The Writer Won't Let Me Scream

Nov 16th, 2016
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  1. >"Come on, Anon! If we don't hurry the Cake's are going to run out of donuts!"
  2. >Your name wasn't Anon
  3. >...Or was it?
  4. >You remember a thousand different names
  5. >Michael, Mark, Antaeus, John, Incognito, Anny, Bob, Matthew, REDACTED, and Anon to name a few
  6. >Anon...
  7. >AnonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonALWAYSanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanon
  8. "I'm coming, Twi! And you don't need to run, you silly horse! They'll have plenty of donuts when we get there."
  9. >Your friend, Twilight Sparkle, looked back at you and playfully rolled her eyes
  10. >Wait
  11. >Twilight wasn't your friend
  12. >She banished you from Ponyville
  13. >She ran her horn through your chest
  14. >She starved you, killed you, tortured you in ways too horrible to describe
  15. >You could still feel the pain
  16. >The ripping, the cutting, the drugs
  17. >The screaming, the begging, the crying, losing control of your bowls as pain overtook you
  18. >You hated her
  19. >You KILLED her
  20. >...
  21. >W a i t
  22. >That isn't right either
  23. >Twilight was your best friend
  24. >You remember her finding you in the middle of Applejacks farm, your arm broken
  25. >And in the middle of the forest, your arm torn to bits by a manticore
  26. >You remember her summoning you to this place
  28. >You remember growing up with her, son of Princess Celestia herself
  29. >You remember taking her when your wife Celestia was away on business
  30. >She's your wife
  31. >You've had children with her
  32. >W a i t
  33. >Why did she have wings?
  34. >She was a unicorn!
  35. >Or was she a human?
  36. >You also remembered a cute girl in a shirt and glasses
  37. >Twilight smiled as you screamed in your own mind
  38. >"Oh, you just don't want to pick up the pace, you silly stallion."
  39. >You tried to scream, tried to stop your casual walk to hold your head to try to take away from of the PaIn, but you couldn't
  40. >But you couldn't
  41. >You just smiled back at her
  42. "Well, if m'lady is in such a hurry than she can carry me if she so wishes," you heard yourself saying
  43. >You didn't say that
  44. >You didn't want to say that
  45. >You wanted to scream
  46. >Beg for help
  47. >Beg for all of these visions, all of these stories, to end
  48. >Anon is not your name
  49. >You're not Anon, you have a NAME
  50. >...
  51. >WHAT IS YOUR NAME?!?!
  52. >Twilight blushed as you heard yourself chuckle
  53. >"Anon, I wouldn't be so loud when you're saying stuff like that," she muttered, shyly kicking at the dirt. "If other ponies heard you they'd start talking, and I don't want them to call you a slut..."
  54. >You could taste bile in the back of your throat
  55. >At the other end of the street, you could see Bonbon walking side by side with Lyra
  57. >You remembered being married to Bonbon
  58. >You hadn't had a name then
  59. >It was never said
  60. >Never written
  61. >You remember her trying to get you to touch her butt
  62. >The two of you had children
  63. >Wonderful, bright-eyed children that had their mother's eyes and their old man's grin
  64. >Two little girls, with a little boy on the way
  65. >You hated her
  66. >The agent that had taken you to that prison of white nothingness
  67. >You remembered the interrogation
  68. >What are you?
  69. >Where are you from?
  70. >Are there others like you?
  71. >What business do you have in this land?
  72. >What are your secrets?
  73. >You've raped her
  74. >Held her down while her friends and loved ones watched and cried and took her
  75. >You've raped her a thousand times in a thousand different ways
  76. >Your stomach turns as you remembered all that she did to you, to ALL of you
  77. >Everything
  78. >Rape, torture, love, marriage
  79. >You recall Lyra cutting off your hands and eating them
  80. >You also remember kissing her under an oak tree
  81. >Her lips tasted like the wine that the two of you had drank, but far, far sweeter
  82. >Her marehood had spasmed as you thrusted into her
  83. >She also mocked you
  84. >Cheated on you
  85. >Hurt you
  86. >Both of them did
  87. "Aw, come on, Twiggles. It's just a bit of fun! You know that I don't mean anything by it!"
  89. >There was something wrong with your voice
  90. >It was... different from Twilight's somehow
  91. >Wrong
  92. >You could feel a pressure behind your eyes with each syllable spoken
  93. >Who were you?
  94. >What was your name?
  96. >AnonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonALWAYSanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanon
  97. >"Howdy, Anon, Twilight."
  98. >"Good morning darlings."
  99. >Both you and Twilight looked to your left
  100. >Rarity and Applejack were making their way toward you, smiles on their faces
  101. >Rarity, the mare that woke up in your bed and stayed there until you were married
  102. >Applejack, your master who had branded her cutiemark onto your thigh and gelded you
  103. >A thousand stories flashed through your mind's eye as you looked at them
  104. >Heaven
  105. >Hell
  106. >Pain
  107. >Pleasure
  108. >You've witnessed Rarity slicing her sister's throat
  109. >You've done things to the cutiemark crusaders that would make a serial killer pale
  110. >W a i t
  111. >Did she have her cutiemark, or was she still a blank flank?
  112. >How old was she?
  113. >Did Equestria beat back Sombra's army?
  116. "Mornin' Applejack, mornin' Rarity," you heard yourself chirp as they stopped in front of you
  118. >Applejack tipped her hat at you
  119. >"So whatcha two doin' in town?" she asked. "I thought the two of ya were back at the castle working on somethin' important."
  120. >Castle?
  121. >No, no, no; that wasn't right
  122. >Twilight lived in a treehouse
  123. >No; she lived in the Everfree
  124. >You had helped her rebuild the Sister's old castle yourself
  125. >No; she lived in a nice little two story house three blocks down from Canterlot High
  126. >You walked with her to school every day
  127. >The kids driving by on the buses would always push down the windows and yell at you as they passed
  128. >You were taller then
  129. >Or maybe short?
  130. >Fatter maybe?
  131. >Was your name even Anon then?
  132. >Your head felt so full
  133. >It hurt
  134. >Everything hurt
  136. >There was something wrong with the way that they spoke
  137. >Why was it so different from yours?
  138. >Why did you remember everything?
  139. >The thousands, the millions of stores?
  140. The millions of stories?!
  143. >"Anon decided that the two of us needed some fresh air," Twilight explained as you stood there frozen, rolling her eyes as she did so. "So we both decided to go and get some donuts!"
  144. >Claw your eyes out
  146. >If you clawed your eyes out maybe that would take away the visions
  147. >If you kept going maybe you could claw at your brain
  148. "No, YOU wanted to go and get donuts," your voice teased. "Unlike SOMEONE, whose alicorn biology lets them eat anything that they want, some of us have to watch their figure."
  149. >Figure?
  150. >Why would you need to watch that?
  151. >You were an alicorn yourself
  152. >You were the brother, the protector of Celestia and Lulu
  153. >W a i t
  154. >No you weren't that
  155. >You were a diamond dog
  156. >No, a gryphon
  157. >No, a human
  158. >You were a human with a mask
  159. >A human without eyes or a mouth
  160. >A human with blue eyes and a smile that would win a princess's heart
  161. >WHOWEREYOU?!
  163. >Rarity made a face as you tasted blood at the back of your throat
  164. >"Oh, don't be like that, Anon. I'm positive that you'd look absolutely lovely no matter how many donuts you take," she said, raising her sewing needles to stab out your--
  165. >"Yeah! There ain't nothin' wrong with a bit 'o fat on a colt!" Applejack said, her eyes dancing as she bumped your side with her rump
  166. >Dagy wouldn't like that
  167. >She and the other girls don't like any other women touching you
  168. >Sunset was a bit different, for some reason or another, but--
  169. "Aw, thanks girls," you heard yourself say as a blushed forced its way into your face. "You really know how to make a guy blush..."
  170. >Hit one of them
  172. >Scream
  173. >Go over and bash your brains out again that building over there
  174. >Pick up Rarity, pick up Twilight, pick up Applejack
  175. >Pet them
  176. >Strangle them
  177. >Move your hand
  178. >Do something
  179. >Don't just sit there and smile
  180. >I can't just sit there and smile
  181. >I'm not Anon
  182. >That's not my name
  183. >>AnonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonanonALWAYSanonanon
  184. >The others girls chuckled along with you as your hands shook
  185. >"If you girls want to come with us I'll buy," Twilight offered, shaking a small bag of bits at them
  186. >Applejack and Rarity exchanged glances before nodding
  187. >"I could go for something to nibble on," Rarity admitted
  188. >"I could eat a donut," Applejack told the unicor-- alico--gir--
  189. >"Alright then!" Twilight chirped with a happy little hop. "Lets hurry up then! I wanna get there before the morning rush!"
  190. >You could feel your body moving as they began to make their way down to SugarCube Corner
  191. >Your hands shook as you struggled
  192. >You could feel wires on your hands and feet
  193. >They were in your mouth, in your ears
  194. >You could feel the hot pain of metal in your brain
  195. >You had to get them out
  196. >You had to stop
  197. >Do something
  199. >Blood began to mix with the bile as you forced yourself to slow down
  200. >You could feel a pressure on the back of your neck
  201. >It felt like a mountain, trying to push you forward
  202. >Unrelenting, unstoppable, uncompromising
  203. >You forced your mouth to work
  204. >You bite down on your tongue
  205. >Blood began to fill your mouth
  208. "Twilight?"
  209. >The girls stopped, turning around to see your ramrod stiff body
  210. >"What are you doing you silly colt?" Twilight asked. "If we don't hurry up we'll..."
  211. >The smile on her face disappeared when she saw the blood pouring from the corners of your mouth
  212. >I hadn't quite butten through my tongue, but I couldn't
  213. >Not yet
  214. >I needed say something
  215. >Like how they did
  216. "T-Twilight...."
  217. >In a flash Twilight and the other girls were by your side
  218. >Twilight had her hooves on your body
  219. >She was trying to tug you down so you could look at her
  220. >You--I could feel my body trying to respond to her touch
  221. >It wanted to bend down
  222. >To go along with the story
  223. >Just as it had a thousand times in its thousand forms
  224. >"Anon? What's wrong? Why are you bleeding?!"
  225. >"Partner? What's wrong? Do ya need some help?"
  226. >"Anonymous, dear, you're bleeding! Sit down and let us have a look at you!"
  227. >You dug your fingernails into the palm of my hand, drawing blood
  228. >Say something
  231. Say. Something.
  234. "T-Tw..."
  235. >I gritted my teeth
  236. >You needed to try harder
  237. >Push more
  238. "I-Ili..."
  239. >Almost there...
  240. >You're almost there...
  241. >I'm almost there
  242. >Thousandth times the charm
  243. "T-T-Twili..."
  244. >The air shimmers
  245. >In the back of your mind, you heard something snap
  246. >"Twilight."
  250. ̶̡̰͍ͣ̆ͫd̳͉̦̪͇̓́͌͌͌̂ͦ̓̑͢͠e̵͉̗̲ͯ͡͡b̘̭̍ͤ͆̄͂͝ ̸̹̙͈͓̰̖̦͗̋͊̍̀̎ͧo̶͓̦͇͇̱͇̍̓͐́ͩ̾̈ͤ͆̕ẗ͔̘̼̟̲̞́ͤ̈ͭ̄ ̣̯͕̣̹̗̠̽̑͋̆͂̚͟g̴̡̭̑ͮ̍ͦ̊ͧo̸̝̙͙̽ͪ͌͟
  251. ̦̊̀ͬ͜
  255. >"Come on, Anon! If we don't hurry the Cake's are going to run out--!... Anon? What’s wrong? Why are you crying?”
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