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  1. Must be confusing speaking english perhaps since the dutch meanings are different.
  2. my aunty always traveled to different countries and would learn the language well
  3. before she went. she knew Portuguese and learnt Spanish and it made it hard to
  4. speak the language somehow as so similar or something.
  6. your accent is interesting, I think I can tell a bit of russian but know so little
  7. about euro accents that I can only guess but russian is one I am familiar with.
  8. ehh would still in future when you are chill about it like to chat sometime on voice.
  9. im twice the brainlet on voice when anxious though..wait you had heard me ahh
  11. do you think he will ever sue you at all?
  12. really surprised to see he is still going on about the bpd stuff with you,
  13. he can be a bit of a brainlet sometimes.
  14. I would always be keen to laugh if you want to show me sometime something he said.
  15. Maybe he goes on about the bpd stuff to you continually even now still as he is coping
  16. for the fact he is to blame at all.
  17. having someone label all your behavior and link it to some disorder you have is really
  18. annoying as if they do not care enough to see your perspective.
  19. "honestly just knowing it will give him satisfaction if id kms is making me wana life"
  20. found this quite funny.
  23. >creationists
  24. They can be interesting and even scientists who know everything in their field that disputes their
  25. beliefs, yet hold a personal contradictory opinion. I have an uncle who is like a scientist and
  26. is like this. as long as peoples opinions do not interfere with other people than it does not matter at all for
  27. example if their profession is medical and they push their weird personal view professionally and endanger people.
  29. Oh my father is basically social conservative like does not like secular thinking at all and is ironically against
  30. breakdown of family unit.
  32. I had read about how russians believe many conspiracies about things such as aids being made by CIA and such,
  33. any personal experience with that?
  34. I was similar with not agreeing with certain things and it usually was in regards to aboriginals anthropogenic global warming etc
  35. Regarding breaking out of bluepill yes sure, it is like you are already detached from being one of the sheep
  36. (ehh dislike that term "sheep" as it can come off as implying superiority)
  37. a lot of people never go further and just take sides with the counter opinion but not keep questioning everything
  38. and forming their own individual world view.
  39. It is not even about being a "non comformist", just applying scrutiny to everything including own views you hold.
  41. "though ive ordered the cheapest coffin on ebay when drunk from ebay"
  42. didn't you change the address so someone else got it? I remember you telling me about this.
  43. Your mother is against cremation?
  44. cremation seems like a good solution TBH as storing bodies in plots is a bit of a waste of space.
  45. If I was super rich being shot into space would be cool though just to think about.
  46. (eek ill try be concise with my reply I know it is hard for you to read long stuff as is)
  48. Think in threads as everything is online and fun cope, something to do.
  49. had you tried to meet with random r9k person for just keks?
  50. you asked randoms to come kill you so makes sense you may have asked
  51. someone for fun.
  53. >soylent green
  54. ehh it was ok but aside from being a meme I do not think it was amazing,
  55. reminds me about watching something sometime, would be fun.
  56. you told me about redrooms before but aren't they a myth?
  58. You can chat to psych tomorrow then, maybe after you get some proper sleep as well.
  59. proper sleep like enough is important.
  60. Please do not take MDMA with SSRI, you could end up like that scrambled bread guy!
  62. Meth just made me feel wide awake but thinking clearly, you get super invested in just
  63. fiddling with stuff for hours.
  64. maybe you could get hard drug contact from a druggy looking guy hanging around cafe? but talking to people ehh
  66. maybe try out the CBD oil, do you just buy the herb and make tea out of it?
  67. I had a tea that was really calming before camomile tea.
  68. might be worth trying why not.
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