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  1. Turn 4 Intelligence Actions [Preliminary]
  2. [10 IP & 3 FP] Following the implicit authorization from Supreme Command Vader, Grunger is moving to centralize intelligence assets within Oversector 4 until the Military Intelligence Command, this includes homogenizing Imperial Navy and Imperial Army Intelligence into one entity, (ImpIntel has agreed to cooperate, so the MIC will cooperate with ImpIntel operations in the area). The main focus is creating one unified, competent and loyal organization to combat rebellion and CIS activities in the Oversector. The key assets being looked at for promoting and transferring officers, analysts and soldiers to the Military Intelligence Command are loyalty (to Grunger) and Competence. A small amount of military combat forces will also be seconded to the MIC for reconnaissance and special forces operations throughout the Oversector. (If this happens to requisition or sideline ISB assets in the area, that's just the cost of doing business).
  4. [10 IP] The first mission for the newly-formed will be to help with the military operations against the rebel group styled 'Kuat's Revenge' and the CIS forces that are operating within the Oversector. The MIC is a holistic organization, whose operations run the gamut of possible intelligence operations, most of which are detailed below.
  5. -  Counter-Intelligence: With the treachery and defection of KR and KDY Defensive personnel, as well as the large-scale treachery of the previous Grand Moff, it can be assumed all our codes and authorizations are compromised. The new Counter-Intelligence Division will work tirelessly to change codes, reformat authorization priorities, protect against assassinations of important personnel and other defensive actions to secure White Cuirass Command to prevent subversion and other intelligence attacks by CIS forces (as occurred in Outersector South).
  6. -  Intelligence: Using SIGINT and HUMINT resources the Military Intelligence Division will work to identify KR and CIS resources in the Oversector and locate them for destruction by Imperial Military Forces (interrogating captured CIS personnel, breaking through intercepted transmissions, analyzing patterns of attack etc.)
  7. -  Reconnaissance: Comb through the sector with scout ships and probe droids to identify and scout potential stronghold worlds and hidden bases for CIS and Rebel activity throughout the Oversector. Telti is a strong potential world given its fortifications and ship-building capacity, but it is far from the only potential hideout for the CIS and Rebels to be hiding from the Imperial Navy.
  9. [5 IP] Not really an intelligence action, but I want to do this before my regular turn actions, promote Gen. Jylia Shale to Oversector 4 and place her in overall command of Imperial Army contingents throughout the Oversector 4, so I can get an actually competent underling to help create one unified chain of command for the entire Oversector.
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