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Info for Doge's SCP:SL

Dogera Jan 20th, 2018 (edited) 12,398 Never
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  1. <size=40><color="orange">Doge's Server</color></size>
  3. <size=20><color="orange">OUR STAFF</color></size>
  4. <u><link="">Ðoge#0001</link></u> - <color="red">Owner</color>
  5. <u><link="">DoGGeR#0001</link></u> - <color=#FF00FF>Senior Admin</color>
  6. <u><link="">Sal#3951</link></u> - <color=#FF00FF>Senior Admin</color>
  7. <u><link="">WinterExodius#1522</link></u> - <color=#FF00FF>Senior Admin</color>
  8. <u><link="">Bokkiewokkie3#5020</link></u> - <color=#FF00FF>Senior Admin</color>
  9. <u><link="">FloranOtten#1004</link></u> - <color=#0075FF>Admin</color>
  10. <u><link="">Zen-Z#0001</link></u> - <color=#0075FF>Admin</color>
  11. <u><link="">Vinku The Penguin#1713</link></u> - <color=#0075FF>Admin</color>
  12. <u><link="">brokenarrow#6252</link></u> - <color=#0075FF>Admin</color>
  13. <u><link="">Pebble#2363</link></u> - <color=#FFFF00>Moderator</color>
  14. <u><link=">Kiremba#4634</link></u> - <color=#FFFF00>Moderator</color>
  15. <u><link=">NotADev#3847</link></u> - <color=#FFFF00>Moderator</color>
  16. ---------------------------------------------------------------
  17. <size=20><color="orange">Discord Server</color></size>
  19. OR
  20. <link=""><color=#ffa500ff><u>Direct Link</u></color></link>
  21. ---------------------------------------------------------------
  22. <size=20><color="orange">NOTES</color></size>
  23. The server is hosted in Finland.
  24. The servers use MultiAdmin and ServerMod mods by Grover_c13. (awesome dud)
  25. Friendly Fire is <color="red">OFF</color>
  26. The max players for the server are 20.
  27. SCP: SL Staff is allowed to use the admin panel.
  28. Smart Class Picker is on.
  29. ---------------------------------------------------------------
  30. <size=20><color="orange"><b>RULES</b></color></size>
  31. <color=#00FFFF>[1]</color> Cheating is a Permaban, and will also result in a global ban given by SCP:SL Management.
  32. <color=#00FFFF>[2]</color> Don't harass other users, it will result in a kick and then hour bans until you learn.
  33. <color=#00FFFF>[3]</color> Friendly fire is off, don't bother.
  34. <color=#00FFFF>[4]</color> We can appreciate a few memes on the intercom or mic but just straight up mic spamming will result in a kick.
  35. <color=#00FFFF>[5]</color> Don't blow the nuke 5 minutes into the game. Let other people enjoy the game. If you do, you will get kicked.
  36. <color=#00FFFF>[6]</color> Use common sense. I can't list all the rules.
  37. <color=#00FFFF>[7]</color> Don't camp for the whole round. It's not fun.
  38. <color=#00FFFF>[8]</color> Don't do anything that may hurt your team or slow it down intentionally.
  39. <color=#00FFFF>[9]</color> No teaming with any team who are supposed to be your enemies. CI and SCPs are excluded as they win together. MTF may restrain Class-D's to sacrifice them to 106.
  40. <color=#00FFFF>[10]</color> Don't exploit any bugs in the game to gain an advantage such as the 106 bug. This will lead to being slain.
  41. <color=#00FFFF>[11]</color> Racism will lead to a ban which's time is decided by the moderator.
  42. <color=#00FFFF>[12]</color> No ghosting. What this means is that you aren't allowed to tell your friend information about for example where people are when you are dead but he isn't, through any form of communication.
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