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Happy Hour (Oni Bartender)

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Jul 14th, 2015
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  1. >Go out to one of the local bars
  2. >You had plans to go with friends, but they bailed on you
  3. >There's a lot of monsters here tonight, way more than usual
  4. >You can't help but feel that a lot of them are looking right at you
  5. >Cute guy walking into a bar alone. Not your best idea
  6. >You take a seat at the bar
  7. >'Well, look who's out for the night.'
  8. >The Oni bartender walks up to you, cleaning a glass in her hands
  9. >She's a fair few years older than you, probably in her mid-thirties, but the years have definitely been kind to her
  10. >She's always been rather sweet on you, not that you minded
  11. >'The usual, hun?'
  12. >'Yeah.'
  13. >She pours you a drink and slides it over to you
  14. >You take it, but just kind of swirl it around
  15. >'Something troubling you,hun?'
  16. >'Ahh, it's nothing.'
  17. >'You're looking at your drink like it kissed your girlfriend. Talk to me.'
  18. >'Well, this was supposed to be a kind of guy's night with my friends, but they all bailed on me. Now I'm stuck on my own tonight.'
  19. >'Shoot, that's a bit depressing. Tell ya what. Your drink's on me tonight. My way of makin' it up to you.'
  20. >You thank her for the generosity and finally take a drink
  21. >'Who knows, though. You came here alone tonight, but maybe you'll be leaving with some lucky girl. Or she'll be leaving with you.'
  22. >'What do you mean?'
  23. >'Don't tell me you forgot, darlin'? It's a full moon tonight. Girl's will be looking to jump any guy they can get their paws on.'
  24. >You suddenly become very aware of all the girls in the bar with you, and your mouth goes dry
  25. >The older Oni passes you a key
  26. >'Got a spare room upstairs. Useful if someone gets too drunk to go home. You can use it to hunker down for the night, hun.'
  27. >She gives you a little wink as she walks away
  28. >Somehow, you don't feel any safer
  29. >One the hand, you could try getting back home where you'd be safe for sure
  30. >But you walked here, and it's already getting dark out
  31. >On the other, you had a safe house right her for you
  32. >But then you'd be locking yourself in with the bartender
  33. >In the end you decide that the risk of one woman is safer than trying to dodge an entire horde
  34. >You finish off your drink and move to head upstairs
  35. >You almost run face-first into a lamia that had snuck up behind you
  36. >From the look on her face the night is already getting to her You skirt around her and make for the stairs
  37. >She lazily attempts to grab you, but you're too quick
  38. >Yo get up to the room an lock yourself in
  39. >It's pretty sparse, just a bed, a lamp, and a small dresser
  40. >There's a small side room with a toilet and shower. At lest you won't have to leave the room tonight
  41. >You feel a buzz in your pocket, a message on your phone
  42. >You take it out to look. It's one of your friends
  43. >*Sorry about tonight. What's happening?*
  44. >*I'm stuck at the bar thanks to you jackasses!*
  45. >*Why?*
  46. >* I went out for a drink and forgot that it was a full moon tonight. It was either stay here or get raped in a bush on the way home!*
  47. >*How are you staying there?*
  48. >*The bartender lent me a spare room for the night.*
  49. >*You mean that Oni with the big ass who's always flirting with you? Dude, she's gonna destroy you.*
  51. >*Whatever, man. Good luck tonight. Try to not get your pelvis turned to powder.*
  52. >*Yeah, thanks for nothing.*
  53. >You lay out on the bed, just staring at the ceiling
  54. >There's no TV or radio, and your phone's too ow on power to risk using
  55. >You lose tack of time after a while. How long had you been up here?
  56. >Suddenly, there's a knock at the door
  57. >'You in there, darlin'?'
  58. >It's the bartender. Guess it must be later than you thought
  59. >'Yeah. I'm, uhh, just getting ready for the night.'
  60. >'Mind if I join you?'
  61. >Your heart drops into the pit of your stomach. You could pretty much kiss your hips good-bye
  62. >'It's not like that, hun. I'm just in no shape to be going home.'
  63. >How would you know if she was telling the truth?
  64. >'Ya know, I do have a spare key for this room. I could come in if I want to.'
  65. >Fuck
  66. >You walk over to the door and open it for her
  67. >She's standing in the doorway, her work shirt replaced by a very form-fitting beater
  68. >You notice the bottle in her hand & an even redder hue in her cheeks
  69. >She cracks a small smile. 'Nice to know you can trust me a bit.'
  70. >She saunters over to the bed and lays out on it
  71. >You take a tentative seat at the foot of the bed. 'So how does an Oni manage to get drunk enough to not be able to function?'
  72. >She laughs a little. 'I ain't that far gone. But it's better to play it safe, 'specially on a night like tonight.'
  73. >'Why is that?'
  74. >'Cops get extra jumpy when a full moon comes around. On edge on account of all the rapes that go on. Rather not test them, even if I'm barely tipsy.'
  75. >You shift a little awkwardly when she mentions rape, something she picks up on
  76. >'Shoot, you ain't got nothing to worry about, darlin'. I'm enough of a woman to stay in control.'
  77. >You feel somewhat reassured by that
  78. >'That said, I could use a little help. And seein' as you owe me for the room...'
  79. >She shifts off the bed and onto the floor
  80. >'My neck and back are horribly sore after work. Mind giving me a hand?'
  81. >That wasn't quite you were expecting
  82. >You slide over on the bed to sit behind her
  83. >Even sitting on the floor, head is nearly level with you
  84. >'It gets really bad round my neck, if you don't mind.'
  85. >You press your fingers into her ruby flesh & begin to work the muscles
  86. >Even with a life as a bartender, you can still feel the power in her muscles
  87. >She sinks back into your lap as you work her knotted neck, melting at your touch
  88. >'Mmmm. Right there, darlin'.'
  89. >You slowly work your way from her neck over her shoulder, towards the center of her back, and down towards her thighs
  90. >You start to get a little antsy as you near her bottom, afraid of what ideas she might get with your hands down there
  91. >Thankfully, she seems to be feeling a lot better now
  92. >'Thanks for that, hun. It's such a pain dealing with a sore back, 'specially when there's nobody to help you out.'
  93. >'You live alone?' With her age you had always just assumed she was married, or at least dating
  94. >''Fraid so. When you're working to fuel everyone else's good time, you don't get much time for your own.'
  95. >'Sorry. I didn't mean to pry.'
  96. >'Ain't nothing to be sorry for. You asked, nd I told you. 'Sides, ain't like I've just been all alone all these years.'
  97. >She gives you a coy smile before letting out a yawn
  98. >'It's getting late. Probably time to turn in.'
  99. >You look around and realize that there's only one bed. Looks like your sharing
  100. >'Mind if I get a little more comfortable?'
  101. >'Uhhh-'
  102. >She doesn't even wait for your response before throwing her shorts to the foot of the bed, revealing a black thong underneath
  103. >She lays down, patting the bed next to her
  104. >'You gonna join me, hun?'
  105. >Your mind is racing as you lay there in the dark
  106. >She had insisted that you be comfortable too, so you begrudgingly ditched your jeans
  107. >You were now the little spoon to the bartender, a firm arm around your chest
  108. >When was it going to happen, you kept asking yourself
  109. >All these years of her playing nice with you, had they all just been a ploy to get you into this position
  110. >'You alright, darlin'?'
  111. >You turn over slightly to see that she's still awake
  112. >'I'm fine. Just having a hard time falling asleep'
  113. >'That's a load of crap, and you know it.'
  114. >'What?'
  115. >'I can hear your heart pounding like it's about to leap out of your chest.'
  116. >'I-It's nothing.'
  117. >'You still worried I'm gonna pin you to the bed by your waist?'
  118. >'I never said that...'
  119. >She turns you over to face her. Even in the dim light, you can tell her expression is surprisingly calm
  120. >'This ain't my first time round the block, darlin'. I know these things.'
  121. >You sigh a little bit, ashamed that you tried to hide it from her. 'Yeah, I guess I'm a little nervous.'
  122. >A strong hand caresses your face. 'Now was that so hard?'
  123. >'No. But why aren't you trying to? How come you aren't affected by the moon?'
  124. >'Who said I wasn't?'
  125. >'Huh?'
  126. >'I'm a hot-blooded monster, just like any other. Shoot, if I was back home I'd probably be going to work on myself something fierce.'
  127. >'Then why-'
  128. >'Simple decencey. You must be able to tell by now that I care about you. I saw someone who needed help, so I helped them. And just because I put myself in this awkward spot don't mean I'd let my cruder desires get the better of me.'
  129. >You can feel your cheeks burning a bit. She had been the kindest woman ever for as long as you'd known her, and yet you doubted her
  130. >'I'm sorry, and you're right. I should have trusted-'
  131. >She silences you with a quick kiss
  132. >'You gotta stop apologizing so much, hun.'
  133. >She gives you another kiss, one that you let linger for a little while
  134. >'H-hey, I thought-'
  135. >'I said I'd keep myself in check. Doesn't mean I won't try to convince you.'
  136. >'But if you don't want to, I'll roll back over right now and leave you be.'
  137. >Your heart is racing again, but now for an entirely different reason
  138. >This woman, who by every right could have ridden you through the floorboards tonight, was offering to sleep with you
  139. >'Well... I mean, since you asked so nicely. And I guess I owe you for the drink from before.'
  140. >She pulls you in close and kisses you one more time before whispering into your ear
  141. >'Thanks, hun. I'll try to be gentle.'
  142. >She rolls over you and pulls you into a sitting position on the bed
  143. >Your boxers are quickly around your ankles
  144. >Her powerful hand caresses your loins, and you're quickly flying at full mast
  145. >Her hands are experienced from years of bar work, applying just the right amount of pressure as she strokes your shaft
  146. >As her hand pumps you, her head begins to dip over your crotch
  147. >You feel her tongue flicking over the head, teasing you as she works you over
  148. >Eventually, her hand gives way, and you feel her mouth around your cock
  149. >Inch by inch she take more of you into her mouth until she has swallowed you completely
  150. >Her head begins to bob up and down, eagerly slurping at you
  151. >Her lips drag the skin, her tongue running along the underside as she goes
  152. >Now and then she stops at the head, teasing the tip and sending shivers down your spine
  153. >After a while it becomes too much and you feel your limit approaching
  154. >Without thinking, you grab her by the horn and begin to pump into her mouth
  155. >Faster and faster you go, almost gagging her on your cock
  156. >Finally you can't take anymore and you thrust to the back of her mouth
  157. >Jet after jet of semen spurts forth, milked from your balls by her vigorous work
  158. >She holds you in her mouth as you fall back, swallowing each load as it comes
  159. >You lay there for a moment, slowly going limp in her mouth before she finally releases you
  160. >'Guess you've been saving up for some time, huh?'
  161. >You don't even have a chance to reply before she's already back on you, stroking your flaccid member
  162. >Your nerves are still on edge from cumming so even just the slightest touch is electrifying
  163. >Her mouth come closed around you again, and you almost black out from the sensation
  164. >'I thought... You were going to be... gentle?'
  165. >She releases you for a brief second to reply
  166. >'Trust me, hun. If I were trying, these walls wouldn't be here right now.'
  167. >She sucks at you a few more times. 'Besides, now it's your turn to help me feel good.'
  168. >She continues to suck at your cock as it slowly starts to swell in her mouth again
  169. >Once you've recovered, she releases your throbbing member, letting the cool air burn against its seething flesh
  170. >She craws back up onto the bed with you, straddling your hips
  171. >In the dim light from the window, you watch her pull off her beater, freeing her breasts
  172. >While her ass may have gotten the lion's share of development, her tits were by no means small
  173. >'Ready to go, darlin'?'
  174. >She rises up a bit and pulls her thong aside, revealing the glistening folds beneath
  175. >She takes your cock in her hand, positioning the tip just inside her
  176. >She lowers he hips into yours, moaning slightly as you fill her up
  177. >Finally, you bottom out in her, her impressive frame looming over you
  178. >Slowly, her hips rise up from yours, the lace of her thong dragging along your shaft
  179. >And in one swift motion, they crash back to meet yours, sending ripples through her meaty ass and thighs
  180. >Again she rises up, and again she comes back just as fast, over and over, slowly building momentum
  181. >Her tits are now swinging around to the rhythm of her riding, almost hypnotic in their movements
  182. >She leans back to brace herself a bit. In the light from the window, you have a perfect view of your cock as it disappears into her
  183. >You reach up and take a hold of her generous butt, kneading the flesh in your hands
  184. >You use her ass as leverage to start your own thrusting, matching the tempo to hers
  185. >The sound of flesh slapping together fills the room, and is soon joined by moans of pleasure from the Oni
  186. >The dance of flesh reaches it zenith, and you can' hold back any more
  187. >'I'm gonna cum...'
  188. >'It's alright, darlin'. Give me everything you have.
  189. >You pull her ass into your thighs & bury yourself as deeply in her pussy a possible
  190. >Your second orgasm shoots through and you as your cock erupts once more, coating her walls in cum
  191. >For a moment you both sit there, still joined together, breathing heavily
  192. >The Oni falls down on top of you, nearly burying your face in her chest
  193. >You wrap your arms around each other, catching your breath
  194. >Your mouth slowly roams across her chest, teasing at her breasts
  195. >She lets out a small laugh
  196. >'Still rarin' to go, it seems. Think you got one more in you?'
  197. >Her hand lazily traces a path down to your cock as you continue to fondle her chest
  198. >She begins to pump your semi-soft member, urging him to rigidity one more time
  199. >As she does, you massage her tits in your hands, suckling at her nipples
  200. >She squirms at your touch as she continues to stroke you, trying to maintain her composure
  201. >Finally, you are hard once more, and she pulls away from you
  202. >She turns around on the bed, pulling down her panties & presenting that gorgeous ass to you
  203. >Her cheeks and thighs are slathered in her secretions, shining faintly in the light
  204. >A bit of cum is oozing from her pussy
  205. >'C'mon, darlin'. You've gotten yours, now I need mine.'
  206. >You clamber up into position behind her
  207. >You tease yourself around the edges of her pussy, poking and prodding, but never penetrating
  208. >'Don't get me anymore riled up than I already am, I'm gonna lose myself here.'
  209. >You give the Oni what she wants, lining up and thrusting deep into her hungry pussy
  210. >Despite being slick with lubrication, her walls still grip you as you pull back out
  211. >With each thrust, you send ripples over her bountiful butt
  212. >The pillowy softness of her ass is almost unreal
  213. >It feels like your going to melt each time you pound into it, spurring you to go even harder
  214. >You give her ass a firm spank, sending it jiggling even more and drawing a small yelp from her
  215. >'Mmmmm. Again.'
  216. >She certainly seems to bee enjoying it, and you are all to happy to oblige
  217. >You give each cheek the proper attention as you continue to plow into her
  218. >By the time your done, you can feel a slight heat rising from her cheeks
  219. >'That's it. I'm ah..Ahh, AHHHHHN~'
  220. >A gush of fluid splashes your crotch as she finally reaches her orgasm, & her pussy constricts around you
  221. >The sudden tightness is too much, and you can feel you end coming
  222. >You lean into her back, gripping her tight as you thrust for all you're worth
  223. >Her cries of pleasure seem to echo in the room, and finally you can't take any more
  224. >You hilt yourself in her one last time, pushing into her womb as your balls contract
  225. >Cum flows from your turgid cock once more, finally emptying you as her insides are painted white
  226. >The two of you finally collapse onto the bed, completely spent
  227. >She shifts underneath you, turning to embrace you
  228. >You hold each other close, basking in the afterglow of your escapades
  229. >'That was wonderful, darlin'. Thank you.'
  230. >She gives you a peck on the cheek, which you happily reciprocate
  231. >The two of you finally fall asleep in each others arms, perfectly content
  232. >It's nearly noon by the time you two wake up the next day
  233. >You strip the bed and shower together, helping clean the reek of sex from each other
  234. >As you towel off, she looks at her watch
  235. >'Ahh, shoot. My shift starts in an hour. Guess I'm spending the whole day here.'
  236. >You apologize for having made her sleep at work, but she just smiles at you
  237. >'Ain't the first time I've slept here, won't be the last time.'
  238. >She pulls a clean uniform out of the little dresser. 'Just in case.'
  239. >She throws it on and gets ready to leave, but turns back to you
  240. >'You might want to slip out the back. Wouldn't want to start any rumors just yet.'
  241. >'Maybe I'll come by again tonight.'
  242. >'And I'll have the usual waiting for ya.'
  243. >'Does it come with another night like that?'
  244. >She laughs a little. 'Have a little restraint. I have to go home sometime.'
  245. >You laugh a little as you pull on your clothes
  246. >You feel something in your pocket and dig it out. It's the key
  247. >'Hey you forgot to take this back.'
  248. >'Keep it. Never know when you may need to spend the night.'
  249. >And with a wink she heads out the door
  250. >END
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