MagiReco - Happy New Year - Special Scenes

Jan 2nd, 2018
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  1. [Last Updated - 01/07: Added Special Scene 7]
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  4. MagiReco - Happy New Year - Special Scenes 1-7 (Complete)
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  7. Special Scene - 1
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  10. Yachiyo: Did everyone buy their amulets?
  11. Iroha: Yes, I just bought mine~.
  12. Tsuruno: I wasn't expecting this place to be so crowded.
  13. Homura: It's true, I almost got swept away by the crowd...
  14. Madoka: Hm? Sana-chan?
  15. Sana: W-Waaa... I... I finally made it back...
  16. Iroha: A-Are you alright, Sana-chan?! What happened to you?!
  17. Sana: No one could see me... So everyone kept bumping into me...
  18. Iroha: S-Sorry, I should have known...
  19. Sana: It's fine, I'm used to it by now...
  20. Yachiyo: And you, Felicia, did you buy your amulet?
  21. Felicia: Huh? Was I supposed to do that?
  22. Yachiyo: What?!
  23. Yachiyo: So what did you buy with the money I gave you?
  24. Felicia: ...Here, have some!
  25. Yachiyo: I am not hungry! Jeez, there's even sauce on your lips...
  26. Yachiyo: Stay still, why are you so sloppy...?
  27. Felicia: Nnnuu...
  28. Yachiyo: Okay.
  29. Yachiyo: Well, now that we're all here, we should we go pray.
  30. Iroha: Sure.
  31. Homura: I should give thanks for all the wonderful things that happened last year...
  32. Madoka: That's right.
  33. Madoka: We should pray with our true feelings and our amulets in hand.
  34. Homura: Yup.
  35. Madoka: Heheh.
  37. *bell sound*
  38. *clap clap!*
  40. Madoka: ...
  41. Madoka: (So many things happened last year.)
  42. Madoka: (I met Mami-san, I became a magical girl...)
  43. Madoka: (I met Homura-chan, I met Iroha-chan...)
  44. Madoka: (I'm not a very strong magical girl yet.)
  45. Madoka: (So this year, I want to become a magical girl that everyone can rely on.)
  46. Madoka: (And...)
  48. Madoka: U-Um, this amulet...
  49. Madoka: I... pray it blesses us with good fortune!
  51. Madoka: (And I hope that everyone can be happy.)
  53. ---
  54. [Note: These are the amulets the girls are using ->]
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  57. Special Scene - 2
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  60. *bell sound*
  61. *clap clap*
  63. Homura: ...
  64. Homura: (I heeded the vision of the girl who told me that magical girls could be saved here.)
  65. Homura: (I came to Kamihama city...)
  66. Homura: (There's something very strange happening in this place.)
  67. Homura: (I don't understand how the Wings of Magius or the rumours could lead to anyone's salvation.)
  68. Homura: (Even so... I want to save her.)
  69. Homura: (No... I *will* save her...)
  70. Homura: (So this...)
  72. Homura: Can I trust you with my feelings, little amulet...?
  73. Homura: These are the feelings... that I want you to carry...
  74. Homura: Ah, right, the donation...!
  75. Homura: I'll offer the largest bill I have so that my prayers may be answered!
  76. Homura: Please accept this!
  78. Homura: (So this... is the bill I'm choosing...)
  79. Homura: (This time, I will save Kaname-san.)
  80. Homura: (Please, answer my prayers.)
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  83. Special Scene - 3
  84. ------------------
  86. *bell sound*
  87. *clap! clap!*
  89. Tsuruno: (This year I was able to fight side by side with Yachiyo once again.)
  90. Tsuruno: (And I'm also really glad that I got to meet Iroha-chan!)
  91. Tsuruno: (So this year...)
  92. Tsuruno: (It's my turn to make everyone else super happy!)
  93. Tsuruno: (That's why I brought these amulets!)
  95. Tsuruno: Please, let me combine the power of these three amulets!
  96. Tsuruno: If I attach them all together, behold the Magatama!
  97. Tsuruno: I've done it, I've created the "Strongest Praying Charm"!!
  99. Tsuruno: (I can rest easy now that I have the strongest amulet!)
  100. Tsuruno: (And if I pray once again, I can doubleeee the chances of my prayers being answered!)
  101. Tsuruno: (Please answer them!)
  102. Tsuruno: (I'm the strongest magical girl holding the strongest amulet...)
  103. Tsuruno: (So I want to bestow everyone else with good fortune!)
  105. ---
  106. [Note: Tsuruno has "created" one of these ->]
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  109. Special Scene - 4
  110. ------------------
  112. *bell sound*
  113. *CLAP CLAP*
  115. Felicia: ...
  116. Felicia: (Hmmm, got nothing to pray fooor.)
  118. Felicia: Won't bother buying an amulet because there are a ton of people lined up...
  119. Felicia: Don't need anything to change anyway...
  120. Felicia: Ahhhh... I'm hungry...
  121. Felicia: W-What's this smell...
  122. Felicia: Those are! Chicken meatball skewers?!
  123. Felicia: I've gotta try that!
  125. Felicia: (That's why I didn't buy an amulet.)
  126. Felicia: But I've still gotta pray...
  127. Felicia: (I'd like to keep eating tasty meals in Yachiyo's house...)
  128. Felicia: (And I'd like to eat juicy meat more often.)
  129. Felicia: (Like beef.)
  130. Felicia: (Ah, and I'd love to go back to that ranch!)
  131. Felicia: (I can't remember where the ranch that I went to with Dad and Mom is...)
  132. Felicia: (...)
  133. Felicia: (Dad... Mom...)
  134. Felicia: (I just can't find it...)
  135. Felicia: (This is ridiculous, I'm going back to Yachiyo's house.)
  136. Felicia: (I'm gonna go laze around. I just want everyone to be okay.)
  137. Felicia: (That's how I feel, that's good enough.)
  139. ------------------
  140. Special Scene - 5
  141. ------------------
  143. *bell jingle*
  144. *thwack!* *pass*
  146. Sana: (I was sad last year when Ai-chan disappeared...)
  147. Sana: (But I was happy when Iroha-san said she needed me...)
  148. Sana: (Just being here feels like a dream...)
  149. Sana: (I'm really glad to have a place like Yachiyo-san's house where I can find happiness...)
  150. Sana: (That's what I think...)
  152. Sana: Um, I want to buy one of these...
  153. Sana: An amulet to ward off evil...
  155. Sana: Kyaaa, oww...!
  156. Sana: Ah, that person... pushed me away...!
  158. Sana: *concerned*... *concerned*...
  159. Sana: I had already left the money there...
  160. Sana: Ouch...
  161. Sana: Eh... something fell from the sky...
  162. Sana: A praying amulet...?
  164. Sana: (For some reason, an amulet fell right into my hands...)
  165. Sana: (Umm...)
  166. Sana: (I want to stay by Iroha-san's side.)
  167. Sana: (I'd like to create an unbreakable bond with her this year...)
  168. Sana: (Please answer my prayers, thank you.)
  169. Sana: (I hope... that's okay to ask...)
  171. ------------------
  172. Special Scene - 6
  173. ------------------
  175. *bell jingle*
  176. *clap clap!*
  178. Yachiyo: (Until last year... I had been fighting alone for such a long time.)
  179. Yachiyo: (I never expected to spend this New Year's Day with so many people.)
  180. Yachiyo: (I don't know if what I'm doing is right or wrong.)
  181. Yachiyo: (But I want to keep fostering these pleasant relationships...)
  182. Yachiyo: (Yes, just these relationships...)
  183. Yachiyo: (Nothing more. I ask for nothing more than that...)
  184. Yachiyo: (And I'm also grateful that I can spend the festivities with everyone here.)
  185. Yachiyo: (That's it.)
  186. Yachiyo: (Please bless us in this new year.)
  187. Yachiyo: ...
  189. Yachiyo: I wonder what kind of amulet I should buy... An amulet for health... protection from sickness...
  190. Yachiyo: No... An amulet for money?
  191. Yachiyo: That wouldn't be right...
  192. Yachiyo: Ah, forgive me...
  193. Yachiyo: I need to make up my mind already...
  194. Yachiyo: ...
  195. Yachiyo: Yes, please give me 5 amulets to ensure a family's well-being.
  197. Yachiyo: I doubt Felicia bought her amulet...
  198. Yachiyo: So everyone will receive one later.
  200. ------------------
  201. Special Scene - 7
  202. ------------------
  204. Iroha: An amulet...
  205. Iroha: If I'm getting one in Suimei Shrine, then it has to be...
  206. Iroha: I think this is the one I need the most...
  207. Iroha: An amulet to "ensure love and marriage"...
  209. *bell sound*
  210. *clap clap*
  211. ...
  212. ...
  214. Yachiyo: Very well, shall we go back home?
  215. Felicia: Hey, hey, what did you pray for, Tsuruno?
  216. Tsuruno: I prayed for everyone to be blessed with good fortune!
  217. Felicia: Ah? What's that about. Don't include me.
  218. Tsuruno: But that's what I wanted to pray foooor.
  219. Madoka: Felicia-chan, what did you pray for?
  220. Felicia: Food? Meat? Cows? Ranch? Revenge? A bit of everything!
  221. Yachiyo: A bit greedy...
  222. Iroha: I don't think God likes it when you ask for too much.
  223. Madoka: Iroha-chan, what did you pray for?
  224. Iroha: Well...
  225. Iroha: All I did was... give thanks...
  226. Madoka: You gave thanks?
  227. Iroha: Yep.
  228. Iroha: Being in this shrine reminds me of when we fought the rumours here.
  229. Iroha: I had the opportunity to investigate those rumours with Yachiyo-san.
  230. Iroha: And that's also how I met Tsuruno-chan.
  231. Iroha: It was thanks to this place.
  232. Iroha: It's why I started to spend time with everyone here in Kamihama city.
  233. Iroha: It's the place where it all began.
  234. Tsuruno: It's a bit embarrassing when you say it like thaaat.
  235. Yachiyo: Ah... I never thought of it like that...
  236. Iroha: I-Is that so...?
  237. Felicia: So, all you really did was give thanks?
  238. Sana: That's how you feel...
  239. Iroha: Yes...
  240. Iroha: Um... Saying this is awkward, but...
  242. Iroha: Thank you for helping me meet these wonderful friends.
  243. Iroha: Thank you...
  244. Iroha: And...
  245. Iroha: I pray I see you again, Ui.
  247. Iroha: I hope my prayers are answered.
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