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Zef's CT Pack v5.0 Changelog

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Jun 28th, 2018
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  1. *Replace all Nintendo tracks
  3. *Add Sunset Forest over Luigi Circuit
  4. *Add N64 Moo Moo Farm over Moo Moo Meadows
  5. *Add Heaven & Hell over Mushroom Gorge
  6. *Add F-Zero Big Blue over Toad's Factory
  7. *Add Sniki's Loop over Mario Circuit
  8. *Add Cycling Road over Coconut Mall
  9. *Add Icy Surroundings over DK's Snowboard Cross
  10. *Add Underground Mine over Wario's Gold Mine
  11. *Add Evening Harbor over Daisy Circuit
  12. *Add Refresh Road over Koopa Cape
  13. *Add Anthro Valley over Maple Treeway
  14. *Add Dragon Burying Grounds over Grumble Volcano
  15. *Add GCN Dry Dry Desert over Dry Dry Ruins
  16. *Add Retro Roadway over Moonview Highway
  17. *Add WiiU Bowser's Castle over Bowser's Castle
  18. *Add Rainbow Float Land over Rainbow Road
  19. *Add Blue Sky Beach over GCN Peach Beach
  20. *Add DKR Ancient Lake over DS Yoshi Falls
  21. *Add Spooky Swamp over SNES Ghost Valley 2
  22. *Add Riverside Circuit over N64 Mario Raceway
  23. *Add GCN Sherbet Land over N64 Sherbet Land
  24. *Add Shy Guy Archipelago over GBA Shy Guy Beach
  25. *Add Delfino Park over DS Delfino Square
  26. *Add GCN Wario Collosseum over GCN Waluigi Stadium
  27. *Add Yoshi Pyramid over DS Desert Hills
  28. *Add Fantasy Town over GBA Bowser Castle 3
  29. *Add Jungle Safari over N64 DK's Jungle Parkway
  30. *Add Sunset Pass over GCN Mario Circuit
  31. *Add SMO RC Car Circuit over SNES Mario Circuit 3
  32. *Add PMWR Cloud Garden over DS Peach Gardens
  33. *Add Lonely Island over GCN DK Mountain
  34. *Add Bowser's Lava Lair over N64 Bowser's Castle
  35. *Add Big Nature City over Riverview Square
  36. *Add Cliffside Court over Retro Raceway
  37. *Add Cyber Spaceway over SADX Twinkle Circuit
  38. *Add Dawn Township over Colour Wonderland
  39. *Add Emotion Journey over Dreamworld Cloudway
  40. *Add Evening Creek over Troy Circuit
  41. *Add Kartwood Creek over Stunt Circuit
  42. *Add Lava Rocks over BassBasher City
  43. *Add Rainbow Galaxy over Area 28
  44. *Add SMG Star Festival over Grassland Lake
  45. *Add Sunset Circuit over Mushroom Park
  46. *Add Water Circuit over Ocean Circuit
  47. *Update Acid Factory to newest version
  48. *Update DS Airship Fortress to Sniki's version
  49. *Update Aquadrom Stage to newest version
  50. *Update Autumn Leavesway to newest version
  51. *Update Bayside Boulevard to newest version
  52. *Update Big Express City to newest version
  53. *Update Blood Fire Sky to latest version
  54. *Update Calidae Desert to newest version
  55. *Update Cave Island to newest version
  56. *Update Comet Starway to newest version
  57. *Update Cottonplant Forest to newest version
  58. *Update Dark Matter Shrine to newest version
  59. *Update Desert Fort to newest version
  60. *Update Desktop Dash to newest version
  61. *Update Farm Road to newest version
  62. *Update Festival Town to newest version
  63. *Update Gothic Castle to newest version
  64. *Update Halfmoon Island to newest version
  65. *Update GCN Luigi Circuit to Tock's version
  66. *Update Lunar Spaceway to newest version
  67. *Update 3DS Maka Wuhu to newest version
  68. *Update GBA Mario Circuit to newest version
  69. *Update Misty Ruins to newest version
  70. *Update Muck Stadium to newest version
  71. *Update GCN Mushroom Bridge to Tock's version
  72. *Update 3DS Music Park to newest version
  73. *Update Petite Park to newest version
  74. *Update 3DS Rosalina's Ice World to Ethan and Skipper's version
  75. *Update Sky Beach to latest version
  76. *Update Trainbow Road to newest version
  77. *Update Twin Peaks to newest version
  78. *Update Underground Sky to newest version
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