Produce 1+1 Form

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  1. 【[I'll Search The Universe]】
  2. Username:
  3. Password:
  5. 【[Love Is 4 Walls]】
  6. Name: Korean/Japanese/Chinese Name (Depending on their Nationality/Ethnicity)
  7. Other Names: English Name + Korean/Japanese/Chinese Name (If they have one)
  8. Nicknames: min. 2
  9. Date Of Birth & Age: Korean Age + refer to your slot's description
  10. Height: Keep it realistic
  11. Weight: ^^
  13. 【[Do You Remember Me?]】
  14. Birthplace:
  15. Hometown(s):
  16. Ethnicity: Asian is NOT an Ethnicity
  17. Nationality:
  18. Trainee Period: Keep it realistic (No 00'liner has trained for more than 10 years!)
  20. 【[Oh Baby Welcome To My Dream World]】
  21. Slot:
  22. Backup:
  23. Face Claim: Refer to your slot's description
  24. Backup:
  25. Entertainment:
  26. Backup:
  28. 【[I'm Okay, So If You Wanna Hurt Me, Baby Just Hurt Me]】
  29. Personality: Min. 5 bullet points (you can also do it in paragraph form!)
  30. Likes: Min. 4 bullet points
  31. Dislikes: ^^
  32. Trivia: Min. 6 bullet points
  34. 【[Hey Boy, I'll Give You Two Choices: Yes Or.. Yes!]】
  35. Rate Yourself!: Not more than 200 points in total + only one skill over 90 (that one will be your main skill)
  36.     Dance: ?/100
  37.     Rap: ?/100
  38.     Vocal: ?/100
  40. 【[I Haven't Seen You Today, You're Somewhere.. I'm Sure]】  
  41. "Love" Interest:
  42. Backup:
  43. First Impression: only yours!
  44. How do you two interact with each other?:
  46. 【[It's Time, Time For The Moon Night]】
  47. Short Introduction: e.g "Hii! I'm Kim Eunchae, SM Entertainment's cute Maknae and in charge of Dance! Please look after me!"
  48. Winning Speech:
  49. Elimination Speech:
  51. 【[You Can't Stop Me Loving Myself]】
  52. Did I Miss Something?:
  53. Do You Want To Notice Something?:
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