puchiedarcy Apr 12th, 2016 90 Never
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  1. dark souls 3 after 8 hours and up to 3rd boss
  4. +char movement is great. very quick, responsive, feels good.
  5. +2 of 3 bosses have been pretty sick; liking the emphasis on "phases"/enrages
  6. +level design is top freaking notch. lots of paths, easy to get temporarily lost, but still see something familiar. talon and I took completely different routes in one larger zone.
  7. +reused enemies and npcs; gives familiarity to the series, like a FF
  8. +easy to build sim city home; npcs are pretty explicit with their function
  9. +no problems with enemy placement. Nothing unfair
  11. -weapon skills aren't gamechangers (could change tho if I find really good ones)
  12. -upgrading is more expensive takes, 2 shard per level (+1 is 2, +2 is 4 more, +3 is 6 more)
  13. -performance literally halts for a second when loading a new zone or on some loots, but mostly for me its 60fps medium no problem.
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