What is peace?

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  1. Uchiha, Taihei says: Hyuuga.
  2. Uchiha, Taihei asks: See anybody?
  3. Senju, Hideaki asks: ...What the hell is with you?
  4. (*Senju, Hideaki legitimately didn't understand.
  6. This was immensely aggravating to him, Taihei's presence without him seemingly having any sort of rational motive for being with them, he just...was. And he was so casual about it, as well. This was the bastard who'd kidnapped his now -missing- cousin.
  8. "...Why're you even following us? You didn't even come into Suna. You're just -that- bored?"*)
  9. Uchiha, Taihei says: The fire ensures the little flames it created don't extinguish in the process of being in the wind. Two of the flames burn brighter; one black, and one white. Those are the little flames the big fire must protect.
  10. Senju, Hideaki says: ...
  11. (*Senju, Hideaki rubs his temples; atleast he's had abit after that shit in Suna to dwell on it, or he'dve probably snapped again, on the spot.
  13. "You want to make sure we're alive...but for what?"*)
  14. Uchiha, Taihei says: The fire needs to grow in order for it to burn down the tree.
  15. Uchiha, Taihei says: The flames it creates help.
  16. Senju, Hideaki says: ...What is the tree.
  17. (*Senju, Hideaki doesn't make it sound like a question; it isn't an answer he's looking for, it's confirmation.
  19. The tree is Konoha.
  21. He knows it is.*)
  22. Senju, Hideaki thinks: ..This motherfucker is dangerous.
  23. Uchiha, Taihei says: The tree is what keeps the wind, fire, and water apart.
  24. Senju, Hideaki says: The nations..the villages...
  25. Senju, Hideaki says: The tree. The tree is the problem. The tree, whatever it is.
  26. Uchiha, Taihei says: The tree is what makes them be unable to unite. And it will always be there, unless the fire is strong enough to get rid of it.
  27. Senju, Hideaki says: You're telling me the tree is whatever it is that's got us all fighting. The reason we can't get along is this tree. And you want us alive...
  28. Senju, Hideaki says: To burn down that tree.
  29. Uchiha, Taihei asks: Interesting, isn't it?
  30. Senju, Hideaki asks: But what -is- the tree?
  31. Senju, Hideaki asks: What is it -really-?
  32. Senju, Hideaki asks: If peace can exist, what do I have to do to make it?
  33. Senju, Hideaki OOCs: [this was the most perfect time for a storm]
  34. Uchiha, Taihei OOCs: [[i know right
  35. Uchiha, Taihei says: Get rid of the rotten seeds.
  36. (*Uchiha, Taihei takes a step, turning into a flurry of birds - which then reforms the man right in front of the Senju, and the index finger is pointing directly at the center of the chest, tip touching it,
  37.  "The seed isn't rotten yet. It isn't purified either. What will it be when it grows into a branch?"*)
  38. (*Senju, Hideaki doesn't move Taihei's hand; aforementioned 'seed' as Taihei would call it, Hideaki's heart, pounded in his chest. The beat of it was obnoxiously loud, that sense of -danger- the Uchiha gave him having grown completely overpowering. The rain mats his hair to his forehead, the raging winds ruffle his soaked clothing, and he's acutely aware of every droplet of precipitation that rolls down his face and off his chin. It's a moment in which he has the utmost clarity, this question one he'd not doubted the answer to, even a second.
  40. In the face of one he feared, Hideaki spoke boldly.
  42. "If I have to, I'll be the whole damn tree. I'll do whatever it takes to bring everyone peace."
  44. His eyes fix on Taihei's; the young Senju was, in this state of hyper-awareness, also -sure- that many people, Taihei included, had heard similar words uttered a thousand times by hundreds of men, those who walked this earth with little more than a fleeting desire to be the catalyst for change. Few roamed the Elemental Nations who breathed the dream as Hideaki did.
  46. That, he was sure of.
  48. "Just you watch me."*)
  49. Senju, Hideaki says: Anything in the way of peace'll burn to cinders. That's the Will of Fire, and even if Kazuhiko's forgot..
  50. Senju, Hideaki says: I haven't.
  51. (*Uchiha, Taihei 's finger plucks off the boy's chest, the Uchiha stands at full height as droplets of rain turn his brown hair into a bigger mess.
  53. "Peace."
  55. Taihei repeats this, onyx eyes fixated on the Senju whom he desired to clash wills with - the Gunbai on his back a weapon that wouldn't buldge from this point on. The Uchiha stares and stares, rarely finding time to blink as he listens to the boy's definition of peace, and how to attain it. The Uchiha repeats, one more time, as if the word was now stuck in Hideaki's head - and so it was, it kept ringing loudly, to the point of being a giant nuisance.
  57. "Peace."
  59. It stops suddenly, and the Uchiha's eyes seem to revert from a crimson colour to onyx again, with a beautiful spin to accompany it all,
  61. "What is your definiton if it?"*)
  62. (*Hana woke up due to the thunder and rain, groaning slightly and moving to her feet, narrowing her eyes and looking around to see if she could spot any of her comrades - she noticed Ruri against the wall, and Hideaki... well, talking to someone. She couldn't make them out in the rain, though, only really knowing Hideaki due to familiarity. Quietly, she made her way over to the two, finally managing to make out Taihei's figure, though she still only barely recognized him from seeing him around Konoha. She wondered briefly what the guy was doing out here of all places. For now, she supposed, she'd stay quiet and listen.*)
  63. (*Senju, Hideaki has a simple answer for a simple question; he finds himself mesmerised by the sight of the Sharingan, as he always is, those tortured red eyes as fascinating as they were horrific. He's initially distracted from answering, so focused is his examination of the cursed dojutsu made legend by Konoha's famed clan and their notorious exploits.
  65. In an oft-repeated moment as old as the shinobi world, Senju gazed up at Uchiha.
  67. "Peace will be when, someday, I have a kid an' he didn't have to go through any of the crap I did growing up."
  69. It's that simple. What'd made him, what'd built his flame, was the trials and tribulations forced on a naive soul by a cruel world. Where he'd previously delved deep into his hatred, he'd saw fit to overcome it, and from that decision, an undying, unyielding resolve had been shaped, a heart forged in the Will of Fire.
  71. "Peace'll be the day we don't have to worry about losing our heads when we come to Suna and ask them if they've seen someone, when people don't have to die over a boy stepping through a gate."
  73. He sounds empassioned; now and always, eternally did this will burn.
  75. "Peace...will be everything every shinobi before me died to make it. Maybe they didn't fight for it, but their sacrifices won'tve been in vain, even if only to hammer into people's heads this crap is ugly, that it's gotta stop. Let it be what gives rest to the lost and hope to the living; The most beautiful thing we didn't think could be real. Peace..."
  77. Hideaki looks up with blazing blue eyes, into a cluster of clouds that blot out the sun.
  79. "Is the only real way to live."*)
  80. (*Hana merely smiled softly.*)
  81. Hana thinks: ...Hideaki...
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