KSV - Dramatis Personnae

Jun 6th, 2019
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  1. >>>>>Sir Emile Andrei
  2. A knight of Romaine. Second-born son of Lord Andrei. Served his tour of duty in the chapter fortresses that guard against the denizens of Ardenne, and aided in his father’s campaign against the Deadmen in the following winter, putting 3 to rest. Came of the aid of his friend Sir Glasdale and slew the Creeping Horror plaguing the people of Grenmire. Saw the false knight Sir Vancewell brought to justice for murder at Grenoble. Aided a foreign Cathagi column beset by foul beastmen, slaying 8 including their champion Threehorn. Stood his Vigil at the Church of Adam’s Martyrdom, commencing his long pilgrimage.
  4. >>>>>>Mikail of Andryski
  5. Squire to Sir Andrei and son of one of Lord Andrei’s most trusted man-at-arms. A strong boy and taking well to his lessons in the martial arts, but his slow wit and lack of education tells. His dream is to one day join the Roiguard, one of the few avenues for a commoner to be knighted. Has accompanied Sir Andrei on each of his endeavours to date, earning his affection. Sir Andrei takes the proper tutelage of his charge very seriously.
  7. >>>> Sir Damien Andrei
  8. Sir Emile Andrei’s elder brother and heir to the Andrei title, his departure from the Andrei homelands was wrapped in secrecy. Emile did not get the whole story, but some confrontation at the Romani Court convinced Lord and Lady Andrei that it was best their son was not in the public eye for the immediate future. Emile has discovered that there is some deeper conspiracy afoot during his travels, most recently that his brother’s efforts are somehow at odds with the Order Reginae or at the very least one of their number, Sir Robert Gilbern. Giving that the Order Reginae wield the church-given authority to commit extrajudicial killings, this is worrying in the extreme.
  10. >>>> Lord Nikolai Andrei ‘Father’
  11. Father of Sir Emile Andrei. The latest in a line of Andrei Lords, a House with a long and prestigious history since the founding of Romaine but one that has fallen far in terms of power, wealth and influence since the fall of Ardenne centuries ago. Their blood is unquestionably pure, but they are otherwise a minor player at the Romani Court. Lord Andrei is typical of Romaine, busying himself with manly pastimes and the martial security of his lands while his wife tends to the domestic running of the place. Despite this, he has exhibited a rather unmasculine interest in architecture as a hobby. He supports his son’s Errantry, even to the point of rising the ire of his wife. He is immensely proud of his son’s achievements thus far.
  13. >>>> Lady Patrycja Andrei ‘Mother’
  14. The younger daughter of a House to the far south of Romaine, Sir Andrei’s mother is a typical influential and even domineering Romani woman. Men are rarely anything but fools in her eyes with their tendency for violence and simpleton displays of bravado, her family being no exception. House Andrei could be a major political player again if only the men would do as they are told. Lady Andrei directs her household and lands with the casual command of one who is used to being obeyed. Sir Andrei had to sneak away from home to begin his Errantry. Despite her disregard for the male opinion she protects each of her children with a ferocity of a mother bear for her cubs. She is taking full advantage of the receptive attitude that Sir Andrei has (somewhat unintentionally) engineered in their larger neighbour House Norveski.
  15. >>>>Lady Roselyn Andrei
  16. The eldest child of Lord Andrei, and perhaps his most sensible daughter. She demonstrates her mother’s aptitude for subtlety, though she rankles at the dimished influence her family has at Court. Mostly because it is reflected in her own importance in her circle of youthful nobility. Sir Andrei sent her a catalog (a new invention) of all the latest fashions of the capital for the last four seasons.
  17. >>>>Lady Anastazja Andrei
  18. The second eldest daughter of Lord Andrei, she is of an age where boys are the most interesting thing to her. Sir Andrei sent her a pair of gloves of the latest fashion from the capital.
  19. >>>>Lady Halina Andrei
  20. Older than Sir Andrei by less than a year. The most bookish of Sir Andrei’s sisters, interested in scholarly pursuits or perhaps a life in a convent. Sir Andrei sent her a book from the capital to add to her collection.
  21. >>>>Young Lady Maryla Andrei
  22. A younger sister of Sir Andrei, one who has little patience for ladylike pursuits and loves to hear stories about monsters and battles. Sir Andrei sent her an unfertilized Creeping Horror egg, much to his mother’s disapproval.
  23. >>>> Young Lady Lenna Andrei
  24. The second youngest of Sir Andrei’s siblings, barely five summers. Twin to Young Master Aleksy. Fierce protector of stray cats, puppies, her brother and other small helpless things.
  26. >>> Young Master Aleksy Andrei
  27. The youngest child of Lord Andrei. Twin to Young Lady Lenna. A bit of a baby. Sir Andrei got the twins a doll and wooden sword from the capital. To the amusement of the family Lenna uses the sword while Aleksy plays with dolls.
  31. >>>>>>>Lord Cavriani Norveski
  32. Leader of one of the more prominent houses of Romaine, the elderly Lord Norveski’s lands are concentrated on the Fallavon-Romaine border around the town Grenoble. Sir Andrei knows little of his politics, but the man did not appear to be so embroiled in the greater Court plots that his judgement was obviously steered during the Vancewell trial.
  34. >>>> Sir Jorge Norveski
  35. The firstborn son of Lord Norveski. He has a better eye for court politics than most Romani men, not unaware of his sister’s machinations. The two are at odds as often as they are aligned, though they seem to rally together against outside threats as the Vancewell trial showed. He appreciated Sir Andrei’s straightforward approach to the trial.
  37. >>>> Lady Natalia Norveski
  38. The middle child of Lord Norveski. She initially saw a potential love interest with Sir Andrei, or at least a poltical alliance. She was disappointed to find that Sir Andrei had not engineered the political mess intentionally, and run circles around him in the Norveski Gardens. She has dismissed Sir Andrei as a potential player in her schemes but not, perhaps, as a potential pawn.
  40. >>>> Sir Simon Norveski
  41. The youngest child of Lord Norveski. Initially wary of Sir Andrei’s involvement in embroiling his family in the Vancewell trial, his worries were allayed once House Rabe’s dislike of House Vancewell became known. He was impressed by Sir Andrei’s tale of his slaying of the Creeping Horror, though otherwise found him a boorish dinner companion. He has since begun courting one of Sir Andrei’s sisters, Anastazja.
  43. >>>> Sister Aditha
  44. Previously Madamoiselle Norveski, niece to Lord Norveski. A demure young woman completely unlike her shrewd cousin, she is a kind-hearted soul. She is currently taking her orders and is in the early stages of joining a cloister of nuns.
  46. >>>>Sergeant-at-Arms Tuck
  47. A Norveski man-at-arms, proud citizen of Grenoble. Gave evidence at the Vancewell trial.
  49. >>>>Burgermeister Keyes
  50. A well-to-do merchant who speaks for the middle class of Grenoble. He pushed for the Vancewell trial and was well pleased with Sir Andrei’s efforts. Entered into an endeavour, allowing the knight to purchase shares in his trade caravan to Aubrey. Also introduced Sir Andrei to the Grenoble moneylenders and the caravan master Tracker Jean.
  52. >>>>Sir Hast Vancewell
  53. A false Montbrun knight found guilty of murdering a peasant family on Lord Norveski’s land. Brought to stand trial by Sir Andrei and executed by Sir Gilbern. He claimed to have connections to the Duke Montbrun and even the Crown Prince, though if this is true his allies did not have the time or perhaps the inclination to intervene in his judgement.
  55. >>>>>>Sir Willem Glasdale
  56. A friend of Sir Andrei, they met during their tour of duty in the chapter fortresses. Disowned for marrying a lowborn woman, a choice he does not seem to regret. Asked for aid from Sir Andrei against the Creeping Horror attacking his Lord’s subjects, they slew the beast together. Agreed to take a survivor of the attacks, Tam. Should Sir Andrei ever require his aid, he need only ask.
  58. >>>>>>Sir Gabriel Rousseau
  59. Third-born son of Lord Jox Rousseau. Promised to Mademoiselle Daubeny. Encountered beastman looters early in his Errantry, killing 4. Fell in battle against the beastman Craven. His shield was recovered by Sir Andrei and returned to his family.
  61. >>>>Sir Marcel Rousseau
  62. Uncle to the late Sir Gabriel. He encouraged Sir Gabriel to go on Errantry and wracked with guilt over the news of the death of his nephew. In penance he rejoined the Knights Comitas holy order, taking a vow of silence and swearing to see Sir Andrei safely through his pilgrimage.
  64. >>>>Sir Robert Gilbern
  65. A member of the Order Reginae, Herald to the Queen and one of her personal agents. Appears to have been in opposition to the interests of Sir Vancewell and whoever his allies were, personally ensuring that the murderer was executed without time for an appeal. Has respect for Sir Andrei, enough to warn him that his elder brother is treading thin ice in the greater political machinations of the realm.
  66. >>>> Monsieur Ville Antoni
  67. One of Sir Gilbern’s late squires. Slain during the charge against beastmen attacking the Cathagi column.
  68. >>>> Monsieur Jean Lireux
  69. Squire to Sir Gilbern. Taunted Mikail for his common blood during the journey from Grenoble. Was saved from a beastman’s axe by Sir Andrei during the battle to save the Cathagi column.
  72. >>>> Sir Karlaus Rabe
  73. A hardbitten Montbrun knight with brutish manners and little patience for religion or politics. He has a personal vendetta against the conniving House Vancewell.
  75. >>>Kyrie Militades
  76. A member of the Cathagi soldier caste, leader of the red-cloaked hoplites that Sir Andrei saved from beastmen on the road to Aubrey. Thanks to this his mission to win the Dragon’s favour was successful. He awarded Sir Andrei a letter of recommendation to join the Dragon Guard, an elite body of strictly foreign warriors that are paid extremely well to protect the Cathagi God-King.
  78. >>>> Chapter Master Gilles de Moray
  79. A high-ranked member of the holy Knights Comitas order, charged with the protection of Adam’s final resting place. He enlisted the aid of Sir Andrei in escorting pilgrims to the holy sites during his journey.
  81. >>>Kyria Eustace
  82. A member of the Cathagi soldier caste, leader of the green-cloaked peltasts that accompanied Militade’s column. Has taken a keen interest in Sir Andrei. Whether it is as a fellow warrior, a love interest or attractive slave stock is unclear.
  84. >>>>Madamoiselle Josephine Daubeny
  85. A woman of noble-blood from the region of Aubres. A bethrothal between her and the late Sir Gabriel Rousseau was in the works. She took the news of his demise particularly hard.
  87. >>>> Tracker Jean
  88. A foreign woman hailing from the savage Wastelands to the North and East beyond the borders of Canton. She runs a caravan and has an eye for a good trade deal, as well as remarkable marksmanship and riding skills. Had a short-lived tryst with Sir Andrei at the conclusion of a successful trading venture, the professional relationship has been since been strained somewhat.
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