Anon - Forgotton Sleeping Bag

Oct 9th, 2016
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  1. >"Trixie has forgotten her sleeping bag, Anon."
  2. >She lets out a beleaguered sigh, rolling her eyes.
  3. >"Trixie supposes we will have to share."
  4. >You know you're not imagining the twinkle in her eye, or the edge of a smirk you see tugging her lips up as she turns her back to you.
  5. >"Well? Get ready for bed. We should hurry if we're going to get any rest..."
  6. >You stand there, frozen, as Trixie's hands go to her waist, slowly pulling down the side zipper to her skirt.
  7. 'For all that talk about hurrying up, she's certainly taking her time.'
  8. >The inane thought flits through your head as Trixie ever so slowly pulls her skirt down.
  9. 'Does she really have to bend over that far?'
  10. >You feel terribly betrayed by your brain as it focuses on all the wrong things.
  11. >Like that taut ass, snugged into cornflower blue panties, the shape of her pudenda clearly outlined...
  12. >Trixie steps out of her skirt, a flick of her foot sending it into the corner of the tent.
  13. >With her back still turned to you, her hands slowly trail up the length of her legs.
  14. >You feel a twitch in your groin, and a delicious hot feeling invades your body as her hands don't pause at her waist.
  15. >Slender fingers hook under the material of her shirt, and you watch, entranced, as they lift higher and higher.
  16. >You take a hesitant half-step toward her, a hand lifting slightly as her shirt is pulled over her head.
  17. >Before her beautiful hair falls over her back again, you note through the haze that she isn't wearing a bra.
  18. >A flick of Trixie's wrist, and her shirt joins the skirt in the corner of the tent.
  19. >"Trixie doesn't hear you getting ready, Anon..."
  20. >Your eyes snap back up to see Trixie half turned toward you.
  21. >Her arms are crossed demurely over her chest, but the arrogant grin she's giving you is anything but.
  22. >As your eyes meet hers, she flicks her gaze downward, licking her lips slowly.
  23. >"Then again, Trixie could be wrong..."
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