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20 Questions About.....StupidStudiosN.

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  1. HEY! He is NOT stupid!
  3. Well.....that's 99.99% true, anyway. StupidStudiosN, formerly known as Phantom Man, is someone who, until about about the middle of 2015, was a bit of a mystery around these parts; we'd never see him in the Legacy or Xat, and he'd VERY seldom post on the community, itself. Nowadays, though, he's become a regular on the Ajax Chat, and he's also heads up a group of gamers that post video game playthroughs on Youtube. The group itself is called.....well, N, himself will get into that.
  5. Strangely, we also get to see what happens when the 10th-highest ranked player in Prototype [over 125 billion BP, mind you] only gets asked a total of 14 Questions by 2 different users. Yeah. Anyway, here's an interview with the Man who was once a Phantom.....
  7. Community Q's:
  9. Q1: So, just why did you change your name from Phantom Man to StupidStudiosN? [ThatOneEnderMan]
  10. N: "I changed it because in most websites or programs/games that require a login, "StupidStudiosN" is the name I go under, so I changed it to stay consistent."
  12. Q2: Do you have snoopy sahdow beam powars? [ThatOneEnderMan]
  13. N: "Last I checked, no, but if you know of any ways to obtain such abilities, that would be great!"
  15. Q3: What's your favorite Mega Man fan game? [ThatOneEnderMan]
  16. N: "Mega Man Unlimited, for a similar reason as to why MM5 is my favorite Mega Man game. It's because each stage has an interesting gimmick, such as the iced floors and water/space physics in Comet Woman's stage, or the sticky flooring in Glue Man's stage."
  18. Q4: When are you gonna finish that danged MMII and MM4 playthrough? :P [ThatOneEnderMan]
  19. N: "MMII has been finished, and I plan on doing MM4 soon."
  21. Q5: What is your least favorite Mega Man game? [ThatOneEnderMan]
  22. N: "I find Mega Man World 2 to be my least favorite from the entire Classic Series for the ear-piercing music, the game's lack of difficulty, and Quint. Now, console-wise, Mega Man 2 is my least favorite for it's lack of challenge *Cough, Cough* Metal Blades *Cough* *Cough*, with the exception of the Boobeam Trap."
  24. Q6: If you could, could you talk about the RPG you're making? I'm sure the audience would be interested in hearing about it if you're still developing it. [MegaBossMan]
  25. N: "Yes. I am still developing the game, and as for some information on it, I currently have plans for a selection for either Mega Man, Proto Man, and Bass to be the first character in your party, with their own unique stats and abilities."
  27. Q7: What other video game series do you typically enjoy in playing? [MegaBossMan]
  28. N: "I usually enjoy playing Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Kirby, Legend of Zelda, Splatoon, Mario, and Sonic (Results may vary)."
  30. Q8: You tend to record playthroughs, so can we expect any certain games to look out for in the future? Just a tiny hint? [MegaBossMan]
  31. N: "So, you want a hint? All I can say is that I certainly have no plans on playing an RPG yet for the channel."
  33. Q9: What's your opinion on the other Mega Man franchises, such as X or Battle Network? [MegaBossMan]
  34. N: "I love the X series almost as much as I do the classic series, and the same goes for Battle Network. I'm not a big fan of the Zero series and the ZX series, though I want to give them another shot in the near future. I personally think that Star Force is the worst out of the franchise for just taking Battle Network, watering it down, and putting touch screen controls on it. As for the Legends series, I haven't actually played it, so I don't really have an opinion for that game."
  36. Q10: What's the origins of the Studio name? It appears you aren't the only one out there... [MegaBossMan]
  37. N: "The name "StupidStudios" originates from an idea my cousin, StupidStudiosC, had for a YouTube group. Eventually she left me in charge of the name, and I recruited a huge amount of people afterwards (10 out of 16 were recruited by me). As for the format of the name, what I do is take the first initial, and make that the ending bit of the name (So, for example, my name begins with an "N", so I'm StupidStudiosN). As for people with names that share an initial with another SS member, we just add a number after the initial."
  39. Mikey's Q's:
  41. Q11: Do you remember when you got your Star Of Immortality [1st place star]?
  42. N: "I believe I got the Star Of Immortality around the time the MM3 update came out, and having to go back and forth with MBM for 1st Place."
  44. Q12: Do you remember how hard [or easy] it was?
  45. N: "If I remember correctly, the Star-Force Player Battles, which were new at the time, gave me an easy ride to 1st Place, granting me the star, so I'd say it was rather easy."
  47. Q13: Which official Mega Man games have you played [yes, all of them]?
  48. N: "(Mega Man 1-10, and Mega Man & Bass), (Mega Man X1, 2, 3, 4, 7, and 8) (Mega Man Battle Network 2, BN3 Blue, BN5 Double Team DS), (Mega Man Starforce 2 and 3), (Mega Man Zero), and (Mega Man ZX)"
  50. Q14: What's the one official Mega Man game you've always wanted to play, but, haven't, yet?
  51. N: "The only Mega Man game I want to play but haven't is actually Rockman XOver, and I don't think I'll be playing that anytime soon."
  53. Q15: In your opinion, do you think that Prototype's Player Battles are still extremely broken?
  54. N: "Short Answer: Yes. Long Answer: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS."
  56. Q16: What's your all-time favorite video game [and why]?
  57. N: "I'm actually torn between Kid Icarus Uprising and Fire Emblem Awakening at the moment. Both games contain huge amounts of content, fun gameplay in their own rights, and as for individual reasons, Awakening has those phantoms of past FE characters while Uprising has Hades, and Hades is AMAZING."
  59. Q17: If it were up to you, the next person that you would have me interview for 20 Q's [even if they'd already been interviewed] is.....?
  60. N: "Hm... I'm going to have to say MusicalKitty, mostly because I'm not really interested in seeing another review from someone you've already done."
  62. Q18: So, there's this guy named StupidStudiosN with an almost empty profile. Could you give me a couple of paragraphs or so telling me about him in general? Please?
  63. N: "Oh yeah... I need to update my profile sometime soon.... Aaaany ways... I'm just a very competitive gamer with skills in the platformer, sandbox, adventure, and RPG genres. I like to write when I'm not playing games, and I also enjoy coming up with plots for games, comics, manga, and anime. And of course, the obvious, I'm the leader of the organization "StupidStudios"."
  65. Q19: I mean this in the most respectable way possible: Why "***STUPID*** Studios"? x)
  66. N: It's one of those names that rolls off the tongue, and it seems to get a lot of attention drawn towards it when people see it, and they even joke about it often. Considering that bringing laughter to others is what I want to accomplish, it helps me do my job better in a way.
  68. Q20: I can't resist; could you list the screen names for all the current members of Stupid Studios [including you]?
  69. N: "Alright. I'll divide them into two categories: Those that have accounts on the Prototype, and those that do not. *Ahem*
  70. On MMRPG: StupidStudiosJ, StupidStudiosC2, StupidStudiosC3, StupidStudiosJ3, StupidStudiosN2, StupidStudiosA, and myself, StupidStudiosN
  71. Not On MMRPG: StupidStudiosJ2, StupidStudiosC, StupidStudiosJ4, StupidStudiosA2, StupidStudiosK, StupidStudiosK2, StupidStudiosZ, StupidStudiosG, and StupidStudiosW The Forgotten."
  74. Oh, and, uhhh, N had some parting words: "Thank you guys for all the questions, and thank *you* Mikey for making me one of your subjects. Anyways, this is StupidStudiosN signing out! Ciao!"
  77. Nononononono, thank YOU, StupidStudiosN, for being such a stupi--I mean, uhh, AWESOME subject. Yeah, awesome. Totally awesome. [I joke, I joke]
  78. Also, The most specialest of thanks go to MegaBossMan and ThatOneEnderMan for being the ONLY ONES TO MAKE ANY SUGGESTIONS.
  79. ...come now, you can't get any answers without asking any questions. :P
  81. Oh, and by the way, check out N's Youtube channel, here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtihAQNKsKfmR5qWnZ0vJ4Q
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