Arranged Marriage (Humanized Lyra)

Nov 4th, 2013
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  1. When you were 5, your parents arranged a marriage to a 'very special girl'. You are now 21, and it is the day of your marriage. Lyra is your bride to be.
  3. What do you say to her and/or your parents?
  5. >Amazing how everything can change overnight
  6. >The marriage was an absolute blurr
  7. >You had the ceremony in a hurry
  8. >You wanted to get right to the reception
  9. >You remember the look of hate you gave your Mom when she reminded you what 21 entailed for your life
  10. >You only forgave her when she promised you her wedding gift would be an open bar
  11. >You drank way too much
  12. >So did your new wife
  13. >She was a chatty drunk and you laughed at everything
  14. >Not that you remember a damned thing she said but
  15. >Between the adrenaline and the alcohol
  16. >You both were somehow ok with everything by the end of the night
  17. >You got back to your room, the both of you tearing each other's clothes off in a hurry
  18. >Consummated that marriage three times
  19. >Then you both passed out in a heap
  20. >You were convinced it was a dream
  21. >Till you woke up the next morning with a splitting headache and a strange woman in your arms
  22. >Oh yeah, she's your wife now
  23. >Your stomach has the best reaction to the news of this all being real
  24. >You bolt to the bathroom and slam the door
  25. >After removing an entire nights worth of overpriced food, stress and what may have been your mother's life savings worth of alcohol
  26. >You wash up and stare at yourself in the mirror
  27. >You're married to
  28. >...
  29. >Lisa?
  30. >Fuck
  31. >OK
  32. >Go out there and find something with your names on it
  33. >She's still passed out, you can do this
  34. >Leave the bathroom and look around
  35. >There, on the nightstand, a card
  36. >Just have to open it and get her name
  37. >That'll---
  38. >"Goodmorning, Anon!"
  39. >Ow her voice hurts everywhere
  40. >How is she so perky?
  41. >"Drank too much?"
  42. >You nod and keep heading for the card
  43. >Just need to look at it
  44. >Focus
  45. >"I drank a buncha water between all those shots you kept giving me so I'm alrighty!"
  46. "That's....good"
  47. >"You shoulda listened when I told ya to!"
  48. >God help you she's a know-it-all type
  49. >"Come lay down with me, it's cold in here"
  50. >You pick the card up and turn around
  51. >She's pulling the covers up and waving you over
  52. "Just a minute...."
  53. >You open the card
  54. >It's from the hotel thanking you for your stay and....dammit
  55. >Whatever, toss it and crawl into bed, laying on your back
  56. >She goes into immediate cuddle mode, curling up against you
  57. >"I was going to order breakfast but I don't think you're up for that"
  58. >She giggles
  59. >You nod a little
  60. >"Maybe later when you're feeling better. Can't have my hubby getting sick on our first full day together!"
  61. >She's really into this
  62. >Guess that makes one of you....well one and a half
  63. >Drunk you counts as a half
  64. >Least he made her happy enough
  65. "I'm sorry I don't remember much, I drank a lot"
  66. >"You sure did!"
  67. >She crawls on top of you
  68. >"Youuuuuu hit on every single one of my friends, then my MOM!"
  69. >She laughs and pokes you in the stomach
  70. >Ow, didn't she hear you puking?
  71. >Or maybe this is how you get yelled at
  72. >For the rest of your life
  73. >"BonBon was the angriest, she was ready to kill you. But I told her you were drunk and everything would be aces tomorrow!"
  74. >Uh huh
  75. >Right now everything is pain with a dash of annoyingly cute minty haired girl
  76. >Your wife, by the way, if you forgot
  77. >Like you forgot her name
  78. >There had to be a way to get her to say it
  79. >She's talking enough
  80. "So....what did BonBon say?"
  81. >"Oh ya know, usual BonBon stuff! I didn't have to do this, that you were no good, I could do better, that I looked hungry, that sorta thing. She's my best friend forever but she can be a nag!"
  82. >Thanks for the vote of confidence, BonBon
  83. >You make a note to try not to talk to her for the rest of your life
  84. >They always had one friend like that
  85. >"Oh don't worry about her, she just...well ya know that thing I told you about that we did in college, she didn't quite get over it"
  86. >You have no idea what she told you about college
  87. "Umm...yea, of course. College"
  88. >Building a web of lies already, good job, Anon
  89. >"But it's ok, I knew you'd be a good husband!"
  90. >She takes one of your hands and rubs it between hers
  91. >"You got big strong hands, guys with big strong hands are always the best!"
  92. >Sure whatever you say, crazy chatty wife
  93. >You nod
  94. >"You certainly were last night!"
  95. >She winks and lays back down on you
  96. >That makes you feel a little better
  97. >How much you drank you probably went all night
  98. >"I think I'm gonna get pancakes today! A stack all the way up to the ceiling. You can help me finish them!"
  99. "Sure...yea I'll do that"
  100. >She giggles and squeezes your middle
  101. >God doesn't she understand your stomach is in bad shape?
  102. >She rolls off you, going back to side cuddle mode
  103. >"So we're married. Crazy isn't it? Like today is the first day of the rest of our lives! Aren't you worried?"
  104. >Petrified
  105. "Naw...I mean...we're in this together right? You don't sound worried."
  106. >"Course not! I mean I am a little....."
  107. >Silence
  108. >"Ok a lot. Heh heh!"
  109. >She scratches your chest
  110. >"Anon, we just gotta believe we were meant to be, then we will be!"
  111. >Does she see the entire world in motivational calendar phrases?
  112. >Guess there is some good to that, she's been a ball of energy and smiles the entire time
  113. >While you've been holding down whatever was left in your stomach and trying to remember her name
  114. >Ether way you had to get used to it
  115. >She was your wife
  116. >"Oh yea! Anon, I remembered, you made me promise I'd play for you in the morning!"
  117. >Play?
  118. >Oh god tell me she doesn't have an electric guitar or drums or something
  119. >She crawls off you, still naked as the day she was born
  120. >Nice body, all things considered, first time you can really appreciate it
  121. >Bends over to get a instrument case that is covered with stickers
  122. >Really nice body
  123. >Your worries about what she's going to play are calmed
  124. >She produces what your mind tells you is a tiny harp, but you know its not called that
  125. "What's that?" you ask, figuring she likes to talk and explain stuff anyhow
  126. >"It's my lyre, of course! It's what I do, Anon. Remember, I told you last night! And you were all "Oh Em Gee, play for me in the morning!"
  127. >Doesn't sound like something you'd say but you're happy she's not holding cymbals
  128. >"Hmmmmm, what to play.....I never played naked before...or for my husband!"
  129. >She giggles and blushes
  130. >The giggling makes her breasts jiggle
  131. >They're either really big Bs or small Cs.
  132. >Either way she has your full attention
  133. >Speaking of, something beneath the covers is starting to stir
  134. >Nothing like finding out your forced wife is a hottie
  135. >"OK, I got it! Ready, Anon?"
  136. "You bet"
  137. >Even if this is terrible, the way she's sitting with that lyre is pretty erotic
  138. >Like some kind of classy porn for like rich people
  139. >You sure feel like a million bucks right now
  140. >"OK, here we go..."
  141. >She closes her eyes and begins to strum the strings of the lyre
  142. >The sound of soft, beautiful music fills the room
  143. >You were never a music guy, you liked whatever your friends were listening to
  144. >Which was usually classic rock or some punk crap you only pretended to like
  145. >But never classical, that was for geeks and shit
  146. >So you were shocked at how good the music sounded
  147. >Like a mix between a lullaby and a love song
  148. >You suddenly find yourself not checking out her curves and her boobs
  149. >But actually listening to the melody
  150. >You let your eyes close and lean back in the bed
  151. >The music relaxes you, and you even feel your hangover easing up a bit
  152. >She's really good, and you feel like you've heard that song before
  153. >Can't quite put your finger on where
  154. >Maybe the wedding?
  155. >No she didn't play at the wedding, did she?
  156. >Couldn't have, she was with you most of the night
  157. >"And that's that! I only play that for people who're really special to me"
  158. >You open your eyes
  159. >She's holding her lyre and looking at you
  160. >Waiting
  161. "I loved it"
  162. >You're not even lying, it was incredible
  163. >Her expression goes right back to her happy self
  164. >"Thanks!"
  165. >Her eyes drift and she giggles
  166. >"You must have really enjoyed the show, hmm?"
  167. >She sticks her tongue out and sets the lyre down
  168. >You notice your erection pretty prominently tenting the covers
  169. >"I suppose its my fault, being hot AND good at music"
  170. >You chuckle and motion for her to come over
  171. >She sets her instrument down and nearly jumps on you
  172. >She crawls back under the covers, and back on you, putting her perky little rear on top of your cock
  173. >"Here's the deal, we take care of my 'number one fan', then we get some breakfast, kay?"
  174. >You smile and nod, grabbing her hips
  175. >Her face flushes red when you wrap your fingers around her waist and squeeze
  176. >Interesting....
  177. >You remember her comment before about your hands
  178. >Is that something that turns her on?
  179. >Works for you
  180. >She leans forward and you two start kissing tenderly
  181. >Her hips rocking and grinding back against you
  182. >This could work
  183. >Sure she's a little nutty but...
  184. >She's hot and really all girls talk a lot
  185. >Least she plays something really nice
  186. >You slide one of your hands up her slightly chubby tummy and cup her breast
  187. >She moans into your mouth and the tenderness quickly becomes more passionate
  188. >You roll her onto her back, making a point to grip her a little tighter than normal
  189. >Just as you thought, she breaks the kiss to moan even louder
  190. >"Oh...Anon...god you're strong..."
  191. "'re pretty"
  192. >Fucking hell
  193. >What was her goddamne--
  194. >"It's Lyra, Anon"
  195. >You blink
  196. >She snickers and pulls you back on top of her
  197. >This can definitely work
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