Nighttime Readjustment 3

Nov 12th, 2018
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  1. "Where the fuck did I even get a popcorn machine?"
  2. >You kicked at one of the garbage bags were lying on the floor
  3. >There were dozens of the things, filled to the brim with trash, scattered around the house
  4. >You usually weren't the sort to clean up
  5. >In fact, as long as you could see parts of the floor and you couldn't see any dead animals everything was perfectly clean to you
  6. >But lately there had been something in the back of your mind
  7. >An itch? Maybe a little voice?
  8. >Whatever it was, it wanted you to clean your mess of a house
  9. >You had tried ignoring it, going on with your usual day-to-day nonsense, but it seemed to only grow louder and louder
  10. >Eventually, you weren't able to stand it any longer and started cleaning
  11. >It had taken two days, about a hundred bits worth of cleaning supplies, and a sore back and wrinkly hands, but you were nearly done
  12. >Every part of your home was scrubbed, swept, and wiped down
  13. >You just needed to toss these garbage bags outside, maybe do one more sweep through the house, and you'd be done
  14. >Hopefully the fucking itch or voice or little person or whatever the hell it was would shit the fuck up then
  15. "I'm so sick of horse cleanx. Shit smells so goddamn bad..."
  16. >You tossed a filthy rag into a bucket filled with dirty soap water
  17. >Wiping your hands on your pants, you grabbed the bucket, taking it into the kitchen and pouring it down the drain
  18. >After that, you grabbed all of the garbage bags that you had on the bottom floor of your house and took them outside
  19. >The thought of going upstairs to collect the other ones came to mind, but you shook the thought away
  20. >You know what? Looking around the house could wait
  21. >You had been cleaning since the sun had came up
  22. >A little break wouldn't kill you
  24. >It wasn't like you were gonna have any guests or anything anyway
  25. >Just as that thought came to mind, there was a knock at the door
  26. >Stopping in place, you closed your eyes
  27. >An unhappy groan escaped you
  28. >Really? Now?
  29. >Why did you have to tempt fate like that?!
  30. >There was another knock
  31. "Give me a minute," you called, making your way into your kitchen. "Let me wash my goddamn hands..."
  32. >You did your best to clean the chemicals off your grabbers
  33. >Since your face felt sweaty and gross you used a rag to clean it off
  34. >Rising your hair and drying it off as well would probably make you more than presentable
  35. >With all that done, you made your way toward the front door
  36. >Opening it, you saw your neighbors, the flower sisters, standing on your front porch
  37. >All of the mares had smiles on their faces as they looked up at you
  38. >They were pleased smiles too, like they had just seen something that they either really liked or found funny
  39. >"Afternoon, Anon," Daisy said. "You doing some spring cleaning?"
  40. >You looked over the mare's heads to stare at the pile of garbage bags that you had left near the street
  41. >The garbage ponies were gonna HATE you this week...
  42. "What gave you that idea?" you dryly replied
  43. >Roseluck poked her head into your house, looking around
  44. >"Wow, I don't think I've ever seen it this clean," she said. "You can see the floor and everything
  45. >The other two sisters leaned in, all of them now halfway in your house
  46. >You resisted the urge to slam the door in their faces
  47. "Did you ladies need anything, or were you just here to comment on my cleaning?"
  48. >"We actually wanted to know if you needed any help," Lily said, blowing a bit of her Roseluck's mane out of her face
  50. >"Yeah, all of those bags must have been heavy," Daisy said
  51. >"And we couldn't just sit there and watch you. What of mares would we be if we did?" Lily added
  52. "Actually, I--"
  53. >Roseluck brushed past you before you could finish your sentence
  54. >Daisy was next, then Lily
  55. >"I'm sure you got more of those bags somewhere around here, Anon," Daisy said
  56. >"Yeah, just point us to 'em and we're get them outta here lickety-split," Lily said, making her way toward the stairs that went to your second floor
  57. >Your knee-jerk reaction was to scream at the little horses to get out of your house
  58. >You puffed your chest out to do just that, only to deflate a moment later
  59. >What was the big deal with letting them help?
  60. >You did still have a load of bags to get, and honestly you didn't feel much desire making twenty trips
  61. "Well, if you really wanna help I got a bunch of bags upstairs."
  62. >"Great! Come on girls, lets get em outside!"
  63. >With their help, the rest of your trash was cleared away pretty quickly
  64. >None of the girls let you help
  65. >They insisted they be the ones to carry the heavy bags
  66. >"Don't want you hurting yourself," Roseluck had told you when you had tried going upstairs after her
  67. >Again, you couldn't help but feel a little irritated about how pushy they were being, but whatever
  68. >If they wanted to carry your trash around that was fine by you
  69. >As a thank you, you decided to make some lemonade for the girls, more because you needed to get rid of the powder mix than anything
  70. >Being the generous SOB that you were, you also had three plates full of chips and peanut butter sandwiches at the ready
  71. >"Oh, making sandwiches for us? That's real sweet of you, Anon," Daisy said as you handed her a plate
  72. "Don't get used to it," you replied. "I just needed to get rid of some old food."
  74. >The mares chuckled, grabbing their food and making their way toward your couch
  75. >You went back into the kitchen and made yourself a sandwich too
  76. >All of that work left a man hungry, and you wanted some barbecue chips
  77. >With plate in hand, you saw that the sister's were helping themselves to their meals
  78. >They had left a spot for you to sit
  79. >Usually, you'd have taken your lazy boy and eaten, but your coffee table was closer to the couch and you didn't want to get crumbs anywhere
  80. >Rose and Lily smiled at you as you sat between them
  81. >You ignored the mares, placing your plate on the table and grabbing your ham sandwich
  82. >In a few bites your sandwich was gone, the chips disappeared just as quickly, and in no time at all you found your belly fuller and your plate clean
  83. >The sisters were pretty much the same, Daisy licking her plate like some kind of fucking animal
  84. >"Thanks for the food, Anon," Lily said, patting your knee. "We appreciate it."
  85. "Like I said, I needed to get rid of some food," you said. "If I didn't the bread would have gone bad."
  86. >"That was a really good sandwich, Anon," Daisy said, stacking her plate on top of yours. "Whatcha put in it?"
  87. "Peanut butter and a little jelly," you replied
  88. >The earth pony hummed, grabbing Roseluck's plate
  89. >"It must just taste better because a stallion made it," she mused, dragging her tongue across your plate
  90. >Giving her the stink eye, you took the plate out of her hooves and stacked it on the others, taking Lily's as well for good measure
  91. "Alright, thanks for the help. I'll get these washed. You all can go home now."
  92. >"Cooking, cleaning, you're really getting in the swing of things, Anon," Roseluck said
  93. >You frowned
  94. "I don't know about that. I just felt like cleaning today is all."
  95. >"It's good practice, for when some lucky mare sweeps you off your feet," Daisy said, nudging your ribs
  96. "No one's sweeping anyone off anything. Trust me."
  98. >The sister's giggle yet again
  99. >There's something off about it this time though
  100. >Something odd about their expressions
  101. >Their smiles are too toothy
  102. >There's an odd glint in their eyes as well
  103. >"Oh come on, Anon, don't be like that," Daisy said. "It'd do you good to have someone else in this big ol' empty house."
  104. >"You don't wanna be a grumpy spinster either," Roseluck said, her voice as sweet as honey. "You gotta find somepony, have a couple of foals running around your front yard."
  105. >The sister's moved closer toward you
  106. >No, they have been moving toward you the whole time but you hadn't noticed
  107. >Lily was pressed right up against you, while Roseluck was nearly draped across your lap
  108. >Daisy had, at some point, gotten off the couch, standing next to your coffee table, her tail flicking from side to side
  109. >"At the very least you want a mare in the house so something doesn't happen," she said. "We don't wanna wake up one day and hear some mare broke in and did something to you."
  110. "Happen? Nothing's gonna happen. Now will you--"
  111. >"You can never be too sure, 'Non," Roseluck said, a hoof dragging across your thigh
  112. >Lily touched your side with her hoof, making the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end
  113. >"I know Ponyville is a pretty safe town but it's still kinda dangerous for a single male, especially when he lives alone," Roseluck continued. "There's a lot of lonely mares around here you know. One night of too much drinking, a bad estrus, you walking around in those socks of yours for too long."
  114. >Lily nuzzled your shoulder, nostrils flaring
  115. >You looked at her, then at Roseluck, eyes narrowed
  116. >You didn't know what the hell these two were thinking, but they were getting just a little too friendly
  118. >Time for them to get the fuck out
  119. >You opened your mouth to say as much
  120. >There was an odd sensation on your thigh and arm
  121. >It kinda felt like the shock you'd get after touching a metal doorknob when you had been walking around on carpet all day
  122. >It lasted for only a split second, then disappeared
  123. >A moment later pleasure, pure, hot, and overwhelming flooded your body
  124. "Urk!"
  125. >Your eyes bugged out of your skull at the sensation, body growing rigid
  126. >The pleasure raced down your body as quick as lightning
  127. >Your cock, which had been soft and unsuspecting just a second ago, sent rope after rope of cum into your underwear
  128. >You couldn't stop it
  129. >The sensation was just too much
  130. >"See how easy it would be, Anon, especially for somepony like you?" Lily asked with a giggle as your body seized . "Us earth ponies ware resistant to earth magic. Pegasi could just fly away, and unicorns can use their magic, but you don't have any of that."
  131. >You could barely hear the mare
  132. >Blood was roaring in your ears
  133. >Colors blended together
  134. >You couldn't even breath
  135. >A tongue dragged itself across your neck
  136. >"Hmmm, salty~" Lily cooed as your eyes rolled into the back of your skull
  137. >Though you didn't see it, Daisy moved your coffee table out of the way
  138. >Roseluck moved her hoof away from your thigh
  139. >The pleasure was halved, just enough that you were able to suck in a lungful of air
  140. >"We wouldn't even need to use our magic if she didn't want to either," she said, nosing your cheek. "You might be tall, Nonners, but you're pretty weak."
  141. >To prove her point, she pulled you off the couch with a hoof
  142. >With an almost lazy flick, she tossed you
  143. >Daisy was there to catch you, gently placing you on the floor
  144. >All three mares now loomed over you, smiles predatory
  145. >"It doesn't help how you smell either," Lily said with a shiver. "It's almost like you're asking for some mare to come in here and mark you."
  146. >Barely of your own mind, you tried sitting up
  148. >Three hooves touched different parts of your body
  149. >The bolt of pleasure they gave you was enough for your back to hit carpet
  150. >You found yourself cumming again, finally hardening
  151. >"That's why you need some mares to protect you, Anon," Roseluck said. "To stop stuff like this from happening."
  152. >Grinning, Daisy walked over your prone form
  153. >A bit of moisture hit your forehead
  154. >Blinking away the blurriness, you saw the mare's hindquarters positioned right above your head
  155. >Her marehood was an inch from your nose, sopping wet and leaking
  156. >"Yeah, or stuff like this," Daisy said
  157. >She lowered herself down onto your face
  158. >Her clit winked against your tongue, sending a spurt of cum into your open mouth
  159. >Daisy grunted as her ass molded around your head, trapping you in heat and fur
  160. >Your hips jerked as you once again fired into your boxers
  161. >"Ohh~ I think he likes that, Daisy," Lily said with a giggle
  162. >Daisy let out a moan, grinding herself against your face
  163. >"Of course... he does. Just needed... a bit of a nudge in the... right direction... is all. Isn't that... right you dirty... little colt?"
  164. >"He really does like getting marked, huh?" Roseluck asked, tugging at your pants. "I don't think I've ever seen a colt thrash like that. He's not even trying to bite you either. What a slut."
  165. >Your hands shot up, clenching Daisy's backside
  166. >Your fingers sunk into her ass
  167. >You could feel a dense layer of muscle under all of that fat
  168. >Daisy and her sister's might have been the town cowards, but they were earth ponies, with all of the strength of their tribe
  169. >With a final tug, your pants were down around the middle of your legs, allowing your cock to spring free
  170. >Rose and Lily stared at is as Daisy let out another moan, riding your face with a little more force
  171. >"Ohhh, looks like somepony couldn't help themselves," Rose said, pulling your pants completely and handing them to her sister
  172. >Lily looked at your ruined boxers
  174. >She licked her lips, pressing her nose against them and shuddering
  175. >"Oh, I'm gonna break this bucking colt~"
  176. >Blind, with your face covered in mare spunk, you had no idea what was going on
  177. >You did, however, feel that tongue drag up the length of your shaft
  178. >Not able to help yourself, you moaned
  179. >Daisy's thighs squeezed your head a little more firmly
  180. >A hoof touched you again
  181. >Pleasure exploded through your body again
  182. >Again you came, sending your seed arching high into the air, ropes of it hitting Rose and Lily's face
  183. >They both giggled
  184. >You felt a tongue licking you clean
  185. >Another teased your cockhead
  186. >Then you felt a mouth wrap around your crown, sucking hard
  187. >They let go with a pop, and another mouth was there a second later
  188. >Whoever it was effortlessly deepthroated you, muzzle pressed up against your groin
  189. >Her long, thick pony tongue lapped at your balls as she began to swallow
  190. >You unloaded into her mouth
  191. >The second you were finished they released you with a pop, and another mouth was already taking its place
  192. >Rose and Lily switched back and forth, using their magic to keep you continuously hard
  193. >Cum was all over their muzzles, but they hardly seemed to care
  194. >You, on the other hand, were losing your mind
  195. >Multiple orgasms one after another was as taxing as anything that you had every experienced
  196. >It was almost terrifying really
  197. >You could see yourself losing your mind completely if you weren't careful
  198. >So, you did the only thing you could, trying to focus your thoughts
  199. >With a desperation unlike anything you had ever felt, you began licking Daisy
  201. >Your technique was sloppy and frantic, buying your tongue inside of her as deep as it would go
  202. >Another orgasm made you close your eyes as you felt the mare's internal muscles pull at your tongue
  203. >"You know earth ponies are the most fertile of the races, right Anon?" Rose asked as she continued to pour her magic through you while her sister had her skullfucking herself. "Hyoo-man or not, I'm sure if we tried hard enough we could get you to knock up all three of us."
  204. >Daisy stopped her grinding
  205. >You felt her body heave, a shiver running up and down her body
  206. >"C-Cumming..."
  207. >Your face was coated in a fresh wave of cum
  208. >You did your best to swallow what you could, keeping your eyes closed so it they wouldn't sting
  209. >Daisy came and she came until you were afraid that you were just gonna drown in mare spunk
  210. >After what felt like an eternity, the mare lifted her rump off your face, standing up
  211. >Your hands desperately grabbed at her flank, trying to make her sit back down
  212. >She laughed
  213. >"Oh don't you worry, honey. That cute little face of yours will be my new favorite chair once you move in with us
  214. >She stepped away, allowing you to lift your head up
  215. >Rose was hovered over your groin, her marehood just an inch from your throbbing tip
  216. >Giving you her best smile, she pressed your tip against her flower just enough to reveal the pink
  217. >You moaned
  218. >"The three of us can take care of you, 'Non," Rose said as her sisters held you down, keeping you from thrusting into her. "Keep you safe from any mare that would want to hurt you."
  219. >"All you need to do is take care of the little ones and let us do this to you every once in while," Lily said, nuzzling your thigh. "Or more than once in awhile. I'm sure after we're done with you you'll be addicted to our cunts. You're already probably addicted to our mouths so it shouldn't be that hard, right cutie?"
  221. >"You won't need to work. Just cook and clean like a good stallion," Rose continued, her eyes flashing blue for just a moment before returning to their natural color. "You won't have to worry about anything. Just let us take care of you~"
  222. >In one smooth movement, she impaled herself on your cock
  224. ~_~_~_~_~_~_~_
  226. >You cracked open an eye
  227. >You were in your bed
  228. >Your blankets had been kicked off somewhere in the night
  229. >Your cock, bathed in the moonlight that was pouring in from your bedroom window, had poked itself out of the little slit in your underwear
  230. >A groan escaped you as you felt it twitch
  231. >A spurt of cum fired into the air, landing on your bedsheets
  232. >Your body ached
  233. >You could still feel Daisy sitting on you
  234. >Feel her slightly coarse fur, feel her heat, taste her sweet taste
  235. >Your cock twitched again in the pussy that wasn't there, insuring that you'd need to wash your sheets twice when the sun rose up
  236. "F...Fucking Luna..."
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