[SUMMARY] Accel World - Volume 12 - Ending Battle

Aug 14th, 2012
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  1. Just after Haru and KYH leave the school after their coversation about the white king, KYH mentions there's one more thing she needs to tell him. However, before she can speak, Haru, who had accidently put his battle royale setting into accept mode, gets challenged by someone. KYH goes into spectator mode, and tells him to be careful about a potential IS kit user.
  3. Haru hears the roar of a motor, and immediatly recognizes it for Ash Roller. However, when they speak, they both say they weren't the one to start the duel. It's then that they hear the noise of another avatar approaching, breaking everything in it's path, going straight towards them. It's Wolfram, obviously.
  5. Wolfram says he is the one who started the duel, and that he needs to battle SC within the day, but refuses to explain why. Ash Roller doesn't like them having a conversation and ignoring him, so attacks Wolfram before Haru can explain his power. Wolfram simply flips his bike, and Ash ends up stuck under it.
  7. Crow and Wolfram begin fighting. Haru tries to use the same technique as before and use throws to bypass his physical damage nullifying power, but because they are in an ice stage the ground is covered with snow, and the impact doesn't stop Wolfram long enough. He grabs Crow and beggins crushing him in a pinning technique, holding him in such a way that he can't use his wings. They have a quick coversation in which Wolfram explains that he has to beat Crow, otherwise his personality, whose only purpose it to gain points, will disappear. Haru, thinking he's being metaphorical, tells him that there are more important things than winning, and promisses to beat him right now and prove it. Wolfram says he has studied Haru's avatar and know he has no way to fight back in this situation. Haru then tells him that there's one technique he certainly doesn't know about.
  9. Haru proceeds to use his headbutt special on Wolfram. The headbutt's damage is part physical and part energy, and only the energy part costs Wolfram 60% of his energy, and forces him to release Haru, who, not missing the chance, grabs and drags him to a high altitude, essentialy checkmating him.
  11. Haru gives him an aniki speach about how it's the players, not the game, who decides the value of winning, and tells him there are still many things Wofram doesn't know about the AW. Just as he's about to tell him to "stick with me", somebody shoots a laser through his wing, droping them.
  13. It's Argon Array, level 8. Wolfram is shocked by her interference, and she tells him she's helping because if he lost, the 3rd personality might wake up. She tells him to just win and not worry about anything else. At that moment, an irate Ash Roller tries to attack her, but she leaves him at the brink of death with a single attack. Wolfram tries to protect Haru, but she quickly neutralizes him. Just as she's about to deal him the death blow...
  15. ...a fifth avatar appears, and attacks her with what looks like ice darts. The female avatar is completely covered with water, with bits of ice circulating in the surface do to the ice stage, and reminds Haru of the sound of running water. She calls out to Argon Array, telling he that she is the one who will lose a lot of points, being defeated by a level 1.
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