The Forging of a Star: Part 5.5

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  1. [04:09] Roanna Rosenkreuz asks, "I'll pay you five hundred if you close it for... say... fifteen minutes and plug your ears?"
  2. [04:09] Roanna Rosenkreuz says, "Any screaming is just the sound of Swuisarme."
  3. [04:10] Anna exclaims, "Roanna I have Sor's permissions to deal with 'inconveniences'!"
  4. [04:10] Artaghh says, "No money necessary, that'd be bribery. A wholesome ass kicking though."
  5. [04:10] Anna exclaims, "Oh, nevermind!"
  6. [04:10] Denier smiles softly as gravity around him begins to fluctuate.
  7. (Denier Nevus)
  8. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. [04:10] Anna exclaims, "Kick his ass, go go!"
  11. [04:10] Kathryn says, "I-"
  12. [04:10] Achilles whispers something.
  13. [04:10] Ramsey says, "..."
  14. [04:10] Artaghh says, ". . ."
  15. [04:10] Anna says, "..."
  16. [04:10] Roanna cracks her knuckles happily.
  17. (Roanna Rosenkreuz)
  18. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  20. [04:10] Artaghh whispers something.
  21. [04:11] Roanna Rosenkreuz says, "Splendid."
  22. [04:11] Anna exclaims, "Yay Roanna!"
  23. [04:11] Roanna Rosenkreuz says, "Denier dear~"
  24. [04:11] Anna exclaims, "Get him!"
  25. [04:11] Artaghh whispers something.
  26. [04:11] Roanna Rosenkreuz asks, "Let's talk about philosophy, yes?"
  27. [04:11] Simon Wright says, "What the..."
  28. [04:11] Anna asks, "Can I watch?"
  29. [04:11] Roanna Rosenkreuz exclaims, "Of course dear!"
  30. [04:11] Anna exclaims, "Yay!"
  31. [04:11] Roanna Rosenkreuz says, "Just don't mind the blood..."
  32. [04:11] Denier Nevus says, "Chaos. In and of it's nature, is violence. Here, is where you will act, or you will act not at all."
  33. [04:11] Anna exclaims, "You're so kind Roanna!"
  34. [04:11] Anna exclaims, "I love you!"
  35. [04:11] Roanna Rosenkreuz says, "Love you too, dear."
  36. [04:11] Roanna Rosenkreuz says, "Come along, Denier."
  37. [04:11] Simon Wright says, "Roanna, double check..."
  38. [04:11] Anna says, "Except that time in jail."
  39. [04:12] Anna exclaims, "But I forgot about that already!"
  40. [04:12] Artaghh says, "Jus' don' kill'm. That'd look bad."
  41. [04:12] Achilles whispers something.
  42. [04:12] Roanna Rosenkreuz exclaims, "Of course. I just need a little surgical experience!"
  43. [04:12] Khada Nihil says, "He said he's not moving."
  44. [04:12] Anna exclaims, "Ooo!"
  45. [04:12] Roanna Rosenkreuz says, "... Oh right."
  46. [04:12] Artaghh whispers something.
  47. [04:12] Denier stands upon the lamp post and smiles.
  48. (Denier Nevus)
  49. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  51. [04:12] Anna asks, "Can I beat him up and you do surgery on him?"
  52. [04:12] Roanna grins underneath her combat mask. She'd advance threateningly.
  53. (Roanna Rosenkreuz)
  54. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  56. [04:12] Achilles whispers something.
  57. [04:12] Simon Wright says, "... Hey."
  58. [04:12] Anna exclaims, "Nevermind!"
  59. [04:12] Simon Wright whispers: Listen to me closely. These people will kill you without hesitation.
  60. [04:12] Denier remains perfectly still.
  61. (Denier Nevus)
  62. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  64. [04:12] Simon Wright whispers: Stop trying to encourage it.
  65. [04:12] Achilles whispers something.
  66. [04:12] Artaghh whispers something.
  67. [04:12] Artaghh whispers something.
  68. [04:12] Anna whistles as she tries to act casually by leaning on the statue.
  69. (Anna)
  70. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  72. [04:13] Achilles whispers something.
  73. [04:13] Artaghh whispers something.
  74. [04:13] Simon Wright says, "... I tried to warn you..."
  75. [04:15] Artaghh whispers something.
  76. [04:16] Achilles whispers something.
  77. [04:16] The woman already had her mask down and massive sword hefted to her shoulder. Roanna was a creature of duality. Immeasurably patient at times, but also ruthless and twitchy at others, especially those that purposefully annoyed her.
  79. "Your annoyance is at an end. I'll inflict untold suffering in those fifteen minutes Artaghh has allotted me. Finally I get to unwind. Oh joyous day."
  81. She cackled, giving in to her little theatrics some more.
  82. (Roanna Rosenkreuz)
  83. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  85. [04:16] Achilles whispers something.
  86. [04:16] Artaghh whispers something.
  87. [04:17] Achilles whispers something.
  88. [04:17] Jennifer sighs as she pulls out her medkit.
  89. (Jennifer Ivanovich)
  90. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  92. [04:17] Kathryn whispers something.
  93. [04:17] Artaghh whispers something.
  94. [04:18] Ramsey whispers something.
  95. [04:18] Artaghh whispers something.
  96. [04:18] Artaghh whispers something.
  97. [04:18] Amelie Vishkar whispers something.
  98. [04:18] Artaghh whispers something.
  99. [04:18] Amelie Vishkar whispers something.
  100. [04:19] He'd just turn to look at the fight. While the woman overreacted to Khada's actions, Denier really talked himself into a corner. He odd individual --but did he deserve this? Well, the teen didn't know.
  101. (Khada Nihil)
  102. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  104. [04:19] Artaghh whispers something.
  105. [04:19] Amelie Vishkar whispers something.
  106. [04:20] Artaghh whispers something.
  107. [04:20] Artaghh whispers something.
  108. [04:20] Amelie Vishkar whispers something.
  109. [04:20] Denier's gravity surged above the lamp post, stones rising from loose cobbles about the road with accelerated velocity towards the growing well of gravity, hitting his body with violent crumbling sounds like meteorites striking a celestial body, causing him to shudder slightly with each impact as they coated his skin in their mass like the formation of a planet. Above him, however, was forming a singularity and a star.
  111. "Embrace the chaos within you, I welcome to see your actions and how you create meaning. Show me what fumbling for meaning achieves. For through conflict, one grows more powerful, more apt." He spreads his arms as the cosmic star-like meteor bursts into tinier particles apt to surge his mana, stones below rising like thousands of planets among the stars.
  113. "Show me.. Everything" There was no fear, no hatred, no pity. Only chaos, chaos he desired to control. But before control, comes study and experience.
  114. (Denier Nevus)
  115. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  117. [04:21] Artaghh whispers something.
  118. [04:21] Achilles whispers something.
  119. [04:22] Artaghh whispers something.
  120. [04:24] Amelie Vishkar whispers something.
  121. [04:24] Amelie Vishkar whispers something.
  122. [04:24] Artaghh whispers something.
  123. [04:24] Artaghh whispers something.
  124. [04:25] Artaghh whispers something.
  125. [04:26] With an overwhelming sense of superiority, Roanna launched herself into battle with speed, exherting all her energy into a singular opening attack. It hit home easily, and she felt a satisfying *crunch* as her weapon ate through a vast portion of Denier's defensive strength.
  127. Of course combat continued, but she didn't really feel the pressure on herself that close combat did.
  129. "Chaos? Don't be absurd. Both Chaos and Order are eternally trapped in their cycles. Both held down by their hunger or their beliefs.
  131. I am neither and stand free from both shackles.
  133. I'll show you why your 'freedom' is an illusion. Your power is naught."
  134. (Roanna Rosenkreuz)
  135. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  137. [04:29] Ser Artaghh would tug his eyepatch over his remaining eye, he saw nothing of this situation, and therefore could not report it.
  138. (Artaghh)
  139. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  141. [04:30] Achilles says, "Honestly? too much for my poor brain to handly. I'm going to crash on the resurgence."
  142. [04:31] Artaghh whispers something.
  143. [04:33] Amelie Vishkar whispers something.
  144. [04:34] Denier seemed to remain observant of his foe's movement patterns. Calculating the best possible route to enact what he was trying to achieve.
  146. And it was going perfectly.
  148. When the blade had reached him and slammed through his defenses he did not shy away. Rather embrace the blade and move his eyes closer to the woman's own as she spoke. There was emptiness in his eyes that rivaled that of the dead. What she had decided to call 'mentally unsound' and 'Chaos'.
  150. "Is this what you think of the world? Order is derived of chaos, and thus chaos is named only by aspect that it is not order. I have never claimed freedom from this 'cycle'. I have claimed no power, in fact I have claimed myself weaker than many. Such Hubris that you fight a foe who claims themselves strong to be put in their place when I hold my place well."
  152. A sudden warp of gravity pulls him back away from the blade,once more.. where it all began, he stood atop the light pole.
  154. "Come. Dive further into Chaos."
  155. (Denier Nevus)
  156. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  158. [04:35] Denier Nevus says, "Know victory, and taste what you call the bindings of the eternal cycle."
  159. [04:38] Artaghh whispers something.
  160. [04:39] Artaghh whispers something.
  161. [04:41] Amelie Vishkar whispers something.
  162. [04:41] Amelie Vishkar whispers something.
  163. [04:42] Denier floated somewhat lazily, even going so far as to move to walk. He wanted Roanna to fall deeper into the madness that she had started to fall into, simply to observe it's effects. But instead of her blade cleaving through his stone a second time, her blade was met with something else.
  165. An impassable wall it almost seemed like, the metal striking a well of gravity that flowed seemingly through his body in a black hole, the sound was catastrophic as her mana plowed through the very black hole itself. Ungodly and astronomically terrifying. Yet through it the small teen only remained as he always seemed to be, observant, without emotion, possibly insane by predetermined definition.
  167. "Do you not want it? Can you not taste it so close?"
  169. Yet again, he stood upon the lamp post, she was a part of a repeating cycle now, he longed to see how she would break free of it now that she stepped forward.
  170. (Denier Nevus)
  171. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  173. [04:43] Artaghh whispers something.
  174. [04:43] Artaghh whispers something.
  175. [04:45] Artaghh whispers something.
  176. [04:46] Artaghh whispers something.
  177. [04:46] The minor set back saw Roanna slowed - not stopped. A minor error that could quickly be rectified. She stopped in her tracks a moment, cackling ever so slightly. Low, quiet, assured.
  179. "A shame. Madness often leaves the mind open to possibilities the sane can not begin to fathom. Besides, they're generally the most interesting people."
  181. The woman stopped laughing, once again leveling her sword for combat.
  183. "… But you're not funny."
  184. (Roanna Rosenkreuz)
  185. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  187. [04:47] Denier Nevus exclaims, "Truth is never funny. Embrace chaos!"
  188. [04:49] Simon mouth opens slightly, agape.
  189. (Simon Wright)
  190. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  192. [04:50] Ser Artaghh couldn't see the fight, the eyepatch was still over his functional eye.
  193. (Artaghh)
  194. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  196. [04:51] Kathryn purses her lips. Nothing is said at the battle's conclusion.
  197. (Kathryn)
  198. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  200. [04:52] Artaghh says, "_/whisper Sword magic.....wait, shit. Tha's jus' energy magic wit' extra steps. Ne'er mind."
  201. [04:54] Ser Artaghh blinked or winked depending on one's perspective, realizing he'd just spoken at normal volume. He would shrug.
  202. (Artaghh)
  203. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  205. [04:59] Denier seemed to enter her mind-space with his words, though when she seemed to shift her demeanor from enjoying the prospect of winning to simply desiring to win, it seems that luck, probability or a more simplistic word Chaos, overwhelmed her.
  207. The boy moved about in a repeated cycle, with minor deviations from the original avoidance conditions, learning rapidly as most would in such a pressurized situation. He left behind black holes in the wake of her advancing sword. And it seemed to work in staying her blade for moments. Then the battle shifted completely in his favor.
  209. She moved to regenerate rather than press the attack. Smart, but when dealing with chaos, smart is not always the correct path to follow.
  211. He charged forward in a sudden mad dash. And almost instantly everything seemed to have changed. Was he now the assailant? Was he now the one with a hatred sparked from annoyance? Had he become her?No, chaos had a little fun as he lifted his hands into the air somewhat dramaticly and drew in cosmic light of overwhelming proportions in such a manner that some might call in a claims of copyright infringement. The orb then was sent forward towards the woman, was this it? Was this the end of Roanna?
  213. KABOOM!
  215. A large mass of energy exploded in the water behind Roanna as fish, swuisarme and water was ejected into the air, falling like a brief rain for a few moments.
  217. And he looked surprised as any other might be. There were no words of taunting, no continued hostility, simple self reflection and thought as he moved to stand upon the pole and stare out at the sky.
  218. (Denier Nevus)
  219. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  221. [05:06] Driven down and back, Roanna was in no way able to continue her aggression. In truth, she was defeated, even if not particularly scathed in all this. It caused her a moment of introspection. That became a minute of thinking as her magic fell away from her with her mental command.
  223. She came to a conclusion, setting her weapon back at her side, and taking a seat on the ground.
  225. The woman would stay like this, realizing something in the time she'd been thinking. Both a method of internal cleansing to remove the stain of such an ignoble defeat, as well as getting back ever so slightly at her defeater's principles.
  227. Roanna would sit there and meditate, wholly clearing her mind.
  229. She'd been prideful, wrathful, and spiteful. She'd given Denier everything he'd wanted. Even if she had won, she'd only be giving him what he wanted. Pointless conflict. Conflict squarely applied could move mountains, yet this one hadn't come from her own desires, but rather her inner passions.
  231. Another word likely wouldn't come from her in a long while, calming down and reflecting on how her actions had acted against her principles.
  232. (Roanna Rosenkreuz)
  233. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  235. [05:07] Artaghh says, "Well, it sounds like there's no more explosions."
  236. [05:08] Ser Artaghh would shift his eyepatch back to the gaping hole in his head that was the remnants of his right eye.
  237. (Artaghh)
  238. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  240. [05:08] Artaghh says, "Simon, come over here."
  241. [05:08] Kathryn says, "This outcome was unexpected."
  242. [05:08] Denier looks down at Kathryn a moment, opens his mouth, but closes it shortly there-after. Odd.
  243. (Denier Nevus)
  244. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  246. [05:09] Artaghh says, "In front of me."
  247. [05:09] Jennifer Ivanovich says, "Hmm, well."
  248. [05:09] Artaghh says, "A bit closer."
  249. [05:09] Artaghh says, "I will nae strangle ye', worry no'."
  250. [05:10] Artaghh whispers something.
  251. [05:10] Denier returns his gaze to the sky.
  252. (Denier Nevus)
  253. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  255. [05:10] Simon Wright whispers something.
  256. [05:10] Artaghh whispers something.
  257. [05:10] Artaghh whispers something.
  258. [05:11] Roanna takes another breath in, and then another out. An endless chain of simple actions to center herself once more.
  259. (Roanna Rosenkreuz)
  260. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  262. [05:12] Anna whispers something.
  263. [05:12] Roanna finally feels at peace once again, rising to her feet.
  264. (Roanna Rosenkreuz)
  265. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  267. [05:12] Roanna Rosenkreuz says, "Never better, dear."
  268. [05:12] Amelie shifts her gaze from the battle, now that it had ended without further incident- looking towards Simon and nodding, the rieka over her eyes still visible, though not as bright as it had been before, when she was unleashing against that boy.
  269. (Amelie Vishkar)
  270. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  272. [05:12] Anna whispers something.
  273. [05:13] Roanna Rosenkreuz whispers something.
  274. [05:14] Simon Wright whispers something.
  275. [05:14] Simon whispers for what feels like ten minutes...
  276. (Simon Wright)
  277. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  279. [05:14] Roanna Rosenkreuz whispers something.
  280. [05:14] Roanna Rosenkreuz says, "Denier."
  281. [05:14] Denier remains looking at the stars. "Roanna."
  282. (Denier Nevus)
  283. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  285. [05:14] Roanna places a hand over her heart, bowing extremly slightly.
  286. (Roanna Rosenkreuz)
  287. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  289. [05:15] Jack posted up under a nice tree. Giving a wave to those present in the square, he'd speak.
  291. "Evenin', folks."
  292. (Jack Pennystealer)
  293. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  295. [05:15] Roanna Rosenkreuz says, "Thank you - your Antithesis has provided me with proper Synthesis."
  296. [05:16] Denier looks down a moment and tilts his head, perplexed. "It is the nature of chaos. Be consumed by it, or convert it within yourself. I am not your enemy. Merely.. A mirror you must look upon and choose."
  297. (Denier Nevus)
  298. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  300. [05:16] Simon Wright whispers something.
  301. [05:16] Simon Wright whispers something.
  302. [05:16] Roanna Rosenkreuz says, "Being consumed by anything is not my ideal."
  303. [05:17] Amelie Vishkar whispers something.
  304. [05:17] Amelie Vishkar whispers something.
  305. [05:17] Roanna Rosenkreuz says, "No, rather, all ideas have some merit to them, even if they stand radically opposed to your own."
  306. [05:17] Denier Nevus says, "Then understand that I am a test. Perhaps you have passed. Perhaps you are only beginning it. But know that now, you hold solace in your choice."
  307. [05:17] Simon Wright whispers something.
  308. [05:17] Denier Nevus says, "Indeed. Not a cycle, Chaos and Order. But a choice."
  309. [05:18] Amelie nods.
  310. (Amelie Vishkar)
  311. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  313. [05:18] Simon Wright whispers something.
  314. [05:18] Artaghh whispers something.
  315. [05:19] Simon Wright whispers something.
  316. [05:19] Denier Nevus says, "I wish you luck in your endevors, no matter what they may be. Despite my definable disbelief in luck. May your belief in it, grant you what you seek."
  317. [05:19] Roanna Rosenkreuz says, "You are free to choose. I still see nothing but chains to bind one to a set path. One of weakness by principle, one of weakness by loss of control."
  318. [05:19] Roanna Rosenkreuz says, "And no, I do not believe in luck either."
  319. [05:19] Roanna Rosenkreuz says, "Merely unaccounted variables."
  320. [05:20] Denier Nevus says, "Indeed. Know that you get to experience that which I never may. I am empty. You are whole. I am not broken for there is nothing to break."
  321. [05:20] Amelie Vishkar whispers something.
  322. [05:21] Amelie Vishkar whispers something.
  323. [05:21] Amelie Vishkar whispers something.
  324. [05:21] Simon Wright whispers something.
  325. [05:22] Amelie Vishkar whispers something.
  326. [05:22] Ipos stares at the boy in confusion.
  327. (Ipos)
  328. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  330. [05:22] straightens for a moment, lowering his arms to his side upon the light post. Emotionless eyes lowered to the ground as his left arm crosses over his stomach.. and he bows a formal bow before righting himself.
  331. (Denier Nevus)
  332. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  334. [05:22] Simon nods and floats off towards Roanna.
  335. (Simon Wright)
  336. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  338. [05:22] Ipos says, "You are far too young to bring such a fate upon yourself."
  339. [05:22] Artaghh whispers something.
  340. [05:22] Denier Nevus says, "I was born empty, Ipos."
  341. [05:22] Ipos says, "Because as much as humankind desires something, child- some things are simply out of reach."
  342. [05:22] Roanna Rosenkreuz asks, "Yes, Simon?"
  343. [05:22] Artaghh whispers something.
  344. [05:22] Simon Wright says, "This..."
  345. [05:22] Simon he motions over to the... strange fellow...
  346. (Simon Wright)
  347. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  349. [05:22] Amelie Vishkar whispers something.
  350. [05:22] Simon Wright says, "This is Irony..."
  351. [05:22] Ipos says, "Choose either path, and you will see yourself staring death in its eyes."
  352. [05:22] Roanna Rosenkreuz says, "I am well aware of the fact perhaps, yes."
  353. [05:22] Artaghh whispers something.
  354. [05:22] Roanna Rosenkreuz asks, "Your point?"
  355. [05:23] Amelie Vishkar whispers something.
  356. [05:23] Artaghh whispers something.
  357. [05:23] Amelie Vishkar whispers something.
  358. [05:23] Simon Wright says, "Just because they are... strange does not mean they aren't lethal... I'm just as surprised as you were..."
  359. [05:23] Amelie Vishkar whispers something.
  360. [05:23] Artaghh whispers something.
  361. [05:24] Roanna Rosenkreuz says, "My fault was in falling from my path."
  362. [05:24] Simon eyes graze over Danier, still not quite sure how the teen managed this...
  363. (Simon Wright)
  364. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  366. [05:24] Roanna Rosenkreuz says, "This was... a sign."
  367. [05:24] Roanna Rosenkreuz says, "That I should retain my balance."
  368. [05:24] Simon looks back to Roanna, surprised. This was beyond being knocked off one's pedistal...
  369. (Simon Wright)
  370. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  372. [05:24] Denier Nevus says, "I was empty when my mother never returned. I was empty when I killed my truly insane father. I was empty when I was injured. I am still empty and will remain empty. No sadness, no anger, no fear, no hatred."
  373. [05:25] Artaghh whispers something.
  374. [05:25] Simon Wright says, "I imagine an Epiphany can come from many things...--"
  375. [05:25] Ipos exclaims, "Gahaha!"
  376. [05:25] Ipos asks, "What is your name, child?"
  377. [05:25] Simon looks over at Denier again... Then turns back to Roanna...
  378. (Simon Wright)
  379. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  381. [05:25] Denier Nevus says, "Denier Nevus. That is the name my father gave to me."
  382. [05:26] Simon Wright whispers something.
  383. [05:26] Anna says, "No shit."
  384. [05:26] Roanna Rosenkreuz says, "Tell me, Simon..."
  385. [05:26] Roanna Rosenkreuz asks, "Are you familiar with the concepts of Master and Slave Morality?"
  386. [05:27] Simon his eyes flicker onto Anna for a moment.
  387. (Simon Wright)
  388. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  390. [05:27] Simon Wright asks, "I can't say I've heard the term, no?"
  391. [05:27] Ipos asks, "What makes your existence more tragic than another?"
  392. [05:27] Artaghh whispers something.
  393. [05:27] Ipos points at Roanna.
  394. (Ipos)
  395. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  397. [05:27] Ipos says, "Hers, for example."
  398. [05:27] Roanna Rosenkreuz says, "Master Morality is the Thesis, Slave Morality is the Antithesis."
  399. [05:27] Ipos asks, "What makes it more tragic than hers?"
  400. [05:28] Roanna Rosenkreuz says, "Master Morality is that which is correct because one says it is. Strength is all that is valued. Selfishness, feeding one's ego."
  401. [05:28] Denier Nevus says, "There is no difference. She has been alive longer than I, experienced more of what I will eventually experience, minus emotional attachment. I am incapable of even familial bonds."
  402. [05:28] Roanna Rosenkreuz says, "Slave Morality is the opposite. Weakness is what is good. That which is self-destructive for the benefit of others. Charity, self-sacrifice, denying one's happiness."
  403. [05:28] Anna says, "<Oh my Yama, big words!>"
  404. [05:29] Roanna Rosenkreuz asks, "What choice would you make, Simon?"
  405. [05:29] Simon Wright says, "Reminds me of the teachings of the false god, the latter there. I'd have to choose the former."
  406. [05:29] Simon Wright says, "The life of a slave is no life at all."
  407. [05:29] Ipos says, "How entertaining."
  408. [05:30] Roanna Rosenkreuz says, "And yet - that very same system is doomed to fail."
  409. [05:30] Roanna Rosenkreuz says, "It gluts on others. Leaving you nothing more than a parasite."
  410. [05:30] Simon turns. Just for a moment, he looks around Dawn.
  411. (Simon Wright)
  412. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  414. [05:31] Roanna Rosenkreuz asks, "You take as you please, yet for how long can that continue?"
  415. [05:31] Roanna Rosenkreuz says, "You'll either be stopped by those who array against you, or take all there is to take, and starve."
  416. [05:31] Ipos says, "The way of Order or Chaos- it is all the same, Denier. The Order aligned are zealots- incapable of understanding the flaws of the Divine."
  417. [05:32] Ipos says, "And those who seek lawlessness? They are pests."
  418. [05:32] Roanna Rosenkreuz asks, "Do you see the similarities between these two systems and Order and Chaos?"
  419. [05:32] Ipos says, "For law is essential for unity."
  420. [05:32] Simon Wright says, "This assumes that the world is strictly black and white. You list two choices that are equally dreadful...--"
  421. [05:32] Simon looks up suddenly...
  422. (Simon Wright)
  423. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  425. [05:32] Simon Wright says, "Oh..."
  426. [05:32] Artaghh says, "Life is a big ball'a gray."
  427. [05:33] Simon Wright says, "Hrm..."
  428. [05:33] Roanna Rosenkreuz says, "The answer is in neither, Simon."
  429. [05:33] Artaghh says, "Ye' zig zag between the two enoug', order an' chaos, ye'll go straight."
  430. [05:33] Roanna Rosenkreuz says, "It is a false choice."
  431. [05:33] Ipos takes his mighty blade, aiming it in Roanna's direction.
  432. (Ipos)
  433. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  435. [05:33] Ipos says, "Hear what she has to say, child. "
  436. [05:34] Roanna Rosenkreuz says, "For all their freedom, Chaos is just as chained, yet they are chained to themselves."
  437. [05:34] Simon Wright says, "I see... One involves you working towards a future for others, sacrificing your own future. The other puts yourself ahead, sacrificing the future of others."
  438. [05:34] Roanna Rosenkreuz says, "Someone dedicated to Chaos is like a starving man that will never be full no matter how much he eats."
  439. [05:34] Roanna Rosenkreuz asks, "Ipos, was it?"
  440. [05:34] Simon Wright says, "Never be full..."
  441. [05:34] Simon follows Roanna's eyes across the square, meeting Ipos's own.
  442. (Simon Wright)
  443. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  445. [05:34] Roanna Rosenkreuz says, "Tell me, tell me of the great and glorious deeds of the Archon Tragedy."
  446. [05:35] Amelie blinks.
  447. (Amelie Vishkar)
  448. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  450. [05:35] Ipos says, "No."
  451. [05:35] Amelie Vishkar whispers something.
  452. [05:35] Anna blinks.
  453. (Anna)
  454. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  456. [05:35] Ipos says, "The Archon Tragedy.. she deems herself above her Kin."
  457. [05:36] Ipos says, "There are no tales to tell of her existence."
  458. [05:36] Ipos says, "She is simply... there."
  459. [05:36] Roanna Rosenkreuz says, "And yet you must admit she has power."
  460. [05:36] Roanna Rosenkreuz asks, "And what has she done with it?"
  461. [05:36] Ipos says, "I am forced to."
  462. [05:36] Roanna Rosenkreuz says, "Nothing."
  463. [05:36] Ipos says, "She has done nothing with it."
  464. [05:36] Simon Wright says, "I met Tragedy earlier this day. She invited several of us to her realm... I'd never seen such power."
  465. [05:36] Ipos clenches his fist.
  466. (Ipos)
  467. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  469. [05:36] Roanna Rosenkreuz asks, "And yet her realm... is empty, isn't it?"
  470. [05:36] Roanna Rosenkreuz says, "Made of shadows and illusions and nothing more."
  471. [05:37] Simon Wright says, "It... I suppose one could look of it as art. It's there, but as an imitation of life it's hollow. "
  472. [05:37] Amelie Vishkar says, "Sounds boring."
  473. [05:37] Simon Wright says, "It's up to the spectator to find the meaning in it..."
  474. [05:37] Simon Wright whispers something.
  475. [05:37] Roanna Rosenkreuz asks, "Were she to suddenly be snuffed out, would she even be remembered?"
  476. [05:37] Roanna Rosenkreuz says, "No."
  477. [05:37] Artaghh whispers something.
  478. [05:37] Artaghh whispers something.
  479. [05:38] Roanna Rosenkreuz says, "She is pure Chaos. Power without will to use it. Power for the sake of hunger."
  480. [05:38] Jennifer Ivanovich says, "Tragedy has created an entire realm. Her claims to an empire are gone along with the city she ruled itself."
  481. [05:38] Roanna Rosenkreuz says, "Power is not a tool, it is a need."
  482. [05:38] Artaghh whispers something.
  483. [05:38] Artaghh whispers something.
  484. [05:38] Amelie Vishkar whispers something.
  485. [05:39] Anna leans back into the bench and closes her eyes. Too much chaos and realm talk.
  486. (Anna)
  487. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  489. [05:39] Roanna Rosenkreuz says, "... Or at least that's what it is to those who follow Chaos."
  490. [05:40] Denier stares at the stars as the others talk, gravity around himself warping in varied locations. The lamp post even seeming to bend through a sudden gravitational lense, untouched as the flow of gravity stabilizes once more.
  491. (Denier Nevus)
  492. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  494. [05:42] Artaghh whispers something.
  495. [05:43] Artaghh whispers something.
  496. [05:44] Artaghh whispers something.
  497. [05:45] Amelie Vishkar whispers something.
  498. [05:46] The Demon grits his teeth, the ground slightly shaking under his bottled rage- never had he wished to speak so ill of his own Kin, but in this case? It was most certainly called for. His expression goes from.. entertained to serious- intimidating even. Ruby eyes glare at Roanna, but not with spite.
  500. "Chaos and Order- they two sides of the same coin. And this coin? It has long lost its value- it is.. redundant."
  502. "The Archon Tragedy, as power as she may be, has not contributed anything toward the construction of pillars that will support the future. With the status of a god, she has done nothing but fill the endless need of power that a Demon inherently possesses.
  504. And so in the grand scheme of things- she is not much different than you and I. As creatures forced to be as we are, due to the wrath of the Divine, we represent the fears and nightmares of humankind."
  506. He raises his head, staring at the endless space in the sky.
  508. "We are simply an extension of humanity- just without its flaws, like emotions, mortality and limits. In theory, the power of Demons is.. beyond one's comprehension- and as far as I know, Tragedy may still have miles to travel before obtaining all that she can."
  511. "And so I resent her. When she could very well shape and mold the continent as she wills it.. she does not.
  513. I fight for the Vampires and for Dawn- but do you want to know why?"
  515. He pauses.
  517. "It is simply because I am able to stray from my destiny- it is because without effort, I am able to break free of the chains placed upon me by the Divine that so passionately despise me."
  519. "When I see children such as Denier, or oblivious fools wanting to go down the path of Order or Chaos.. it reminds me of the Archon Tragedy, and the futility of her growth. It is.. infuriating."
  520. (Ipos)
  521. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  523. [05:47] Artaghh whispers something.
  524. [05:48] Artaghh whispers something.
  525. [05:53] Roanna smiles, feeling a bit of connection - at least with this topic - towards Ipos.
  527. "Quite agreed. Power is a valuable thing, yet both Order and Chaos see it incorrectly. Both, despite having an easier time in gaining it, always will waste it.
  529. Chaos, as I've said, sees it as a need. Even if they have a 'goal' a 'use' for the power going in, they will become consumed by it. Obsess over it. They will feel every fleeting desire and become enraptured by every subtle tug their mind feels.
  531. Enslaved to themselves.
  533. Order on the other hand, sees it as a responsibility. They can be infused with all the power in the world. It can seep from every pore, dominate every fragment of their body... and it still wouldn't be 'theirs'. No, they'd use it for others. They would cheapen life and the concept of struggle for their ideals. Even if the situation demanded something outside of their code, they'd still commit greater evils to spare their own pride.
  535. Enslaved to their codes."
  537. Even with what fleeting power Roanna held, she pursued her convictions with determination. Varied and numerous they were, but all for goals she had in mind with clear thoughts.
  539. "To those who understand, Power is a tool. Not a goal or a shackle, but a tool. Nothing more.
  541. It is in being able to use power for your TRUE will that is personal strength. Your power, and yours alone."
  542. (Roanna Rosenkreuz)
  543. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  545. [05:53] Roanna truly loathed both Order and Chaos, didn't she?
  547. The concept of it was still blooming in his mind. The idea of tapping into forces beyond themselves and beyond the stars. A nexus of... of something. He held no interest in the subject before today. But ever since he met Tragedy? He couldn't help but have it lingering on his mind. Like a little whisper asking 'how'...
  549. Just, how...
  551. "I guess it's up to someone's morality in the end." He- didn't quite want to get into a debate about something he knew so little about. Especially with someone who was vehemently against the subject as a whole. No, he'll return to a talk of this when he knows just what they're dealing with. Ignoring something just because it's taboo was dreadfully boring.
  554. "I've-..." He grows silent as Ipos talks. All this loathing of Tragedy, it made him feel terribly out of place. "Well- It's-..." Simon's mind recalls what Arthur spoke of. The limitations of her powers within the physical realm. Perhaps the Demon's of Agartha over estimated her reach.
  556. "I will sit out on this debate..." He steps to the side and leans against the lamppost, guarding it as his forbearers had.
  557. (Simon Wright)
  558. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  560. [05:57] Denier's body drew upon the stars, demanding their power by his very nature, fueling the gravitational changes, random as they were. Pure information unbound to definition until observed. He was experiencing a quantum dilemma that required even his mana circuits maximum output to try and solve.
  562. So much information, easily sorted, filed and understood, yet something was off. The question that he had thought he would never experience was running through his mind with increasing effects on the world around him, vibrating the air about him now with gravity's rapid change. A simple question that his emptiness could not answer.
  564. What is Existence?
  566. A sudden grinding sound emits from atop the lamp post as gravity ceases to change, the boy slowly lowering down to the ground and staring at the lamp post opposite.
  568. "I must speak with Kathryn and exchange information with the whole reborn empty, to better understand that which I cannot, as one born in the empty state."
  569. (Denier Nevus)
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