Penis Inspection Day /abdl/ story

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  1. >Be me
  2. >Actual thundercock
  3. >Inspection day
  4. >Everyone already lined up
  5. >Look around at all my underlings
  6. >Easy to tell who won't make the cut off
  7. >Obvious betas are practically shitting themselves in fear
  8. >Realize they'll actually be shitting themselves by the end of today
  9. >lmao
  10. >Some of the baby-cocks have already accepted the inevitable
  11. "Baby food is just mashed grownup food if you think about it"
  12. "If we hold it until last period, we only have to be changed once"
  13. "Mommy said if I ever come home dry, she’ll put laxatives in my lunch"
  14. >Some are trying to act casual like they're safe
  15. >See them wince every time a new diapered shrimplet waddles out from the curtains
  16. "Nine and one half"
  17. >Line creeps up
  18. "Seven and one quarter"
  19. >Line creeps up
  20. "3 and three quarters"
  21. >Crinkle
  22. >Sobbing
  23. >Line creeps up
  24. >playpen in the center of the gym gradually starts filling with students
  25. >Shorts and jeans replaced with Pull-ups and diapers
  26. >No way am I going to end up like that
  27. >Know I can already pass with ease
  28. >Nobody in my family has ever come up short
  29. >Good genes I guess
  30. >Big bro told me the secret to getting even bigger
  31. >Edge myself every night for the last week
  32. >Hard on so intense it's actually sore
  33. >Worth it to see how impressed everyone will be
  34. >Take one more opportunity to stroke myself
  35. >A few girls in the bleachers notice and start pointing
  36. >They know what's good
  37. >I'm going to pound town tonight
  38. >Getting closer to the inspection stations
  39. >Can see behind a few of the privacy curtains now
  40. >See some classmates getting measured
  41. >Clearly big enough to keep their pants
  42. >Nothing compared to me though
  43. >A few are being helped step into Pull-Ups
  44. >Another is laying on a changing mat, sniveling to himself
  45. >Freshman kneeling beside tries to cheer him up by pointing out all the cute animals on his new diapers
  46. "Anonymous, station seven"
  47. >Showtime
  48. >Step behind the curtain. Puff out chest
  49. >Also puff out pelvis
  50. >One nurse is reading a book by the changing mat
  51. >A package of diapers sits next to her
  52. >Bag is still sealed. Guess this station hasn't had any babydicks yet
  53. >Label reads 'Princess Priscilla's Pretty Pink Party Pampers'
  54. >Pity the poor soul that ends up in them
  55. >focus attention on the person in front
  56. >She's one of those student assistants. Senior, probably
  57. >Looks weirdly familiar
  58. >Wonder if she'll give me her number after I whip out Excalibur
  59. "Oh hi anon! Ready for your inspection?"
  60. >Already knows me. Guess my reputation has spread to the upperclassman
  61. "How have things been? I haven't seen you around since you dumped my little sis"
  62. >Shit
  63. >Maybe she's not holding a grudge
  64. "Yeah, you really broke her heart. It tore me up to see my Stephanie so sad"
  65. >DangerDangerDanger
  66. >"Hey, can you just get your ruler or whatever and take my measurement"
  67. "Sorry, Nonny. I gotta follow the routine."
  68. >Theatrically gestures toward her clipboard
  69. "I won’t get any credit if I cut corners. You understand right?
  70. >Screams internally
  71. "Step one: instruct the subject to remove his undergarments. Offer assistance if necessary."
  72. >Yanks pants to the floor, bead of precum drools down with it
  73. >Hope she didn't notice
  74. >She definitely noticed
  75. "Step two: lightly stimulate the subject to ensure accurate measurement"
  76. >Takes my dick in a power grip
  77. "I can see you've worked very hard on this, Nonny. I'm sure you want to get every last millimeter on record."
  78. >Starts pumping my dong like it's a fucking shake weight
  79. >ogodofuck
  80. >Struggle to stay cool
  81. >Never been fondled like this before
  82. >leaking precum like a busted faucet
  83. >Unwillingly lubricate her gloves with my own juices
  84. >Wonder if this is what sex really feels like
  85. >Hope it is because this is amazing
  86. >On the verge of losing it
  87. >fist piston finally slows down
  88. >Try to catch my breath
  89. >Holy shit that was close
  90. "I have to admit, Nonny. You're pretty gifted down there"
  91. >Pumping replaced with a slow, rhythmic stroke
  92. >Can’t take this forever
  93. "I can tell you're going to be real popular with the girls here"
  94. >Think of all the puss I'm gonna get
  95. >Wonder if any of the girls will give me a BJ behind the bleachers when this is over
  96. >Start frothing at the thought
  97. >Not from my mouth
  98. "Still, it would have been nice to breastfeed you once in a while"
  99. >Notice her chest has been inches from me this whole time
  100. >Never seen them so up close before
  101. >Much bigger than the girls in my grade
  102. >She notices me staring
  103. >Leans in closer
  104. "Looks like you could still use a little more help."
  105. >Massages my swollen testes
  106. >Gives my head a few more decisive pumps
  107. >Feel familiar warmth building in my groin
  108. >Know what's about to happen
  109. >Wish I could do anything to stop it
  110. >roll for composure
  111. >1/20 critical failure
  112. >Entire week of pent up frustration forces itself out of my dick
  113. >bombard gymnasium floor with volley after volley of seed
  114. >She makes a pretend gasp
  115. "Whoopsie! Looks like I spilled some Nonny-batter!"
  116. >ears are ringing
  117. "You should have told me you were so sensitive! Oh well, let’s move on."
  118. >Can't even register what she's saying
  119. >Dick twitching in her hand
  120. >Cum still dribbling down my thighs
  121. >Still trying to regain vision while she pulls out tape measure
  122. >Dick feels completely spent
  123. >Totally flaccid
  124. "Uh-oh! Looks like I overcooked your noodle a little bit, huh Nonny?"
  125. >She jostles my spent penis in her hands, acting surprised
  126. "Wakey wakey, little guy. You're gonna sleep through your big moment!"
  127. >Nothing
  128. "I suppose we'll just have to size you up like this, then."
  129. >She wrestles with my member, trying to keep it straight long enough to measure
  130. >Wonder if she's really even trying
  131. >Desperately try thinking about anything to get hard again
  132. >Sex, tits, blowjobs, orgies…
  133. >*RIIIP*
  134. >Sudden noise interrupts my fantasies
  135. >Turn head toward source of the distraction
  136. >Nurse is tugging a garishly pink diaper out of its newly opened package
  137. >Lays it out on the changing mat and starts fluffing it
  138. >No way
  139. "Tell you what, Anon. Let's just round you up to a solid four, 'kay?"
  140. >This isn't happening
  141. >She enters my official measurement before leaning into an intercom
  142. "Janitor to station seven. Accidental discharge"
  143. >Hear roaring laughter from the bleachers
  144. >She ushers me to the nurse at the changing station
  145. "This nice lady is going to get you into your diapers before you have another mishap, okay Nonny?"
  146. >Feel completely paralyzed
  147. >Finally confiscates the pants from around my ankles
  148. "Don’t worry about these. We’ll throw them out for you."
  149. >Nurse takes my wrists and lowers me onto the unfolded diaper
  150. >Full panic mode
  151. >"Wait! Measure me again!"
  152. >No response. Nurse reaches for baby powder.
  153. >Breath starts to quiver
  154. >Eyes getting wet
  155. >"Just one more time! I don't belong in diapers!"
  156. >Still nothing. Nurse spreads my legs
  157. >Practically bawling at this point
  158. >Everyone outside the curtain can definitely hear me but I don't care
  159. >"Please! I swear I'm big enough!"
  160. >Nurse, clearly agitated, plunks a pacifier in my mouth
  161. >Wail into the rubber nipple until I'm out of breath
  162. >Watch through tears as my limp member is buried under a pile of nursery-scented snow
  163. >It's over
  164. >Squeeze my eyes shut. Wish to be anywhere else
  165. >Brace for the diaper to be pulled up and for my newfound babyhood to be sealed against my waist
  166. >Nothing happens
  167. >Suckle pacifier for comfort
  168. >still nothing
  169. >Feel nurse take my penis in her hand
  170. >Something is being fastened to the base of my shaft
  171. >Feel some pressure on my testicles, too
  172. >Holy shit it worked
  173. >Nurse is going to help me get stiff again
  174. >I'm actually going to get a real measurement
  175. >I'm not going to end up as one of those diapered losers
  176. >I'm going to be a big boy
  177. >Snap my eyes open and gleefully look toward nurse
  178. >Just in time to watch her guide my manhood into the plastic sleeve of a chastity cage
  179. "Little boys who have sticky accidents need to wear these for extra protection"
  180. >*click*
  181. >My whole body is numb
  182. >Struggling to contemplate what just happened
  183. >Cut short by a sudden prod against my rectum
  184. "Try to stay calm, sweetie. I just need to make sure this fits you before we can continue."
  185. >Finger starts coaxing its way into my backdoor
  186. >Try to squeal, but I'm beyond exhaustion at this point
  187. >Can only manage to suckle and squirm while the nurse rummages around inside me
  188. >I should be in the bleachers with the other big boys right now
  189. >I should be bragging about my size to impress all the girls
  190. >Not laying on a changing mat getting finger fucked by the school nurse
  191. >What used to be my impressive erection has been replaced by a pink bauble dangling on my crotch
  192. >Suckle a little faster as my arousal starts to build against my will
  193. >My penis searches for room to breathe, but is easily subdued by the cage
  194. >Nurse looks satisfied with the results, but continues her torment
  195. >Her motions become more focused and her finger burrows deeper
  196. >Nurse expertly reaches her destination
  197. >Member jolts to life as nurse puts pressure on the special spot within me
  198. >My plastic prison twitches and bobs with every poke and prod she makes against it
  199. >Warm feeling starts to return
  200. >Not the same as before
  201. >Never felt so simultaneously aroused and unstimulated
  202. >Manhood screaming for any kind of contact
  203. >Clench down on my paci as my writhing becomes full blown thrashing
  204. "That's it. Make sure it's on nice and snug"
  205. >Buck hips in the air, desperate for any kind of stimulation
  206. >Cage bucks with me, but doesn't release its clutches on my touch-starved member
  207. >All of my flailing causes the powder on my crotch to scatter everywhere
  208. >Nurse gives me a patronizing look
  209. "Aww. You just make one mess after another, don't you?"
  210. >Changing mat and everything around it is covered in baby powder
  211. >Head resting mere feet from my shameful puddle of spunk
  212. >Wonder if the shrimplets made this much of a mess during their inspections
  213. >Realize they probably didn't
  214. >Realize I didn't care
  215. >Just want to cum
  216. >Tears rolling down face
  217. "I think it's time to finish up here"
  218. >Hope she means what I think she means
  219. >Finger slowly retreats from my rectum
  220. >Realize she doesn't
  221. >Nurse casually cleans up while I continue to writhe
  222. >Sob in dismay and try to wordlessly beg her to give me release
  223. "Oh don't worry, little one. I'll give you more powder."
  224. >A fresh layer is sprinkled over my smoldering loins
  225. >See the diaper print for the first time as it’s pulled up between my legs
  226. >Princess Priscilla and her Pretty Pastel Pony are doing a playful pose right where my thundercock used to be
  227. >Manage one final whimper as the diaper is taped shut over the throbbing remnants of my manhood
  228. "All set! Let's get you back to the others"
  229. >Get a firm squeeze on the front of my padding
  230. >Feel nothing beneath the cage
  231. >Nurse takes my hand and guides my through the privacy curtain
  232. >Janitor waiting just outside. Glares at me
  233. >Everyone in the bleachers finally gets to see who blew his load on inspection day
  234. >Hysterical laughter fills the gym as the nurse guides me toward the playpen and helps me in
  235. >Look around at others
  236. >A few give me sympathetic looks, others trying to cope themselves
  237. >Some are already wet
  238. >I don't belong here
  239. >a group from the bleachers come down to see me
  240. >They start to mockingly parrot my pleas from earlier
  241. "wAit! I swEAr I'm BiG ENOuGh!"
  242. >One starts groping my padding
  243. "Sure doesn't feel that way! Is anything even under there?"
  244. >My crippled manhood struggles to respond, but can only strain against the rigid walls of its new enclosure
  245. "I can’t believe Stephanie used to date you.”
  246. >Another one chimes in
  247. >"Hey! Aren't you the one that was jerking off in the waiting line?"
  248. >Another wave of laughter
  249. "Oh my god that WAS him! I guess he was eager to get his pampers on!"
  250. "Poor little guy was jealous of all the diaperboys getting to go before him."
  251. "Looks like the wait was worth it. You got the cutest diapers of the bunch!"
  252. >The fondling continues. My mind is too clouded to pull away
  253. >This will be the closest I get to a sexual encounter with a woman now
  254. >Grind my diaper against their groping hands
  255. >Warmth starts building again
  256. >Worm twitches in its cage despite almost total lack of physical stimulation
  257. >Ignore the fact that all my former peers are watching me hump a girl’s palm
  258. >Laughter from the crowd fades to the back of my mind
  259. >Moans slip out from behind my paci
  260. >Push as hard as I can to force myself to a climax
  261. > I’m rewarded with a forceful torrent of urine that sprays through the slit in my cage
  262. >Princess Priscilla and her Party Pals are stained yellow as the wetness spreads through my diaper
  263. "Oh my god! He just pissed himself!"
  264. >Bawl to myself as my last chance of relief climbs back up the bleachers
  265. >The soaked padding clings to my skin as a constant reminder of what I did
  266. >Legacy forever cemented as the babydick diaper pervert
  267. >Everyone starts calling me Squirt
  268. >Parents never treat me like a grownup again
  269. >Say I soiled their family reputation like I soil my Pampers
  270. >College fund gets spent converting my bedroom into a nursery
  271. >This is my new life
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