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Sep 8th, 2012
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  1. This is a translation of https://yande.re/post/show/224140/chuunibyou_demo_koi_ga_shitai-eyepatch-heterochrom
  3. Contract Complete
  4. (Top Left)
  5. Rikka Takanashi: This chuunibyou patient spends her time above Yuuta's family. Sensing the same aura in Yuuta, the Devilish Truth Stare has bound him in a contract. Of course, that's a delusion.
  7. (Top Right)
  8. Think about it. If you were once a boy who said "Disappear in my flames of darkness!" and you met a beautiful girl who cutely said to you "Is my eye resonating with you?" And then that same cute girl tormented you with all of her troubles, well, you can't leave her alone. In short, that's the relationship that Yuuta and Rikka have.
  9. When our heroine, Rikka, mentions her "cool rascal" phrases and begins her grand delusions, Yuuta rebukes her. Sometimes it brings that emotionless face to the point of tears. The chuunibyou portion was written by veteran scriptwriter Jukki Hanada, who combined pointless delusions and chuunibyou phrases into the story.
  10. Hey you! Notice the out-of-this-world battle portions in the new PV on the official site! Things like that incredibly pointless, but flashy, magic circle called forth by Rikka's Devilish Truth Stare (that snow crystal crest) are all delusions. They're all delusional! Make sure you enjoy this (dazzling?!) romance!
  12. (Pictures at top of page)
  13. Thrilling Chuuni!
  14. The new PV begins with pointless, but pretty awesome action from the Devilish Truth Stare. In between the action, you'll see a moment where Rikka's cowering after Yuuta's retort. Incidentally, you'll also see glimpses of Yuuta's chuunibyou past. Back then he was as infected as Rikka is now!
  16. Let's Begin!
  17. 1. What's above chuunibyou
  18. Though she numbers bring her thoughts to a sudden halt, Rikka's not that stupid. Could that problem with math be due to making up stories related to the Devilish Truth Stare? That's the key to this tale. When Yuuta finds out what makes Rikka, Rikka, this romantic comedy should change into a full romance. Keep track of that when Yuuta first has to make rebuttals to Rikka's delusions.
  20. 2. Explain about the Devilish Truth Stare!
  21. The Devilish Truth Stare is an invisible dark power in Rikka's right eye that she keeps sealed by an eyepatch. It's almost as if it were some holy spirit. Once it begins to shine brightly, that snow crystal magic circle is invoked. It has the power to cross over time and see the past and future of her companion!....or so she made up. To make matters worse, there's a girl one year younger than Rikka, Sanae Dekomori, who calls herself Rikka's servant. With these two, the amount of chuunibyou has gotten worse!
  23. Supervisor Tatsuya Ishihara interview (Please tell me!) (MINOR SPOILERS FOR THE ANIME)
  25. Looking at the script, it seems Rikka is more clumsy and cute than she was in the novel.
  26. Ishihara: When you think about chuunibyou, you think of something cool in your head, but as I was reading the novel, Rikka had more of a playful look to her when she was in front of Yuuta. I thought that was pretty good; I called her this "cool rascal." (laughs) I advised the animators and directors to ensure Rikka stayed as emotionless as a baby. "Keep that pure feeling."
  28. Her amount of acting has grown, hasn't it?
  29. Ishihara: She's the protagonist, isn't she? (laughs) If she doesn't do something, then the story doesn't move along. Unintentionally, perhaps by reflex, I put some of my own thoughts in with her. Well, I also did the same for Yuuta.
  31. There's a lot more rebukes by Yuuta too.
  32. Ishihara: It's not meant to be a two-person comedy act, but we made the idiotic rebukes between Rikka and Yuuta a little bit more powerful in the anime. Yuuta's comments are supposed to reflect what the audience's and I want to say in the scene as you watch it on TV. We ensured that thosee comments were added for Yuuta in the storyboards.
  34. One of the big changes I saw to the anime is that Rikka's apartment is above the Togashis.
  35. Ishihara: Putting the two together in the same building is a small change to make the story more entertaining. Yuuta's family is something to watch for in the anime. I don't want to spoil you, but keep track of how they affect the story.
  37. Are there any other points to look for in the anime?
  38. Ishihara: There's some here and there. I can safely say this is a KyoAni work; after all, we published the original novels, didn't we? This time, however, we altered a lot from the novel. The novel fans who see the anime will think it's something different due to how much we changed. The end of the story has been completely changed.
  40. The action in the latest PV was amazing.
  41. Ishihara: When we made the PV, I wanted to make it very thrilling. The whole concept was "The thrill of chuunibyou." (laughs) But to make sure the audience didn't get confused that it's a type of alternate world battle show, we made sure to show the characters over-acting and included a lot of gag scenes too. The anime itself is an entertaining and enjoyable romantic comedy. I think after seeing the first episode, people will say "What the?! This is just an ordinary romantic comedy!" (laughs)
  43. Those delusional battle scenes left a big impression
  44. Ishihara: The amount is increased from the original novel. They're a part of the fun of this story. We made sure that the magic circles were specialized for each character. For example, "Rikka" means crystallized snow. That's a bit of trivia for the readers. (laughs) So, thus the magic circle for the Devilish Truth Stare has snow crystals in it.
  46. Oh! I see now!
  47. Ishihara: This story is definitely a romantic comedy though. When you see things like the idiotic conversations/meetings between Rikka and Yuuta, I think you'll enjoy it. When you finish the entire show, you'll understand that it's meant to be a real romantic story. Please watch it through the very end.
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