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Oct 12th, 2015
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  1. Four Swedes are senior managers in the British billion company Gizmondo trying to compete with gaming giants Sony and Nintendo. Aftonbladet can today reveal that three of them have been convicted of very serious crimes.
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  3. 1.6 billion disappeared from the company - in six months
  4. The Directors have received long prison sentences
  5. League leader became director of Swedish criminals get multi-million dollar salaries of computer games company
  6. They surround themselves with luxury and superstars Today, the former crime league leader Stefan "Fat-Steffe" Eriksson, Director of Gizmondo with an annual salary and bonus of over 25 million. Stefan "Fat-Steffe" Eriksson, 43, is currently featured in reputable international business press. He has appeared on the hubbub images with England's jet set, and together with his partners Peter Uf, 42, and Johan Enander, 46, he controls today billion company Gizmondo. No one seems to know the trio's past in the Swedish underworld.
  7. Called the Uppsala Mafia in the early 1990s, the three cronies infamous under the name "Uppsala Mafia." They were sentenced to long prison terms in multiple trials, including for trying to fool Bankgirocentralen 22 million. lStefan "Thick-Steffe" Eriksson, 43, was convicted in 1993 and 1994 to a total of ten and a half years in prison for comprehensive economic crime. lHans erstwhile crony, Peter Uf, 42, was sentenced to eight and a half years in prison. Uf is currently Director of the Group. lJohan Enander, 46, called the Uppsala Mafia hit man, received six years in various judgments. He was convicted, inter alia, for several cases of assault and trespassing, and extortion. In December 2003 he was sentenced again to a year and three months in prison for, among other things, domestic violence. Immediately after serving his sentence he was "Head of Security" Security within the Group where the Gizmondo included.
  8. Fight against Nintendo founder of the Gizmondo is the unpunished contractor and friend Carl Freer, 35. The Swedes now have big plans for the future. One of its products is a portable gaming console for video games. The idea is for them to compete with the world leaders Gameboy (Nintendo) and PSP (Sony). The money in the industry is almost astronomical. But no profits have not been even for newcomers. Instead, they have made a loss of $ 1.6 billion so far this year. But the company's lack of success has not played any role in management salaries and benefits. Director Stefan "Fat-Steffe" Eriksson was able last year to sign for salary and bonuses of over 24 million. His company now cost 815,063 crowns. Founder Carl Freer, who has not been convicted of a crime, had 24.8 million plus a car allowance of nearly SEK 2.2 million for 2004.
  9. "A normal amount" When Aftonbladet calling Stefan Eriksson and try to get answers to questions suddenly takes Carl Freer of the call. We always tend to press contacts through our PR department, there you probably understand, he says. Once we reach them, they are in Los Angeles. On the phone they explain that there is no malpractice that their company is public, and therefore transparent. They underline that the auditors would not be approved annual report if there have been any errors. If the more than $ 200 million, SEK 1.6 billion, which has disappeared from the company for the first half of this year, says Freer: -200 million is a bargain in this industry. I think it's a relatively normal amount. If the salaries and bonuses of the 25-million class says Carl Freer: -In our industry is low. We have competitive salaries.
  10. "Leave me in peace" When Aftonbladet asking questions about a million transfers from the Gizmondo to the now bankrupt Swedish companies do not want to Freer and Eriksson give an answer. You may take this via the pr department. After this, the call is dropped. When we call again responds Stefan Eriksson: -Leave me alone. You must learn to listen. It is not relevant.
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