. ((I can offer something that isn't a scroll))
  1420. ((unless it has to be important to the caster))
  1421. Jirozame Mako  
  1422. (Fire spirits just like things that burn.)
  1423. Ikoma Chiaki  
  1424. ((It's more just a question on if the spell will work at all))
  1425. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  1426. ((oh boy do I have something for them))
  1427. Ikoma Chiaki  
  1428. ((Value carries value to spirits. That would be the point))
  1429. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  1430. ((if taiko allows it I'll do it))
  1431. Ikoma Chiaki  
  1432. ((I think we just need the mending forge instead))
  1433. Jirozame Mako  
  1434. (We can return later with better stuff for fixing.)
  1435. (Either way, I'm off to bed. Night folks. Thanks for runnin Taiko.)
  1436. Agasha Aiko  
  1437. ((Aiko is mostly desperate, and willing to try, even if she knows it shouldnt work))
  1438. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  1439. ((time is of the essence tho))
  1440. ((night mako))
  1441. Ikoma Chiaki  
  1442. ((Sleep well!))
  1443. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  1444. ((... I would assume we'd just go back to the castle after we're done right))
  1445. ((no overnight outings we been gone long enough pls))
  1446. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  1447. (The bust being undistinguishable is more than a blemish, because most of the head is gone. A spell as is won't work Me thinks)
  1448. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  1449. ((oh well))
  1450. ((homeward bound?))
  1451. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji  
  1452. ((Everyone voted?))
  1453. Ikoma Chiaki  
  1454. ((I believe so))
  1455. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  1456. ((4 votes in first poll, 5 in second))
  1457. Ikoma Chiaki  
  1458. ((Mako is missing in the first))
  1459. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  1460. ((damn dolphin))
  1461. Shinjo
  1462. ((yo taiko are we allowed to rp at home now))
  1463. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji
  1464. []---------- Careless Whispers Summary ----------[] Having trailed through hill and forests, avoiding main roads to be discreet, the group assembled to investigate the rumor of a black scroll reached East Paddy Village. With rumors divined giving ominous and dark signs, the group split up to gather information and keep an eye out for any danger at the edges of the village. Immediately evident was how on edge the heimin were, reinforcing the groups worry. Through exploration and information gathering, the two groups rejoined within a cave filled with tripwires. Quickly they knew they were not alone, a voice speaking out to join theirs from the darkness. Not one much for talk, Mako was quick to fight when the figure had shown himself. With many others jumping out from the shadows to ambush the group, it quickly became a life or death fight. It would end however far in the group's favor, sustaining wounds but no casualties, with the defeat of this seemingly Dark Shark group. With time to investigate things, the cave was shown to be an old shrine to Inari, seemingly abused and forgotten. With leads into the village's past, a group setting up ambushes on the resistance, and hostages to interrogate it would be time to return to the Kyuden. With slight prodding, the headman would seem to finally recall the purpose the cave had prior the Obsidian Legion showing up. A shrine left alone when the Kami and Fortunes themselves seemed to have abandoned them, fifteen years ago after Fu Leng's victory. But anymore is a tale for another time. - Each player is awarded 2 points of glory (0.2), with Mako gaining an additional 2 points for the defeat of the Dark Shark :shark: (Pending and will be awarded when systems are working correctly) []---------- Careless Whispers Summary ----------[]
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