Jun 28th, 2013
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  1. [Script Info]
  2. ; Script generated by Aegisub 3.0.2
  3. ;
  4. Title: Default Aegisub file
  5. ScriptType: v4.00+
  6. WrapStyle: 0
  7. ScaledBorderAndShadow: yes
  8. Collisions: Normal
  9. PlayResX: 1920
  10. PlayResY: 1080
  11. Video Zoom Percent: 0.125
  12. Scroll Position: 175
  13. Active Line: 209
  14. Video File: Les Mysterieuses Cites dor S02E11.mkv
  15. Video Aspect Ratio: c1.77778
  16. Video Position: 0
  17. Audio URI: Les Mysterieuses Cites dor S02E11.mkv
  18. YCbCr Matrix: TV.601
  20. [V4+ Styles]
  21. Format: Name, Fontname, Fontsize, PrimaryColour, SecondaryColour, OutlineColour, BackColour, Bold, Italic, Underline, StrikeOut, ScaleX, ScaleY, Spacing, Angle, BorderStyle, Outline, Shadow, Alignment, MarginL, MarginR, MarginV, Encoding
  22. Style: Default,Arial,30,&H00FFFFFF,&H000000FF,&H00000000,&H00000000,0,0,0,0,200,200,0,0,1,2,2,2,10,10,10,1
  24. [Events]
  25. Format: Layer, Start, End, Style, Name, MarginL, MarginR, MarginV, Effect, Text
  26. Dialogue: 0,0:00:03.84,0:00:06.04,Default,,0,0,0,,Children of the sun
  27. Dialogue: 0,0:00:06.04,0:00:08.24,Default,,0,0,0,,See your time has just begun
  28. Dialogue: 0,0:00:08.24,0:00:12.85,Default,,0,0,0,,Searching for your ways through adventures everyday
  29. Dialogue: 0,0:00:12.85,0:00:17.24,Default,,0,0,0,,Every day and night with the Condor in flight
  30. Dialogue: 0,0:00:17.24,0:00:22.37,Default,,0,0,0,,With all your friends in tow, we search for the Cities Of Gold
  31. Dialogue: 0,0:00:23.61,0:00:27.06,Default,,0,0,0,,Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah
  32. Dialogue: 0,0:00:27.06,0:00:32.81,Default,,0,0,0,,Wishing for the Cities of Gold
  33. Dialogue: 0,0:00:32.81,0:00:36.08,Default,,0,0,0,,Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah
  34. Dialogue: 0,0:00:36.08,0:00:41.72,Default,,0,0,0,,Someday we will find, the Cities of Gold
  35. Dialogue: 0,0:00:43.37,0:00:47.29,Default,,0,0,0,,Our heroes discovered that the famous yellow dragon is in a temple
  36. Dialogue: 0,0:00:47.29,0:00:50.93,Default,,0,0,0,,whose emblem is the Yin and Yang symbol surrounded by a sun.
  37. Dialogue: 0,0:00:50.34,0:00:52.05,Default,,0,0,0,,It's… it's incredible!
  38. Dialogue: 0,0:00:52.05,0:00:56.14,Default,,0,0,0,,While Mendoza and Ambrosius went in search of this temple,
  39. Dialogue: 0,0:00:56.14,0:01:02.70,Default,,0,0,0,,Esteban, Zia and Tao made the acquaintance of Mei Li, a young Chinese girl that will take them to Beijing.
  40. Dialogue: 0,0:01:04.14,0:01:09.03,Default,,0,0,0,,- In Search of the Yellow Dragon -
  41. Dialogue: 0,0:01:07.91,0:01:12.60,Default,,0,0,0,,Buddha remained twenty-nine long years in the family palace.
  42. Dialogue: 0,0:01:12.60,0:01:17.89,Default,,0,0,0,,Then, if he traveled a great deal, it was to understand the world that surrounded him.
  43. Dialogue: 0,0:01:18.87,0:01:23.12,Default,,0,0,0,,The life of Buddha does not seem to interest Your Highness.
  44. Dialogue: 0,0:01:23.12,0:01:28.37,Default,,0,0,0,,Would there be another topic likely to arouse His interest?
  45. Dialogue: 0,0:01:28.77,0:01:31.61,Default,,0,0,0,,You know very well what would arouse my interest.
  46. Dialogue: 0,0:01:32.17,0:01:36.13,Default,,0,0,0,,Your Highness, we have already discussed this.
  47. Dialogue: 0,0:01:36.13,0:01:39.96,Default,,0,0,0,,It would be too risky for you to get out of the Forbidden City.
  48. Dialogue: 0,0:01:39.96,0:01:42.22,Default,,0,0,0,,Someone could make an attempt on your life.
  49. Dialogue: 0,0:01:42.22,0:01:47.60,Default,,0,0,0,,But I also want to travel as Buddha to understand the world around me.
  50. Dialogue: 0,0:01:47.60,0:01:49.65,Default,,0,0,0,,Is it not my duty as the prince?
  51. Dialogue: 0,0:01:50.73,0:01:57.10,Default,,0,0,0,,With your help I could slip out just a few hours, without anyone noticing.
  52. Dialogue: 0,0:01:57.10,0:02:01.83,Default,,0,0,0,,But if his Majesty the Emperor found out, I would be beheaded.
  53. Dialogue: 0,0:02:02.77,0:02:05.47,Default,,0,0,0,,I'll get out! With or without your help.
  54. Dialogue: 0,0:02:11.89,0:02:14.52,Default,,0,0,0,,Who told you that these monks are willing to help us?
  55. Dialogue: 0,0:02:17.71,0:02:23.24,Default,,0,0,0,,It happens that the Taoist monks are alchemists, just like me.
  56. Dialogue: 0,0:02:23.24,0:02:26.46,Default,,0,0,0,,And around the world, alchemists help each other.
  57. Dialogue: 0,0:02:29.24,0:02:31.67,Default,,0,0,0,,Hello brother alchemist.
  58. Dialogue: 0,0:02:31.67,0:02:34.78,Default,,0,0,0,,I belong to the Order of the Hourglass.
  59. Dialogue: 0,0:02:34.78,0:02:36.73,Default,,0,0,0,,We require some information.
  60. Dialogue: 0,0:02:36.73,0:02:38.47,Default,,0,0,0,,Could you help us?
  61. Dialogue: 0,0:02:44.16,0:02:49.21,Default,,0,0,0,,This brotherhood between alchemists is quite… striking.
  62. Dialogue: 0,0:02:50.63,0:02:51.36,Default,,0,0,0,,Well.
  63. Dialogue: 0,0:04:01.55,0:04:04.82,Default,,0,0,0,,What are all these herbs and seeds good for?
  64. Dialogue: 0,0:04:04.82,0:04:07.23,Default,,0,0,0,,This is an herb to cure a toothache.
  65. Dialogue: 0,0:04:07.23,0:04:10.35,Default,,0,0,0,,This is for sleeping well and that for a bad heart.
  66. Dialogue: 0,0:04:10.35,0:04:12.38,Default,,0,0,0,,If you lose your hair, take those herbs.
  67. Dialogue: 0,0:04:12.38,0:04:15.35,Default,,0,0,0,,And if you lose your memory… uh…
  68. Dialogue: 0,0:04:16.20,0:04:19.54,Default,,0,0,0,,A dragon! A dragon!
  69. Dialogue: 0,0:04:20.12,0:04:23.03,Default,,0,0,0,,Come and see! The carriers of the dragon are training for tomorrow.
  70. Dialogue: 0,0:04:41.58,0:04:44.41,Default,,0,0,0,,This is the Jade Dragon that protects our rice plantations.
  71. Dialogue: 0,0:04:44.78,0:04:48.87,Default,,0,0,0,,But yes, of course! Dragons don't exist.
  72. Dialogue: 0,0:04:49.40,0:04:53.64,Default,,0,0,0,,And even if they existed, that's not what… that's not what would scare us.
  73. Dialogue: 0,0:05:03.24,0:05:05.91,Default,,0,0,0,,Don't panic, it's just a few firecrackers.
  74. Dialogue: 0,0:05:08.48,0:05:11.00,Default,,0,0,0,,I get it! It works with powder.
  75. Dialogue: 0,0:05:11.00,0:05:12.78,Default,,0,0,0,,Oh, it's very clever!
  76. Dialogue: 0,0:05:12.78,0:05:15.61,Default,,0,0,0,,In addition, firecrackers scare away evil spirits.
  77. Dialogue: 0,0:05:18.75,0:05:19.77,Default,,0,0,0,,Want to try?
  78. Dialogue: 0,0:05:27.16,0:05:30.12,Default,,0,0,0,,Take cover! Take cover!
  79. Dialogue: 0,0:05:34.79,0:05:36.76,Default,,0,0,0,,You have until tomorrow to practice.
  80. Dialogue: 0,0:05:39.30,0:05:42.52,Default,,0,0,0,,Hey Mei Li, that's a temple, right?
  81. Dialogue: 0,0:05:44.96,0:05:45.86,Default,,0,0,0,,Yes.
  82. Dialogue: 0,0:05:45.86,0:05:48.17,Default,,0,0,0,,You know, there are hundreds of temples here.
  83. Dialogue: 0,0:05:48.17,0:05:49.38,Default,,0,0,0,,Hundreds?
  84. Dialogue: 0,0:05:51.05,0:05:54.64,Default,,0,0,0,,And uh… Do you know a temple that has a connection with this symbol?
  85. Dialogue: 0,0:05:57.63,0:06:00.48,Default,,0,0,0,,That? That is the sign of the Temple of the Renaissance.
  86. Dialogue: 0,0:06:00.48,0:06:01.54,Default,,0,0,0,,Want to see it?
  87. Dialogue: 0,0:06:02.80,0:06:03.49,Default,,0,0,0,,Come on!
  88. Dialogue: 0,0:06:14.92,0:06:18.48,Default,,0,0,0,,These are chi-chi… these are chilli peppers.
  89. Dialogue: 0,0:06:19.53,0:06:23.98,Default,,0,0,0,,Hello brother alchemist. I belong to the Order of the Hourglass.
  90. Dialogue: 0,0:06:23.98,0:06:27.86,Default,,0,0,0,,We require some information. Could you help-
  91. Dialogue: 0,0:06:28.92,0:06:29.58,Default,,0,0,0,,Well!
  92. Dialogue: 0,0:06:48.09,0:06:49.58,Default,,0,0,0,,That's better!
  93. Dialogue: 0,0:06:50.29,0:06:53.50,Default,,0,0,0,,Hey! They don't need our help to find the golden dragon.
  94. Dialogue: 0,0:06:53.50,0:06:56.90,Default,,0,0,0,,It's already thanks to us that they're going to find the temple.
  95. Dialogue: 0,0:06:57.34,0:07:00.87,Default,,0,0,0,,To the health of the… of the… of the golden dragon!
  96. Dialogue: 0,0:07:00.24,0:07:01.88,Default,,0,0,0,,To the golden dragon!
  97. Dialogue: 0,0:07:06.28,0:07:08.50,Default,,0,0,0,,Here it is! This is the Temple of the Renaissance.
  98. Dialogue: 0,0:07:08.50,0:07:10.72,Default,,0,0,0,,Well, I gotta go. We'll meet here tomorrow?
  99. Dialogue: 0,0:07:11.30,0:07:14.10,Default,,0,0,0,,Okay. Thank you for your help Mei Li.
  100. Dialogue: 0,0:07:19.57,0:07:22.46,Default,,0,0,0,,Hello. We are looking for a…
  101. Dialogue: 0,0:07:21.89,0:07:24.49,Default,,0,0,0,,Sorry. We do not take foreigners.
  102. Dialogue: 0,0:07:24.49,0:07:26.85,Default,,0,0,0,,Wait! We don't want to make a fuss.
  103. Dialogue: 0,0:07:26.85,0:07:28.41,Default,,0,0,0,,All we ask is-
  104. Dialogue: 0,0:07:28.41,0:07:29.67,Default,,0,0,0,,Will you move yourself?
  105. Dialogue: 0,0:07:29.67,0:07:30.81,Default,,0,0,0,,What's going on?
  106. Dialogue: 0,0:07:30.81,0:07:32.48,Default,,0,0,0,,Why so agitated?
  107. Dialogue: 0,0:07:32.48,0:07:35.40,Default,,0,0,0,,Master, these are foreigners who want to enter.
  108. Dialogue: 0,0:07:35.40,0:07:36.60,Default,,0,0,0,,Hello.
  109. Dialogue: 0,0:07:36.60,0:07:40.42,Default,,0,0,0,,We just want to know if you've heard of a yellow dragon?
  110. Dialogue: 0,0:07:44.28,0:07:46.11,Default,,0,0,0,,Enter, I beg of you.
  111. Dialogue: 0,0:08:19.28,0:08:23.19,Default,,0,0,0,,Welcome to the Temple of the Renaissance.
  112. Dialogue: 0,0:08:23.57,0:08:25.77,Default,,0,0,0,,My name is Yu Chunhe.
  113. Dialogue: 0,0:08:25.77,0:08:27.38,Default,,0,0,0,,My name is Esteban.
  114. Dialogue: 0,0:08:27.38,0:08:29.62,Default,,0,0,0,,And this is Tao and Zia.
  115. Dialogue: 0,0:08:35.96,0:08:38.82,Default,,0,0,0,,Hello brother alchemist.
  116. Dialogue: 0,0:08:38.82,0:08:43.69,Default,,0,0,0,,Do you know of a temple that would have a connection with this symbol?
  117. Dialogue: 0,0:08:43.69,0:08:44.74,Default,,0,0,0,,Yes, of course.
  118. Dialogue: 0,0:08:47.77,0:08:49.51,Default,,0,0,0,,It is the Temple of the Renaissance.
  119. Dialogue: 0,0:08:49.51,0:08:51.50,Default,,0,0,0,,Come, I'll take you there.
  120. Dialogue: 0,0:09:00.75,0:09:10.05,Default,,0,0,0,,Zia, Esteban, before talking about the yellow dragon, I would like each of you to choose one of these jars.
  121. Dialogue: 0,0:09:10.05,0:09:11.12,Default,,0,0,0,,How?
  122. Dialogue: 0,0:09:11.79,0:09:13.13,Default,,0,0,0,,Anyone of them?
  123. Dialogue: 0,0:09:13.13,0:09:15.13,Default,,0,0,0,,But… they're all the same.
  124. Dialogue: 0,0:09:15.13,0:09:17.30,Default,,0,0,0,,What is this? A test?
  125. Dialogue: 0,0:09:17.30,0:09:18.41,Default,,0,0,0,,Come with me.
  126. Dialogue: 0,0:09:20.78,0:09:22.65,Default,,0,0,0,,Take your time.
  127. Dialogue: 0,0:09:23.14,0:09:25.38,Default,,0,0,0,,Let your intuition tell you.
  128. Dialogue: 0,0:09:26.82,0:09:27.70,Default,,0,0,0,,That one.
  129. Dialogue: 0,0:09:29.00,0:09:33.53,Default,,0,0,0,,Uh… well… and me… that one.
  130. Dialogue: 0,0:09:34.11,0:09:38.63,Default,,0,0,0,,Let's see what's in the jars that you have not chosen.
  131. Dialogue: 0,0:09:49.98,0:09:51.11,Default,,0,0,0,,Woah!
  132. Dialogue: 0,0:09:54.07,0:09:55.95,Default,,0,0,0,,You chose the ones that have flowers!
  133. Dialogue: 0,0:09:55.95,0:10:00.11,Default,,0,0,0,,These are lotus flowers, a symbol of purity.
  134. Dialogue: 0,0:10:00.11,0:10:01.33,Default,,0,0,0,,How is this possible?
  135. Dialogue: 0,0:10:01.33,0:10:02.83,Default,,0,0,0,,Ah, that's lucky.
  136. Dialogue: 0,0:10:02.83,0:10:07.34,Default,,0,0,0,,No Esteban, it is neither luck nor chance.
  137. Dialogue: 0,0:10:07.34,0:10:08.49,Default,,0,0,0,,Master.
  138. Dialogue: 0,0:10:08.49,0:10:12.07,Default,,0,0,0,,Two foreigners of the Brotherhood of the Hourglass request audience.
  139. Dialogue: 0,0:10:14.02,0:10:15.88,Default,,0,0,0,,That's Ambrosius and Mendoza.
  140. Dialogue: 0,0:10:15.88,0:10:17.11,Default,,0,0,0,,Children!
  141. Dialogue: 0,0:10:22.72,0:10:24.97,Default,,0,0,0,,Well! You took your time.
  142. Dialogue: 0,0:10:24.97,0:10:27.49,Default,,0,0,0,,How did you get all the way out here?
  143. Dialogue: 0,0:10:27.49,0:10:29.22,Default,,0,0,0,,And where are Sancho and Pedro?
  144. Dialogue: 0,0:10:34.76,0:10:39.41,Default,,0,0,0,,It is time to change the water of our venerable lady.
  145. Dialogue: 0,0:10:53.98,0:10:57.24,Default,,0,0,0,,This carp is our oldest resident.
  146. Dialogue: 0,0:10:57.24,0:11:00.31,Default,,0,0,0,,Some say it is over a hundred and twenty years old.
  147. Dialogue: 0,0:11:00.31,0:11:01.35,Default,,0,0,0,,This way!
  148. Dialogue: 0,0:11:40.93,0:11:44.35,Default,,0,0,0,,This passage was built six centuries ago,
  149. Dialogue: 0,0:11:44.35,0:11:49.81,Default,,0,0,0,,when our brotherhood inherited the daunting task of protecting the yellow dragon.
  150. Dialogue: 0,0:11:50.65,0:11:51.64,Default,,0,0,0,,Let's go see!
  151. Dialogue: 0,0:11:54.63,0:11:58.81,Default,,0,0,0,,Only bearers of the medallion are authorized to go down the passage.
  152. Dialogue: 0,0:11:59.52,0:12:01.18,Default,,0,0,0,,It's always the same thing!
  153. Dialogue: 0,0:12:01.18,0:12:03.92,Default,,0,0,0,,It would be more cautious if an adult accompanies them.
  154. Dialogue: 0,0:12:03.92,0:12:05.85,Default,,0,0,0,,Sorry, it's impossible.
  155. Dialogue: 0,0:12:06.81,0:12:10.53,Default,,0,0,0,,Here. This lamp will be useful to you.
  156. Dialogue: 0,0:12:13.13,0:12:13.96,Default,,0,0,0,,Thank you.
  157. Dialogue: 0,0:12:30.98,0:12:31.73,Default,,0,0,0,,But?
  158. Dialogue: 0,0:12:34.87,0:12:35.99,Default,,0,0,0,,Wait!
  159. Dialogue: 0,0:12:39.17,0:12:41.65,Default,,0,0,0,,No!
  160. Dialogue: 0,0:12:45.00,0:12:48.51,Default,,0,0,0,,You really thought that I would sit with my arms crossed waiting for you?
  161. Dialogue: 0,0:12:48.51,0:12:49.73,Default,,0,0,0,,Tao!
  162. Dialogue: 0,0:12:50.95,0:12:52.23,Default,,0,0,0,,So, are we going?
  163. Dialogue: 0,0:13:05.10,0:13:08.04,Default,,0,0,0,,It's weird, there's nothing in this room.
  164. Dialogue: 0,0:13:08.87,0:13:12.38,Default,,0,0,0,,There must be a mechanism somewhere that will trigger an opening.
  165. Dialogue: 0,0:13:12.38,0:13:14.01,Default,,0,0,0,,There's always a mechanism.
  166. Dialogue: 0,0:13:21.64,0:13:23.13,Default,,0,0,0,,What did I tell you?
  167. Dialogue: 0,0:13:36.91,0:13:38.21,Default,,0,0,0,,Did you hear that?
  168. Dialogue: 0,0:14:02.71,0:14:06.11,Default,,0,0,0,,We must find a way out of here. And fast!
  169. Dialogue: 0,0:14:08.32,0:14:10.68,Default,,0,0,0,,There may be something on one of the walls!
  170. Dialogue: 0,0:14:21.61,0:14:23.15,Default,,0,0,0,,I found nothing!
  171. Dialogue: 0,0:14:23.54,0:14:24.82,Default,,0,0,0,,Neither did I!
  172. Dialogue: 0,0:14:25.19,0:14:27.90,Default,,0,0,0,,Down there, on the floor, we didn't look.
  173. Dialogue: 0,0:16:15.20,0:16:18.51,Default,,0,0,0,,Zia, Tao. Are you okay?
  174. Dialogue: 0,0:16:18.75,0:16:20.51,Default,,0,0,0,,Yes, yes. I'm okay.
  175. Dialogue: 0,0:16:20.50,0:16:24.57,Default,,0,0,0,,I'm sorry. I believe it's because of me that the trap was triggered.
  176. Dialogue: 0,0:16:24.57,0:16:27.37,Default,,0,0,0,,You think all this happened because there were three of us?
  177. Dialogue: 0,0:16:27.55,0:16:31.47,Default,,0,0,0,,The monks certainly installed this system to prevent the theft of the yellow dragon.
  178. Dialogue: 0,0:16:31.50,0:16:34.69,Default,,0,0,0,,In any case, it's not my people who would have constructed such a trap.
  179. Dialogue: 0,0:16:34.79,0:16:39.52,Default,,0,0,0,,Come on, it's okay Tao. We got out. And even opened the secret passage.
  180. Dialogue: 0,0:16:46.07,0:16:47.93,Default,,0,0,0,,Oh, look!
  181. Dialogue: 0,0:16:48.59,0:16:52.73,Default,,0,0,0,,Oh yeah. For the fire of the dragon shows the way.
  182. Dialogue: 0,0:16:52.97,0:16:55.47,Default,,0,0,0,,That's what the message of the sacred drum said, right?
  183. Dialogue: 0,0:16:55.68,0:16:57.40,Default,,0,0,0,,But how do we find the way?
  184. Dialogue: 0,0:16:57.44,0:17:00.86,Default,,0,0,0,,And… do you think it's a really large dragon?
  185. Dialogue: 0,0:17:04.47,0:17:07.50,Default,,0,0,0,,Whoa! Magnificent!
  186. Dialogue: 0,0:17:14.37,0:17:16.08,Default,,0,0,0,,This dragon isn't yellow!
  187. Dialogue: 0,0:17:17.57,0:17:18.53,Default,,0,0,0,,What is it?
  188. Dialogue: 0,0:17:18.69,0:17:21.28,Default,,0,0,0,,Incense sticks? But what are they doing there?
  189. Dialogue: 0,0:17:22.32,0:17:24.64,Default,,0,0,0,,Look, here! There's a box.
  190. Dialogue: 0,0:17:34.27,0:17:35.56,Default,,0,0,0,,It won't come through!
  191. Dialogue: 0,0:17:36.15,0:17:39.76,Default,,0,0,0,,It's going to take a lot of thinking to get its jaws to open.
  192. Dialogue: 0,0:18:21.34,0:18:22.65,Default,,0,0,0,,I think I found it!
  193. Dialogue: 0,0:18:25.66,0:18:29.18,Default,,0,0,0,,You see that? This is the only picture where the dragon's mouth is open.
  194. Dialogue: 0,0:18:29.25,0:18:31.68,Default,,0,0,0,,And it has smoke in the nostrils.
  195. Dialogue: 0,0:18:53.14,0:18:56.49,Default,,0,0,0,,Thank you!
  196. Dialogue: 0,0:19:02.62,0:19:07.32,Default,,0,0,0,,Ok! We still have to put our arms in its jaw to recover the box.
  197. Dialogue: 0,0:19:07.40,0:19:10.40,Default,,0,0,0,,You do the honor! I made enough catastrophes today.
  198. Dialogue: 0,0:19:20.93,0:19:22.07,Default,,0,0,0,,Well done!
  199. Dialogue: 0,0:19:26.00,0:19:27.62,Default,,0,0,0,,Wow!
  200. Dialogue: 0,0:19:30.71,0:19:32.91,Default,,0,0,0,,Not really that big, this yellow dragon.
  201. Dialogue: 0,0:19:32.93,0:19:36.07,Default,,0,0,0,,Little dragon, but very scary to catch.
  202. Dialogue: 0,0:19:46.04,0:19:50.78,Default,,0,0,0,,Good. Now's the time to verify that the trap doesn't go off when there's only two people.
  203. Dialogue: 0,0:20:37.86,0:20:39.38,Default,,0,0,0,,The yellow dragon!
  204. Dialogue: 0,0:20:39.53,0:20:41.00,Default,,0,0,0,,We found the-
  205. Dialogue: 0,0:20:53.64,0:20:56.77,Default,,0,0,0,,The yellow dragon. Thank you.
  206. Dialogue: 0,0:21:04.40,0:21:08.39,Default,,0,0,0,,Will our heroes manage to find the man who stole the yellow dragon from them?
  207. Dialogue: 0,0:21:08.58,0:21:09.40,Default,,0,0,0,,Stop there!
  208. Dialogue: 0,0:21:09.40,0:21:14.38,Default,,0,0,0,,Will Esteban succeed in recovering the precious object hidden in the heart of the Imperial City?
  209. Dialogue: 0,0:21:14.21,0:21:15.78,Default,,0,0,0,,A dragon with six claws!
  210. Dialogue: 0,0:21:15.99,0:21:17.85,Default,,0,0,0,,Remarkable!
  211. Dialogue: 0,0:21:17.85,0:21:22.39,Default,,0,0,0,,You'll find out by watching the next episode of The Mysterious Cities of Gold.
  212. Dialogue: 0,0:21:22.39,0:21:24.57,Default,,0,0,0,,Did you see how I laid out the big one?
  213. Dialogue: 0,0:21:29.93,0:21:39.71,Default,,0,0,0,,At the heart of the city of Beijing, there still exists a Taoist temple whose entrance is protected by the statues of General Dragon and General Tiger.
  214. Dialogue: 0,0:21:39.76,0:21:42.18,Default,,0,0,0,,Oh! They have funny faces!
  215. Dialogue: 0,0:21:42.21,0:21:43.62,Default,,0,0,0,,And you haven't seen anything yet!
  216. Dialogue: 0,0:21:44.08,0:21:54.78,Default,,0,0,0,,For this temple, where all is quiet, where the monks sell incense sticks for prayer, where visitors hang lucky charms is actually a very special temple.
  217. Dialogue: 0,0:21:55.07,0:21:56.57,Default,,0,0,0,,Uh… How special is it?
  218. Dialogue: 0,0:21:58.74,0:22:00.72,Default,,0,0,0,,No Pichu, it's okay.
  219. Dialogue: 0,0:22:00.77,0:22:04.18,Default,,0,0,0,,These are statues, this temple is filled with them.
  220. Dialogue: 0,0:22:04.85,0:22:08.17,Default,,0,0,0,,Certain statues represent the good and the bad spirits.
  221. Dialogue: 0,0:22:08.56,0:22:16.00,Default,,0,0,0,,In the Taoist tradition, those who had done evil deeds were haunted by these strange creatures.
  222. Dialogue: 0,0:22:18.36,0:22:20.02,Default,,0,0,0,,And him? What are they doing to him?
  223. Dialogue: 0,0:22:20.43,0:22:23.27,Default,,0,0,0,,He certainly lied a lot, so they're cutting his-
  224. Dialogue: 0,0:22:23.48,0:22:26.43,Default,,0,0,0,,Uh gulp! I have never lied! Word of a Parrot!
  225. Dialogue: 0,0:22:27.22,0:22:29.99,Default,,0,0,0,,Pichu's Scoop
  226. Dialogue: 0,0:22:30.07,0:22:32.00,Default,,0,0,0,,But what is this big beast?
  227. Dialogue: 0,0:22:32.08,0:22:33.63,Default,,0,0,0,,A dragon or a lion?
  228. Dialogue: 0,0:22:33.84,0:22:35.29,Default,,0,0,0,,It's both, Pichu.
  229. Dialogue: 0,0:22:35.40,0:22:40.13,Default,,0,0,0,,The designers of the series mixed the head of a dragon with the body of a lion.
  230. Dialogue: 0,0:22:40.29,0:22:45.04,Default,,0,0,0,,These two creatures are used in Chinese festivals and especially during the New Year.
  231. Dialogue: 0,0:22:44.84,0:22:47.20,Default,,0,0,0,,I also love to dance.
  232. Dialogue: 0,0:22:47.70,0:22:50.30,Default,,0,0,0,,It takes at least two people to move the lion.
  233. Dialogue: 0,0:22:50.32,0:22:52.55,Default,,0,0,0,,One to hold the head and the other the tail.
  234. Dialogue: 0,0:22:54.15,0:22:54.69,Default,,0,0,0,,Bye bye!
  235. Dialogue: 0,0:22:54.77,0:22:56.69,Default,,0,0,0,,Goodbye. See you soon.
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