CORS Formula & Process

Feb 24th, 2020
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  1. Twitter user @BreatheAgain777 has shared his OPENSOURCE CORS formula and process to help heal the sick and stave off the spread of disease. Share widely as this will be attacked. Use formula in any way that seems helpful to people and animals. Designed for use internally, externally, inhaled deep lung, nasal spray/wash, eye spray/wash, mouthwash, throat spray, hands and multi-surface sanitizer.
  3. C.O.R.S.
  5. Cold Organic Residual Sanitizer:
  7. 13 ingredients: 20ppm Colloidal Silver (be sure of quality…make it yourself), Zinc Gluconate, Calcium Hydroxide (builders Lime), Goldenseal, Oregano, Rosemary, Lemon, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Wintergreen, Lavender, Pure Distilled water.
  9. Supplies: A laboratory magnetic stirring machine, 1/2 gallon wide mouth jar, 2 wide mouth plastic lids duct taped together, two 10" inch long .9999 Pure Silver rods, A 27 Volt DC power adapter such as is common on most printers, one 1 milliamp resistor, 4 small alligator clips, 1 gallon distilled water, TDS meter, small stainless pot, 2 glass jars with lids, gold coffee filter or similar, Turkey baster (for fractioning), and the above listed ingredients.
  11. Steps for making a 1/2 gallon glass jar of CORS:
  13. 1. Cold process a 20ppm batch of Colloidal Silver using 27 volts DC resisted to 1 milliamp. Apply no heat and no additives, whatsoever. Use magnetic stirring machine and start with slow stirring. Raise to 1ppm by adding C.S. from a previous batch to get process started. If none available, make tips of silver rods almost touch in the tank and remove the resistor. Turn off stirrer during this "boost". Check ppm's until 1ppm is reached. Put resistor back in and continue batch slowly increasing stirring speed and distance between rods. A TDS meter will give an accurate reading since no additives have been introduced. Slough the rods (when excess buildup appears to stop the electrolysis) using a nylon or similar toothbrush when removing rods from the tank. Allow all of the slough to fall back into the batch as it is pure silver. Rinse off toothbrush in the batch. Clean the pair of .9999 silver rods every hour or two using white vinegar, pure salt, cotton wash cloth then rinse twice with distilled water. Mark your rods so that you can reverse polarity after each cleaning. Hammer some small dents at rod ends to help identify them. Take notes and sloughing/cleaning times. Increase stirring speed gradually as ppm goes up. Continue unti 20 ppm is reached. Congrats, you have just created 1/2 gallon of non-toxic, non-photosensitive Colloidal Silver! Next, make room in this jar to add in more ingredients. Pour two cups off into a seperate glass jar and label and date it "20ppm CS" for future use. Store in cool dark place.
  15. Step 2: Next, make two different solutions for now and future use. Use the same method for the Zinc and the Lime. Seperately, dissolve the foodgrade Zinc and Lime into water solutions using moderate continuous heat. For each, heat 1 cup of distilled water in a stainless pan bring it to near boiling. Add the zinc gluconate (or food-grade lime) while stirring until the water cannot dissolve any more and solids begin gathering. Label and put solutions into clear glass containers. After cooling to room temp and settling, add 1/4 cup Zinc Gluconate solution (poured off the top) into the 20ppm CS. Add 1/4 cup hydrated Calcium Hydroxide solution AKA "Limewater" (poured off the top) into the 20ppm CS. Accelerate stirrer to create a whirlpool effect. Continue with aggressive stirring for one hour before adding anything else to formula.
  17. Step 3. Make very strong 1 cup batch of Goldenseal Root tea. Bring distilled water to a rolling boil, reduce flame and empty the contents of 15 capsules (one heaping tablespoon) of organic Goldenseal Root powder. Stir for 5 mins over low heat. Filter, cool to room temp and add to formula.
  19. Step 4. With aggressive stirring still going, add in 1 teaspoon of each of the following organic essential oils: Wintergreen, Peppermint, Eucaluptus, Oregano, Rosemary, Lemon, Tea Tree and Lavender. Stir continues 4 hours and formula is complete. Settling of formula is expected. Dispense from center of 1/2 gallon container using a baster or similar tool. Settle at bottom may be used (later) for bandages, poultices, etc. If any oils float on top it should be less than a teaspoon or so. Additional high speed stirring and overnight settling is advised. Leave top and bottom until all of the translucent center (about 80%) is removed and bottled separately. It is surprising how this top and bottom disappears into the formula if you are not too much in a hurry and use repeated cycles of stirring and settling. Store in cool dark place, preferably in amber bottles. Filter with gold metallic coffee filter or similar fine mesh before putting into a fine mist sprayer device.
  21. Unique External/Internal Formula:
  22. 1. Alcohol Free. Won't dry out skin.
  23. 2. Organic formula may be used 24/7 both internally or externally.
  24. 3. Non-flammable.
  25. 4. 13 Non-evaporative ingredients means increased protection between washings.
  26. 5. Proven formula destroys many pathogens and prevents replication.
  27. 6. All-natural with no preservatives, colorants or artificial anything.
  28. 7. No "Estrogen Mimicking Chemicals" so won't mess up fertility rates, cycles or contribute to gynecomastia. Hormone-Free/Petroleum-Free..won't affect endocrine system and non-carcinogenic.
  29. 8. Gentle enough to spray in eyes when diluted 50/50 with water.
  30. 9. Non-reactive with gloves, masks & tools.
  31. 10. Formula can be sprayed in a fine mist making it easy to apply to surfaces, shoes and clothing.
  32. 11. Capable of deep lung and sinus delivery as a cold fog as in using a nebulizer or such device.
  33. 12. Add essential oils and raw Stevia powder to create Cinnamon Clove throat spray.
  35. Email me for free recipes, pictures of my setup:
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