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  1. LA-MULANA - It's been a trip so far. I'm very anxious to finish, so here's the plan:
  3. Next Thursday (June 29th) will be a standard La-Mulana stream. Then on Friday (30th) and Saturday (1st, if necessary (probably)), I'm just going to power through as much time as I need to, to finish the game. Anyone in the 'hint-giver' circle will be asked to be 'on-deck' to help me get what I need (guaranteed I will need something). Going to re-tool the hintcentives list a little bit to accommodate, but mostly will stay the same.
  5. The motivation is that I don't want to be playing this post-SGDQ. It's been such a fun ride but it's been multiple months and I'm ready to move on to focusing on speedrunning exclusively for awhile if I'm playing games. I'm not going to SGDQ until the last weekend, so next Friday & Saturday will be good 'post-up and crank it out' days. Aware that a bunch of people will be traveling, but it's either this or I wait like 2-3 weeks to finish, and that's not happening.
  7. Per very popular request, "~THE ROAST~" will occur likely the weekend after SGDQ. The agenda for that final stream will be a clip reel highlight review, ~THE ROAST~ (and any extra fulfillment of hintcentives), then a full group watch of the current fastest speedrun of La-Mulana.
  9. Also please support the manly usedpizza (aka "Royal with Cheese") this weekend :ok_hand:
  11. - TONIC
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