Pony Fantasy VI v1.0 enemy changes

Jan 14th, 2014
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  1. Pony Fantasy VI enemy changes as of v1.0
  3. Note: This isn't a walkthrough. While I might offer one or two tips for the more difficult bosses, I'm not going to tell you outright how to defeat any of the bosses. I'm just going to point out how certain bosses have changed from the original version of FF6. For example, changes to their HP, attack patterns, etc.
  5. As I've said before, don't let the fact that the characters are all ponies fool you... If you play this game thinking it's going to be easier than vanilla FF6 just because it's ponified, you will be in for quite the shock when you start getting your ass handed to you by bosses. Most bosses have had their HP dramatically increased, and a lot of bosses have had their attack patterns altered. Even a few regular enemies have been made somewhat tougher (more than a few in later updates). I'll list some of the more notable examples. Please do note that there ARE plenty of spoilers in this article, so if you don't want to spoil the surprise, please don't read any further than this. If you wish to know what to expect from the more difficult bosses of this game, however, feel free to read ahead.
  7. -The GhostTrain has had his HP doubled, and can't be instakilled with a Phoenix Down. It also gets angry when hit with lightning attacks three times, and starts using stronger attacks.
  9. -The Baren Falls battle has been changed. Instead of fighting a randomly determined number of Piranhas before fighting Rizopas, you now fight Rizopas immediately, and he's surrounded by several Piranhas. As always, he likes to spam El Nino, a VERY powerful water attack, so keep your HP above 250-300 if possible.
  11. -Dadaluma's HP has been doubled. Nothing else has really changed, except that when Dadaluma starts using healing items on himself, it heals significantly more than in vanilla FF6, due to healing items restoring a percentage-based amount of HP now.
  13. -The Cranes have had their HP doubled, and can grab one of your characters and drain their HP. Other than that, they're still pretty easy to beat.
  15. -FlameEater has had his HP doubled, and he has a couple of new attacks. He uses Fire Beam, aka the Magitek Armor skill from earlier in the game, and Flare, which does heavy fire damage to one character.
  17. -Intangir now rewards 20 Magic Points instead of 10. Unfortunately, the Vanish + Doom bug has been fixed, so now you have to beat him the old-fashioned way.
  19. -Ultima Weapon, the main boss of the Floating Continent, has had his HP increased to 48,000, and he has inherent Life 3 status, which brings him back with about 6,000 HP, effectively giving him about 54,000 HP in total. He's fairly straightforward to fight at first, but after you reduce him to about 25% HP, he flies into a rage and screams "ENOUGH! I WILL DESTROY YOU!", gains Haste, Safe and Shell status, and starts using powerful attacks like Fire 3, Flare, Break, Freeze, and Full Power, often in combos of 3. These attacks do 500-1,200 damage. He also likes to cast Cure 4, which is effectively a Cure 3 spell that adds Regen status.
  21. -The SrBehemoth (both of them) has had its HP doubled to 48,000. The second SrBehemoth can no longer be killed with a Phoenix Down or Life spell.
  23. -Doom Gaze has a couple new attacks (Break, W Wind, Soul Out). It now heals all its HP if it escapes. If you want to beat him, you're going to have to do it in one go.
  25. -You might run into a group of 3 Chaos Dragons in Phoenix Cave. These Chaos Dragons are stacked together, much like Vectaurs in Kefka's Tower. This encounter was not present in the original FF6.
  27. The 8 Dragons are significantly more powerful than they were before. Most of them have 65,535 HP, and they have new gimmicks that make them a REAL challenge. They are also now comparable in strength to their Dragon's Den counterparts in Final Fantasy VI Advance.
  29. The Dirt Dragon has 65,535 HP and absorbs all spells, meaning you'll have to rely on items to heal. He uses a lot of powerful Earth attacks like Landslide, Magnitude 8 and Quake, each of which do 1,000-4,000 damage. He also uses the non-elemental spell Break, which does about 2,000-5,000 damage to one character and often petrifies them.
  31. The Ice Dragon has 104,000 HP. It uses Ice spells like Absolute 0, Ice 2, Ice 3, Avalanche and Freeze. Other than the HP spike, it's not really that much more difficult than in regular FF6, and in fact, is probably the easiest dragon battle.
  33. The Wind Dragon has 58,000 HP. It uses spells like Wind Slash, Aero, and W Wind. It also likes attacking with 4-6-hit physical combos. Once its HP is low, its stats, most notably its Evasion, increase dramatically.
  35. The Blue Dragon has 65,535 HP. It likes to cast debuffing spells on itself and then cast Rippler on one random character. It also attacks with spells like CleanSweep, El Nino, Water Edge and Aqua Rake, which deal 1,000-1,500 damage. DO NOT BRING FLUTTERSHY WITH YOU TO THIS BATTLE. If she gets hit with Rippler, she will lose Angel (aka Interceptor in FF6). I don't mean for the rest of the battle, I mean PERMANENTLY. For that matter, don't fight Reach Frogs with Fluttershy on your team unless you're absolutely sure you can take a group of them out in one round, because THEY know Rippler as well.
  37. The Red Dragon has been renamed Basil, and has been moved to Zone Eater's Belly. You can find him in the spot where you'd originally find Gogo. He has 65,535 HP, uses spells like Fire 2, Fire 3, Fire Blast and Flare, and, every 3-4 rounds, he likes to put up a shield that makes him completely immune from damage for 1-2 rounds.
  39. The Holy Dragon has 65,535 HP, and likes to use powerful attacks like Holy, Bolt 3, Moonlight, TailStrike and Break, each of which deal 1,000-5,000 damage. He likes to cast 2-3 of these in quick succession. It also likes casting Cure 4 and Pearl Wind on itself. It also uses spells like Slow2 and Megazerk on your party, and Rasp to reduce your party's MP by 150-180, or one character's MP by about 350-400.
  41. The Gold Dragon has 65,535 HP, and likes to cast spells like Bolt 3, Conduit, Giga Volt, and Diffuser, which do about 500-1500 damage. Even though he was upgraded, he's still almost disappointingly easy.
  43. The Skull Dragon has been changed to two Draco Liches, each of which have 65,535 HP. They like to cast spells like Condemned and Doom, and they like to zombify characters and attack with 3 hit combos. You have to kill them both at once. If you only kill one, it will come back a few seconds later with full HP.
  45. -The Master Tonberry has had its HP increased exponentially from about 22,000 to somewhere around 80,000. It also uses a few new attacks.
  47. -Hoovers have had their HP increased from 12,012 to 35,000.
  49. -Cactrots now reward 100 Magic Points instead of 10 Magic Points.
  51. -Great Behemoths have had their HP increased from 10,500 to 21,000.
  53. -Brachiosaurs have had their HP increased from ~46,000 to 65,535. Ironically, they're slightly LESS dangerous than before, due to Comet being severely depowered. They only do about 1,000 damage with that. Do note that "slightly less dangerous" does NOT mean they aren't still absolutely deadly. They can still cast Ultima, which does 7,000-8,000 damage to all characters, and they still have incredibly powerful physicals. Instead of dropping Economizers, which reduces all MP costs to 1, they instead drop a Fire Ruby, which increases magic damage and reduces MP costs by 50%. While not quite as broken as the Economizer, the Fire Ruby is still an awesome relic.
  55. -You can no longer beat Wrexsoul by casting X-Zone on his two SoulSavers. You now have to beat him the old-fashioned way.
  57. -Daring Do, Pony Fantasy VI's replacement for Siegfried, appears on the Veldt now. She has 32,768 HP. Thankfully, she doesn't use HyperDrive on the Veldt. She instead uses an attack called Knuckles, despite the fact that ponies don't even HAVE knuckles. She can also catch you in a pincer attack, despite there being only ONE of her on the battlefield. Now that's badass. Not only is she the pony version of Indiana Jones, she may also very well qualify as the pony version of Chuck Norris. At any rate, her Random effect is Flare.
  59. -MagiMaster has had his HP slightly increased to 65,535, and he has inherent Life 3 status, which brings him back with about 8,393 HP. This battle pretty much plays out the same otherwise, with one caveat... Once you beat him for good, he casts Ultima, and follows that up with an elemental attack that coincides with whatever element he was when he died. Make sure your entire party has Life 3 status and elemental absorption or immunity of some sort. Also, once you have MagiMaster on his second life, try to get him to change his element to something that one or more of your characters absorb so that his death-counter doesn't kill you.
  61. -Ultima Buster has had his HP increased slightly to 65,535, and he has inherent Life 3 status, which brings him back with about 8,393 HP. Other than that, this battle pretty much pans out the same. Once he gets hit 12 times, he will begin flashing... The first time, he gains Haste, Safe and Shell status. The second time, nothing happens. The third time, however, he casts Ultima for 4,000+ damage, which will most likely kill you. As long as you hold NOTHING back on him, however, and only hit him with your strongest attacks, you should be fine.
  63. -The Three Goddess Statues have been changed... Doom's name is now Victory, Fiend is Nightmare Moon (referred to in-game as Nightmare), and Goddess is now... Goddess. Their HP has been dramatically increased, and Nightmare has been given an entirely new gimmick. While I strongly prefer vanilla FF6's designs, I admit I LOVE the exponentially increased difficulty of this version's Goddess Statue battles. BTW, the difficulty IS exponentially increased. You'll have to play more defensively and strategically against the Goddess Statues.
  65. -Victory and Goddess have 196,605 HP, and Nightmare has 262,140 HP.
  67. -The Victory battle is pretty much the same, except she has about 3.5x more HP to chip away than her vanilla FF6 counterpart did. She counters all damage by casting Stop on the character who attacked her, and casts Blaster on stopped characters. She also enjoys using attacks like Psychrip, which does light to moderate damage to one character, and may cause Muddle, Shrapnel, which does heavy damage to one character or moderate damage to all characters, and WaveCannon, which does moderate lightning damage to all characters. She gets stronger towards the end of the battle, and starts using significantly stronger attacks, but by the time she started doing this, I was already two or three attacks away from beating her, so I don't recall what attacks she starts using.
  69. -Nightmare often casts Sleep on any character that attacks her, and will follow that up with Nightmare, an insanely powerful physical attack that usually kills anyone afflicted with the Sleep status, unless they're in the back row, have high HP and/or 200+ defense, and/or are under Safe status. Better wake up any sleeping characters quickly, or be prepared to cast Life 2 or use a Phoenix Down . Sometimes, she'll cast Sleep on your entire team. If everyone falls asleep, well, I hope you saved before starting this battle. She also likes to cast Reverse Polarity to switch your rows in case you try to pull something clever like put all your characters in the back row before the battle to survive her Nightmare attacks. Also, Nightmare is the only enemy in the game to use ForceField, so if you want to get all Lores, you NEED to have Rarity with you for this battle. Once Nightmare Moon's HP is reduced to 25%, she becomes "shrouded in mist", which increases her Evade stat (and possibly her other stats), and causes her to forgo her deadly Sleep + Nightmare combo in favor of some other, more powerful attacks like Absolute 0 (does moderate to heavy ice damage to all characters). She WILL still use Sleep and Nightmare on occasion, though, so keep that guard of yours up.
  71. -The Goddess battle is pretty much the same, except now she has about 4.5x more HP to shave off than she did in vanilla FF6. She likes to cast status attacks like Love Token (which causes characters to take hits for Goddess), Lullaby (puts the characters on either side of her to sleep), Overture (puts characters into Charm status, causing them to attack their friends until they fall... Basically, an incurable, unblockable version of Muddle) and Overcast (20-second Doom status, characters who die are turned into Zombies. This bypasses Zombie immunity, but the Doom part can be negated with a Safety Bit). She also likes to cast damaging spells like Bolt 3, Fire 3, Ice 3, Holy, and Quasar, which is a powerful, awesome-looking Lore that can be learned by Rarity.
  73. -The final battle with Discord has had its difficulty increased dramatically. All the targets in the three tiers before Discord have either had their HP doubled or increased to 65,535. Their gimmicks are still very much the same, so this doesn't really apply to them. The first three parts of the final battle are more tedious than difficult; though, just like in vanilla, they have some pretty powerful attacks that can catch you by surprise if you get complacent. Also like in vanilla, the second tier has a part that can Zombify or Muddle one of your Unicorns/Alicorns while she's trying to cast Ultima and cause her to kill your entire team, so watch out for that!
  75. -Discord himself, however, has had his HP more than tripled and his attack patterns significantly altered. He now has about 200,000 HP, his speed appears to have increased significantly, he counterattacks all damage done to him with a powerful physical attack, or, in later stages of the battle, Comet, can cast Fallen One whenever he feels like it, his Goner spell has apparently had its power increased from 220 to 255, AND he uses that immediately after his "The end comes... beyond chaos." message, without needing to charge. Goner now causes about 2,500-3,000 damage typically, though a high magic defense stat should reduce the damage to about 1000-1500, with Shell status reducing that by half. He follows all Goner castings with a powerful physical attack or two. He uses Goner every three turns. In the later stages of the battle, he likes to counter damage done to him with Comet, which only does about 400-450 damage. Even though Comet is weak, if he casts it after casting Fallen One without giving you time to heal, and you haven't cast Life 3 beforehand, I'm sorry, but you're fighting this battle again from the very beginning. Supposedly, he can use Ultima as well towards the end of the final battle, but I haven't seen him do this. He also occasionally uses Train, which, despite looking really cool, only causes Darkness.
  77. -In vanilla FF6, most players end up fighting the final battle at level 40-50, and find it disappointingly easy. In PF6, you NEED to be at least level 40-50 to beat Discord, and if you've played FF6 to the end, and you know what to expect or are just sufficiently skilled or lucky, beating him at that level is VERY possible, although VERY difficult, and it may take several tries. If you want a better chance at winning with less difficulty, you might prefer to be level 60-70.
  79. -More on CzarDragon... He has about 400,000 HP, divided into 6 phases. The first 5 phases are fought entirely at random, and are picked from a list of 8 elemental forms. You might end up fighting the same form multiple times in one battle. His final form is preset. Every last one of these forms are VERY powerful, and attack 2-6 times in quick succession. He makes the Kaiser Dragon from Final Fantasy VI Advance look like a total pansy by comparison. While I said in the beginning of this article that I wasn't going to tell you outright how to beat any of the bosses, I think CzarDragon is dangerous enough to be an exception to that particular rule. Here are some tips:
  81. -Don't even THINK about fighting CzarDragon until you're level 80+ and have the best equipment possible, unless you absolutely know what you're doing. You will get DESTROYED. Even if you're level 99, again, with the best equipment possible, you'll still most likely require multiple tries to beat him.
  83. -It's possible to beat him at level 60-70 with proper equipment and knowledge of his attack patterns, but it will be very difficult, and it will require immense amounts of luck.
  85. -Make sure to have proper elemental resistance/immunity/absorption, high defense and magic defense (at least 180 of each, preferably higher), high evasion (preferably 70+), and do NOT forget to have your unicorns/alicorns cast Life 3 on everypony at every opportunity. Rainbow Bands (Auto-Haste, Auto-Safe, Auto-Shell, Auto-Regen) would be pretty handy to have equipped on everypony as well.
  87. -If you've had Rarity learn ForceField from Nightmare Moon, it can prove crucial for this battle, although this battle will still be incredibly difficult. It is capable of negating many of his deadlier attacks. If you don't have Rainbow Bands equipped on your whole team, Big Guard is crucial as well.
  89. -Don't be afraid to use the Quick spell if things don't go your way. It is a life saver. I know plenty of people think Quick is borderline cheating, and I, personally, don't really like using it for this reason, but against a superboss this difficult, there is NO shame in doing what you have to do in order to win.
  91. -If you have Rainbow Dash, Derpy or Scootaloo with you, consider having them soar in the air every turn they get. They're immune to damage when they're in the air, and when they land, they do some pretty good damage, even in spite of Czar's high defense.
  93. -CzarDragon's defense and magic defense are VERY high (222 apiece). Most normal attacks are unlikely to do more than 2-3,000 damage, although there are a few exceptions. Therefore, defense-ignoring, non-elemental weapons/attacks like UltimaWeapon, Valor, Quasar, GrandTrain, Ultima, Dispatch, the Ansatsu techniques Teitetsu, Shoryuken and RoyalVoice, the Bahamut Esper, and the Throw command (for most weapons) are crucial for this battle. Comet is too weak to be of much use unless you're level 90+ and have two pieces of magic damage-increasing equipment on you.
  95. -Czar is immune to Fire, Ice, Bolt, Poison, Wind, Earth and Water. He takes normal damage from Holy. This applies to all of his forms.
  97. -Here's some information about CzarDragon's forms and attacks, in order from easiest to most difficult. all damage figures will be assuming you have a party with 180-210 magic defense and Safe/Shell status.
  99. -His Water form has attacks like Clean Sweep, Water Edge and El Nino. All of these attacks do about 1,000-4,000 damage without proper resistance. He also uses Rasp, which reduces your party's MP by about 100-300, or one character's MP by 250-700. He can counterattack with Flash Rain, which does about 1,000-3,000 damage to the one who attacked him. If you have Tortoise Shields and/or Centurions equipped on your whole team (they absorb Water), this is the easiest form to handle. However, if you have Flame Shields equipped to your entire party, probably to absorb Molten, you might have a bit of trouble.
  101. -His Ice form has attacks like Ice 3, Freeze, Absolute 0 and Avalanche. His attacks under that form do 1000-6000 damage, except for Avalanche, which does 7000+ damage. All of the damage figures under this form are assuming you have Ice resistance. He typically gets three actions per round, and he is QUITE fond of using Avalanche twice in a row. He also uses Northern Cross (N. Cross), which freezes your entire party. Doesn't look good, does it? Well, it only gets worse from here.
  103. -His Lightning form uses Bolt 3, Conduit, WaveCannon, Diffuser, Giga Volt, and Zapper. Bolt 3, Conduit, Diffuser, WaveCannon and Giga Volt do about 1,000-5,000 damage, and, with the exception of Conduit, affect all characters. Zapper does about 8,000+ damage to one character. One of his weaker forms, but can still catch you off-guard.
  105. -His Earth/physical form uses predominantly physical attacks, and will use 3-4 of them every round. At least one of these will most likely be 288 Teeth, a powerful attack that will most likely do 9,999 damage to anyone who isn't in the back row AND under Safe status AND with a high defense. He also often counterattacks with Cockatrice, which does 7,000-9,999 damage. He also likes to use Break, which does 4,000-9,000 damage and will probably turn you to stone... If it doesn't kill you.
  107. -His Wind form casts W Wind and Sonic Boom. W Wind deals about 3,300-6,600 defense-ignoring damage to your entire party. Sonic Boom does about 8,000-9,999 damage to one character. He likes to follow this up with anywhere from 2 to 8 physical attacks.
  109. -His Fire form uses powerful attacks like Comet, Quake, Molten, Flare, Fire Blast, Southern Cross (S. Cross), and Flare Star. Quake does about 5,300-9,999 damage to your entire party (better cast Float on your party!). Molten does about 6,000-9,999 damage to your entire party. Quake and Molten ignore magic defense and Shell. Flare does about 5,000-9,999 damage to one character. Comet does around 2,500 defense-ignoring damage, and is non-elemental. Flare Star does 80 x most powerful character's level in damage (this is affected by Fire resistance/weakness), and splits that among the party. Fire Blast does 5,000-9,999 damage to one character. S. Cross does about 2,000-5,000 damage to your entire party, and, while it may look Ice-elemental, it's a Fire-elemental attack. He also likes to cast Bserk, which inflicts berserk status on one character, and Blaster, which attempts to inflict instant death on all characters. Ultimately, unless you have Flame Shields equipped to your entire party, this is one of his harder forms.
  111. -His Holy form has attacks like Holy, Moonlight, and Ghost. He also casts the dreaded combo of Cure 4, Haste, Safe and Shell on himself on his third turn in this form. I'm not sure, but I believe these buffs last the entire battle. Holy and Moonlight do 2,000-6,000 damage if you don't have proper resistance (thankfully, holy resistance is easier to get in this game than in vanilla). Ghost does 5,000-9,999 damage. He likes to counter damage done to him with HyperDrive, which does a defense-ignoring 9999 damage to the one who attacked him, killing her. He also likes to cast Vanish + Doom on you, as a shoutout to the glitch where most bosses could be killed by the same combo in vanilla FF6. He also often casts Dispel on the character he just killed with Vanish + Doom, for some unknown reason. Sometimes, he casts Slow 2 and Ghost on himself, which does pretty much nothing but make you laugh or say "WTF?".
  113. -His Poison form uses attacks like Bio, Poison Oak, Condemned, Lullaby, Disaster, and OVERCAST!!! Bio and Poison Oak do about 2,000-3,000 damage, and will most likely poison everyone. You already know what Lullaby and Condemned do. Disaster inflicts Screwy, Muddle, Mute, Float and Countdown on your entire party. Overcast puts you under 20-second Countdown status. Characters who die, either under the countdown or by one of Czar's million deadly attacks, are turned into Zombies. He usually casts this on his third turn in this form, so knock him out of this form QUICKLY!!! All in all, this is his hardest form, except for...
  115. -His final form uses powerful attacks like Comet, Quake, Molten, GrandTrain, HyperDrive, Revenge, 288 Teeth, Shrapnel, WaveCannon, and several more. He likes to counterattack with Revenge, which does a flat 9999 damage to the one who attacked him. Sharpnel does about 3,000-6,000+ damage to one, or 1,000-2,500+ to all characters. WaveCannon does about 2,000-3,000 damage to all characters. GrandTrain is a powerful attack that sounds like an Amtrak and hits like an Amtrak filled to the brim with explosives. It does 7,200-8,300 defense-ignoring damage to your entire party. He is also quite fond of using Fallen One aka Dickmove Alpha, which reduces your party's HP to 1, and Mind Blast aka Dickmove Beta, which randomly afflicts each member of your party with two random status ailments. He likes to use Fallen One and Mind Blast together.
  117. -Once you beat CzarDragon's final form, he says something along the lines of "FUCK YOU!!!" (he actually roughly quotes Captain Ahab's last words in Moby Dick, a quote that in and of itself is one of the most awesome fuck you's ever) and, as the Alpha and Omega of dick moves, casts Ultima against your whole team for 9,999 damage which instantly kills them (hopefully you didn't forget to cast Life 3 on your entire party before dealing the final blow). He then follows this up with 4 physical attacks, the last of which is 288 Teeth. You will probably die several times to this. High evasion (70+) increases the likelihood that you survive. Alternatively, if you have Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo, Derpy or Faust with you for this battle, you could have one or more of them in the air while he's doing his death-counters, therefore guaranteeing survival. Also, you get nothing for defeating CzarDragon except the satisfaction of defeating the strongest enemy in the game (at least for now).
  119. -Though this is probably needless to say, if you wish to fight CzarDragon again, I hope you have a save state from BEFORE you opened his chest in the Cloudesseum. Unless the creator of Pony Fantasy 6 came up with an update recently that added more bonus bosses (he did say he planned on adding one or two more bonus bosses eventually, and that they would likely be even harder than Czar), you've pretty much beaten the biggest challenge this game has to offer, and things can get quite boring after you've beaten the hardest boss of any given game.
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