DXN - Welcome to City N Again - Part 1 (Introduction)

Feb 6th, 2016
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  1. [14:04] <Cherem> ==== Recruitment, One Month Ago ====
  2. [14:19] <Cherem> Turn back the clock. A return, a return to normalcy. Everything before is sort of a blur. Your memories kind of slush together when you think too hard about them, but ideally you don't. Whenever you daze off, either from the teacher's lecture droning on too long, or the class rep's talk is taking forever, the memories slip up.
  3. [14:19] <Cherem> However, the chime sets you, Ai Yuu, free. Sitting in the chair just in front of the protaganist seat, the sun is shining warmly on you as the rep, a beauty in her own right, gives the order to stand and bow.
  4. [14:21] <Cherem> Today was an interesting day, as school goes. Two new transfer students, a girl and a boy, and the classes today weren't that hard. Warm sun for phys ed, and now, with no club, time to head home.
  5. [14:23] <Ai_Yuu> Ai practically leaps onto her desk, stretching less-than-surreptitiously when she bows, mindful to keep her tails tucked close lest the person two seats behind her get a peek. The hat and long-sleeved shirt, even in the midst of warm weather, marked her out as odd, but so long as she didn't smile too wide... The Chimera hums as she all-but-skips home, bag slung on her shoulder, blue eyes turned to the sky.
  6. [14:26] <Cherem> Behind her, in front of her, students are already heading home, heading to clubs. It's a nice, wholesome atmosphere, only punctuated by the multitude of CCTV cameras watching the school. Despite all the security measures, they don't do much to make you feel that much safer, just annoying. But as far as you know, nothing's happened yet, so life goe son.
  7. [14:27] <Cherem> And besides, you're heading home, where father has been working at who knows what, but the small house is definetely a "Home" for you. One small car, an older model, a flower garden in the small, walled-off front, and a room on the second floor for yourself and your father's room.
  8. [14:28] <Cherem> However, there is just one thing out of order. As you arrive, there's a different car parked in front, behind your father's. The license plate seems... obscured.
  9. [14:29] <Ai_Yuu> "--hrn?" The skin on Ai's nape prickles, but she heads in all the same. "Papa?" Sweeping a lock of white hair from her face and changing out her shoes, she keeps her eyes and ears peeled. "Who's here?" She was looking forward to getting her hat off, too...
  10. [14:32] <Cherem> As she steps inside, she can hear voices, that dim as the door opens. In the hallway, there's actually several strange pairs of shoes: a pair of snazzy black shoes, a pair of black shoes too small to be your fathers, and another pair that you've never seen before. Curious.
  11. [14:33] <Cherem> "Ah, Ai, Is that you?" Your father's voice calls out from the side-room. You can see a silouette through the door.
  12. [14:34] <Ai_Yuu> "I'm home," the Chimera announces the obvious, sliding the door open!
  13. [14:36] <Cherem> Battaan, the door slides ot the side, revealing your father, sitting down across from a youngish man in a suit.
  14. [14:36] <Cherem> And... two other new faces.
  15. [14:37] <Cherem> The man turns around, with a raised eyebrow, "Oh right, I remember. You have a daughter."
  16. [14:37] * Cerys_Doyle turns to eye the newcomer. Red hair around a pale face fixed in a scowl, dressed in a black suit.
  17. [14:39] <Cerys_Doyle> Apparently she doesn't garner much attention as she goes back to focusing on the others.
  18. [14:39] <Goemon_Hozuki> Goemon stands off to the side near the man in a suit eyes looking around with a stoic expression, eyes fixing on the person enter. Black hair and red eyes staring through the person. Dressed in a simple cheap black shirt and black cargo pants.
  19. [14:41] <Ai_Yuu> Bright white hair and eyes that are unnaturally blue; Ai looks like she was painted with the palette of a glacier, despite her exuberance and the school uniform. The Chimera wiggles her nose, looking to her father for guidance.
  20. [14:42] <Cherem> "You can say hello." Yuu smiles a little, "They don't mean us any harm, or at least they said they didn't." He beckons her over to sit beside him.
  21. [14:43] <Cherem> The suited man makes a face at that, as if he's worried he gave off the wrong impression.
  22. [14:44] * Goemon_Hozuki laughs
  23. [14:44] * Cerys_Doyle does not laugh.
  24. [14:46] <Ai_Yuu> Remembering her manners, Ai bows, "erm--hello," and hurries over to sit by her father. Cerys gets another look; this much closer it's apparent that Ai's pupils aren't completely black. More like she's got painted sapphires in her skull. "Are you... UGN?"
  25. [14:47] <Cherem> The suited man shakes his head, "We represent a civillian group, dedicated to protecting the people when the UGN cannot act, or acts overstepping it's bounds."
  26. [14:48] <Cherem> "What he means to say is, vigilanties," Yuu looks at you and rubs your head a little, "Did you have a good day at school?"
  27. [14:48] <Cherem> "That might be..." The suited man tries to parse it out, thrown off balance by your father's candid comment.
  28. [14:51] <Ai_Yuu> "Yus," Ai's smile is practiced and small, only betraying small glimpses of her teeth. Her attention's back on the strangers before long.
  29. [14:53] <Cherem> "My name is Honda Isou. I came to ask your father if we could work together. We understand you are an Overed." How forward of him, as he looks at you, Ai.
  30. [14:57] <Cherem> "There is little to no conflict, unless you want that kind of thing," Honda continues. "Most of Tindalos' network is support. Watching on people, keeping the neighborhood safe. Keeping normalcy."
  31. [14:59] <Ai_Yuu> The Chimera glances to her father again, and reaches up to pull the hat off. A pair of sleek horns, sweeping back along her hair. One by one her three tails come into view, too, each one swishing through its own pattern. "And... you want me to help?" A nervous question, but not wholly put off.
  32. [15:00] <Cherem> Yuu gives Honda a dangerous look as he continues, "We don't have many members who can keep an eye out in school, but we know the UGN has several members. We would just... Well, to be honest, yes. I've come to ask your father and you for your cooperation."
  33. [15:01] * Cerys_Doyle lowers her sunglasses.
  34. [15:01] <Cherem> "And there you have it," Yuu returns his gaze to Ai, "And simply put too, well done."
  35. [15:02] <Cherem> "So, Ai. I'm ambivilant about this sort of thing. Are you comfortable with taking a few extra notes in class?"
  36. [15:06] <Ai_Yuu> Ai purses her lips thin, tails each curling and stretching in thought, the wheels turning almost visibly. After an almost worryingly-long silence, she finally nods. "Okay. I--if it's to keep people safe..."
  39. [10:15] <Cherem> ==== Ten Year Scar, Current ====
  40. [10:15] <Cherem> Another long day has passed you by, Kisami Mako, and you find yourself on the long walk home from work.
  41. [10:16] <Cherem> How many years have you been working here? From Black Saturday to now, ten years passed in the slow, lazy blink of an eye. Ten years since your world turned inside out, ten years of struggling to recapture what once was.
  42. [10:16] <Cherem> You've lived in this city for quite a while, working to help restore order and a semblance of civility and normalcy in City N.
  43. [10:16] <Cherem> And that was even after you felt the searing heat of explosives, the fresh pain of shrapnel cutting into your limbs, the cooling feeling of your blood running along your skin. As the sun sets, casting a long, warm orange trail behind it, you can't help but find yourself sinking back into how-
  44. [10:17] <Cherem> "Hey, you okay there?" A snapping of fingers catch your attention, as your partner gives you a concerned look. Coworker and cohort Miyuki, she's joined you on your walk home. Another member of the military, she's the very reason you're walking today instead of driving.
  45. [10:20] <Sargeant> "Mmh? Ah, no yeah, I'm fine." Mako gives her a warm small, digging her hands into her uniform's pockets. She stops her pace for just a moment, stretching herself. "It's just been a lot of work recently, y'know?"
  46. [10:22] <Cherem> "Has it everrr..." Miyuki groans, stretching up, "Even with things calming down, they still somehow manage to generate all that paperwork. But I guess you get to avoid that, don't you?" She frowns, "Grunts don't have to think about boring stuff like that."
  47. [10:25] <Sargeant> Mako gives out a soft laugh at that, reaching up to her head to ruffle her hair with a lazy palm. The innocence of Miyuki-chan always helped her recover from sourer moments. "I just hope things calm down soon enough, for both of us. I wish my days were boring like yours, hehe."
  48. [10:26] <Cherem> "Eeeh, but you'd fall asleep on the job, wouldn't you?" Miyuki raises one arm to half-heartedly bat at your hand, "You'll muss up my hair. Of course, how crazy could things get again?" A little grin.
  49. [10:27] <Cherem> As you're walking, you feel the warmth of the sun on your back. Cars putter by slowly in this residential part, and a bus trundles along across the street. It's peaceful.
  50. [10:28] <Sargeant> She retracts her hands and gives a little sigh, digging her hand into her pocket once more. The blue pockets under her eyes easily betray a serious lack of sleep, to begin with. "Hey, wanna stop for a waffle or something?"
  51. [10:30] <Cherem> "Eh? Oh!" Her eyes light up, and if it were an anime she'd sprout animal ears to perk up. "Yes! Actually, you know, there's a resturaunt right around the corner, and it's said that there's famous people there sometimes!" She grabs your arm, "Here, I can show you!"
  52. [10:30] <Cherem> Another peaceful day.
  53. [10:30] <Cherem> Like glass shattering, it's broken. First, you hear a shout: "Look out!" And then, the sound of two semitrucks smashing into each other behind you. It's deafening, but you can at least feel the heat of the car, and see the light flash behind you, casting your two shadows long across the sidewalk.
  54. [10:32] <Sargeant> Everything seems to happen in slow motion for Mako, and immediatly, instinctively even, she reaches for her service weapon, pulling Miyuki behind herself, protecting her with her own body, uncertain of what might've just happened.
  55. [10:34] <Cherem> Behind you, there's half of the passing bus left. The front looks like it was simply smashed in, like a meteor or something came down right into the front and cracked the whole thing like a soda can. You catch a glimpse of red on the windows, you can see people running, and you see...
  56. [10:34] <Cherem> A girl, crawling out. She's dressed in the uniform of the local high school, in tatters, blood on her skin. She glances around, running her cuff along her forehead to wipe the blood from her eyes. Her eyes meet with yours, and they feel ageless, far too old to belong to a child.
  57. [10:36] <Sargeant> "H-Hey, are you okay? What even happened?" Perhaps in a moment of sefless dedication, she hurries over to what seems to be a hurt child. Everything she knows about first aid rushes to her as she leaves her friend aside. "Miyuki, call for the emergency services!"
  58. [10:37] <Cherem> As you approach, the girl turns away, and you can see the cut on her head seal. Her lips move for a moment, and there's a kick of wind around her, like a great weight being dropped. And just like that, she's gone, bursting off running down the street like a bat out of hell after... something. There's no way that's human.
  59. [10:38] <Cherem> Behind you, you can hear your companion shout something back, but it gets dropped from your mind as the school student blows away like a furious wind.
  60. [10:39] <Sargeant> "...Mi...Miyuki, did you see that?" She asks with a mutter, perhaps not loud enough for her companion to have heard herself. Maybe she hallucinated. That couldn't be real. Keep calm, Mako. You've been in worse situation before. She approaches the wreck still.
  61. [10:40] <Cherem> Before her, it's a damn nightmare. Something out of a horror movie. Something that is... unreal. You feel the same feeling as ten years ago seeping from your bones, as the monster within starts to play hell with your senses.
  62. [10:41] <Cherem> Your nose flares against your will at the sweet, sickeningly toxic odor coming from inside the bus. This is no good. No good at all. You can hear the sound of footsteps rushing towards you.
  63. [10:42] <Sargeant> She raises her weapon instinctively, as if panic slowly taking over her. Training takes over her senses, and instead, she's looking for danger - looking for targets.
  64. [10:44] <Cherem> "Oi Oi, that's not good, put it down." A man's voice, energetic and concerned comes out, a hand raised up. Black hair cut short, a suit vest and tie. You know him from moonlighting, your second occupation, Tindalos.
  65. [10:44] <Cherem> However, the other one...
  68. [10:44] <Cherem> ==== Daily Agenda Adjustment ====
  69. [10:55] <Cherem> Click. Type. Post. Rapid-fire typing, even faster analysis, pulling data from the screen through the eyes and into the brain like a conveyor belt at light speed.
  70. [10:55] <Cherem> Click. Type. Post. Close window.
  71. [10:55] <Cherem> Another day for you, Otomo Reiko, from inside your apartment. The blinds are down, but you're not shut off from the world like you overheard one of your neighbors mention in passing. If anything, you're more connected, connected to the CCTVs and security devices of the apartment and the passing streetlights.
  72. [10:55] <Cherem> It's here you find yourself, a quiet day. Nothing in police records worth noting really, a new surge in crime, but nothing really near you
  73. [10:56] <Cherem> Usually, nothing that happens on this block surprises you. It's not a very busy block: yeah, there's some characters in the neighborhood, but nothing that requires immediate attention. Besides the CCTV watching your door and the one on the stairs up, you've got no reason to look out.
  74. [10:56] <Cherem> Which is why the sound of an explosion coming through the window, instead of the speakers, is so out of the norm. The glass trembles with the noise and your drink ripples, and there's a brief flash of light from outside that illuminates the blinds temporarily.
  75. [11:00] <Otomo_Reiko> She squints at the intrusive light, a hand partly raised as if to shield herself from it. After a moment to collect herself she's searching through the local system for a look at what was going on.
  76. [11:01] <Cherem> A brief glance over the local CCTVs, you can pull up at least five different cameras and angles of... a flaming bus in the middle of the street. That's not on the agenda at all.
  77. [11:02] <Cherem> You can see people running away from it, taking cover, defending each other, and for a single moment, a figure before the bus, a twig of a person.
  78. [11:02] <Cherem> And then a moment later, gone. Shortly followed by a girl, probably a high school student, crawling from the wreckage.
  79. [11:04] <Otomo_Reiko> She could already feel her anxiety going up a tick, hand straying from her keyboard to blindly grope for a stick of pockey that she quickly devoured. On a seperate screen she started a timer, wondering how long it would take emergency services to show.
  80. [11:05] <Cherem> Watching, you can see one of the passers-by approach the lone survivor. And then you see the survivor (hanuman probably, considering her takeoff speed) blast off, leaving little air curls in the flames.
  81. [11:05] <Cherem> You can see some figures approaching the passer by, for a moment catching a glimpse of firey hair you're more than familiar with, and then... huh?
  82. [11:06] <Cherem> The Cameras, one by one, start to flicker, some kind of distortion on the film... except digital.
  83. [11:06] <Cherem> The images start to fragment, and then one camera flickers off, going dark, a vivid "Offline Camera" appearing in the corner. One after the other, maybe a minute.
  84. [11:06] <Cherem> until they're all off.
  85. [11:08] <Cherem> At the same time, the communication feed you keep open lit up, and then anything tagged "explosion" "bus" "crash" starts to disappear, the posts simply ceasing to exist.
  86. [11:09] <Otomo_Reiko> "Haaah?" She leaned back as she watched her screens. The entire thing was being erased. Quickly. Maybe it was the UGN at work?
  87. [11:11] <Cherem> After a moment, there's a rapid knocking on your door. "Eeeh, Otomo-san, you okay in there? Was that your speakers again?" A glance at your camera catches... a whole lot of cleavage. Must be the landlady, one Ohara Naomi.
  88. [11:14] <Otomo_Reiko> "E-everything's fine! Accidentally turned the volume up too high is all." She could see the front door in her mind's eye, even through her own shut bedroom door. All she could do, any time someone approached it, was hope they didn't come in. They usually didn't but it was always the same.
  89. [11:16] <Cherem> "Aaah, You know I've gotten a complaint about it before." As she talks, you can see her lean to peek into the peek-hole. Control your camera's lens, please, looking there is rude. Her dark hair cascades over her shoulders, themselves barely covered with an off-shoulder sweater, "Please be careful about that kind of thing."
  90. [11:18] <Otomo_Reiko> "Y-yes, sorry to trouble you!" She grabbed at the blanket covering her mostly nude form, pulling up like a hood over her head as she waited.
  91. [11:22] <Cherem> The door's handle twists a little, "Aah, you're no fun. Well, alright then. You can rely on me more, you know?" She steps away, hands on her waist as she seems deep in thought, "Ah... wait, the sounds..." And then she's down the stairs, slippers flapping wildly as she runs down. One of your other CCTV cameras catch her almost running into another tenant, who seems to have just come from the explosion, babbling about fires and cars.
  92. [11:25] <Otomo_Reiko> No longer distracted by Ohara Naomi the hikikomori
  93. [11:26] <Otomo_Reiko> 's fingers wander across her keyboard. Time to take a small peek at the UGN database. Is the cover-up their doing? Just a tiny peek. They won't mind.
  94. [11:27] <Cherem> Child's play for you. Through an exception that's somehow lingered around for a long time, you catch a few things about "UGN child in pursuit" "armed insurgent" "conflict team on the way". And, with a cold shiver, "Tindalos members confirmed present".
  95. [11:27] <Cherem> And then, your phone goes off.
  98. [11:27] <Cherem> ==== A Favor to Ask ====
  99. [11:33] <Cherem> "Would you mind meeting me this afternoon? I have something to ask you."
  100. [11:33] <Cherem> A calm voice, kind and measured, the voice of a class representative. Others know her as Hidea Chiyoko, but you know her also as the Overed, Ginyomi. Another survivor.
  101. [11:33] <Cherem> There's a cafe near where she lives, apparantly, somewhere she insists, "Is great for you, I promise!" Truth be told, you've known about this cafe, a little spot with good coffee and sweet food. Worth the time, and since it's Ginyomi asking...
  102. [11:33] <Cherem> As you enter, you're hit with the aroma of chocolate, sugar, and the thick odor of fresh coffee. As you enter, you come to see her, sitting with her back to the wall, a small cup sitting on a saucer in front of her. She'd make a cute idol for sure, definetely appealing to the "cool" crowd, but you know full well she's already far too busy for someone her age.
  103. [11:37] <Cherem> Her black hair is pulled over one shoulder, held in place by a headband. If you look close enough, you can see little lines of gray. A shame, really. She had such pretty hair, unreal in it's silvery platinum hue, but now she's gone and dyed it the blackest black she could find. Appearances are everything, in the end.
  104. [11:42] <Shinjou_Miyu> Miyu doesn't do so much as glance at the surroundings, just making a beeline for Ginyomi and sitting across from her. Though she looks a touch irritable she manages a sickeningly sweet smile anyway. "Hi. Here's hoping dressing down a little affords a little privacy." She mutters. "What's up?"
  105. [11:43] <Cherem> "Oh! You still look wonderful!" Ginyomi leans forward as you sit, smiling warmly, "It's good to see you, hasn't it been a while? How's work been?"
  106. [11:46] <Shinjou_Miyu> "Fine for me since I've been going solo. I have yet to be taken hostage, so I can't complain. Not so great for Yuki if that matters."
  107. [11:47] <Cherem> "Ah... yes." Ginyomi smiles sheepishly, pushing her coffee at you, "Well... I'm glad that's not happened again. And I've heard your music on the radio, it has a good sound to it. I don't think anybody can imagine me listening to my favorite idol though." She offers you a menu, "Order what you want. It's on my own curiosity that I've called you out today."
  108. [11:52] <Shinjou_Miyu> "Thanks. And I can imagine. You have multitasking as one of your special powers." Miyu remarks as she looks over the menu. Something catches her attention on it. "Carrot cake." After putting down the menu she takes a sip of the coffee. "I'm all ears. What are you curious about?"
  109. [11:55] <Cherem> A small murmur of a laugh escapes her, and she bashfully runs a finger through her hair, "It's certainly a useful one." Ginyomi sips from her coffee, "About the group that attacked you... You know about Tindalos. About... 'us'. When that happened, the UGN dropped the ball. Hands down."
  110. [11:59] <Shinjou_Miyu> "Yeah..." Miyu mutters, visibly slumping and putting on the most adorable brooding expression. After a few seconds of silence she goes on. "I know about it, at least a little. Not sure the knowing does me a lot of good, though. Gets hard sleeping at night, sometimes."
  111. [12:02] <Cherem> Ginyomi suddenly has a very guilty look in her eyes, glancing down at her own hand, "Ah... That was unfair of me, I think." She reaches out and gently touches your wrist in a rare contact, "I'm sure it's with you. I was just wondering if you... You're like me. We can keep that kind of thing from happening again."
  112. [12:08] <Shinjou_Miyu> A shrug from Miyu, after a moment's pause. A practiced smile comes afterwards. "Don't fret over it. It's not like it's your fault we live in a crapsack world. I'll admit the stuff bugs me a lot. I'd rather it didn't happen again, either. Just haven't thought about it much. I'm still yo..." Miyu stops herself, remembering Ginyomi. Can't play the youth card there.
  113. [12:10] <Cherem> A small smile crosses her face, "There's a good way of looking at it." Sitting up, Ginyomi covers the smile with her cup, but hesitates at the sound. A loud crash, distant, but you can hear the sound of a great collision.
  114. [12:10] <Cherem> Somehow, it bleeds through everything... and then the screams sound. Panic. Fear.
  115. [12:13] <Shinjou_Miyu> Miyu's eyes widen a moment, and then narrow. "And here I was hoping for a normal day."
  116. [12:15] <Cherem> "Here?" Ginyomi is already up, schoolbag over her shoulder, "This is City N, after all." Her voice has returned to the one you rarely see. The Class Representative is gone, and it's all Tindalos here. "I have to go. I shouldn't ask you to come with me." Her eyes look at yours, two gravity-filled orbs of gray.
  117. [12:17] <Shinjou_Miyu> Miyu laughs quietly despite the situation and stands. "You're right. Friends don't have to be asked in the first place when it comes to doing crazy stuff. They just tag along anyway regardless of your wishes. Let's go."
  118. [12:19] <Cherem> A warm smile crosses her face, something like relief in her eyes, and it's out the door Ginyomi goes. Right towards chaos, and you yourself see people running past. You manage to catch a glimpse, even, of a figure going by far too fast, in the opposite direction of the crash. For a second, you think you see the same uniform that Ginyomi is wearing, but that leaves your mind as you come across... it.
  119. [12:20] <Cherem> In the center of the road, a bus at the wrong end of a meteorite, or something, something to crush the front in like it was made of paper and set it ablaze.
  120. [12:22] <Cherem> Around it there's other people, but they don't look like they caused it. Instead, they seem to be checking for survivors, but with that kind of thing... Before you know it, Ginyomi is rushing over there, hand in the air and waving, her gesture matched by a man in half a business suit. What kind of mess did you get yourself into this time?
  121. [12:23] <Shinjou_Miyu> Miyu dashes along after Ginyomi, sparing a glance to the poor bus. "This is triggering me."
  125. [12:24] <Cherem> ==== Spring Cleaning, Disturbed ====
  126. [12:34] <Cherem> "Could you pass me the folder there?" A moment as you two glance at each other, before Honda Isou clears his throat, "Either one of you, really. It's the one on the desk."
  127. [12:34] <Cherem> What caused this to happen... You're in the local "office" of Tindalos member and coordinator Honda Isou, a man you've been hired to keep safe. This extends to both of you, Cerys Doyle, Goemon Hozuki.
  128. [12:34] <Cherem> As a bodyguard can only work for so long, usually you two don't have a chance to meet, swapping off for lunches and breaks, occasionally one of you running ahead to make sure things are safe, but normally? This much coverage for one man is a bit over the top, especially for a middle-management guy like Honda.
  129. [12:35] <Cherem> However, today isn't a normal day, as he explained. "Today's the day my boss, Ginyomi, gets back from Tokyo, from the meeting with The board. She's supposed to be swinging by today, and, well, you know the drill. If I'm important, she's doubly so."
  130. [12:35] <Cherem> Which explains why he's, for god knows what reason, roped you into helping him clean his office. "It's gotten a little out of hand, this place," He explained, thrusting out a duster and a broom.
  131. [12:37] * Cerys_Doyle contains any emotion she has, taking the folder and handing it over to Honda quietly.
  132. [12:39] <Cherem> The salaryman-moonlighting-agent smiles, his face already somewhat taking on lines from his double work, his hair cut short, dressed in a suit jacket and shirt with the sleeves rolled up. "Thanks. I knew I could rely on you guys."
  133. [12:40] <Goemon_Hozuki> "No problem" Goemon says back sighing internally.
  134. [12:43] <Cherem> "But when you think about it, isn't this better than beating up thugs?" Honda manages to say through the folder held in his teeth, fingers parsing through his filing cabinet, looking over his shoulder for a moment at the two of you. "Oh, and the books on that shelf, make sure they're not too dusty. I don't want my military code stuff looking unused before my boss." A small laugh, an attempt at levity.
  135. [12:44] <Cerys_Doyle> "Oh, of course boss." She looks to Goemon briefly.
  136. [12:47] <Goemon_Hozuki> "Well its easier than fighting i suppose" Goemon says back looking back to Cerys.
  137. [12:48] <Cerys_Doyle> She shrugs then starts dusting the mentioned books, and anything else within range that looks like it could use it.
  138. [12:49] <Goemon_Hozuki> Goemon grabs the broom to start sweeping the floor.
  139. [12:50] <Cherem> "The only actual combatant is the dust." Honda laughs a little at his own joke, "I don't have any masks either, unfortunetely. But this is important. Things have been speeding up recently." He stops trying to file for a moment, looking up, "So Ginyomi coming back now is a godsend."
  140. [12:54] <Goemon_Hozuki> "Dust is an annoying enemy" Goemon frowns.
  141. [12:55] <Cherem> "Too true. And I know Ginyomi is supposed to be a stickler for that kind of thing, cleaning, so..." He hesitates, and you can all hear it. The brief buzz of a phone. Glancing down, Honda opens it, and pales, "Shit. Quick, uh-" He points at a small TV in the corner, "Turn that on, one of you, please." And he immediatelly starts calling someone.
  142. [12:56] <Cerys_Doyle> The TV turns on.
  143. [12:58] <Cherem> At the base, there's a quick, little line. A reporter talking, "reports of a bombing, potentially, a bus destroyed.." She continues, listing an address, a street. Way too close. Maybe a few blocks away, tops.
  144. [13:02] * Cerys_Doyle narrows her eyes watching, then looks to Honda.
  145. [13:03] * Goemon_Hozuki Goemon frowns.
  146. [13:04] <Cherem> "Alright. Yes, we're on it. Get the other one, the newer girl." Honda closes the phone, "We're going to that, this can wait. The car's outside: Doyle, I know you can drive."
  147. [13:06] <Cerys_Doyle> "Right. Let's go." She straightens her jacket and tie and leads the way.
  148. [13:07] <Goemon_Hozuki> "Alright then." Goemon cracks his neck and follows after.
  149. [13:07] <Cherem> "Goemon, I want you ready too." He nods at you and heads out after, "We don't know what did this, but..." He hesitates for a moment as the reporter clears her throat and announces it was a false report, a prank call, apologizing for any confusion.
  150. [13:07] <Cherem> Honda clicks hit tongue, "They're already on it. Alright, we're going."
  151. [13:11] <Goemon_Hozuki> "Im always ready... you know that." Goemon answers following after a small fire in his eyes.
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