Body Horror Quest - Isabelle/Mother/Phalanx Skill List

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  1. - HUMAN CORES -
  3. >>AMETHYST JACK (Gina's Core - Neuromancer, Lvl 1): A shining jack, sending your heart racing. Gina's core power allows her to tap into constructs, Daughters, and Amalgams at short range and exert her impressive will over them to her heart's content. It's a power you've seen used since early on in your journey, but regardless of how familiar it is, one thing is clear; you're glad to have its owner back by your side. (HEALTH +160%, BIO +240%)
  5. >>ALABASTER PERFECTIONIST (Eloise's Core - Calcite Armorer, Lvl 1): A blade in hand, a blade on foot…such is the life of a peerless warrior, pushed to the brink of perfection by those who brought her into this world. With a specialization in critical hits performed by slashing or piercing weapons, Eloise's favored skill is efficient, brutal, and deadly, much like its bearer.(HEALTH +220%, BIO +180%)
  7. >>GLADIATORIAL SWARM (Meg's Hybrid Core - Fibromancer/Gluttonous/Hive Mistress, Lvl 1): A curious blend of Meg's reinforcement-based Core and a Gluttonous/Hive Mistress she fought and defeated, this muscular reinforcement ability generates a swarm of ravenous leech-like muscle bands around the wearer's body at a cost of 50% BIO, dealing constant and high damage to anyone or anything the wearer comes into contact with with particular damage done to constructs and area hazards. (HEALTH +260%, BIO +200, HEALTH REGEN +50%)
  9. >>NERVOUS TORRENT (Bella's Core - Generator, Lvl 1): Fear is a flood that washes away the world. The core of the ever-nervous Bella, you may spontaneously and instantly generate a highly corrosive torrent of acid from your chosen orifice that deals considerable damage, with the acid's power determined by the amount of BIO you wish to spend. Damage levels 1, 2, and 3 ay be generated by expending 30%, 50%, and 70% BIO, though the wide-scale devastation this power may wreak and later levels is not to be underestimated. (HEALTH +200%, BIO +240%)
  11. >>VIRULENT PERSISTENCE (Kosi's Core - Vitruvian, Lvl 1): Life, at any cost. Kosi's exceedingly unusual Core allows her to replicate the very building blocks of life itself. At base level, this allows Virulent Persistence to work in tandem with the user's other skill trees to double the effects or number of constructs generated by a given ability by paying a BIO cost equivalent to said power's base cost. While unwieldy to start out with, this ability will eventually allow its user to quickly and easily control wide swathes of territory or unleash annihilating waves of's all up to how it pairs with others, much like its user. (HEALTH +300%, BIO +100%)
  13. - HEXANE CORES -
  15. >>SPEAKER OF HOPE (Ozmas' Core - Skintalker, Lvl 1): The Core ability of Ozmas, the Pure. You now possesses the ability to imbue your voice with power over not only the Fleshscape, but over the very biomass that makes up constructs, Amalgams, and Daughters alike. Each turn, you may to string together word fragments from the LEXICON OF FLESH, producing a variety of effects that may target the environment, your allies, your foes, or a combination of the three, with each effect lasting until the end of combat. (HEALTH +300%, BIO +300%, ACT +1)
  17. >>RESPLENDENT THREAD (Vultha's' Core - Fibromancer, Lvl 1): The Core ability of Vultha the Pensive, whose adoration and kind, quiet affection blinded them to the faults of their beloved until they'd gone too far. Your entire body how has the ability to aggressively unspool, granting you fine control over your tensile form along with the ability to weaponize your strands to your heart's content. Each individual strike with your strands costs 20%, 40%, or 80% BIO for short, medium, or long-range attacks respectively, with a high chance of piercing through armor and dealing critical damage to constructs. (HEALTH +200%, BIO +240%, 1 Lvl of Piercing and Bludgeoning Resistance.)
  19. >>SOLAR PUGILIST (Silvis' Core - Generator, Lvl 1): The Core ability of Silvis the Radiant, whose burning passion and boisterous nature led to a brave act of sacrifice to ensure that Ozmas' mission could carry on. Rather than relying on BIO to fuel your explosive attacks, you instead consume your HEALTH in an amount of your choice to imbue your attacks on a given turn with catastrophic power, with your fists radiating with the brutal light of Hexane's twin suns, gripped tight in the palms of your hands. (HEALTH +280%, BIO +160%)
  21. >>HUNTER'S HONOR (Churem's Core - Calcite Armorer, Lvl 1): The Core ability of Churem the Hunter, who learned too late of the danger Ozmas posed and found themself powerless to stop her. Similar in essence to most Calcite Armorer slash-damage builds, Churem's is unusual in that it automatically makes the first strike of each weapon type crafted by the user an automatic critical hit, a curious trait that is evidence of its original owner's savage, unforgiving nature as a arbiter of justice. (HEALTH +280%, BIO +200%)
  23. >>ELEMENTAL DIGESTION (Mulvath's Core - Gluttonous, Lvl 1): The Core ability of Mulvath the Hedonist, brought to madness by the heights of palate-based pleasures. Your skin becomes a hungering thing, with the act of coming into physical contact with foes dealing damage as your flesh reaches out to rob them of theirs. In addition, you automatically convert samage from elemental sources from HEALTH damge to BIO damage, granting your Gluttonous attacks the elemental affinity of the type you absorbed in addition to granting a single level of resistance against said element, with both effects lasting for three turns before the ability goes on cool-down. (HEALTH +260%, BIO +300)
  25. - OTHER POWERS -
  27. >>OXYGENIC ARTILLERY (Generator, Lvl 1): This simple, yet effective Generator power allows for the use of compressed wind to quickly and violently be expelled through the user's body in the manner of their choosing at a base attack cost of 50%, with far more versatile and powerful application becoming available as the power grows and evolves. (BIO +60%)
  29. >>PERMAFROST RESILIENCE (Generator, Lvl 1): A frigid resistance, a chilling offense. You now automatically retaliate against any attack that would slash or pierce through your main body by summoning a thick sheet of ice in the effected area that boasts a chance to seriously mitigate the attacker and build stacks of FROSTBITE, with each stack slowing your foe by 5%. (HEALTH +70%)
  31. >>VOICE OF BABEL (Skintalker Augmentation): Key against those dangerous few that have fought a high-level Skintalker and have lived to tell the tale, or worse...against enemy Skintalkers themselves. Words within your Lexicon are now obscured from those that are unfamiliar with them, and are significantly more difficult to effect with counter-based words. (HEALTH REGEN +60%)
  35. >>HUNTER'S FURY (Calcite Armorer Augmentation): Critical strikes made by slashing-type attacks from any skill tree you possess are now guaranteed to sever a limb, as they easily cut past any defenses your foe may possess. (HEALTH +80%)
  37. >>DRAIN THE BLOOD (Calcite Armorer Augmentation): Your active bleed effects now count as SEVERE BLEEDING, drastically increasing the blood drawn and making it significantly harder for your foes to stem the exsanguinating effects of blood-based skills. (HEALTH REGEN +40%)
  39. >>GOLDEN STRAND (Fibromancer/Vitruvian Augmentation): The peerless nature of your tensile form is now vastly enhanced, granting you one level of resistance against all elemental damage as long as you are attacking or moving using your Fibromancer/Vitruvian abilities. (BIO +60%)
  41. >>PLATINUM EDGE (Fibromancer Augmentation): A reflection of Vultha's pure heart and keen mind, attacks made with Fibromancy now ignore slashing and piercing resistance and immunity the target may possess. (HEALTH +100%)
  43. >>FUSION'S FULMINATION (Generator Augmentation): A curious manifestation of Silvis' love of combat, getting hit by an elemental attack you have at your disposal grants you a stack of FULMINATE, with each stack increasing the damage you deal with your next matching elemental attack by 25% per stack. (HEALTH REGEN +40%)
  45. >>NEON JAUNT (Generator Augmentation): Moving through zones now leaves behind a shining trail of elemental power determined by the powers your'e wielding. Enemies that move through this space take heavy elemental damage while allies remain unharmed, and are instead granted one level of resistance to that element or elements as long as they occupy that space. (BIO REGEN +60%)
  47. >>FAMISHED FURY (Gluttonous Augmentation): The critcal strike damage you deal with Gluttonous attacks is boosted another two stages, and lethal blows dealt by Gluttonous powers at your disposal grant you an additional 50% MAX HEALTH, a boost that stacks with any you currently possess. (HEALTH +100%)
  51. >>RESSENTIMENT’S MIRROR (Gretchen's Core - Phantasmal Conduit, Lvl 1): A manifestation of Gretchen’s twisted vanity, Ressentiment’s Mirror allows you to have two separate bodies active at once at the cost of ½ of your current BIO, with both sharing your HEALTH and BIO POOLS. While your HEALTH/BIO REGEN is halved as long as you have two physical forms active, you may dissolve one or the other at any time via free action. At current, it is limited to benefiting from your passive physical augmentations, as neither individual body is able to benefit from HEALTH REGEN or use other active powers freely like you can when whole, but with time this power could be used to make someone like you…or someone better. (HEALTH +180%, BIO +240%)
  53. >>DOGGED SPRINTER (Fibromancer, Lvl 1): To run with the wind, to feel your legs carrying your forward to brighter futures. Your legs are now eminently reinforced, allowing you incredible bursts of speed in addition to drastically increasing the damage done with kick-based attacks. (HEALTH +80%)
  55. >>DOGGED SPRINTER (Lvl 2): The thrill of running, the rush of speed, the wind in your hair as you race along, powered by the engine of your heart and body, speed is an inherent part of you. B'ni's past feats translate well into her newfound legs, as she now possessed the ability to cross up to three distance zones with a single move action. Additionally, during the course of a move action, B'ni cannot suffer a critical hit and she gains a considerable bonus to evasion while running, allowing her to dodge and weave through the battlefield with ease. However, these benefits are lost when she ends her turn or takes a combat action after her movement action. (HEALTH +40%)
  57. >>DOGGED SPRINTER (Lvl 3): B’ni’s recurved limbs have reached new heights of power and efficiency, granting her a considerable speed advantage when combat begins and allowing her to act well before friend and foe alike. In addition, her flexible runner’s frame now allows her enhanced resistance to mobility-reducing skills, allowing her to retain her incredible speed despite the efforts of her targets. (HEALTH +40%)
  59. >>DOGGED SPRINTER (Lvl 4): B’ni’s legs have evolved, shifting into a compressed pair of limbs with impossibly dense musculature that now allows for explosive bursts of speed. Now, when B’ni makes the first move at the start of combat, she may expend her stored energy and push her body past its limits to cross the battlefield and deliver a surprising blow. In effect, she may expend 25% HEALTH at the start of combat to cross up to three distance zones in a super-sonic burst, dealing a blow with a vastly increased chance of a critical hit as she catches her foe by surprise. (HEALTH REGEN +20%)
  61. >>DOGGED SPRINTER (Lvl 5): Greater control over her twitch reflexes have granted B’ni the ability to shift her body at the last second of a mortal blow, allowing her to turn a critical hit inflicted upon her into a normal one or a normal hit into a miss, once per combat. Surging ever closer to the limits of speed a Daughter’s body is capable of, you know that continuing along this path will eventually open up greater and greater heights of blistering speed to the determined girl...Mother only knows where her limits lie. (HEALTH REGEN+10%)
  63. >>CALCITE GREAVES, Calcite Armorer, Lvl 1): B'ni possesses the ability to generate a pair of wickedly sharp greaves similar to those used by the Chevalier, allowing her to skate along the ground at speeds exceeding those she would normally have been capable of. At a cost of 10% BIO per greave, the boots offer an elegant marriage of mobility and offense to a discerning Daughter. (BIO +60%)
  65. >>CALCITE GREAVES (Lvl 2): Skater's blades have shifted into deadly scythes that rake up the back of B'ni's calves when the Greaves are active, considerably increasing her overall damage and critical hit chances. Additionally, the greaves have evolved well past being mere boots of bone and marrow as the blade has developed a biomass refinement system all its own. By slicing into biomass-corrupted terrain, the greaves' blades will allow the user to skate at high speed across both horizontal and vertical surfaces while moving, though they lack the grip to make forays on walls and ceilings anything more permanent than a single move action. However, B'ni's vastly expanded range of movement now grants her no end of options on both on and off the battlefield. (BIO +40%)
  67. >>CALCITE GREAVES (Lvl 3): evolving into a more perfect union of elegant skate and executioner's scythe, B'ni's greaves now boast the ability to extend up to double her base range, the blade unhinging from the boot and arcing through the air to catch targets that would otherwise be out of reach or under the illusion of having dodged to safety, though with less damage inflicted. If B'ni would miss an attack at close range, once per round she may turn the miss into a hit that inflicts slightly less damage, allowing her to land blows more easily on particularly evasive foes. Additionally, the base strike range for her melee attacks increases from short range to medium, further enhancing her effective range in combat. (BIO +40%)
  69. >>CALCITE GREAVES (Lvl 4): You have to wonder if B’ni’s repeated use of her greaves for the swift, merciless execution of your foes is informing their shape and function, as your friend’s boots evolve into a completely new form that greatly enhances the power of her killing blows. When B’ni scores a natural critical hit, she now achieves maximum damage with the strike as she strives to strike down all that dares to oppose you. (BIO +20%)
  71. >>CALCITE GREAVES (Lvl 5): B’ni’s greaves have evolved to deliver devastating wounds that prove incredibly difficult to recover from. When B’ni inflicts a critical hit with her blades, the target cannot regenerate the damage for one round, on top of their maximum HEALTH receiving a reduction of 10% for the remainder of combat. Striving for an ever more efficient form of execution, this latest mutation ensures that whatever B’ni chooses to sever is not something easily replaced. (BIO + 20%)
  73. >>FONT OF SUFFERING (Augmentation): The capstone skill of a hybrid skill tree with another, weaker Vitruvian who dared challenge you. Health regeneration is something that, in small quantities, is a tolerable if uncomfortable thing. In greater amounts however, it can prove to be an excruciating experience. While you are unable to maintain Neuromantic concentration past the end of your turn if your regeneration triggers, your HEALTH REGEN is increased to and may not be suppressed below 10% of your maximum health per turn. Also, your HEALTH REGEN does not stop when you arrive at Death’s Door, instead recovering one third of your HEALTH REGEN total per turn that you are at Death’s Door, though you will still have to make saving throws as normal. Instead of merely stabilizing, you instead recover with your total regenerated health for the round. (HEALTH REGEN +40%)
  75. >>SECLUDED MIND (Augmentation): The capstone of a hybrid skill tree with an over confident Neuromancer. You gain IMMUNITY to Neuromancer skills and advantage against their saving throws, in exchange for being unable to ACTIVELY access the Daughters within you, though you may still access them WHEN SLEEPING. No man is an island, but you’re the exception…for better or worse. (BIO REGEN +50%)
  77. >>BOLSTERING FEAST (Augmentation): The capstone of a hybrid skill tree with a mindless Gluttonous who gave in to her baser urges. In addition to the CONSUME option, you now gain access to the FEAST option, allowing you to relinquish your right to additional skills and instead glean only the benefits of the options’ stat increases. Furthermore, FEAST passively increases the stats gained through this choice by 1.5 times, allowing you to rapidly increase your HEALTH and BIO at the cost of ignoring the accumulation of other skills. (HEALTH +80%)
  79. >>HIDEOUS STRENGTH (Augmentation) The capstone of a hybrid skill tree with an honorable Fibromancer that you almost feel guilty for killing…but she got too close to Shu, and something had to be done. You now gain a raw melee attack power boost based on your current health as long as you are at or above 50% of your maximum HEALTH, with increased attack power the closer you are to maximum. While this does nothing to bolster your defenses, it does result in a terrifyingly powerful opening series of blows, and ensures that even if you do not wish to start meaningless fights, you will absolutely end them. (HEALTH +60%)
  84. >>REMORSEFUL SPARK (Relic, Nature: Unknown): The crystallized will of your oldest friend and the embodiment of her desire to return to a happier time. Only consumable by you, Isabelle's regenerative energy has been re-tooled into a curious relic that will automatically be consumed upon failing enough death saving throws to result in your death, immediately restoring you to you previous state before you were brought to death's door and removing all status effects you were inflicted with.
  86. You granted her peace, so she's granted you a second chance.
  88. Use it wisely.
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