Nov 27th, 2014
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  4. >You hear a groan coming from the living room.
  5. >”Anon.” You hear Rainbows straining voice.
  6. >You quickly walk into the room and look down to your very pregnant waifu.
  7. >You take a seat on the edge of the couch next to her as you rest your hand on her stomach.
  8. “How you holding up?” You ask in concern
  9. >She winces some. ”This little thing is kicking up a storm.”
  10. >You feel yourself smile as you move your hand around to feel. She’s right, you can feel the kicks coming through.
  11. “Takes after momma.” you say with a grin.
  12. >She norts. “You try and laugh while a little monster is playing soccer with your insides.”
  13. “What can I do to help?” You ask eager to please your love.
  14. >”Can you rub that stuff on me again?”
  15. >You smile at that.
  16. “Of course.”
  17. >You get up and walk to your room. You get the coconut oil Fluttershy gave you. You walk back and take your seat on the edge again.
  18. >”H-Help me roll over.” Rainbow says with a pant.
  19. >You work your hands under her back as you slowly roll her onto her back. Rainbow lets out a sigh of content as being in a better position.
  20. >You pop the lid off the oil and place an even layer on your hands just before you lay them onto your wifes large tummy.
  21. >You feel that familiar smile grow on your lips as you continue to gently rub the oil into her coat. To think that’s your baby in there.
  22. >You’re going to take care of her no matter what.
  24. >”Thank you, Anon.” Rainbow says with a sigh of content.
  25. “No need to thank me.” You continue to rub her. “I still can’t believe we’re going to have a baby.”
  26. >She chuckles a bit. “Me neither. I thought we couldn't make a foal.”
  27. >You nod your head.
  28. “Same thing. Guess it’s the magic or something.”
  29. >”Have you thought of any names yet?”
  30. >You shake your head.
  31. “I wasn't sure. I kinda thought we could name her when we see her.”
  32. >Rainbow gives a nod. “I had the same idea.”
  33. >You feel another kick as you continue to rub.
  34. “She’s really active today.” You say offhandedly.
  35. >Rainbow winces.
  36. >”Tell me about it. I’m starting to get cramps again.”
  37. “Wanna walk around a bit?”
  38. >She nods. “Yeah.”
  39. >You give a nod as you set the oil down and wipe your hands off on your pants.
  40. >You help Rainbow off the couch, making sure she doesn’t bump her stomach.
  42. >”Oh, that feels better.” Rainbow says with a sigh as she shakily stands on her hooves.
  43. “Come on, Babe.”
  44. >You stand by Rainbow as she wobbles around a bit. It’s actually kinda cute on all its own to watch her walking with two large bulges at each of her sides.
  46. >“Ugh, I feel so fat.” Rainbow mentions.
  47. “You’re not fat, Rainbow. You’re just very, very preggers.”
  48. >”Oh horsefeathers.. I think she’s pushing on my bladder.” Rainbow says crossing her legs some.
  49. “Can you make it to the bathroom?” You ask.
  50. >She nods. “Yeah, b-but I need help.”
  51. >You give a quick nod as you help Rainbow up the stairs and towards the bathroom. Each wobbled step she takes she winces some.
  52. >You open the door for her and lead her in.
  53. >Rainbows face is totally red as she walks up to the toilet and turns around.
  54. >”I can’t believe I can't even do this by myself.” She mutters.
  55. >You chuckle some, not being bothered by it.
  56. “We’ve done worse.” You joke.
  57. >You help her lower herself onto the toilet. You can hear the steady stream that leaves her.
  58. >The first few months she was managing well on her own. Now that she is approaching her due date. She is less capable at some things.
  59. >You help her because you love her. Sure it was embarrassing the first few times, but your love for her and that baby is enough to help you push forward.
  60. >Once you hear that she is done, you help push her back onto all fours. You take some toilet paper into hand and move to her flank.
  61. >She slightly raises her tail to give you better access.
  62. >You gently wipe her marehood clean. You wouldn't want a mess.
  63. “All done!” You say.
  65. >”I hate being this helpless.” Rainbow says.
  66. >You walk in front of her with a smile.
  67. “Come on, you don't like me taking care of you?”
  68. >She gives a small smile at that.
  69. >”Alright, it has its perks. I still would like to use the bathroom on my own though.”
  70. >You chuckle.
  71. “Well, you won't hear me complain about that one.”
  72. >Rainbow lets out a sigh.
  73. >“Whew.. That really took a lot out of me. I think I want to head back to bed.”
  74. >You nod.
  75. “Let’s go, Dashie. I’ll get dinner started.”
  76. >She smiles at you as you help her out of the bathroom and into your room.
  77. >To think that only half a year ago Rainbow Dash told you that she was pregnant. Now you’re taking care of her in wait for the little foal that is inside of her. You will admit that you are still scared out of your mind at the idea of taking care of another creature. However, as the days go on, you feel that feeling die out. You can do this, because you love Rainbow and your child.
  80. /END
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