WarpedRealm release 1.17

Aug 27th, 2022
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  1. Release 1.17 Changes:
  2. - A hologram above terrys name (first guy in the tutorial) has been added that clarifies rightclicking to talk
  3. - Sellwands are patched and work well again, they were a bit laggy before and had like 5 second cooldowns
  4. - Slightly lowered spawn rates of custom mobs
  5. - Sell prices of some crops have been increased
  6. - Sell Prices of some ores have been increased, just like the block variants (Keep in mind, crafted ore blocks sell for 10x of the original mineral's value, not 9x)
  7. - Added a message in chat whenever you successfully apply a gem (and if the gem breaks because of an unsuccessful application)
  8. - Added rarities to the new custom fishes that got added
  9. - Added rarities to the two treasures you can get from fishing with the special rod
  10. - Some of the stuff said in the tutorial got changed because of changed mechanics since the past updates
  11. - Some things on the dimensions wiki page has been updated
  12. - The income of the fishing job has been slightly buffed since so little people chose it
  13. - Tweaked a few anticheat flags, also changed a few values of the anti-xray system to prevent lagging in rare instances
  14. - Particles used in gaia's spells got reduced since they lagged out some players
  15. - Gemstone-Names now always have the color of the gemslot color they fit in
  16. - Added new Frost Elemental Boss, Currently only randomly spawns in snow biomes and up in the mountains, but will be manually spawnable soon enough
  17. - Added new Green gem of Speed giving permanent speed 1 if applied to an item, also added a recipe
  18. - Added new Green gem of the Ocean Wanderer giving permanent dolphins grace 1 if applied to an item, also added a recipe
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