Chrono Trigger 100% FAQ

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  1. CHRONO TRIGGER FAQ BY ELGRANJERRY . Follow me on twitch ;)
  3. Q: Why aren't you getting your characters up to lvl 99? This isn't 100% DansGame!!
  4. A: The definition of 100% for Chrono Trigger is to complete all the sidequests in the game. This include the Sewer Access, Ocean Palace, Dalton Plus, Geno Dome, Son of Sun, Yakra XIII, Retinite (Growing back the forest), Death Peak, Ozzie's Fort, and the Black Omen where we eventually get to beat Zeal and fight Lavos. (If I forgot one please forgive me and let me know so I can add it.) And no, we don´t need to grab every item in 100%. That would be tedious and stupid and would make this run super boring.
  6. Q: Dude, why didn't that Dark Matter attack from Magus murder you??? I remember it wooped my ass everytime!
  7. A: This is because we do a Glitch called the Unequip Glitch. By unequipping armor and helmet slots from our characters they get a sweet magic attack bonus as well as an insane magic resistance for 3 of the 4 elements. (Lightning, Shadow and Water) It totally trivializes the Dragon Tank, Magus, Nizbel, Giga Gaia, and lots of other fights!!!
  9. Q: That sounds amazing, is it actually easy to do? It could help me when I play this game!
  10. A: Yes! It is actually fairly easy to do! What you need to do is press UP+R or DOWN+L on the same frame to trick the game into equipping something into another slot. (Ex. Armor in a Helmet slot) The game gives you the option to swap the item but when you press A you actually have nothing to equip onto that slot and it lets you Unequip your current item. BEWARE: You can´t move from your last character to your first one or viceversa, if you do that the glitch will not work. Please allow me to refer you to this awesome tutorial made by Obdajr at .
  12. Q: Why are you going into a loading zone and then buffering your way only to be taken back? It doesn't make any sense!
  13. A: This glitch is called the Fadeout Glitch, so basically a loading zone takes a couple of frames to activate (let me say 8 for example). So we enter a loading zone and interrupting it with the Menu, we can move around, activate battles only to be taken back by the loading zone tricking the game into thinking we already completing those battles! It is pretty awesome! This works to skip the Guardian fight, Rust Tyrano, Nizbel II among some others.
  15. Q: So I see you save inside dungeons... Why can't I do that? It makes this game way easier!
  16. A: We activate a Glitch called the Save-Anywhere Glitch. So basically what we do is do the Fadeout Glitch and move into a Save Point. When you are standing  on the Save Point you need to mash A and you will now be able to save anywhere! Beware if you enter an area with a Save Point the Glitch will deactivate and you will need to do it again. We use this Glitch to skip Heckran, Zombor, Color Beasts and some other fights. Once again let me refer you to this great tutorial by Obdajr on how to do the Save Anywhere and the Fadeout Glitch (Yes, this is where I learned how to do them!!!). See
  18. Q: Why change the controls to skip the Guardian fight?
  19. A: If you try to open the menu in the Guardian's room you will trigger some battles, so by changing the Menu button from X to A we can open the Menu with A, tricking the game since we are never pressing the X button into letting us open the menu and perform the Fadeout Glitch without triggering the battles.
  21. Q: Why do you let the Golem in Zeal Palace kill you? Don´t you get something good if you beat him?
  22. A: The first time we visit Zeal Palace to power up the Pendant we actually don´t need to kill the Golem. The reason is you will get the same end result, this being having the prophet kick you out of Zeal's time. By doing this we save lots of Tonics, revives and ethers. It is definitively not worth it for a little extra XP.
  25. A: After we beat Lavos phase 2 and we are moving to the Lavos Core fight, there is a 26 frame window to open the menu. This gives us the chance to use lesser items to heal instead of using a MegaElixir as we normally would and save it for later if it's needed! The way I do it is when the screen fades out completely black I start mashing the menu button. I find that to be an excellent visual que. Some people prefer audio ques so it's up to you how to do it. (It used to be absolutely necessary for you to get it in order to beat Any%, not required anymoer, but it's still a cool lil trick :)) (NOT NECESSARY ANYMORE DUE TO NEW SETUP)
  27. Q: Why Magus, Lucca, Robo? I like other characters more...
  28. A: I like other characters more as well! But the reason we use Magus, Lucca and Robo is because of their Triple Tech Omega Flare which is just WAY overpowered and is awesome for a speedrun. We also get a huge versatility with Magus being an excelent Magician with attacks such as DarkBomb and DarkMist as well as all the cool elemental attacks, Lucca as well with amazing fire attacks that complement perfectly with Robo like Fire Tackle and Robo can be a good healer but also has great attacks like Uzzie Punch and Robo Tackle! It is definitively the best team if you want to beat the game as fast as possible.
  30. Q: Why did you wait before reloading? I saw you do that a couple of times throughout the run.
  31. A: I do that because we manipulate the RNG in order to get a desired string and make our lives easier. In this specific case it lets us manipulate all the way from Masa&Mune throughout Magus!!!! That means we get the exact same patterns every time if we don't get into any extra battles and follow a certain pattern of attacks we have for each battle that will set the next one perfectly to be done fast.
  33. Q: RNG Manipulation? WOW, I know you explained a bit on the past question but I'd like to know more!
  34. A: RNG in this game is initially determined by how much time you spend on the file select screen, when you are there RNG is moving moving moving and when you select a file the RNG stops and you get that RNG string from when you pressed A. When you start playing, RNG is also modified by how many battles you get into, so we can actually know which attacks we are going to get and how to proceed if we get the desired string and backup strats in case we don't.
  36. Q: Amazing, any other places where this is useful?
  37. A: In the Tata skip to set up the Masamune fight, amongst other spots. Also for the Rubble fights before the GigaGaia we Save&Reset as fast as possible to set up the RNG in order to beat them and get those 100 TP!!!
  39. Q: Why aren't you running in a straight line? It's like wtf dude, you are just losing time!
  40. A: Weird movement occurs because I am trying to avoid encounters and evade triggers.
  42. Q: Avoid triggers? What are you talking about, can we actually skip battles?
  43. A: Yes you can!!! Encounters in this game work in 2 ways. There are the encounters where you can see the enemies and you can try and run past them, and there are also other battles that are started by walking over a trigger. So by avoiding those triggers (Some are pixel perfect or really close to it) we can skip those battles and go FAST!
  45. Q: Dang dude, pixel perfect? I've never noticed that. Which encounters are those ones? I will not laugh when you fail them I promise!
  46. A: There is the bridge in Truce Canyon where you can skip a battle (right after Marle getting teleported), there is one in Tyrano Lair right before the Black Tyrano fight that allows us to skip 2 battles that you can't run away from, making you waste HP, MP and items before the big fight. The 2 hardest ones IMO are the ones in Dactyl's nest but if you get into them you can run away, costing time but not that much. If you want to learn how to do them, refer to my 100% PB atm, if I missed the skips (Usually I do) talk to me and I will explain the setup for those skips.
  48. Q: Which team is you favorite for casual play?
  49. A: My favorite team for casual play has always been Crono, Frog, Marle. Good heals that make this game easier to beat casually as well as some nice Damage with Crono and Frog for the most part. If in any case I needed a Triple Tech that damages all enemies I would just switch to Crono, Marle, Lucca for Delta Force and then switch back again after that fight.
  51. Q: Are you going for WR? I think you should...
  52. A: All my runs are WR attempts except when I note Practice or something in my title (You can also compare my PB to WR and realistically see if I am close to WR).
  54. Q: Why did Masa & Mune skip leg day?
  55. A: I am asking myself the same thing!
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